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New Year’s Resolution - Chapter 2

A journey back to living.

New Year’s Resolution - February


February 1, 2017

I was advised to write a monthly journal about this life discovery by both Marco and Maria.  They both said to just write whatever came to mind and not worry so much if it made sense, so here we go.

So far, it sucks.  Marco has been riding me pretty hard in the weight room, the pool, and one day when the temp got up to a balmy 45 degrees, he had me outside running intervals.  That was fun, not.  He has me weight training most days with cardio between sets, and I get the honor of running the gauntlet every Tuesday, still at the novice level.  Marco claims I’m making progress and say if I work hard I can move up to beginners level.  What that means?  I don’t want to know.  I believe Marco truly is a masochist. 

Maria, on the other hand, is just there, reminding me of the promise she made to me last month.  She never brings it up, and neither do I. Seriously, how do I bring up the subject of asking about naked photos of her?  Why take them and then show them around? Does Bill know she had these done?  Has he seen them?  Most importantly, how would he feel about his wife handing naked photos of herself to someone else? I’m not going to bring it up and if she forgot, fine, if she remembers… 

Another effect Maria is on sexual level.  I know she is off limits, da…married woman, but I’m still a man with sight and she is hot. Once this month, after that bastard Marco put me through torture, I went to the locker room to shower and change. I walked in thinking about work and one particular difficult program and there was Maria right out of the shower wrapped in a towel, actually two. One was across her chest and extended just below here naughty bits and one in her hair.  It wasn’t seeing an almost naked woman that slapped me, although I think I drooled a little, but something more visceral occurred.  It is that longing to be close to someone that I realized that I have been missing.  Those feelings, urges, yearnings, etcetera, had pretty much stopped for the last two years.  I’m not sure how I feel about those reemerging and will give it some thought soon.

On a side note, I know there are only seven other people with lockers in there but only have seen Marco, Bill, Maria and John in there.  John, turns out, is the landscape contractor/architect for the grounds here and the locker is one of the perks.

Watching the kids go back to school was bittersweet. Diane and I always said we needed to give them roots and then give them wings and this was hard for me.  They returned from the ski trip and two days later were heading back to college. I could tell they were happy I was trying to get my life back in order and after seeing the looks on their faces when we said goodbye, I knew I was doing to right thing. 

February 2

As I walk into the gym my only thought is I hope I can get a ride home.  Walking from my house was inspired.  I would get some exercise and maybe make my goal of losing 10 pounds.  I will try in the future not to be inspired again, especially while the temperature hovered around freezing and wind chill still lower than that.  Lesson learned.

I’m still out of breath and as I open the door to the locker room and I hear showers running and stop dead in my tracks.  The noises are not of a person getting clean, but of shower sex. 

God, it has been so long since I’ve had any sex let alone good morning shower sex.  I remember the days when Diane would go on no kids/adult only vacations where sex was the first, second, and third priorities.  During these, I would wake first, go for a run and just be.  Diane would often be winding up for the day when I returned and said good morning shower sex was better than coffee, which I happen to agree.

“Harder Marco, harder” snapped me out of my daydream.  Suddenly I have no idea what I’m supposed to do.  Stay, leave, and announce my presence?  

“How about this instead?”  Then a series of slapping sounds off the wall, but not the sound of hips bumping uglies but of spanking. “I know what you like Heidi.”

“Yes, harder, I’m almost there, I’m almost there, spank me harder,” in almost a whisper.  I hear complete silence except the streaming of water from the shower.  Then a screaming/screeching that I have not heard outside of horror movies, shortly followed by a deep long groan that was male, presumably Marco. And then silence again.

“Thanks, Marco, I really needed that.  John had to leave early this morning and I couldn’t have waited until later.”

“It was my pleasure sweetie.”

“And mine for sure, love that cock, Marco.”

Still stunned and immobile, I see, I assume is the screaming Heidi walking right toward me.  And she is tall, built, blond, wet, naked, and she is walking right toward me.  Did I say that already?  My brain still firing blanks to all the receptors to move my body or at the very least avert my eyes from that body.

