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Nova Gets Her Wish

Nova Gets Her Wish

Nova is a floozy, but a loving one.

"So, how was your day with Nova?" he pondered, sitting next to me and putting his left arm around me.

I smiled and failed to peek at him. "It was okay."

"What about down here?" he inquired, bringing his other hand to my stomach. "Do you think there might be a tiny baby in there now?" he asked, rubbing my belly.

"I have no idea, Dante. It only happened last night, so I don't think there is any possible way to know for sure," I answered, prior to looking back at him.

"What's wrong, you seem distracted or maybe a little depressed."

I stayed silent, but he kept caressing my stomach. We both failed to mention a word for over two minutes.

"Wait a minute," he said, pulling his hand back. "This isn't about Nova still wanting to have sex with me, is it? I told you that neither of us has any desire to get into bed together again. You believe me, don't you?"

'Well, maybe you, but she made it clear that she wanted to have sex with you. Shit, maybe this was all a mistake. Dante loves me, and I might just have that baby growing inside me now. He can't be that upset with me, and I know he must still have some passion for her. If it was just a pregnancy scare that broke them up, then it must have been abrupt to some extent. Those feelings couldn't have disappeared.'

"Are you sure you wouldn't get into bed with her one more time if you had the chance? I mean, even if it only lasted for three minutes? I know she is stunning, so you must want to do it at least one more time."

"No, I'm committed to you, remember that ring on your finger?"

"Yes," I sobbed somewhat.

"What's wrong, babe?" he questioned, wrapping his arms around me. "Did Nova say something to you to get you all untrusting of me?"

I stayed silent, but he laid a string of kisses all over my neck. He didn't say anything, but he seemed to be okay. He kept smiling and fondling my stomach for over five minutes.

'Crap, it is just eating me up inside now,' I thought, shedding more tears. "Nova told me she wanted to have sex with you one more time."

I failed to look back at him for a moment, but he brought his head and hand away from me. He stayed silent for that moment, and then I peeked back at him. I didn't touch him or say anything, but after another minute, I saw him smiling somewhat.

"So, deep down, you like the idea that she still has a small flame for you?"

He rubbed his face with both hands for a few seconds. "Maybe, I'm not saying that I'll do anything with Nova," he confessed before glancing back at me. "It is just nice to have someone that wants you, that's all. Even if nothing ever comes of it, you have to admit; you'd like that too. What if an ex of yours told you that he wanted to have sex with you one more time, would that make you feel good or bad?"

I grinned somewhat and shook my head for a moment. "You are right, so would you like to fuck her now?" I had inquired before I peeked back at him. "You can tell me; I won't be mad."

Again, he didn't mention a single word for a few minutes. I kept my eyes on him the whole time, but I didn't speak either.

'I know I have to tell him the whole story, but this might be a hell of a lot harder than I thought it would be.'

"You swear that my answer won't affect us, or what might be growing inside you?"

"I swear."

He took an extra deep breath and peeked back at me. "Yes, I'd like to screw Nova one more time, Mina."


"Why did she tell you that?"

I took a deep breath. "I caught Nova spying on us last night."

"Do you mean when we were having sex?"

"Yes, but I didn't stop her. I noticed her, but I didn't stop us and let you know that she was there. I just knew as soon as I saw her that I was right."

He laughed somewhat, got up and walked forward a bit. "You were just so sure that Nova wanted to get back with me, so that's where your mind went?"

"Yes, what other conclusion could I reach? All the signs were there, her clothes and how much history you two went over. What would you think if the shoe was on the other foot?"

"I don't know," he admitted, turning back to me.

"Now that you know that she wants you, do you want to fuck her again?"

"No, I'm not cheating on you, babe. I love you," he reminded me before he enveloped his arms around me.

We held each other for a few seconds.

"Even though she cheated on you?" she asked, walking into the room.

"What are you talking about, Nova?" he questioned, letting go of me.

"Mina and I had sex, Dante," she divulged, strolling to us. "We also kissed quite a few times too."

He smiled for a few seconds, but then she shook his head. "No, she is full of it, right, Mina?"

"No," I cried. "This witch got the better of me. Then she got me to agree to let her have sex with you one more time. I just want to be here with you two as it happens."

