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Either the beginning of something new or a horrible repeat of history
The sound of the key and the flow of the words on the screen were all that I heard and saw until I felt a light kiss on my cheek. With my concentration broken, I looked up at him annoyed that he was disturbing me.

“Did you hear anything I just said?” the tall and very cute man said as he loomed over me.

“Nope,” I said looking up at him with a smile thinking ‘What a dumb question.’

He leaned down and kissed my lips. I love my husband most days, but when he interrupts my writing, I want to strangle him. I hoped that kissing him back and letting him have his moment would let me get back to my story. I was wrong.

“Shawn and Kristie are on their way over to talk about the party tomorrow,” he said. “I thought you might want to see them this time.”

I made a face and rolled my eyes. I did not want much to do with this party and now that it was almost upon me, I really wanted an excuse to stay home. Being older than everyone was not my favorite part of life, but that is what I get for marrying a younger man.

You see after torturing my then boyfriend for three years, because of a bad divorce, I finally gave in and married him. That was over three years ago and I never really thought about the age difference. We just clicked and that was all that mattered.

Over the six years we have been together Aaron, who is eight years my junior, has worked in several jobs, and I have had the same job since we met. I make good money so he could actually not work and we would be fine, but I think it would make him uncomfortable if he was home all day and I was supporting him. Therefore, now that he is finally doing what he loves, cooking, we are more than comfortable and have many of the things neither of us thought we would have at this stage in life.

When he first started to talk about Shawn, I was surprised he was so young, but Aaron was quick to tell me he was very mature. So when I first met him I expected more, but he is like most twenty-two year old boys: young and reckless. His redeeming qualities are he is quite cute and over the past year, I have developed a bit of a crush. I have yet to see the maturity and as we planned this party for Aaron, I still do not see the maturity.

“I guess, but I really don’t want to go,” I admitted.

“It’s for my birthday and Shawn has gone to a lot of trouble,” Aaron replied as he cupped my cheek.

I sighed and clicked the save before shutting down my laptop. I have a problem denying him anything.

Within minutes of closing my computer, the bell rang and Aaron went to the door. I smiled at Shawn and Kristie as they walked in.

It is hard to dismiss Aaron’s height when he stands next to Shawn with Shawn being all of about five and a half feet tall, but he makes up for it in attitude. If I thought that the age difference between Aaron and I was trouble before, well Shawn and Kristie make it even worse. Shawn being twenty-two makes me feel even older, but Kristie makes me feel ancient.

Kristie is nineteen and still has the new left on her. She is naive, but has a good head on her shoulders. She is in college and working as a server at the restaurant for extra money. Her little young body is alluring to me, and I would not mind giving both of them a lesson in sex. The past six months have been a string of fantasies for me.

Each time Shawn talks about her more fondly. I think he feels he has found his one, but Aaron assures me he is still in it for the sex. Now that they are living together, he might be thinking about getting serious. Shawn acts as if he does not care when she flirts or wears revealing clothes around all the guys, but I see what Aaron must not see. If he is still ‘in it for the sex’ as Aaron claims, he is a good actor. I have tried to talk to Shawn about Kristie and he always tells me that she is just his ‘chick of the moment,’ I think he is just keeping up appearances.

“Hey, kid,” I said as I gave Shawn a hug and glanced at Kristie, “Kristie.”

Shawn hugged me back and kissed my cheek, ever the flirt. Kristie waved and looked uncomfortable. For some reason she has never warmed to me, but knowing Shawn’s record; she might not be around much longer. Kristie is his type in almost every way.

She has that petite little body, but still looks like she takes pride in her physical appearance. Her legs are toned, but she is a young and on her feet all day. With her long brown hair and cute little face, I can see what Shawn sees in the exterior. When she first came over with him she had my mind doing cartwheels thinking about taking her into my room and stripping her down. I think the fact she is young and cute got the best of me.

“Alright, give me my wife back,” Aaron said slapping Shawn on the back.

“If you insist,” Shawn said as he let go of me and slapped my butt.

I let out a girlish squeak and rubbed my butt. This was the norm and always got us all laughing, even Kristie. I felt younger when they were around, but I was still the voice of maturity.

