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New Year’s Resolution-Chapter 5

A journey back to living.

New Year’s Resolution-May

May 1

Journal Entry-Everything is looking up for me. I have kids that love and respect me. I have a job that is both lucrative and satisfying. I am getting back into shape and feeling a little better every day. I have a naked woman that I care deeply about in my bed at this moment. I’m going for a run and let her sleep; she was up late last night. Not much to put in this entry this month as I have just said it all.


I just finished a new personal best of running five miles in under an hour. I remember the days when running meant getting ready for training camp, to relax, or to stay in shape. Trying to get back into shape really sucks. Well, I am where I am and with no one to blame but myself so I’ll move forward.

Walking quietly upstairs, still trying to catch my breath, I peek in the bedroom to find Molly still out. She looks so peaceful and sexy. Lying on her back, her hair is gently fanned on the pillow and her naked form is highlighted by the top sheet covering it. What I’d like to do is crawl in next to her and make love to her once again, but I smell.

I decide to shower and make breakfast for her instead. I head to the hall bath shared by my kids when they’re home and I am stopped by a flashback to the times when MJ and Erin were little and giving baths at night began the process to wind them down for bedtime. Diane was the best at that chore. Now with them both in college and her gone, it feels like a million years ago.

Turning on the shower to warm the water I undress and briefly consider shaving, dismissing the idea quickly. Stepping in to clean up I think I should deliver Molly her breakfast in bed but then the door opens, the mist clears, and I see what is certainly better than a run in the morning: a gorgeous naked Molly.

“Got room for one more?” she asks.

“Plenty,” I reply and step back and feel my manhood waken. “I hope I didn’t wake you. I wanted to let you sleep a little bit longer as you didn’t get much rest last night. I was planning on getting you moving with coffee and breakfast.”

She reaches out for my now erect penis. “This is all I need to get moving in the morning. How about giving me a wakeup call, big boy?” She turns around, bends over and sticks her ass in the air, pressing one of her hands against the wall as the other reaches through her legs and separates her vulva. “Why don’t you stick that in my pussy to get the blood flowing?”

Not needing to be told twice I enter heaven once again. We have made love many times the last few weeks but this feels different, raw, feral, and primal. I sense the need to dominate as I have not before. I grip Molly’s hips firmly and pump harder and faster than usual. Releasing my right hand from her hip I reach around to grab a breast, pinching the swollen nipple hard. This emits a response from Molly of a groan and a tightening of the velvet glove enclosed around me. I know she is nearing orgasm. I pound faster and pinch harder as she pushes back. Her hand that has been rubbing her clit reaches through and gently squeezes my balls, sending us both over the edge into a joyful release.

A few moments later I am still unable to move. Though the water has gone cold, we are still steaming from the friction. Slowly Molly disengages and turns towards me with a big grin.

“Good morning, Michael.”

“Good morning, Molly. Would you like some breakfast?”

“Sounds wonderful; let me dry off and get dressed. I’ll meet you downstairs in ten.”

Ten minutes later Molly comes down the stairs, dressed for the day, with energy in her stride. This is one of the major differences between her and Diane that pops up on occasion. When Diane said ten minutes it usually meant thirty. Molly, on the other hand, is not the “typical” woman and can get ready and looking great in less time than me most of the time.

“What is your game plan for the day?” I ask, placing plates filled with omelets, toast, and fruit salad on the island bar.

“I need to run home,” she replies, “gather some of my notes on the new client I am meeting at the gym. I have a few home lessons after lunch and then prepare an anniversary dinner for a client. They are celebrating their twentieth and wanted something special. What is on your docket today?”

“I have the usual. Work on a few projects and answer some emails. Heidi is coming over later for my massage. She said that she wants to talk to me about a personal matter and would rather do it here than at the gym. Do you have any idea what that is about?”

“If it is what I think it is, yes I know what it’s about and it’s a really big deal for her to tell you. All I’m going to say is don’t do what most men are wired to do and try to fix the problem. Be a good listener. Don’t interrupt when she’s talking and wait to ask questions when she finishes. Heidi, as you know, is an open book, but this topic is usually locked in her vault.”

“Fine, I will leave my whips and chains in my room. Seriously though, I’ll be good. Is there anything else?”

“Well,” she sips her coffee, inhales and exhales deeply, “in the past Heidi and John have come over my house for Cinco de Mayo and I was wondering how you would feel about that.”

“Of course I’m fine with that. What would make you think…?” As the words were coming out of my mouth I remember that Molly’s house is clothing optional. I know Heidi would have no qualms about being in the nude but John is a different matter. “I am just going to ask; does John wear clothes at your place?”

“No, John almost always goes naked. I may as well come completely clean now. I have told you the number of lovers I have had; John is one of them.”

