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Nova Confesses

Nova Confesses

Nova lets Mina know what her real intentions are, but then something else happens.

"So, are you with child now?" she pondered, sitting on the other side of the couch.

"Maybe I am, what the fuck are you gonna do about it? Also, do you own any blouses, t-shirts or any top that's not a tank top? How about skirts or jean shorts? Why are you in gym shorts?"

She clenched her fists and began grinding her teeth too. "I just knew you were trouble the minute I set my eyes on you."

"So what, you are actually gonna try to get back with him? Even though he is engaged to me?"

"Maybe, he told me he loved me way before you. I was his real lover, so much to where he almost got me pregnant. We were close, and he broke out the 'L' word right after the first time he shot his load onto my face. It was one hell of an experience, and he had it with me first. Do you really think you can replace me?"

I slowly got off the couch, brought my hands up and closed my eyes. I just tried to comprehend Nova's words, but I just got a headache from it.

"Did you forget about this ring?" I wondered, putting my hand up and opening my eyes. "He proposed to me, you stupid bitch."

"That's what you think?" she inquired, getting up with me. "No, that would be you. Why don't you just bow out, and let me have Dante back? My marriage is over, so I'm back on the market, and we both knows he wants me back."

"You are fucking delusional, Nova. We're engaged, so he is mine now. What was your big plan? Were you just hoping we weren't having sex? Maybe I'd just got pissed off and went out the back door, so you could come in there and talk to him? Then bring up old memories of you two fucking and have it lead right to you two screwing each other?"

 She broke eye contact and looked forward. She didn't speak a word for over five minutes, and I just crossed my arms. I couldn't seem to figure out just how she thought this could work in her favor.

"We broke up because of that pregnancy scare, and we weren't sure how our parents would react if I were knocked up."

"So then you went to college and met your husband?"

"Yes, but I always regretted not just staying with Dante. He loved me and got me for me."

"I'm sure the taboo aspect had nothing to do with it."

She sat back down, buried her face in her hands and kept it there for a moment.

'What, am I supposed to say something now? I knew it; she still wants him. Now she is crying and expecting to do what?'

"Can't you console me a bit?" she whined, peeking back at me.

"Whatever," I muttered before I plopped back down next to her and put my left hand on her leg.

I rubbed it for a minute as I shook my head. I didn't know how to feel, but I still consoled her somewhat. I just rubbed her leg, but I kept my distance from her. She had her eyes out of sight so that I couldn't help, but to flip her off again.

'You stupid bitch, he is engaged, but you did, in fact, have the ulterior motive to fuck him again. Even as you also knew I lived here with him. So, now you are having me console you too.'

She glanced back at me. "I don't mean to make you uncomfortable, but may I hug you again?" 

 I took a deep breath and clenched my fists. "You've admitted you want to fuck my fiancé, but you don't desire me to feel uncomfortable, is that right?"

She moved towards me and enveloped her arms around me. She also placed her head on my shoulders. I didn't want to, but I fulfilled her request and hugged her. She shed tears, and I just let them my t-shirt.

"You are a good friend, Mina."


We held each other for a few minutes, but then she brought her head up. She just looked at me for a few seconds, but then she moved her face to mine.

"Whoa," I objected, backing my head away. "What are you doing?"

"Oh, I'm sorry," she said, scooting away. "I guess I just felt something between us."

"What the hell could you feel? I was leading towards hating you, even more, Nova. Why the fuck would you think it would be okay to kiss me?"

"I don't know, but you are gonna be in my life forever. When you marry him, then it is official. I guess I just thought we had something here."

"What, like I'd want to have sex with you, Nova? Are you nuts?" I questioned, getting up.

She nonchalantly got up and strolled to me. As she got close enough, she grabbed onto my arms and pulled me to her.

'Shit, my panties are getting wet now.'

"I know there is something between us, Mina. I think it might come directly from your resentment towards me."

"Why would I resent you?"

"Don't bullshit me, I know you were shooting us both dirty looks as I was catching up with Dante last night. You don't like that he can talk to another female for that long that isn't his or your mom. Go ahead, deny it, Mina."

I just crossed my arms again and shot her another dirty look.

"There it is, you can at least admit that you are a jealous hussy, can't you? I mean, Dante isn't here. Get it off your chest, Mina."

She waited a moment, but I didn't speak a word.

"I didn't think so, you just have that ring, and you are like, 'Hey, floozy, this is Mina parking only. So back off.'."

"You are seriously insane, Nova."

"Why didn't you stop having sex after you spotted me? You just wanted to spite me, didn't you? Just how you convinced him to cum inside you. You are just a wench, that's all."

"Fuck you!" I roared, pushing her down onto the couch.

She just grinned at me. "Yes, release your anger, Mina," she proposed, leaning back up.

She placed her hands on the end of her tank top and took it right off. I looked right at her melons, and my body tingled a bit.

"We both know you like what you see," she pointed out, getting up.