“You want a beer?” Aaron asked Shawn.

“Yep,” he replied as the two walked out into the garage leaving me with Kristie.

We sat on the couch and normally would have silently waited for the boys to return, but this time I wanted to get a few words out of her. I turned toward her and she looked nervous.

“How is school?” I asked staring the small talk.

“Good,” she said focused on her hands resting on her lap.

“What are you studying?”

“Um, just the basics; but I want to be a dietitian,” she said still not looking at me.

“Oh, well when you get into supplements, herbs and vitamins let me know if you have questions,” I offered hoping to get her to talk a little.

She looked to me and smiled. I hoped that was the breaking of the ice between us.

“I will,” she said with a nod.

We talked a little about her schooling and some about her work. Just as we started to talk about the boys, they came in the room.

“Talking about us?” Aaron asked as he turned the corner.

Kristie jumped, and I laughed at him as he strolled over and kissed my cheek. He can be so lovey-dovey at times.

Aaron sat in his favorite chair and Shawn sat on the couch next to Kristie, putting her in the middle of us. She scooted closer to him and took his hand. I looked at Aaron and he shrugged.

“So I have a few more finalized plans,” Shawn said. “Travis is going to bring the steaks over the night before so they can get marinated, Kristie and Sara are going to set up the barn and you,” he looked to Aaron, “And I talked about getting the pit ready for a fire. I think that will about get everything ready.

“Great. So does that mean that I don’t need to be there?” I asked with a laugh.

Shawn reached across Kristie and smacked my leg. I leaned over Kristie and slapped his hand and as I leaned back, Kristie stood and walked a few steps away before turning back to the couch.

“I hate being in the middle of a fight, so you two can go at it now,” she said with a smile.

I leaned toward Shawn to slap him again, but he grabbed my wrist and moved to pin me to the couch. I looked to Aaron and he shook his head letting me know that I was on my own. As Shawn put his entire weight on my pelvis, I reached around and grabbed the back of his shirt. I tried to pull him off me, but he was too strong and had the upper ground. Just as I brought up my knees to try for some advantage, he lowered his chest to mine. I giggled and squirmed searching for some loophole to use to my advantage.

“You will be there if I have to drag you kicking and screaming,” Shawn said into my ear.

“But I don’t wanna,” I whined in a little girl tone.

Emphasizing each word he responded, “You will be there.”

I laughed and intensified my wiggling until I felt something pushing into my stomach. I froze not sure what it was until he kissed my cheek.

“Are you submitting to me?” Shawn asked.

“Umm… fine I’ll be there,” I said confused, but starting to add two and two.

Shawn stood facing me and offered me one of his hands as he used the other to adjust the front of his jeans. He looked me in the eyes and smiled, ever so cocky. I took his hand and he pulled me into a hug.

“We good?” he asked.

“We’re good,” I said as he kissed my cheek and slapped my butt.

I called him a brat just as Aaron asked if they were staying for dinner. As usual, they said yes. The four of us sat down for a normal dinner and as Kristie and I cleared the table, the boys went into the garage. I tried again to talk to Kristie, but she said about two words before joining the boys.

When I retreated to my laptop, I started a new story about friends that have playfully flirted over the year, but never tried to be together until the flirting got the better of them. I typed as if I was on fire and in about two hours, I had a good start, some of the middle and most of the ending done. I was just about to put the pieces together when Aaron tapped my shoulder.

“Shawn and Kristie are leaving. Do you want to say goodbye?”

I nodded before I stood, took Aaron's hand, and walked with him into the living room. We said our goodbyes and watched as they got into Shawn’s car and left.

As Aaron closed the door he asked, “Did Shawn have to adjust after wresting with you?”

I blushed and looked down before I nodded slightly. When I looked up at Aaron, he smiled and pulled me into a hug.

“You are a naughty girl. I think I should take you to bed and punish you,” he said kissing the top of my head with each punctuation.

The following week seemed to fly by, and before I expected it was the day of the party. As we drove to the ranch, I thought about how the night would probably be for me, uncomfortable. Since most of my husband’s coworkers did not believe that he was married, I knew it was going to be interesting.

You see as a cook he does not wear his wedding ring on his hand he has it on a cord around his neck. My ex-husband was military so I am used to the not wearing of the wedding ring for safety reasons.