Part of me already knows this but did not want to acknowledge it. It is obvious; considering her connection and relationship she has with Heidi, it makes complete sense that John would be involved in some of their sexual interludes.

”I guess I kind of figured John was one of them,” I state calmly. “Do I know any of your other lovers?” I watch Molly take another sip of coffee and another deep breath signaling disturbing news coming.

“As a matter of fact yes, you do. I have also been with Bill and Marco as well as Maria and Ann. We are a small group of friends who share a common interest in sex. I did not think I would ever commit to one man, being a single mom, until I met you.”

“I know you had a life before me but I am a little uncomfortable knowing all this. Let’s see how Friday goes and how I feel after and go from there.” I notice the stress leave her body, telling me how worried she really was about this conversation.

“I’ll call later when I get home. Maybe we can get together tonight and have a rerun of this morning’s encounter.” With that she walks over, plants a kiss on me that would melt butter and heads for the door.


I’m firing out code quickly, cleanly. "DTD/xhtml1-strict.dtd"> but the buzzing from my cell breaks me out of the zone. I look at the text from Heidi saying she’s “on my way.” My mind is wondering what is it she wants to talk about that can’t be discussed at the gym. And why would she want to tell me? I care for this woman, and hope whatever it is, telling me can give her some comfort. Before I can continue my neurotic thoughts I hear the front door open.

“Mike, I’m here,” Heidi calls out. “Where are you and where do you want me to set up?”

“Here I am,” I reply walking out of my office. “I guess the best place would be my room. Do you need a hand with anything?”

“No thanks I got it, just lead the way. Go ahead and undress while I get everything ready.”

I don’t know if I am reading into her mood but it seems subdued. Right now the “normal” Heidi is missing and in her place is someone with the weight of the world on her shoulders. I remember the words Molly said and remain quiet. I go back in the room and find her there just staring at the table. Detecting emotional pain, I go and wrap my arms around her and feel some of the tension leave.

I needed that,” she begins. “I need to tell you something very few people know. I told you once before that something happened that changed my life and I lock away so I don’t have to think about it. What is going on between you and Molly has me reflecting about the direction of my relationship with John and where I want it to go.

“I started practicing as a therapist very young, relative to my peers. Though my brain registered many years above my age I lacked the experience that comes with it. I thought I had all the answers with the easiest, most direct path to help those who came to me to find peace.

“A man came to me with addictive personality disorder searching for mechanisms and strategies to cope with it. At the time, I absolutely knew I had provided him the proper path with smart corrections. I did not see the signs that our doctor/patient relationship was becoming an unhealthy attraction for him.

“One Friday he came to the office late in the day, after my assistant had left for the weekend, asking for help. Of course I let him in, why wouldn’t I? As soon as the door closed he pulled a gun and explained what was going to happen. Without getting into details, I spent the weekend trapped in my own office. It wasn’t until Monday morning that we were discovered and help arrived.

”I don’t often think about that timeless weekend. But the last few months, especially after meeting you, has made a world of difference. I saw the way you were in the beginning after life had dealt you a near impossible hand to play, but look at you now. You are getting your health back and have an amazing woman in Molly that you care for and who cares for you. I want what you have.

“I’m sure Molly has mentioned that when it comes to sex, I have a need to be in control. That need, I’m sure, stems from that terrible experience. I have not been able to orgasm by either sex submissively because I am scared that if I do, I will see the face of my assailant. I love John and I want to be able to trust him completely so he can take me whenever and however he wants. I want your help and I think Cinco de Mayo is a great time to try.”

“Forget the massage today, I don’t need it,” I said. “I will definitely help if that is what you want and I will talk with Molly and work out the best way. You just show up and try to relax. I think I have a cure for today; let’s go get some ice cream.”


May 5

Heidi and John arrive and quickly undress. At first, I feel odd socializing without clothes, but as dinner is served and margaritas consumed, my apprehension leaves me. Catching the girls unaware of their flirting, kissing, or groping I easily become aroused.

Molly’s job in our plan is to get Heidi horny and a little drunk to lower inhibitions, knowing her nerves would be near the surface. When prepared, it is my job to get her over the phobias that plague her and that time is now. Leaving them alone in the kitchen I head out with fresh beers for John and me.

“John, what kind of landscaping do you do?” I asked, handing the beer to him. “I have not done anything around my house for some time and am looking to spruce it up some.”

“I do a little of everything from masonry, patios, fire pits; really any kind of landscape construction you could think of. I also have a few trucks that cut grass, cleaning, and in the winter plow driveways. Whatever you’re looking to do let me know your budget and I can work up some ideas.

“I was actually going to talk to you about building a program for me and get your help with building a better website. The program I am looking for, if possible, would start with a 'before' picture of the house and property. I would be able to insert what I intend to plant to give an 'after' picture, with the flexibility to adjust as needed.”