“Hi, I’m Heidi, you must be Mike.  It is very nice to meet you,” Heidi says as she extends her hand.

“Hey, Mike.” Marco says snapping me out of my standing coma as he walks naked to his locker.

“H-hey Marco. Y-yes, I’m Mike nice to meet you, Heidi.”  I finally stutter. “I change here to get for my monthly progress report.”  What the hell is wrong with me?  I am standing in front of a naked woman who could be classified as a Viking queen or Amazon warrior and I sound like a prepubescent boy who looking at his old man’s Playboy for the first time.

“By the looks of it,” she glances down, “yours is progressing nicely. Are you my 10 o’clock?”

“I’m sorry,” trying to cover my semi. “After Marco kicks my ass, I have a massage scheduled so I guess I am.”

“Fantastic! We will talk more that,” now she points toward my crotch, “and us later.  Make sure to bring a dollar.” Heidi slips on a sports bra, shorts and sneakers and is out the door before I can form a thought.

“Mike, do I need to explain what happened here?” Marco breaks the spell again.

“No, this is not my business what goes on between you.  It was obviously between two consenting adults.  Is she always like that?”

“Like what?  Completely uninhibited? Yep.  She would walk around nude all the time if she could.  She will tell her story if she wants, not mine to tell.  We all have reasons we are where and what we are.  Someday, you and I may get together and I’ll give you mine, but not today.  Get weighed in and let me know the results and we will see if we need to adjust your routine.”


“Michael Hayes?”


“It’s nice to see you again.  How have you been doing since last month?”

“I’m fine thanks, have we met?”

“Technically no, I’m Aina, those not in my family call me Ann.  I was here last month when you first came.  And if I may say, you look much better, you have more light.”

“Thanks, I think. I’m feeling better most times.”

“Have a seat, Bill will be right… well here he is. Good luck.”

“Hey Mike,” Bill says while extending his hand,” how’s it going?”

“Doing good thanks, you?”

“Just fine, well let’s see how you did this month?”

I strip off my shirt, take my sneakers off and gingerly step lightly on the scale and close my eyes.

“Well,” Bill says, “it looks like you are down 28 pounds. Congratulations, excellent start.  Now, Maria is outside the door and has been anxious for the results. Can I let her in?”

“Mm, I’m not sure.  I need to tell you about something she said last month if I made my goal.”

“Stop right there.  I am fully aware of the photos she promised you.  I am utterly fine with them and the deal Maria made. In fact, I encouraged her to do this for many reasons which we can get into another time. Okay?”

“All right, let her in.”

The door opens, Bill leaves and Maria enters smiling that coy shy smile that has been enchanting my thoughts since last month.  In her hand is the same type of envelope she had last month.

“Hey Mike, I’m proud for you.  Here is your reward for your hard work.  Go ahead and look,” she says handing me the package.

“Maybe I could…”

“No, open them now. Understand?” she says firmly.

“Yes, ma’am.”

Seeing no choice I slide the photos out, six in all.  The top photo is a full frontal one of an overweight naked woman with short hair without style and glasses that the 1960’s called to get back.  The breasts drooping quite a bit which I did not know was possible with boobs so small.  The next pic, I believe was the back of the first picture and was not any more flattering, back fat, dumpy ass, saggy thighs.  Going through the rest, it was obvious that the subject was the same but can now she was getting thinner.  The arms and legs were gaining definition in them and the front and back were slimming down.  The one thing that showed on the last photos and not the rest was an oval shaped birthmark high up on the right hip. I looked up to see Maria dropping her pants to reveal the same mark on her hip.

“Let me tell you a little more about my journey.  Before I fell and went to the ER, I was eating to feel better but when I ate too much, I felt worse.  This was an endless cycle which was exacerbated by the fact that I was a shy, introverted, and still lived with my parents.  When I started losing weight, I started gaining confidence and I liked how I began to feel.  No, I loved how I began to feel.  I felt strong and empowered not just physically but mentally as well.  Bill, as you now was on the same path as I.  We became intimate after that last picture was taken but on MY condition that I would explore my sexuality however I chose.  I had only one other ‘lover’ in college.  The sex was awful and I was never satisfied.  Now with this new me, I’m calling all the shots.  Luckily, we both had and have the same attitude.  We have an open relationship but have no secrets between us.  So these pictures are an affirmation of where I was.  I have more to where I am now which you may see.  Now, I have a question for you.  Would you like to document your journey with photography as well as your journal?  If you feel uneasy, I understand but if you trust me, I believe you should do this.”