As people began to arrive several of the girls he worked with were surprised to meet me. I guess seeing that I really exist was enough for them to treat me like everyone else. It was not as bad as I thought, but I was still conscious that I was old enough to have given birth to most of them. Some of the ones under twenty-one looked at me before they grabbed a beer or made a mixed drink, but who was I to judge. I knew that no one that was drinking would be getting their keys since Shawn’s mom took everyone’s car keys and would be deciding if they could drive.

The party was in full swing with several games of beer-pong going and a group huddled by the fire. When the topic of sex must have come up near Shawn he blurted out that I was an author for an erotica site. I was ready to kill him, but he was drunk and making him a spot on the concrete was useless.

I was embarrassed and angry, but not surprised. Several of the guys grinned at me and some of the girls were shocked. The questions began soon after.

“Really?” one of the guys said turning to Aaron.

“Yep,” he said beaming a proud grin.

I glared at him and he blew me a kiss.

“What kinds of stories do you write? I know sex, but what type of sex?” a pretty blonde asked.

I turned to her and said, “I just start writing and post where I see fit.”

“What is the site?” a guy asked with an unbelieving tone.

I told him the site name and he wrote it down. I do not think he believed me, but he would when he looked up the site.

For the next few minutes, I was asked everything from what I write about to details of my stories. It was fun, once the initial embarrassment wore off, to see their reactions to my answers. I gave the address to several of the guys and a few of the girls. I gave a fleeting thought to who would tell me they visited, but I decided not to hold my breath.

It was Kristie asking questions that really surprised me. She was the youngest there and I saw her as such an innocent. Her shoulder length brown hair, soft pale skin, dark blue eyes, muscular young body, and her toned legs drove me nuts. She wore a lot of revealing, but tasteful tops and those low-rider jeans that showed off her tight stomach. I am sure that she was not trying to turn all the heads in the room, but she did.

Aaron already knew that in the past I had been with several women and found Kristie to be very arousing. Her asking about my stories was getting me a little worked up. I was pleased that her questions were very direct and she was after specific information. When I gave her the address, she pulled out her phone and loaded the site. I watched as she pulled up my profile and looked over my page.

“Are you really ‘bi’ or is that just for looks?” Kristie asked.

“I am, but it has been awhile since I’ve been with a girl; at least physically,” I told her.

“Physically?” she asked.

“Well I have cybered a few times, but nothing physical,” I said slightly blushed.

“Oh,” she said as she rapidly blinked at me before turning back to her phone and scrolling down.

She read my entire biography before moving the screen to show my stories. I held my breath as she scrolled past my stories to my wall, but none of the pictures loaded. I really did not want to explain the images.

Kristie and I were talking about the site when Shawn came up behind Kristie. He wrapped his arms around her and asked why we were being all quiet. I told him we were looking at my page and when he looked at the screen, he backed away. Kristie and I laughed as he walked away. She told me that she would read a few of the stories later.

As she walked off, I watched her cute butt and sighed. I wanted her so badly at that point. I needed some fresh air to cool me down so I got up and walked toward the door.

Aaron stopped me at the doorway and asked where I was going. I told him I needed some air and he joined me.

“That was fun to watch,” he said offering me a drink from his glass.

I took a sip and said, “What was ‘fun to watch?’”

He smiled at me and pulled me into his arms as he said, “You and Kristie. I think you were drooling.”

I looked up at him and shook my head. I wanted to argue with him, but he was right. I was drooling.

Aaron pinned me against the wall and kissed me so fast I had no time to react. My mind came to reality as he locked his lips on mine and reached into the front of my pants. When he felt the wetness between my legs, he growled into my mouth and bit down on my bottom lip. I sucked in air and reflexively pulled back from him.

“She got you all worked up didn’t she?” he hissed into my ear.

“Yes she did,” I said feeling the blush on my cheeks flare.

He leaned down and kissed me hard as he pushed farther down my pants. As he zoned in on my wet slit, I quietly moaned.

“You better stay quiet or we will have the whole party out here to watch,” he said against my lips.

