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Nova Gets Them Both

Nova Gets Them Both

Everyone gets a thrill

I licked my lips for a few seconds, but then I Calmly made my way to her. "You are sensuous, Nova," I muttered, bringing my hands to her legs.

"No, you don't want to caress my legs, Mina," she pointed out, snatching my hands. "You want to feel my massive hooters," she made clear, setting them onto her boobs. "Now doesn't that feel better?"

"Yes," Dante and I answered.

I peeked at him and saw him stroking his wood again. "I love you, Mina."

"I love you too," I answered, prior to looking back and squeezing her bosoms.

My body jiggled around a bit, and I felt my juice leaking out of my slit. My mouth opened up widely, and I rubbed my palms right over Nova's nipples too.

"We've already had sex, Mina, there is no need for stage fright. You may slap my titties around if you want, I don't care. Let's allow him to see some hot action between us. Why don't you lean down and lick those nipples? We all know you want to get him off, so why don't we get him off with some hot chick on chick action?" she pondered before arching her back towards me.

We kissed again for a few seconds, but then her lips parted from mine. "You love me, and I love you," she reminded me before her hands dropped.

I slanted my head down and let my palms slip off her breasts too. 'Wow, I can see how Dante would want to fuck her when they were together: she is one seductive witch.'

"I think she might need some courage, Dante."

I kept my eyes on her melons, but I heard the sofa creak and then some lips on my neck. "If you are scared, then don't do it, Mina. Everyone loves each other now, so you know no one will judge you," he explained before he placed his palms on my breasts.

I peeked at him. "I want to make you shoot your load while you watch us."

"Then go for it," he advised me before kissing me. "How about I take one nipple and you take the other?"

"No, I want to make the sexy action for your pleasure. I want to do it because I love you so much, Dante," I sobbed, turning to him.

"Don't worry, babe, I'm already gonna marry you. I gave you that ring, and there is no way in hell that I'm taking it back," he let me know, placing his hands onto my butt. "You are already the hottest chick alive in my opinion, so just do what you feel in your heart. That big and sexy heart, sweetie."

I kissed him once more before turning back to Nova. She just smiled at me and didn't speak. I glanced back at her left tit and slowly leaned down to it. I separated my lips and let her nipple right into my mouth.

"Oh, Dante, you are marrying a good one here," she moaned, placing her hands on my head.

I smirked a bit and sucked on her nipple. 'I don't love it, but I could do this for Dante now and then. If it gets him off, I'll do it for him.'

"Suck on my step sister's nipple, Mina. I swear, I'm loving you more and more by the minute. I'm jacking off to you two, sweetheart. As soon as I cum, I'll start over again. I'll keep going until you stop, I swear."

"Yes, every woman likes women a little bit. At least enough to experiment or please their man. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, Mina. Fuck, I commend you for it," she moaned, rubbing the top of my head. "Now make your hunk of a man shoot so much, that he just runs out."

I slanted my head up and saw her looking right back at me. 'I hate you, Nova. You suck in every single way, but you are just one spectacle of a woman. I hate to admit it, but you may even make me want to join the other team. I know I won't, because of my commitment to Dante, although, you are going to make the question stay out there,' I thought before my right hand slithered it's way over to her twat.

"Yes, babe," he muttered, crawling towards us. "Finger fuck her too. Let her juice out and have her hold you close. When you have her do that, you'll have her in the palm of her hand. If you have a lesbian side, Mina, unleash it now. I'll be so hot for you; we'll just get into bed and never get out until the wedding. I'll make damn sure I get you pregnant. If I have to cum inside you seven-hundred times, I'll get the job done for you. That's just how much I'll be loving you."

She slowly stood all the way up on her knees, but I followed her. 'I feel her jiggling around somewhat, so I know I'm pleasuring her. Damn, I just wanted to get him off at first, but now I think this might be about her too. She is a cunt, but maybe she'll be our cunt. I need to make sure I can make her feel good too.'

"Yeah, Dante, jack off to her pleasuring me. Just make sure you get her butt when you shoot, I know she'll want it there."

'Maybe I am a new lesbian, I don't know, but I'll do anything for Dante. He put a ring on my finger, so I'll have an orgy with him and six other women if he wants,' I thought before my fingers sought shelter in her slit.

She shook around nonstop, and her hands slipped down onto my back. She rubbed it firmly for me as I sucked the skin beyond her nipple into my mouth. Her juice ran off my hand and contaminated the carpet too.

I kept at it for over five minutes before I suddenly felt his cock touch my butt. "It is as hard as a diamond now, Mina, so keep going. I know you can make me shoot," he whispered in my right ear.