I nodded. “Let me put my mind to it and see if I could get you a rough copy. But hold up, you cut grass? That is something that I hate doing after working all day and would love to give the chore to someone else. Don’t you ever get tired of coming home and doing something you do for a living? Some days I hate computers.”

“Absolutely,” John says with a grin. “But until I find someone to cut stone as well as me, I’m stuck working.”

”Are you guys talking about sports, girls, or sex?” Molly asks, coming into the den with nipples so stiff they could cuts those rocks. Heidi is also obviously excited, walking a little unsteadily thanks to stimulation and large amounts of liquor.

"None of the above, we were just discussing how much we can’t stand doing our job at home.” John says quickly. “Wouldn’t you like to have someone make dinner for you after a long day?”

“I would love it,” Molly says dreamily. “That’s why I have been training Michael for the last couple of months. By the time I’m done with him, he will feed me grapes and pour me wine on command. Heidi, wouldn’t you love for someone to give you a massage?”

“Sure, who wouldn’t?”

“Tell you what,” I reply, “Why don’t I go get a comforter and some oil and the three of us will give you one? You can give us instructions as we go along.”

Before Heidi has time to reply I am up the stairs to get the supplies already on the bed. When I arrive back downstairs the furniture is moved, candles lit, and soft music playing in the background. Cushions from the couch are in the open space instead of the coffee table. It is much like a setting Heidi does as the masseuse, creating a calm atmosphere. Unfortunately Heidi is apparently not as relaxed as I hoped, judging by the look on her face.

“All right,instructor, would you like to start lying on your front or back?”

With a nod and a deep breath she says, “I’ll start on my front. John, I want you to start on my feet and work up, Molly, you can give my scalp and neck a soothing rub. Mike, do my back. Begin with long, easy strokes and increase pressure by the response of the subject, me. I’ll coach as we go.”

As we moved into our positions I steal a look at Molly. Her skin is flushed, eyes dilated, and nipples still erect. She is the epitome of sex personified that makes me smile. She, in return, gives me a wink and a smile conveying feelings that I could feel in my soul.

I kneel down of Heidi’s left side and began rubbing the oil in with long, easy strokes, feeling the tension of her doubts and worries. I want and need to have her relaxed if this is going to work. I concentrate on my area for signs of tightness and slowly, steadily rid her of it.

Glancing up I notice Molly opts to sit at the head, legs apart exposing her pussy while her hands are kneading the head. Her smile is still in place and I notice she is being orally pleasured by Heidi. The hands are not rubbing but directing the tongue and it’s the most erotic sight I have ever witnessed and makes me harder.

I also glance at John. He starts by pressing his thumbs on the bottom of the feet alternating from left to right foot, working up to the calves the same way. He is up to the inner thighs when I finally hear a heavy exhale from Heidi. Taking another peek he too, is aware of the action opposite him triggering the same primitive response.

Abruptly, Heidi flips onto her back, directing again for John to work the feet north. But Molly is to take the other side of me and we are to work her from hands inward. As soon as we reach the shoulders I am being stroked and Molly is being caressed by Heidi’s idle fingers.

Unsure of how to proceed, I look across into my lover’s eyes for something in the way of consent and guidance, receiving a slight nod. We both immediately lower our lips to the firm nipples, licking, sucking, and biting. We are in a sexual high. Stealing a look a John, he is slowly, torturously flicking Heidi’s clit with both thumbs with a look unaware of what is exactly happening.

“Fuck me, John,” Heidi suddenly yells and spreads her legs invitingly. “I want it hard and fast.”

John mounts his prey and begins moving in lightning speed. Molly and I are covering her breasts and neck in kisses and whispering in her ears. Heidi is pumping her hips with John while handling both myself and Molly in unison. I am near release and know Molly is close as well by the half closed eyes and the pink flush of her skin. I can tell the moment of truth is close.

“Look into his eyes and see love,” I whisper in Heidi’s ear. “Take the love you deserve from the man that loves you.”

Heidi looks into her love’s eyes, breathes once more, holds it, and then lets out a scream that is part pleasure and part pain. This triggers John’s own groan of his release, initiating Molly’s orgasm and mine into Heidi’s hands and onto her tits.


May 20

Last night was a major obstacle cleared. Molly and her daughter came over for dinner and our two worlds collided. After the initial awkward introductions it appeared that Erin and Patti hit it off as if they were lifelong friends, where MJ was more reserved. Essentially what I hoped and expected would happen.

Heading to John and Heidi’s to hang with the boys while the girls have the night out to themselves, I'm nervous. I have seen neither John nor Heidi since Cinco de Mayo but been told I have nothing to worry about, “all is cool,” according to Molly. It was an intense sexual experience, at least for me. I assume the same for all involved but did not pick up on those vibes from Molly. In fact, our love life has been more passionate than before.