 "Seriously, Nova?" he asked, stepping in front of her. "Is this why you were coming onto me last night? You were letting your tits out on display and frequently made physical contact with me too. What the fuck?"

"She only asked you to shoot your load inside her to spite me, Dante. It was evident that she saw me as a threat, so today I admitted that I was interested in having you get into my panties one more time. We both knew there was lust between her and me, so we eventually had sex. That's all there is to say about that, except I also got her to agree to name your baby Nova if it is a girl."

"Bullshit, Nova!" he roared, pushing her away. "You seduced her so that you could get back with me?"

"Yes, and she already complied that this can happen," she mentioned, walking back to him.

She immediately put her hands on his crotch. "Wouldn't you like to feel your cock inside my pussy and mouth one more time? I know you do, I heard you admit it not too long ago, so why don't you just let this happen? There is no need for conflict. Besides I told her she could join in after we have sex, Dante. Don't you want to see her eat my pussy, or lick my nipples? We could even just show you the spectacle of us kissing if you'd like," she explained, caressing his package.

He smiled for a minute as I just stood there, grinding my teeth. 'You smug, bitch. I was at least trying to get to this, but again, you just insert yourself.'

He didn't speak a word, but then I saw her undoing the buttons on her pink and white striped flannel. "Don't you like the crack?" she pondered, getting closer to him. "I know these white t-shirts could never seem to get the job done, isn't that how you first noticed me before we first hooked up, Dante?"

"Enough, Nova, if he doesn't want it, then drop it," I ordered her, pushing her hands away.

"Oh, he wants it," she pointed out, wrapping her arms around his neck. "Don't you, Dante? You can confess it."

I kept grinding my teeth and looking at them. Nova instantly began rubbing his neck, and he started smirking too.

"Would you like to kiss me?"

He kept his eyes on her for a moment, but he eventually glanced at me. "I'm sorry, babe, I'm weak. I still love you more than anyone else in the world, but you did have sex with her, right?"

I placed my hands on my hips. "Yes."

She brought her lips to his cheek and rubbed her body onto his.

"May I kiss her?"

"Fine, but this is a one-time thing. After tonight, you better be faithful to me for the rest of your life."

"The same goes for you, bitch," she pointed out, peeking at me.

"Hey, that's my fiancée, Nova," he warned her, turning his face to hers. "You show her some respect."

"Fine," she groaned, coming to me.

She stopped in front of me and placed her palms on my butt. "I'm sorry, Mina. If I'm gonna be Aunt Nova, I should make sure you are comfortable with me being around," she explained before she kissed me for ten seconds.

'Oh, this floozy is good.'

She took off her top. "I'll confirm it for you: I'm a harlot," she confessed, undoing her jeans.

She stripped to her bra and panties and positioned her hands back onto my butt. "Feel free to masturbate to us, I just want to fuck Dante all by myself once, and then a few times with my new girlfriend," she made clear before pasting her lips onto mine.

We immediately began making out, and I had to put my hands on her butt too. I felt her boobs press onto mine and her rubbing my ass too. So once again, I felt tingles going throughout my body.

After a minute, I opened my right eye and peeked at him. 'Oh, he has got his wood out and jacking it swiftly. Somehow, both my love and hate levels for her have moved forward. Shit, this hussy is going to cause a lot of trouble.'

We kissed for another couple minutes before her lips separated from mine. I looked right into her blue eyes as she looked into my brown ones.

"The words you are looking for are: I love you, Nova," she pointed out before her hands came to my crotch. "Oh, do I feel some juice down there, Mina? Would that be because of me?" she pondered, scrubbing that spot. "Don't worry, you can disclose it. Tell your fiancé's step sister. Let her know that you want to fuck her again; she won't judge you," she whispered, prior to closing the gap between us.

I took an extra deep breath. "Yes, it is because of you, Nova. The pun completely fits you, as you are as hot as a supernova, but you can also drop yourself onto people and fry their world too."

"No kidding," she chuckled, undoing my shorts.

She lowered herself to her knees and pulled them down. I got out of them and then she stood back up with me. She got my top off as well, and then I glanced back at Dante.