My body rattled around, and I felt a few tears flowing down my cheeks too. Dante just rubbed the head of his dick on my butt ever so slowly as I thrilled Nova. She kept it together for the most part, as she kept her hands on my back and didn't jerk me off her.

He leaned onto me and kissed my shoulder. "I want to join you two, but I don't want to disturb the magic. I swear, I've never been more attracted to you then right at this moment, sweetie. You are my sexual goddess, and I couldn't be more ready to start a family with you. Just make sure you love Aunt Nova. She is one hell of a woman when you get to know her."

I calmly took my mouth off her nipple and peeked at him. "I know, now watch this," I mentioned before I turned back to her and pushed her down.

"Whoa, you are crazy, Mina."

"No shit, Sherlock," I whispered before I lowered myself down onto my stomach and wrapped my arms around her legs.

'I did it already once today, and I can do it again,' I thought before I let my tongue back into her pussy.

"Get a close look at her eating my cherry now, Dante. She treated it as her own personal all you can eat buffet earlier. That was when she knew she loved me, so get a taste of how the love formed for her. Fuck, now she shaking her head and letting her tongue hit my pussy walls. Holy shit, dude, I may just take her off your hands in due time. She is a remarkable woman, physically and emotionally. A sexual bitch is a great bitch," she explained before she positioned her hands onto my head.

I took her lips into my mouth and even got him to moan.

I felt him touching me as he lied down with us, and then he smooched my cheek. "I'm sorry, but I'm fighting the urge to cum, Mina. I just want to watch you with her forever," he cried. "I'm a drama king, but seeing you two together is just beyond my wildest dreams. I couldn't be mad at you for fucking her because I just love the idea."

I peeked at him for a split second, but she had her juice was flowing out nonstop, so I had to close my eyes again. She still managed to move around somewhat, but I made sure to halt most of her movements with my arms.

I couldn't help, but to cheese as much as I could with my tongue all the way out. Even as I could see the sweet event, I could still imagine everything in my head. I just thought of how she was dealing with the pleasure.

'I bet she is having trouble breathing now and her pussy is burning up too. She loves the fact that I'm doing it, so it is like throwing a dart when the board is only a few inches away. I don't give a shit, I know I'll remember this forever. Dante will be masturbating thinking about it for even longer than that. Yes, brush my head and try to fight the pleasure, just like Dante. You don't want this to end either, do you? Why would that be? Well, maybe because you love it too much for it to end. I'm massaging your pussy lips with the lips on my mouth; so who would ever want that to end?'

"Yes," she moaned, arching her back up. "You are just a damn sexy lesbian in the making. So, I certainly hope you do let me help you expand on your sexuality. A woman like me could certainly assist you if you let me. I have big boobs, a trimmed landing strip down there and I do love the ladies too. You can invite Dante to watch us whenever you feel the need to learn something else. Don't be afraid to ask me if you may screw me with a strap on; I'll gladly say 'Yes.', Mina. Only because you are you."

'Fuck, I love you, Nova.'

Suddenly, I slowed down my tongue and just let it out. "Do you mean that, Nova?"

She nodded as she leaned forward to me. "I'm bisexual, and you are marrying my step brother. It would bitchy to deny you that, wouldn't it?"

"Yes, but you are a bitch, Nova."

"I know," she agreed wth me before she kissed me again.

Our lips came together and stayed that way for over ten minutes. I peeked at Dante on and off over the duration, and every time I did, I saw his mouth wide open and his hand moving slowly.

"No words can express the emotions I'm feeling right now, babe," he moaned, moving right behind me. "Please let me see you with her again," he pleaded before I felt him shoot a stream of his load on my butt.

My lips immediately parted from hers. "Yes, give me all you have to give, Dante."

She leaned to me and looked over my right shoulder. I peeked forward and just felt Dante's warm cum attack my butt nonstop for twenty seconds or so. With every splash I felt down there, my smile got a little bit wider.

"Holy shit, both of you are just hotter than hell," he moaned before I heard a small bang.

"Oh, he doused your ass, Mina," she observed before she came around me.

I peeked back at her and saw her lowering herself to it. "I was supposed to lick all that off your face, but it is okay to clean it all off my butt now," I pointed out, watching her. Oh, that tickles, Nova. Sorry to quote the pun again, but you are just a supernova. How do you what I'll find to be so hot?"

"It doesn't matter. Whatever turns you on, turns you on, Mina. It is nothing to be ashamed of," she explained, finishing off my bottom.