“Wow, this is a lot to digest.  My question is do you have any regrets with the photos?”


“All right.   Why not?  Make sure to get the wide angle lens.”

“Great, I’ll go get Ann to take the photos.”

“Really, now, here?”

“Yes, why not?  It will take only a few minutes and Marco can kill you soon enough.”


I stumble into the locker room thinking the ways I could kill Marco.  When he heard about the weight loss, he was just giddy and decided to increase the intensity of the gauntlet.  He thinks it was great fun to add time and weight to each rotation claiming I graduated to beginner level.  Bastard!  Deep down I know he cares about my progress but at present but I don’t want him caring so much. 

Opening the door I’m stunned by Heidi and someone female with bright red hair in a passionate embrace.  I guess since they had clothes on, I was grateful and yet disappointed.  Again, I am not sure what to do so I clear my throat which seemed to help.  Heidi whispers something I can’t hear and they both giggle.

“Mike, you look like crap.  I’m sorry, I must have put Macro in such a good mood; he took out it on you.  Let me introduce you to Molly, she is the nutritionist for the gym and is outstanding in every way.  Molly this is my 10 o’clock, Mike Hayes.”

“It is nice to finally meet you, Mike.  I have heard many good things about you from Marco and Maria and I can’t wait to get my hands on you,” Molly says walking toward me, hand extended.

“Whatever you heard, it was all a lie.  Except for the naked Olympics back in college, though I can’t remember the entire event,” I say as I shake. 

The moment our hands touch something happens that has not occurred in some time, a kind of connection. Both the ladies laugh at the comment but Molly’s seem a little strained, nervous.  Did she feel the same spark or is it just me?  As I look down at this beautiful Irish girl with hair as bright as the sun, skin as pure as pearls, and a body to get lost in, I am in shock.

“Mike, use this before your shower.  If you need help, call Ann.  I’ll be next door and don’t forget a dollar,” Heidi calls to me and hands me a container, then leaves.

“I need to go too, nice to meet you,” Molly says quickly escaping the room.


Clean outside and in due to the enema Heidi handed me earlier, I make my way next door to have Heidi relieve my sore muscles.  I tap on the door and enter but Heidi is not here.  The room is set with soft lighting, lit candles illuminating the area, and soft lyrical music.  Heidi comes in after a few moments.

“Great right on time, where is the dollar?” she asks.

I hold it up and hand it over.

“Thanks, now I’m your doctor and anything you say in here is confidential.”

“What do you mean?” I ask.

“Let me turn up the lights a little for a minute and talk,” she says as she flips the switch near the door.  “Let me tell you a little bit about me.  I’m really smart.  I graduated high school at 16 and earned my PhD in counseling psychology when I was 21 and did some great work for many people, mostly children.  A few years into my practice I had a life altering experience which I will not get into at this point but suffice to say it changed me.  I then went back to school for a year to study up health psychology as well as going to night school to earn my certification in Massage Therapy.  I am in good standing as both a doctor and therapist.  There is absolutely nothing you can say that would surprise me, or something that I have not heard before.  I am here to help your healing process inside and out if you are comfortable with it.  I’m here to listen if you want to talk about anything.  If you don’t want to talk, I’ll give you the best massage you ever had.  With regards to full disclosure, Maria filled me in about the passing of your wife and I’m here if you want to talk.”

I glance around the walls of the room and sure enough, I see diplomas hanging in a straight line with the credentials she just mentioned.  And they are from a very strong academic institution.  

“It is very impressive what you have accomplished academically, but why the enema?”

“Good question but first a one of my own.  When was the last time you ejaculated?”

“Mmm,” I stammer as I feel the heat rise up my neck and flushing my face.