I pull into the driveway of a house not far from Molly’s and see the exquisite landscaping of a variety of plants and trees I don’t know. The construction, upon a closer look, is quite unique, but seems as if it belongs to the house, John is an artist. Before I can ring the bell, he opens the door.

“Mike, welcome and thanks for coming,” he says and shakes my hand as he brings me close for a bro hug. “Glad you were able to make it and I really want to say thank you for what you did a couple of weeks ago. I can never repay what you did. It means a lot to both of us. Come on in, Marco and Bill are downstairs. What can I get you to drink? I have beer, wine, and water.”

“A beer would be great, thanks,” I say. “John, can you wait a minute? First, no thanks are needed as there are no debts among friends; it was an experience I won’t soon forget. Second, I really like what you did out front of your house. If that is any indication of your work, you won’t need the program I put together. Plus, how did you know I was here?”

“I have cameras all over the house, inside and out,” he says as we walk down the stairs to the basement/man cave. “After what happened with Heidi she feels safer having a security system accessible from anywhere, and I kept an eye out for you. Marco, Bill, anyone need a beer?”

“We’re good, hey Mike, how is it going?” Bill asks.

“Hey guys, it’s going good. How’s the game?”

“Just like the rest of the playoffs, this game is a blowout," Marco states. “How is the boss doing with your training? I’m sorry I haven't had the chance to check up on you but I know you are in good hands.”

“Speaking of good hands, I hear that you have a girlfriend, Mike. Care to confirm?” Bill asks.

“The training is coming along. It is different from what we were doing but all in all, I can see and feel the changes. And yes, Bill, Molly and I are dating and since our kids gave their ‘approval’ it may get more serious. Do they do this girls’ night out often?”

“They do this every couple of months,” Bill states. “Maria is the instigator as she claims she needs a little girl time without kids. I ask either my or her folks to have the kids for a sleepover so I can hang with the guys. It’s a win-win for us.”

“What is it that they do?”

“That, Mike, is a mystery,” says John. “All I know is when Heidi gets home she is usually a little tipsy and very horny. Sometimes Heidi brings one of the girls home or goes home with one of the others, so we have to be careful how much we drink. I wouldn’t be surprised if you had more company than normal tonight, Mike; Heidi really would like to ‘repay’ you.”

“What are you talking about!? I can’t do that.”

“Apparently you don’t know the whole story about us,” Bill says. “Look, you know that Maria and I have an open relationship but that’s the wrong term for what we really are. We are swingers who share ourselves and each other occasionally with only the people in this group. I know Maria loves me as much as I her, but this keeps that spice in our marriage and our sex life. Until you, Molly was a participant, but since you and she started dating she’s stopped.”

“How does something like this happen anyway? Did you guys just wake up one morning and think ‘I feel like sharing my wife tonight'?”

“I suppose it really started about when Maria and I met,” Bill continues. “You remember her before her journey but you probably won’t remember her low self-esteem as you guys were not of the same clique. After her weight loss and boob job, men AND women were coming up to her and me with offers of company for the night. We took some offers and declined others, but we always had amazing sex when we were alone again. We figured, 'why stop?’

“Then Maria became pregnant with our first and was ordered to bedrest four months before her due date. At this time I had just started the practice and the gym with Marco as my first employee. Money was tight but we needed to hire a nurse to take care of Maria while I was at work; enter Ann. She was exactly what we needed, and after a few months we asked she and Marco to invest in the businesses, which both accepted under a few conditions.

“Ann would not settle for less than the best, and told us that first, we needed a nutritionist. She wanted someone who could assist with Maria’s pregnancy care and be an extension of both businesses. This person would instruct clients from either side about what, how, and when to eat; enter Molly.”

Marco takes over, “I wanted someone to help me in the gym but from a different angle. See, I was and still am a tough trainer that produces results. I needed someone I could send clients to who could ease the pain I caused. Molly said she knew someone who was changing her career path. After checking out Heidi’s resume, and then her interview with the four of us, we all knew she would be a good fit.”

“Marco and I have been friends since college,” John adds. “I believe he has told you about me without revealing my name. I too was just starting my business. I asked Marco to put a good word in for me and my work, to cut the grass and do landscaping around the complex. I would do the work at a seriously reduced rate in order to advertise my skills and drum up some business for myself.”

“The first sexual encounter started after Heidi came on board. Maria couldn’t have sex during the bedrest and talked Heidi into taking care of my needs. It’s not clear how or when we all started swinging, but that’s the beginning,” Bill finished.

“Mike,” Marco said softly and calmly, “as the only unattached person here, a heart to heart with Molly would be wise. We only ask you keep an open mind with this kind of lifestyle. Do some research online and ask one of us if you have any questions. If you take a chance, you will see that nothing is going to change the dynamic of this group, but you may find something you did not know you didn’t have.”


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