She turned me around and had us both look at him. "He shot all that cum on your ass, but yet, he is jacking off again."

We watched him for a moment, but then she put her hand out to him. He took it instantly, and she helped him up.

She kissed him right away. "Would you like to join us now, Dante?" she pondered, wrapping her right hand around his rod.

"Yes, I would," he replied, grabbing onto her butt cheeks.

They kissed each other once and then she advanced him down. "I hope you know what you just signed up for, Dante," she warned him, crawling over him.

She got right over his face and turned around to me. "Come on, Mina, let his schlong slide right up into your slit again. Have him cum deep inside you again and have him fertilized that egg."

"Okay," I giggled coming towards them.

As I stopped over his member, I grabbed onto it and led it right into my pussy.

"Good, Dante, now you have a twat on your wood and another in your mouth. You are in a man's paradise now, so you better enjoy it. Eat my pussy just as you all those years ago: letting your tongue poke at my labia, but waiting a while before you lick it."

I began making his cock thrust in and out of my slit, and my breasts started jiggling around. I also noticed Nova tits flop from side to side too.

"Yes, I've missed you so damn much, Dante. My jackass ex-husband had no idea how to please me, but you can do it without breaking a sweat. You know just how to please me, and now you have Mina eyeballing my melons too."

"Yes, I love those breasts, Nova. I don't know what I cherish more: them or his manhood sliding in and out of my cherry."

"You can love both, sexy lady," she moaned, arching her back towards me. "There is nothing wrong being in love with a set of tits and a cock, Mina," she assured me, wrapping her arms around me. "Damn, my sexual emotions are skyrocketing."

I did the same, but both of our bodies still moved. So we rubbed up against each other as we both just jerked around. Our entire bodies were as slick as ice, so we had no issues moving together.

After her words, we didn't make much eye contact. Although, we didn't need to, our heads were spinning, mentally and physically. Our hands stayed on one another's lower backs for the time being, and our bosoms seemed to be stuck together.  

I was sure Dante was losing it, as I felt his member vibrating. With every brush of Nova's body on mine, I was sure my sexual drive revved up just a little more. I couldn't wrap my head around everything, but I was confident that we all got into 'Sexual high' status.

"You are the best woman in the world, Mina. I love you," he assured me, placing his hands onto my butt.

"I know, now shut up and get both Nova and me off already. We aren't about to settle for any half-assed pleasuring, Dante. And make sure you shoot all of cum up into me too."

A few seconds later, she let go of me. "That was so hot, Mina."

"I know," I agreed before I arched my back down and went to nipples.

I took her left nipple into my mouth, but I kept thrusting my pussy onto his manhood.

"Oh, I certainly hope you two invite me over a lot. I love being pleasured by both of you at once," she moaned, enveloping her arms around my head.

Her palms landed on top of my head, and I peeked up at her. 'There are so many names you could call you, Nova, but I'll bite my tongue because you just know the way to heart for some reason. Apparently, Dante couldn't just tell you how to find it, you just did. You did it with your sinful ways, so I have to admire that. We have some intimacy I just can't seem to match with him. Why is that?'

I had no idea, but I sucked on her nipple for some time as our eye contact didn't break.

"Fuck yes, you two," she groaned, slanting her head back. "Fuck you two. Fuck you both for being so good, I love you so much, that I hate you a little bit. Oh, your tongue is so damn satisfying, Mina. Fuck, I came here ready to take you down, but I want you in my life forever now. You have me in the palm of your hand now, bitch," she explained before peeking back at me. "For sakes, just be kind to me and show some love long after this, please. I'll do anything you want, just don't ever ask me to leave. I want to stay here with you two until I day I die. I'll cherish our sexual memories now and forever if you like. Just, don't, stop!!"

I had cheese as much as I could right then. "Holy shit, you are a drama queen, Nova," I giggled before I brought my head back up. "Are you crying?"

"You don't hate me, do you?"

"No, of course not."

"Do you promise? I know I tried to steal him back from you, but I can't have you hating me, Mina," she sobbed, shedding many tears.

"I don't hate you, I promise, Nova. We've said 'I love you.' several times in last hour," I explained before I wrapped my arms around her neck. "Don't worry; you are in the clear. There is no reason to shed sad tears; this is a happy memory, just not one we are gonna share with anyone else."

 "Your friendship to me just means everything to me now, Mina. I don't want you ever to resent me. Dante is still eating my cherry, is that alright?"

"Just let me see you cum all over his face, and it'll be alright, Nova," I answered before I kissed her. "Dante, go in as deep as you can and hit her g-spot. Strike it hard for me."