"This is hot," he moaned, stroking it nonstop.

"How about we take each other's bras off?"

"Okay," I replied, cheesing. "I love you, Nova."

We both brought our hands to one another's bra clasps and calmly undid them. Both bras plummeted to the floor, and Nova instantly dropped down to her knees.

She snatched the sides of my underwear. "I bet you get his dick hard when you have these pink silk panties sticking out."

"My cock becomes rock hard as soon as I see her every day, Nova. She is the supernova in our relationship."

"Good to know," she mentioned, sliding my panties down.

As I was naked, she stood back up with me. "I love you too, Mina," she added before she kissed me. "Now sit on the couch with us and watch me have sex with my step brother," she proposed before putting her hand out.

I took it and then we walked to him too. He quickly took Nova's other hand, and all three of us walked to the couch.

Dante and I sat down next to each other, and he took my hand. "I will never stop loving you with all my heart and soul, babe."

"I believe you, now let the slut pleasure you."

"Yes, wench," she replied, grabbing onto his johnson. "Wow, I've missed this," she moaned, stroking it.

"Damn, she is making you vibrate that much?"

"Don't get jealous, Mina. I'm sure you can get him to cum twice as hard as I can."

"Let's find out."

She bowed her head down, opened her mouth and took his seven-inch schlong in between her lips.

"Oh, shit, Nova, I missed your mouth too," he moaned, closing his eyes and leaning his head back.

I viewed the sexy action as she began thrusting her lips up and down, going a couple of inches with each thrust. She had her eyes closed too, so I knew it was passionate, and not just about spitting me.

I respected her wishes, but I kept holding his hand, though. I felt mine shiver a bit solely because of him, but the sweat flowing down my forehead was me. Whether I liked it or not, I found myself licking my lips and then my hand found it's way onto my pussy.

"Oh, the hot skank is sucking your wood now. Is she stiffening it up now, Dante? Go ahead, reveal it to your ravishing fiancée."

He peeked at me. "Please don't hate me."

I kissed him for a few seconds. "I don't, just make sure you don't cum in Nova's mouth, only I'm allowed to swallow."

"Good to know," he moaned, enveloping his arms around me. "I love you, Mina. I love you, I love you, and I love you some more."

"I know."

I still didn't participate, but he let me get a closer look at her treating his member as her own personal pacifier. She failed to pick up speed, but I knew she kept the pleasure up. I watched, and every single time she moved her lips up again, he tightened his grip for just a second.

Even as I was naked and it was relatively cold in there, I felt like I was sweating my ass off.

"Oh, fuck, Nova, you are good. You are even better than I remember, I swear. You aren't better than Mina, though."

"You are sweet, horn dog," I whispered, breaking free from his arms.

I laid a single kiss on his lips and got down on my knees with her. I just watched her up close, but I had to peek at him now and then too. I still managed not to join in at all and just observe.

I grabbed onto the sides of her thong. "I don't think this for anything, Nova," I pointed out, pulling it off her.

"Thank you, Mina," he said before he blew me a kiss.

I blew one back, dropped her thong and got close again. I rubbed my cherry lips back and forth and began to tremble. I started out slow, but as the pleasure took over, I just wanted more. I assaulted my lips mercilessly, just flinging them too far on each side.

I also shed a few involuntary tears, and my knees already felt pain as they rubbed onto the carpet rather quickly. I viewed his rod frequently appearing and disappearing in her mouth, and I noticed he twitched with each thrust.

After only a minute, I had my juice flowing onto my arm and running off it too. My body never stopped moving, and I felt depleted, but it was worth it. Dante caressed her head just as he did for me when I blew him, but I just pretended it was me for the time being.

"Fuck, step sis, you are a wicked seductress. I love you, but you are just pure evil, Nova. You seduced me with your naked body when we first started, but now you've done it with my girlfriend? Wow, that was hot, but bitchy too. Now I have you sucking the life out of my schlong again, and I'm gonna pop my seed all over your face," he moaned, scrubbing her head before he glanced at me. "Mina?"


"I want you to clean off her face after once I'm done."

