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Pix-O-Lix act 1 scene 2

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Pixie gets what is coming
   "I am never late Pixie.  I come precisely when I want to. Just ask Tech. What is going on in here?"

  A shocked look flashes over Rocco's face for a moment and then cereal box tops flash in his eyes as he realizes the potential income from taping such an amazing sight. Fystee resumes her attack on poor Pixie when she realizes that Pixie's rescuer decided not to. Rocco runs from the room and into his office to retrieve his digital camcorder but quickly returns and starts taping the action in crisp detail.

  "Has anyone ever told you that you taste a little like tofu, Pix? It isn't bad, but I bet he tastes more like Italian sausage.  That perfect mix of Clive Owen, Rico Suave, and the most perfect specimen of an Italian man you could ever hope of finding."

  Fystee slides two fingers into Pixie's drenched pussy as she tries to show off for the camera. As the shock and moan fades from Pix she slowly pulls them back out and smiles to the camera as she sucks them dry. Repeating this several times pushes Pix right to the brink of her yet elusive orgasm and then Fystee stops.

  "Yeah it is definitely tofu," she continues as she walks around to Pixie's head sucking on the fingers, "but you aren't getting off unless I am too. Get a close up of this Rocco."

  Fystee climbs onto the table and carefully places her knees on either side of Pixie's head and avoiding her wings. Playfully she lowers herself onto Pixie's waiting mouth. Just as Pixie leans out to get at her Fystee pulls away and giggles before lowering back down to tease her. Finally after sneaking in a few licks Fystee cannot resist anymore and drops upon Pix's waiting tongue. She slowly slides back until Pix is sucking on her clit and then back forward as she has a sensation overload. Back and forth until she is gasping.  Finally she is ready and grabs Pixie's bag of fairy dust and lightly sprinkles some over Pix's muff before diving back into to their luscious 69.

  Rocco just circles the table getting great shots of the girls indulging in each other. Secretly thinking to himself that he will never have to eat all those boxes of cereal again to get the toys and secret decoder rings.  He will finally be able to decode those messages on the back of the boxes forever.

  Pixie mumbles out from between licks, "you know you taste like tofu too.  I never really knew I had a taste for it."

  In the distance they hear the bell ding warning of 5 minutes to the start of shift. Frustrated and knowing that they are going to be interrupted yet again Pixie wraps her legs around Fystee's head and breaks loose from the licorice. She wraps her arms around Fystee's legs and licks, sucks, nibbles and hums for all she is worth. Fystee is trying to keep up but her moans keep interrupting her.  She finally reaches the point of no return and cums into Pixie's waiting mouth. As she regains control of her muscles following her orgasm she strikes at Pixie with renewed vigor. Her fingers rapidly plunge in and out of her while she focuses her mouth on her clit and tries desperately to give her friend what she has gotten.  Pixie Loves every minute of it and arches her back as she gets closer and closer. Finally as she reaches her orgasm her wings break free and throw them both from the desk. In a pile of arms and legs they work towards each other's faces and playfully kiss. Luckily neither is hurt or there would be a whole lots to explain to Nicola and the worker compensation people at the hospital.  Rocco shuts off the camcorder as Pixie tries to clip her dress shut.

  "So when do you guys want to film round two?"

  With a twinkle in their eyes the reply in unison, "We will see."
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