I looked around and my nerves got the better of me. I tried to push him back, but he just smiled and kissed me harder. As he held me tighter against the wall and kissed my lips with a fury, he inched closer to my wet slit. I rose up on my tiptoes and his fingers finally reached their destination.

This time the moan came from him as he slipped his finger under the fabric and against my skin. He parted my slick lips and zeroed in on the source of the wetness. I shivered as his finger entered me and I broke our kiss with a gasp. Aaron bit at my neck and as I let out a loud moan, he covered my mouth with his hand.

“Be quiet,” he breathed into my ear making my body convulse.

I nodded my head, and he removed his hand. I steadied my breathing just as he pushed his finger farther inside me. He applied pressure on my swelling clit with his palm and I was putty in his hands.

My mind was working overtime: keeping me standing on my toes, stilling my moans and listening for any sign that someone was going to see us. Every aspect my brain was dealing with was heightening my senses and making every touch mean more. My skin absorbed and tried to process each touch from his hand, his fingers, and his lips and everywhere else he was touching me. As my body responded to the increased sensations, he drew me closer to the precipice. I heard some loud laughter and slipped on the edge. It was almost enough to steal my breath.

Aaron bit my shoulder and I groaned. He again warned me to be quiet, but as he started frantically moving his finger in and out of me. I breathed in rapidly and closed my eyes concentrating on keeping quiet. When he added another finger and increased the pressure on my clit, I fell over the edge and into the pit full of swirling lights. I did not care if anyone was watching or if anyone heard me so I let out a low moan only to have him stifle it with his lips.

He kissed me hard enough to push my head against the wall and let me moan into his mouth. I was starting to reach the bottom of the pit when he pushed his groin against me and I could feel how hard he had become. I wanted to feel him inside me, but we were interrupted.

“There you are,” I heard Shawn say as he came around the corner.

Aaron pulled his hand out from my pants and turned to Shawn. He sarcastically told him his timing was perfect. I felt him grab my hand and pull me from the wall. His fingers were still wet and I smiled at him.

We were back in the barn, and I wanted to take him to a corner and finish what we had started, but that was not going to happen. I watched Aaron wander from group to group and play a few games of beer pong before I lost track of him.

A few hours later, the party began to die down and it looked like Kristie and I would be doing most of the cleanup. She was not drinking much due to her age and I just do not have the tolerance that I once did so I had stopped fairly early and turned to just soda. While we picked up bottles and cups, threw out the empty pizza boxes and emptied all the beer pong cups, Kristie and I laughed at the people passed out in various places. I covered up Aaron as he clutched the empty bottle of rum and kissed his cheek. I figured he had better sleep most of it off or he would be hurting in the morning.

Kristie asked if I had ever seen so many sleeping drunks before, and I told her that it had been years since I was at a drinking party and the memories were creeping in. She asked if things had changed much and I told her no. Her question about the differences brought up our next conversation, and I knew it would get a little weird.

She and I sat on the only couch not covered in sleeping people as I started to tell her about a party my first husband and I had when I was her age. I had not thought it though when I started reminiscing.

I described the background and set up my story. I told her that before she was even born and I was nineteen I was in the military. I married a fellow soldier and we were stationed in the south after I was medically discharged. He and I were very young, too young to marry, and we lived in what is now classified as an open relationship now. I was very sexual then and just about anyone was fair game. She turned toward me and crossed her legs under herself. I decided to turn and do the same.

Kristie asked if that was when I was with another girl. I took a deep breath, letting it out slow and told her that it was. She asked what it was like and if it was better than being with a guy. I told her that each have their rewards, but that it was not any better. It was her question that made me think that she was curious and that made me want to tell her the whole story.

As I told her about that party and the first time I made a move on my best friend, at that time, I watched as she started to squirm a little. I asked her if she wanted to change the subject, but she told me no very quickly. I began again and went into detail.

“You see Erica was a local girl right out of high school when she met Ryan at a local club. Growing up here, right by the military base, I know what she saw in him,” I said as I started the entire story. “Ryan was really cute and I admit I had a little crush on him too. Erica and I became fast friends,” I paused as my mind wandered back to that night and I could see everything, feel everything, and even smell her skin.

“Robin these guys are passed out,” I heard Erica say as if it were happening all over again.

