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Pix-O-Lix act 1 scene 1

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Pixie had just arrived at the office of Lush Headquarters. She was 45 minutes early for her shift as a moderator, but since she had just gotten her hair newly cut, in a pixie bob of course, and styled and a new green dress made entirely our of leaves she decided it would be a good day to come in and show off.  As she walked into the break room she saw Fystee passed out in a chair with her head on the lunch table.  Fystee's ears were drooping but she could tell she must be having a good dream because her tail was still twitching incessantly.  Pixie placed her lunch into the fridge and was walking out the door when Fystee woke up.

 "I saw that post you made the other day to Rocco.  So you like tying people up with licorice, huh," She mewled as she staggered to her feet.

   "Well you know I was just trying to be cute and funny. You know what it is like trying to keep an image of yourself on here."

  "Yeah I know, but it got me to thinking," she explained as she reached into her purse and pulled out a long rope of braided licorice. "I know I like the taste of licorice the day after a night of great alcohol, but will you really taste as good as I hope with it?" With that said Fystee leaps at Pixie as she tries to escape out the door. Fystee manages  to get a hold on one of Pixie' s wings and drags her kicking and screaming back into the lunchroom. "See what coming in early gets you? Now here you are trapped with me and no one else will be in for at least 45 minutes. Just think of all the fun I could have."

"Rocco and Tech will save me when they get in and then Zafia will give you a spanking like you have never had before." Pixie continued to mumble all the evil punishments that awaited Fystee as she was led away. Her hands were tied in front of her like handcuffs and the rest of the licorice acted as a chain attached to it. Fystee happily led her to her office, her tail flicking back and forth the whole way.

Fystee sweeps the piles of random literature from her desk clearing a nice spot to mount Pixie upon it. Pixie can still smell the alcohol on Fystee's breath and wonders just how good of a night she did have. Fystee throws the length of licorice she is still holding over the desk and traps Pixie between the her and the desk.  Smiling with a twinkle she leans into Pixie for a gentle kiss while raising her arms over her head. She continues to get more forceful and she leans Pixie backwards onto the desk. Looping the length of licorice around the chair a few times to make it secure Fystee then turns her attention to Pixie' s outfit.

  "Oops. I guess they don't sew buttons on as well as they used to," she giggled out as she popped one button after another off of Pixie' s new dress. "I hope you kept the receipt. And what is this? Another little bag of pixie dust.  We will have to be careful with this because we know how it makes things swell up. Like that puppy picture perhaps."

  "No, Onion stole the rest of that bag so he could blame his big picture on me," Pixie interjected.

  "Well I can't take the risk that you have ground up viagra into this batch as well so we will just save that for later."

  Setting the bag of dust off to the side she turns back ad admires her work. A barely clothed pixie tied to her desk with licorice.  She already sees the new thread building in her head. Fystee removes her scant clothing as she walks back to the desk.

  "You know my dear you look good enough to eat. So I think I will."

  She quickly catches Pixie' s legs as she tried to clamp them shut.  She gentle opens the tattered dress and exposes all of Pixie' s delights for her eyes to feast upon. Perfectly shaped C cups with little pink nipples that are standing up like pencil erasers greet her eyes as she moves down Pixie' s body.  Without the Super tight dress holding her in her stomach is nicely shaped like a regular woman instead of that 4 inch waist she is always trying to show off like an anorexic.  The cute little tattoo just under the panty line of two capitol P' s done in old English script.  Finally to the perfectly smooth pussy which is betraying Pixie' s true feelings as it is blooming and engorged with lust.

  The sweet smell of sex fills her nose as she leans in and playfully flicks her tongue across Pix' s clit.  More of her papers fly from the desk as Pixie moans quietly and flutters her wings.  Loving what she had tasted and hoping to find a new hangover cure Fystee holds nothing back as she settles on her knees in front of Pix and dives into her muff.  She starts with playful kisses and licks before opening her up with her fingers and trapping Pix' s poor clit between her lips.  Her tail softly caresses Pix' s face and neck before sliding down to tickle her breasts. All The while she is never missing a beat with her tongue and fingers. Pixie' s moans are becoming more audible now as she starts trying to hump Fystee's face. Fystee continues to lap up Pix' s juices and she moves closer and closer to that orgasm. Pix' s moan' s are getting louder until she is almost screaming.

  Just then the door gets kicked in, but before the rescuer can even enter the room Pixie screams, "Damn it can't you be 10 minutes late for work just once?"

Who has come to save Pixie?  Will she ever get that orgasm?  Will Fystee get punished for being a naughty kitty?  Find out tomorrow same bat-time, same bat-channel on the next installment of Pix-o-Lix.

to be continued.
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