“I ask for couple of reasons.  First, I am going to relieve the muscle soreness from all the exercise you have been doing.  This is going to release toxins into your bloodstream.  Second, I will be using pressure points to promote health to your various organs.  Most of your organs are always working, liver, lungs, kidneys etc. but if you have not had any release from your reproductive organs, including your prostrate, it can be detrimental to your health.”

“Since you put it that way, it has been quite some time.  How would like to handle this?  No pun intended.”

“Don’t’ worry, I take care of it.  Why don’t you hop up on the massage table, face up, and crawl under the sheet or not.  Whichever makes you more comfortable is fine with me.  I’ll be right back.”

So dropping the towel, I lie down face up over the sheet.  I have seen hers she might as well see mine.  She effortlessly puts my mind at ease and completely comfortable around her for some reason.  She enters the room this time not only carrying two towels but also has come back topless and the one word I am thinking at that point is, “impressive.”

“Here is how we are going to proceed.  I am going to ‘handle it’ to put it in your words, pun intended, to relieve the pressure already there.  Then, I will then work your muscles to get you to relax and recuperate.  I will continue by working pressure points throughout your body to detoxify your organs.  Be prepared some will cause pain for a few moments, but then serenity. Ready? Any questions?”

“One and it is not a complaint but why are you topless?”

“Well, I don’t especially care for clothes as a whole.  But imagine shaking a bottle of champagne and opening the cork.  That’s what’s going to happen when you come, and it may hurt you a little, but I would rather you come on my tits that get any on my sports bra.  Just lay back, relax, and enjoy.  I love this part of my job.”

What was I to do? Nothing but lay back, close my eyes, and relax.  I immediately felt her fingernails on my legs slowly going up and down my thighs.  Each time her hands came toward my groin I feel anticipation but she would stop and retreat back.  I was getting hard quickly not only because of the time between the last release and now, but also from a woman’s intimate touch.  The next time up Heidi lightly, oh so lightly scratches my erection from the base to with just one nail and I feel my cock jump under her fingers. 

Back down my legs go her nails.  She gently spreads my legs on the ascent.  She is now rubbing and scratching the inside of my thighs.  Up and down she continues with this exquisite torture.  I feel the pressure building in my cock.  As I feel about to go off, Heidi grabs my balls, squeezes, and pulls them down firmly and the feeling subsides.

Through my groan, I feel the rubbing restart with a lubricant I assume is lotion.  As her hands rise again, she moves my legs further apart and I distinctly feel her magnificent breasts brushing my thighs.  This time she reaches my focus, she lightly scratches my perineum from my rectum to my balls, the pressure increases even more. 

I’m hyper sensitive now sensing everything tenfold, the smell of the candles, the heat in the room, the light music in the background.  Back down she rubs, suddenly I feel a finger in my asshole and her tits surrounding my cock.  Both start pumping hard and fast.  I start twitching, breathing in short and choppy, seeing stars, ears buzzing, tense legs, stomachs squeezes, breath catches, and I feel the most painful aching pleasure as I erupt.  Then darkness descends.

As I wake from the euphoria, I feel hands under my neck massaging to the top of my head. I open my eyes. 

“Don’t move yet, I got you.  That was some kind of episode. How are you feeling?  I thought I may have to call Bill for some help.” Heidi says softly.

“Okay. A little light headed but okay.  I have no idea what you did or how you did it but that has never happened before.”

“I bet.  Let me try and guess what been going on with you and stop me if I’m way off.  Since your wife passed, you have turned to work to get you through the day so you don’t have to think about her not being here.  You eat indiscriminately as a way to provide comfort but since it does not help, you eat more.  You used to be in great shape but have let go because you just don’t have the energy to do so and really don’t care what you look like.  What you have done is bottle all your stress, pain, guilt, and sorrow and when released, it explodes.”

“That sounds about right. And let me say right off you have gorgeous breasts.  Help me up so I can use the bathroom to clean up.”

“Already done.  You were out for a bit and I took care of it.  Now let’s start with the massage.  Stay right there and take nice easy breaths in then out.  Listen to the music, smell the candles and just relax, float away.”


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