“Yea, they are not moving anytime soon,” I slurred back at her.

“I bet no one remembers half the night,” she said as we both laughed.

I felt a hand on my knee as Kristie touched me. I apologized to her and told her that my mind wandered a bit. She said it was okay, and I did not have to tell her if I did not want to, but by now, I wanted to tell her.

I began telling her how Erica and I were the only two awake, kind of like Kristie and I were now. We started to clean up, but we were both tipsy and it was not working. We laughed several times and used each other to stand. I managed to fall into her and we crashed to the ground with me on top of her and our faces just inches apart. I took that opportunity to kiss her lips.

Kristie sat with her elbows on her knees and cradled her chin in her hands as she listened to every word. The way she hunched her body over gave me a little tease of what was under her skimpy tank top. I sat up straighter and since I could not see any fabric against her skin, I assumed she was not wearing a bra. I took a deep breath, shook my head to clear my ‘bad’ thoughts about her, and continued.

Kristie asked what Erica did when I kissed her. I explained that she surprised me when she laced her fingers in my hair and pulled me in closer. We twirled our tongues around and explored each other’s mouths as our hands began to explore more of our bodies.

“Everything slowed and the room of passed out bodies disappeared as we began to grope each other,” I said watching Kristie’s reaction. “When her hand found my breast and began to tease my nipple I was at her disposal.”

“Was she better than your husband?” Kristie asked.

“Women know what they like and they know what feels good so they tend to be better with the breasts. Aaron knows what I like so he is just as good if not better than most of the guys I’ve been with,” I said answering her question and gauging her reaction. “Erica was a natural.”

“Did you stay there with everyone around you?”

I smiled and shook my head, “No we eventually moved to my bedroom after hearing some movement. Before we were in the bedroom, we were both topless, and I had my pants half way off before the door closed. Erica asked me if I had done this before and I told her yes. I asked her the same and she said no, but it was something she wanted to try.”

“So she was a virgin, sorta?” Kristie asked, as she was fully involved in the story now.

“I guess you could say that. She knew the basics, I mean she had been sleeping with Ryan for a few months so I knew she was not actually a virgin,” I explained.

“Okay, but you did have to teach her, right?” Kristie asked as she leaned farther toward me giving me a good view of her braless breasts.

“Umm, yes; but not as much as you think actually,” I said looking back up at her face. “When you are with someone of the same sex it’s not much different, besides the parts. You still have to communicate what you want and listen to what they want.”

“Oh, but I’ve never licked a pussy before so I wouldn’t know what to do,” Kristie said quietly.

I smiled and asked, “Have you licked your fingers after you have played with yourself?” Kristie nodded so I asked the next question, “Did you like the taste?” she nodded again so I proceeded. “Have you ever thought about ‘licking a pussy,’ as you put it she blushed slightly, then looked up at me, and said yes. “Do you like it when Shawn does it?” I asked and regretted the mental image as Kristie nodded.

I smiled back at her and placed my hand on her knee. I told her that it was normal to think about and if guys were not so proud they would admit that they have the same inclinations. When she placed her hand on mine, I felt that tingle I felt with Erica; I wanted her and now it was time to see if she wanted me too.

I explained in great detail how Erica and I tickled, probed, caressed, twisted, nibbled, licked, sucked, and teased each other over several hours. It was easy to explain how I felt and what I enjoyed. With each word, I became more aroused and desired more physical stimulation and as I watched Kristie’s reactions to the details, I knew she was feeling the same desires.

She fidgeted and squirmed, and I watched with delight. When she moved her heel tighter underneath her, I knew she was almost ready to pop. I closed in on describing the climax of the evening with Erica when, as if history was repeating itself, there was a noise across the room.

We both turned our heads in unison toward the noise to see Shawn attempting to walk toward us. He stumbled over one of the passed out guests and fell to his knees. Kristie laughed and I just sighed. I was so close.

When she stood to walk to him, I followed and we helped him up as he tried to say something. His speech was so mumbled it made no sense to me. Kristie and I helped him to the couch we were sitting on and the second his head was down, he was out again.

I looked around and there was nowhere to sit, but that was not my biggest concern. I wanted to finish my story and see where it would lead.