I calmly got back up on the couch with him. "Don't you want to fuck your step sister, though, with that giant dick? I know she has a great pussy, so do you want to stick that cock inside her slit?" I pondered, putting my left hand over onto his cheek and getting closer to him.

I brought my lips within only a few of his, but our eye contact never broke.

"Did you really have sex with her?"

"Yes, are you mad?"

"No, not at all," he answered, taking my hand. "I love you so much, Mina. I couldn't possibly explain how much."

"Then kiss me."

"I never cheated on you, I swear."

"I know, not cheating comes with not being an asshole," I reminded him before I kissed him.

We held hands and made out for a few minutes as he kept vibrating. As time went on, we got closer and closer to each other. I wanted to reach over to Nova's head, but I resisted. My heart was racing, and I felt to be as slick as ice, but I felt mixed emotions. The situation was hot overall, but the cold parts still stuck out in my mind.

'Fuck, he loves her. I have to be somewhat supportive; I did screw her. Whether she seduced me or not, I gave in and technically cheated,' I thought before I laid my head on his shoulder. "You can be honest, is she a better dick sucker than me, or was the competition won on our seventh date?" I whispered.

"Door number two, sweetie."

"Good answer," I pointed out before I settled my lips on his.

We both enveloped our arms around each other and held one another tightly. I peeked at Nova a few times and saw her thrusting her lips a little bit faster. I felt my tits pushing onto his chest, and his hands even dropped down onto my butt.

He brushed it as hard as he could, and I had to cheese a bit too. 'Oh, he still loves me, and he is still shaking around too. He is a sexual man, so he could only hold out for so long.'

"Whoa," she moaned before raising his head. "You just came in my mouth, Dante."

"Fuck it, give it to me," I ordered her, lowering my head right under her. "If I can't lick it off, I'll just take it in my mouth."

She followed that ordered and let it all drop right towards my mouth. Some of it splashed off my face, but I got most of it. I swallowed all I could get, and just enjoyed the sweet taste of it and emotional spike too.

After a moment, I slanted my head up and saw them kissing as they both had their hands on one another's butts too. Although, his rod quickly sprouted up from the dead and went up against her stomach.

"I love you, Dante," she muttered, wrapping her right hand around his manhood.

She stroked it lazily for a moment as they continued to make out. I found myself just gawking at them and attacking my pussy lips nonstop too. I knew it was all wrong, but yet I found myself loving the sight.

After a five minute make out session, their lips separated and then she just glared at him. "You are even better than I remember," she commended him before pushing him onto the couch.

She quickly climbed onto the sofa with him and got over him. "I've waited so long for this," she mumbled, blindly grabbing his rod and guiding it right into her snatch.

I hurried and got on the couch right next to them, but kept playing with myself. 'Enjoy Dante's cock while you can, hussy, you won't be able to do it again. You'll have to go through me first, and I'm a big bitch when it comes to protecting my man. If you are also getting our baby named after you, then you'll have to call it a win and stop lusting after him.'

She lowered herself down and closed her eyes. "Oh, that's the spot, Dante," she mumbled, dropping her hands onto his stomach.

He placed his hands on her butt and applied some pressure onto her cheeks. I also noticed that as soon as he penetrated her pussy, their eye contact was locked up. They licked their lips as slowly as possible for just a few minutes before she even started moving.

The whole time, my fingers were plenty busy, flinging my lips nonstop and letting my juice out too. 'Oh, you bastard, that's our move: just staring at one another with your dick inside me as we don't move.'

"Come on, if I'm letting you two fuck each other, at least give me a show worth watching."

She immediately snatched my right hand and yanked me up with her. "Yes, whiny ass," she said before she kissed me and pushed me back down.

Her hands dropped back down to his stomach, and she began thrusting her cherry onto his johnson, which made her melons flop around in the process. I instantly scooted even closer to them as my eyes were just stuck.

"I know your fiancée likes me, Dante, she loves my bouncing boobs, but you do like what you see and feel right now?"

"Yes, my skanky step sister, I treasure what I see and feel right now. I'm so glad that you can make Mina love it too," he moaned, breathing heavily.

"Good, because I hope you can handle me, I'm not about to go easy on you now. You can blame Mina for that," Nova informed Dante before she began jerking her torso around.