She pushed down her gym shorts down too and strolled right to me. "Does Dante know you like girls too? I mean, that might spice things up in the bedroom, don't you think?" she wondered before she stopped in front of me. "I'm pretty sure there is something between us, otherwise, why wouldn't you be screaming right now? Would that have anything to do with you gawking at these D-cups?" she inquired before she lifted them up somewhat.

"Why are you doing this to me?" I questioned, clenching my fists.

"I'm sorry, did I burst your bubble?"

"Yes, you stupid cunt!" I had yelped before I shoved her down.

I immediately grabbed onto her panties and yanked them off her. "I swear if you ever tell Dante about this, I'll fuck you up beyond repair," I made clear before I stuck my pointer and middle fingers into her slit.

"Fine, whore."

I went right down to her twat and had my tongue slither right in effortlessly.

"I knew we had something, Mina!" she wailed, planting her hands onto my head.

'Shut the fuck up,' I thought, moving my face back and forth.

My tongue flung around her pussy walls freely.

I peeked up at her. 'Oh, yeah, shake around like that, I want to see you twitch and moan as I've watched it in the adult movies where a woman eats out another. Wow, you have great tasting juice, tart. I don't think we have a thing, but you are hot and bitchy. I guess we can call this 'Hate sex.' That's all I can think of to ever actually justify this. Oh, fuck, maybe I'll just have to let her suck his cock or something. This is just so hot, though, like when Dante had sex for the first time. I knew the hussy wanted to get him back. I could see it right when she walked in. Now I'll pleasure her to death and make her like me differently. If I let her fuck him, I'll be in bed with her forever. I might as well make sure she is a good fuck first. Damn, what if I wind up in a threesome with them both?' I had thought before I closed my eyes. 'No, I'm getting ahead of myself now.'

I abruptly slowed down, but still kept it rather pleasurable for her. I took her lips right into my mouth, but then she glanced back at me. She didn't speak, but she leaned up and snatched my hands.

She placed them onto her hooters. "Would you like to see my breasts now, Mina? I'll let you see them if you ask nicely."

I calmly let my tongue out, and I smiled at her. "May I please see those two sexy bosoms, Nova?"

"Fine," she answered leaning towards me. "Although, I'm gonna have you to ask to unclasp my bra as you kiss me," she told me before stopping only a few inches in front of me.

I casually brought my lips backs to hers, and my hands gradually made their way to her back. They blindly found the clasp and undid it. It just hung there as I found myself unable to part my lips from hers.

Eventually, both of us wrapped our arms around one another and then she leaned back. Her hands slithered their way down onto my butt and scrubbed it through my jean shorts. I felt her mostly nude figure on mine, and I liked it as I placed my hands on her bottom as well.

'Wow, what a seductive floozy. Nova knew what buttons to push, and when to push them too. I have to applaud her for that, but she is still a cunt. Nonetheless, I have to admit, she is ravishing and has a great pussy. Her lips are a perfect size, and she cums like a garden hose.'

After a five minute make out session, our lips mutually parted and then she let her bra come off. My eyes immediately drifted down to her jugs and my eyes slowly widened as far as they could in single movements.

"Do you like them, Mina?" she pondered, shaking them from side to side a few times.

"Yes, they are the sexiest tits I've ever seen in my life."

"Good, now finish the job," she ordered me, lying back.

I still ogled her melons for a moment as I seemed to be mesmerized by them. I felt my panties become thoroughly drenched and I jiggled as if I had my a little vibrator inside me. After a minute, she rose up with me.

She failed to say anything but brought her left hand to my face. She caressed it ever so softly for just a moment. Suddenly, I closed my eyes and slanted my head back. I found myself being under her spell, which just made me forget her sinful intentions, and just want her.

"Lie the fuck down," I commanded her, prior to shoving her back down.

I went right back to her twat and inserted my tongue in a single act. I fucked the shit out of her with my tongue as it slid around incredibly easily.

"Yes, you crazy bitch," she chuckled faintly, bringing her hands to my head. "I'm gonna love you," she moaned, caressing my head ever so slowly. "And you'll love me."

I jerked my face back and forth several times, which let my tongue bounce around even more. I even sucked some of her lips into my mouth, but just a little bit. I saw her shuddering around frequently, so I knew I had in the palm of my hand.

'Damn, she seems to be losing it, but why hasn't she had an orgasm?'

I still had a lot of access to her sweet juice, but after another moment, I had to stop.

I brought my head back up. "I'm getting a headache."

"Maybe this will help," she proposed before she kissed me again and placed her hands on my upper chest.

We made for another minute and rubbed it the whole time too.

'Wow, what a fucked, but sexy witch.'

Her lips parted from mine. "Are you feeling better now?"


Then she brought her hands to my shorts, but I immediately pushed them away. "No, you don't get to see me just yet."

"Next time then?"

"Maybe," I replied before I slowly went back to her cherry.