“Are you tired?” I asked.

“Nope, you?”

“Nope, but now there is nowhere to sit.”

“We can go to Shawn’s room, it should be quieter, and I want to know what happens,” Kristie said as she smiled at me.

I smiled back, started to think about the rest of the story, and wondered where this was leading. If she was as turned on as I was, I was going to enjoy the rest of the evening.

As we entered Shawn’s room it was a typical early twenties guys room. He had his TV and old game system on his dresser facing his bed, his laptop open and on the dirty clothes covered floor, a few empty plates here and there, and several cans on the floor and dresser. Since he had been living with Kristie he had not stayed there much, but we told him to have the ‘safety net’ so he maintained the room there. Well I guess maintained is not the best choice of wording, but he at least had the option of staying there.

“Boys,” Kristie said as she kicked a dirty shirt out of the way.

I laughed and followed her to his bed. I was surprised to find that it was fairly clear of debris and almost made. It was very soft and I wanted to push Kristie against it, slowly remove her clothes, and explore every nook and cranny of her young body.

“Tell me more about that night,” Kristie requested as she set a pillow behind her hand leaned up against the headboard.

I sat with my back against the wall and sighed as all the things I wanted to do to her flashed through my mind. I decided to end my story quick so I could begin to tempt her.

“Erica and I were pretty tipsy so things went fairly quick and when we were both pleasantly satisfied we sat almost like we are and talked. She was worried that she had interfered in my marriage, but I reassured her that she had not. I must have been convincing because she moved closer and we tried to start round two,” I said watching every tiny movement Kristie made.

“We ended up falling asleep holding each other until Ryan woke me a few hours later. I was embarrassed until he grinned and asked me why no one woke him to watch,” Kristie smiled and nodded her head.

“A guys dream,” she said.

“That’s about it. Erica and I came clean to my husband and he was not angry and neither was Ryan. We were together a few more times and we even had a couple’s night, but that is a private story that I am not to talk about and am to take to my grave,” I watched as Kristie looked unhappy that my story was over, but I had another trick up my sleeve.

“So has this changed your impression of me?” I asked.

She curled her lips into a cute little grin then said, “Well you are about my mom’s age, and I can’t imagine her doing anything like that. You’ve never acted like she does. You are just like us. You like to have fun and I can see that your stories are probably awesome.”

“Well they are okay, but I’m no great author.”

“I bet you underestimate yourself,” she said as she reached for my leg.

She yawned and I asked her if she was tired. She said she was and she was not. I was confused by that, and she told me that she wished that Shawn were not passed out. I understood then and told her that that was a huge compliment.

While we both laughed I moved slightly because I was uncomfortable. Kristie offered me a piece of headboard and a pillow. I accepted and sat close, but not too close.

She started to talk about Shawn and how he was like all the other boys and only in it, meaning sex, for himself. I told her that they do grow out of that and begin to learn that they will receive more if they take the two-way street attitude.

I asked her if she had been with an older man and she told me no, but she did have a few inappropriate thoughts about a somewhat older man. When I asked who, she said it did not matter whom, but if she got the chance she would take it.

“Have I changed your mind about being with another woman?” I asked prodding her mind.

“Well,” she said drawing out the last letter, “I think it would be fun to try.”

I smiled and felt my heart begin to race. I began to fidget with my fingers before I made up my mind to attempt a move. As I took the chance and leaned in to kiss her, she met me halfway. It was strange that I was about to relive what had meant so much to me so long ago with this young girl.

The moment our lips met, she opened for me and I felt her silky tongue greeting mine. They danced with each other and I felt the ball of her tongue ring graze the roof of my mouth. It was an immediate jolt to my groin and I wanted to feel that ball in another warm wet place. There was a groan, but I am not sure if it was her or me. Either way I knew that things were going to get much better.

Keeping my lips locked with hers I shifted more toward her and tested her intension as I placed my hand across her warm belly and gingerly ran my fingertips along her skin. When I began to feel the goose bumps and her lack of resistance, I slowly inched my hand under the hem of her tank top and placed it against her stomach. I slid my fingers along her abs and traced them up higher and as I ran out of abs, I kept going higher until I felt the soft underside of her breast. As I moved my fingers along the curve and up toward her nipple she began to follow my lead and the feel of her hand making its way up quickened my breath and sped my heartbeat.