I could see the toll being taken on her, but she also had a lot of fight in her too. As I felt myself getting closer to the edge, I started jolting around too. I couldn't distract them at all, as they just seemed to be focused on each other and nothing else.

Neither of them broke eye contact, but he eventually brought his hands made the trip up to her hooters. I grinned as he did it, and then he gave them a small squeeze too. That was when his mouth opened up completely, and his eyelids went down.

"You are making him feel great now, tart."

"I know, bitch, I'm his sexy step sister, and I learned a long time ago how to pleasure him properly. Now quit looking at my face, and bring those eyes back down. If we are going to give you a good show, then watch what you love to lust after. Give into your new lesbian desire and watch my breasts shake around. We all know you love me and my body, so enjoy it, Mina. I don't mind you gawking at me."

"Me either, babe," he moaned before he turned his head to me. "I love you so much for this; she is a cunt, but I love her. May I have another kiss?"

I granted his wish, but immediately after that, I stuck my fingers up into my slit. I masturbated very fiercely and even got up onto my feet. I just looked forward but kept listening to them.

'I don't need them as the deed is nearly done. I have no idea why everything is so hot, but it is,' I thought, shedding a few tears.

I felt my fingers digging deeper and deeper into my pussy. I knew the time was only seconds away, but I felt like I could just go on masturbating forever if I put my mind to it. Although, I just wanted to cum because of them.

I turned back around. "I love you so much, Dante. You are the man I want to marry, and have a baby with too. Your step sister is a floozy, but I love her too. When you have to cum, will you do it right on her melons? I want to see it, so do it for me."

"Just make yourself cum already," she advised me, peeking back at me. "You are gonna drive yourself nuts."

I lied back down next to them and just stuck in my pointer and middle fingers in as deep as I could get it. "Fuck, I love you, Nova!" I wailed, slanting my head back.

From one second to the next, my lady juice came bursting out my snatch faster than I possibly imagine. I closed my eyes and kept them shut over the entire duration of my orgasm. It felt to be the best one I could ever conceive, but it also felt to be so painful, that it was pleasurable.

"Fuck, my pussy is on fire, my cheeks are drenched, and the rest of my body feels like it's floating around in a pool. Give me one more kiss, please, Dante," I cried, bringing my lips close to his.

We kissed for at least a full minute as I had my eyes closed. I did my best to just breathe through my nose, but I was just so worked up, it became rather difficult.

Although, I made it through until his lips frantically jumped off mine. "Shit, Nova, I gotta cum."

She immediately got him and dropped to her knees. "Give her what she wants," she proposed, rubbing her bosoms slowly with her eyes on his.

He stood up and brought his hand towards his rod.

I stopped him and snagged his schlong myself. "Allow me, hunk," I said before I started stroking it for him.

"Crap, you are hot, Mina."

"Shut the fuck up and take his seed all over those phenomenal tits," I ordered her, scrubbing it even faster.

I eyeballed her rack and saw the very first shot his load come crashing down right on her left boob. I moved his member with every single shot and made sure her knockers were completely drenched.

The whole thing lasted for thirty seconds or so, but it certainly a hell of a lot longer. His cock was steaming by the time it shot out all it could, and then he calmly came down onto his knees. I licked my lips for a few seconds as I couldn't look away from her cum covered hooters.

I just came right to Nova, and we glued our lips together. Our titties instantly collided and everyone loved it. We also had our hands slither onto each other's butts, and our make session was locked up. We kissed for at least twenty minutes as all three of us cooled down.

After that twenty minute mark passed, our lips mutually disconnected. "To think twenty hours ago, I didn't like you. Now, I'm gonna name my baby after you if it is a girl."

"I tend to grow on people quickly, so does this mean I can visit whenever I want?"

"Sure, hussy, but no funny business, got it?"

"Unless you say it is okay?"

"Sure," I replied, moving some hair out of her eyes. "Now that I love you, I can see that you are stunningly gorgeous."

"I could say the same about you, now what do you think about letting him see us together?"

"I like that."

"Me too, I really want to see you two together now, Mina. Please, do it for me," he added.


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