I calmly inserted my fingers in there, and they were followed again by my tongue. I arched my neck back up, and we looked right at each other. Nova escorted her hands to my forehead and rubbed it back and forth several times.

"Oh, you like fucking your fiancé's step sister, don't you? Fuck her with that tongue ever so slowly, just like that, Mina. I know you are only fucking me out of hate, but I still love it. I know we can grow to love each other, whether we screw each other or not. Be a good lady and just be sweet to me. Maybe I'll return the favor to you, do you like the sound of that, best friend?"

I nodded somewhat but failed to stop my pleasuring. We kept our eyes on one another the whole time and just looked into one another's dirty souls. I still had her twitching just a little bit, but I think it was the whole act that just had emotions rising at just the right times.

'I fucked her like an animal for some time, but the hussy just refused to cum. Then I just got a headache and had to stop. Wow, she is a seductress of the evilest quality: sexual desire. She knew that I had some lust for her, but of course, I had to deny it. She is good; I'll give her that. I praise her for it to some extent, but she is still a floozy.'

"Oh, he is marrying a hot slut," she moaned, shimmering around and rubbing the back of my head. "You should tell him that you like to eat pussy, he just might find that to be quite arousing, Mina. Maybe you should just confess that you fucked me, so maybe he'll want a threesome with us. We both know you love the sound of that. Or, just perhaps, you want to get a little sexually acquainted with me."

I nodded again somewhat, but then I reached up to her melons. I grabbed onto them and gave them a good squeeze. I couldn't help, but to cheese a bit. She just smiled right back at me and continued to caress my head.

"He ate my pussy a handful of times, but he never made me feel this damn good, Mina. Wow, you are some sexy skank," she moaned, making the top half of her body whirl around. "Shit, just for my clit already, and stop teasing me."

I brought my tongue out. "If you fucking tell Dante about this, I will beat the living shit out of you."

"I wouldn't do that, I'm a mean bitch, but I'm not that mean," she stated, jiggling her hooters. "I want you to like me, so I'm not gonna just blab to him."

"Unless you are bullshitting me now."

She leaned forward to me, but stopped only a few inches away. "If it is a girl, I want you to name her Nova, after me," she whispered before she kissed me and reclined back. "Now fuck me like you mean it and get my clit."

I lowered myself and wrapped my arms around her legs. "You are gonna be a giant handful, aren't you?"

"Although, I'm worth it, though, don't you think?"

"Let's find out how hard you can cum first," I proposed before I let my tongue back into her slit.

I wrapped my lips around her pussy lips and sucked the hell out of them.

"Fuck you, you are teasing me again!" she roared, jerking, towards me. "Get my fucking clit, hussy!"

I didn't make her wait for another second, I just let my slick tongue right to her labia, and I licked it from bottom to top.

"Oh, fuck," she chuckled, arching her back. "That's a valuable girlfriend, so here you go!"

I closed my eyes just in time and then I felt the full force of what was her orgasm. It felt like a cold wave of her cum slapped my face as hard as possible. I just kept my face right there and let her drench it entirely.

I was unsure how long it all went on for, but I knew it was at least a minute before she finished. She used her vagina as her cum gun and emptied it out all she possibly could. I held my breath the whole time, but let my breath out when I first started feeling it dry.

After only thirty seconds, she yanked me up with her by my shirt and pasted her lips onto mine. My hands landed down on her legs she placed hers onto my face.

'Damn, this chick is just off the charts in every single direction. Damn, Nova is using tongue now. Fuck, maybe just telling Dante might be the best idea here. She is a sex goddess it seems, one who has a lust which makes her impossible to satisfy.'

After a ten minute make out session, our lips disconnected, her hands dropped, and we both angled our heads down. We failed to speak for over a minute, but we were both featured slight grins.

Then without speaking, we both lied down with her resting her head on my chest. We just enjoyed one another's company for a little while in silence. I still couldn't help, but to keep smiling. 

"Well, you are somewhat nice when people can get to know you. Maybe I can name our baby Nova if it is a girl."

"Good, and maybe next time I can see you naked," she pointed out before she kissed me again.

"So, you want to see me again?"

She nodded. "I'd like to see Dante naked one more time, though."

I bit my bottom lip and slanted my head back. After only a couple seconds, I felt her kissing my neck. I just maintained my position for a couple of minutes as she laid a long string of smooches all over my neck and chin.

"Come on; you are gonna have to say something soon."


"Don't worry; I won't let him cum inside me. He only definitely needs to get one woman pregnant. I just want to see him one more time, pretty please?"

"I want to be there, though."

She leaned up. "No, I just want him to myself, just for one night."

I shook my head no. "I don't like that, Nova. Either let me be there with you two, or no deal. I'll tell him we fucked, I don't give a shit, but I don't want you two to be alone."

"Okay, but you can't join us the first time. I want Dante all to myself just once. Then after that, you can eat my pussy as he fucks you doggie style. Fair enough?"

"Yes, Nova," I answered before I kissed her.


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