I sat down and let his entire pecker into my slit. I glanced right at Nova's pussy as his lips were attacking it rapidly. His head went back and forth nonstop and saw her pussy lips spread out as far as they would go.

I smiled widely and placed my right hand on my cherry. "I don't hate you at all, Nova. I can't tell you why exactly, but I don't. You slithered your way into my heart, whether it was petty based or not, you found your way into it. So enjoy his tongue on your clit for as long as possible. I want you to build up your system so you can have an awesome orgasm. Make sure it is so great, that you feel your body shut down. Even if it is just for a moment, I know you'll love it and treasure the both of us even more. So fight the urge to cum too early, and let it loose when the time is right, stupid bitch. If I hated you like that, I'd never let you suck his cock and ride him cowgirl style. Even though you pulled some stupid shit, I still let it happen."

"Do you promise we can all have sex again?"

"Yes, whiny ass, now shut the hell up and pace yourself. We both know that he knows what he is doing down there, so prepare to shoot your lady juice and let him feel all of it all over. His face will have the pussy juice aroma on it for weeks. I can feel the veins in his cock pumping hard, so he is getting close to his breaking point," I moaned before I peeked at her breasts.

His dick never stopped moving in and out of my slit, but my eyes failed to part from her lovely pair and melons. 'Those are dynamite. I love how they are big, but not too big. They also have perfect sized pink nipples too. I'd cherish every single second if I ever got to suck on those for more than a minute.'

"Your boobs perfectly fit your body, Nova, and they are perky. No wonder you got him to hook up with you. Your melons, short clipped pussy, flat stomach and beautiful face too. I hate you a little bit because you are just stunning. How can I ever live up to you?"

"I don't know!" she screamed, placing her hands on her face. "I'm cumming now, Dante!"

I arched my head down and watched the spectacle that was about to take place. "Do it, Nova, unleash the supernova."

"I will!" she yelped before letting her cum out.

I cheesed as I kept flinging my pussy lips. From one second to the next, it all came blasting out like fire hose hooked to a fire hydrant.

"Shit!" she screeched, drenching his face.

She kept her place the whole time as her orgasm lasted for thirty seconds or so. I couldn't look away from her cherry the whole time; I just felt that if my eyes looked away even for one second, I'd disrespect her or something like that.

My mouth opened up widely and then whether I liked it or not; I slanted my head back. "Son of a bitch, you two are fucking made for each other!" I roared, with my whole body shaking.

"Yes, shoot your juice all over his cock and stomach now, you sexy bitch," she moaned, faintly.

"Fuck yes!" I howled, following up her orgasm, with my own.

The whole thing lasted almost as long as hers, but it still felt life changing. "Damn, I'm tingling inside and out now."

My entire body felt depleted, so I just fell forward. I kissed Dante on the lips a couple of times, but I also let my tongue out.

I licked his face a few times with the energy I could summon. "That's some great juice, Nova," I muttered before I lied my body onto his.

"I could tell you 'I love you.' over a million times, but it still wouldn't relay the message well enough," he whispered, encasing his arms around me. "I love you, Mina."

"I love you too, Dante, and you too, Nova. You suck, but I love you," I mentioned, with my eyes closed.

"Good to know."

We held each other for a few minutes in silence. I wasn't sure what Nova was doing, but she seemed to keep quiet. My pussy was still soaked and appeared to keep leaking too. He massaged my back lazily, and I still felt his hard on too. After five minutes, we heard the floor creak.

"I think I'll give some time alone. I can't thank you two enough, after getting divorced, I feel to be extra high on sex right now. I'll put some my clothes back on."

"Don't you want to have sex again?" I pondered, peeking her way.

"Seriously?" she questioned, looking back to me.

I got up and walked to her. "Yes, if you like to," I answered before I kissed her. "You are gonna be Aunt Nova sooner or later."

"My name is unisex one, so if it is a boy, will you still name him 'Nova'?"

"Sure, Nova, we'll do that just for you. Nova Criman, it is a good one."

Her hands escaped from mine and floated up to my knockers. "And these will get bigger too; I like that."

"Good, would you like to go another round now?"

"With or without him?"

"Your choice, either way, he wins."

"Maybe one with you, then one with both of you," she replied before a small pause. "Would you call me a tart if I asked you if I could have Dante on my own again?"

"I knew you were full of shit, but sure, tart."

"I love you," she assured before she kissed me.

"I love you too, Nova, now let's fuck already," I suggested before I took us both down to the floor.


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