While I paused within reach of her nipple, she caught up quickly. As she pulled my bra up over my breast, I grazed her nipple with my fingernail and she shuddered. I took hold of her hardened nipple between my finger and thumb and gently applied pressure until I felt her wince. At least she was like me and liked a little hard play with her nipples. I rolled her hard nipple around in my fingers and listened to her quiet moans.

I pried my lips from hers and brushed a lock of her hair from her eyes as I said, “You can stop at any time.”

“I know,” she said in a quiet breathless voice.

As I smiled I had a brief flash of Erica lying below me that faded into Kristie, it was a moment I will never forget. That quick blending of the past with the now urged me farther.

I kissed her cheek, down her neck and along her tank top to her stomach. I knelt between her knees, wormed my hand behind her back, and pulled her toward me. Kristie scooted forward and as I had her where I wanted, I placed my hands along her waist and pushed her tank top up.

Watching her eyes close and seeing how she enjoyed just the small act of taking her top off I was salivating to get her out of her shorts. When I had her top off I tossed it onto Shawn’s floor and it was her turn. I set my hands in my lap and just looked at her.

She reached for my shirt, lifted it up my torso, and tossed it to the floor. I was now almost exposed to her. My bra was pushed over my right breast, but I still had it on.

“Shall I?” I asked as I reached behind my back.

Kristie nodded and the girls were now free and my bra joined my shirt. I smiled back at her and watched as she slowly reached for my breast. Her eyes were glued to my breast and filled with such wonder and question. My eyes fluttered when her fingers softly brushed my nipple.

She caressed the entirety of my breast and rubbed my nipple before she looked up at me. Without asking, I knew what she wanted to know.

“Don’t stop,” I said urging her to continue.

She leaned in and kissed me as I reached for her young, pert breast. Our lips met just as my fingers reached her. She moaned into my mouth as I squeezed her nipple and felt it harden. I laid her back and stared down at her.

I looked down her body from her blue eyes to her soft lips to her pert young breasts with their hard nipples to her toned belly and then there were her shorts that I desperately wanted to get off.

As I looked back up her body, I could not help myself and I lowered to each of her nipples and blew lightly on them. Her breathing changed and her body shuddered.

I placed a light kiss on each peak before I let my tongue play with the hard little nubs. She arched her back each time I flicked her nipple and I watched her grasping the sheet. I decided to up the ante and as I kissed, licked and sucked on her nipples I ran my hand down her body.

When I reached the waistband of her shorts, I slid my fingertips under. The heat emanating from her was tremendous, and I knew that I could do anything I wanted and at that time, I wanted all of her. I kept up with my teasing of her nipples as I unbuttoned her shorts and slowly inched my hand down to the source of the heat. Her sheer, silky panties gave me a shudder as I traveled my hand over them and began to feel how wet she was.

Just as my fingers reached her clad clitoris, I watched her face contort, her body begin to spasm and her breathing quicken. I knew she was going to go right there so I pushed down on her little button. One push was all it took and she was thrashing around. I lightly kissed her nipples before sitting up and pulling her shorts off while she spasmed. I left her panties in place and began to kiss up her thigh.

She was so silent that I had to watch her face to know that she was still there. As I kissed higher up her thigh, I could smell her and it was divine. I licked her drenched panties and felt her quiver again. I looped my fingers in the band of her thong and watched as she slowly opened her eyes.

Kristie watched me lower her panties and expose her trimmed hairline. She looked at me lustfully as I pealed her panties off her swollen lips she bent her knees and let me pull her panties off her. Seeing her naked was a sight that I do not want to forget.

I took in everything from her toned legs and stomach, to her young round perky breasts, to her soft lips, to her tiny waist, and all the way back down to her puffy lips with her excited clitoris peeking out. I wanted to remember it all and that is what I did. It was difficult to decide what I wanted to tease and taste until my nose picked up her aroma. I followed my nose.

As I nestled my face between her legs she lifted her knees and opened up for me. It was so inviting that I could not help but oblige the invitation. I ran my nose up her folds parting them and allowing me to inhale her sweet scent. It was my turn to shudder. When my nose grazed her clitoris, she gasped and tightened her thighs against my cheeks. I smiled and let just the tip of my tongue taste her.

That one taste and I was ready to devour her. I pushed my tongue into her opening and scooped out her earlier secretions as if it was the last sustenance in the world. My tongue explored her inside and out with a mind of its own, and I forgot she was even there until she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in tighter. I groaned against her and felt her again quiver. She was close again, so I nibbled at her clitoris and drove my tongue in and out of her until I felt her thighs clamping down. She began to cover my tongue as I rolled her clitoris between my fingers. I wanted desperately to reach between my own legs, but I was blocked.

When I felt her relax, I kissed up her body and let her taste herself on my lips. The moment our lips touched, she moaned and I pushed my finger slowly inside her. She pushed against my hand and let me know that she was ready for more. I wanted my turn, but I could not resist her as she bucked over and over. When I inserted a second finger and began to twist them, she whined quietly and sped her pace. She was going to go again; oh to be young again and full of such energy.

I kissed her as she clutched at my back and drilled her nails in. I let out a gasp breaking our kiss. I nuzzled her neck and bit at her shoulder as she wrapped her legs around my waist pinning my hand between us as she got off on my fingers. When she began to shudder and then relax, I kissed her neck.

“You are amazing,” I whispered into her ear.

She opened her eyes and turned to face me. She kissed my lips, my cheek, and then my ear sending a jolt down my spine.

“You are amazing,” she kissed my ear again and again the jolt. “Now it is my turn. Roll over.”

I followed instruction and rolled onto my back with a huge smile. Kristie threw her leg over my hips and straddled me. She looked down at me and then her eyes traveled down my body. I worried that after seeing my, not so young, breasts and flabby stomach she would change her mind. I bit my lower lip as her eye started moving back to mine, but when I saw her smile light up her eyes I knew she was going to proceed.

“I’m not sure where to start or what to do,” Kristie finally said.

I placed my hand on her knee and said, “Do whatever you want, start wherever you want. I’m very good at following directions.”

“I feel like a virgin again looking at my first cock. I want to touch everything, but I’m not sure how.”

Kristie bit her lip and looked deep in thought for a moment before her soft lips formed a wide smile. She shifted a little before she looked down at me with a devious grin letting me know that she had a plan. A smile crossed my lips and my heart skipped a beat in anticipation of what she was going to do.

I smiled up at her and watched as she maneuvered her way to my breasts. She licked softly on my nipple before she engulfed the entire areola in her mouth. Her teeth grazed my nipple making my breath stop and start. When I felt her hand slowly descend down my body I knew where she was going.

She quickly undid the button of my jeans and lowered the zipper. As her hand gently caressed the fabric of my panties getting ever so close to my dampening opening, I let out a stuttering moan and arched my back. Kristie took my cue and followed her hand with her lips kissing down my chest, over my stomach and to my waistband. I lifted my butt as she pulled my jeans down along with my panties exposing me fully to her.

The cool air of the room hit me, and a shiver rolled up my spine. It was short lived and followed by a jolt as I felt her gingerly trace my wet lips with her finger. I lifted and spread my knees inviting her to me. I looked down at her and locked my eyes with hers as she bent down for a taste.

I inhaled deeply as her warm tongue licked from bottom to top. She expertly flicked her tongue on my clitoris tightening all my muscles and arching my back. As my breath staggered out, she plunged her tongue inside me and as her tongue ring grazed me I spasmed. When the bells of the ring hit my insides, it pushed me over the edge.

All the pent up arousal from reminders of yesterday to the telling of old to finally getting to be with Kristie to her showing me pleasure broke over the dam and nothing existed, but her. I felt every slight movement she made. As she moved her tongue in and out, she rubbed and squeezed my clitoris making me hyperventilate. I wanted to watch her, but I could not keep my eyes open.

As my eyes fluttered shut, she increased her pace and included a finger with her tongue. Her exploration eased me to the edge. She almost pushed me over the rail, but stopped cold. I moaned out a whine that she answered by beginning again. The second she started up again, she shoved me over the edge.

I fell into the abyss and every touch became magnified. My body trembled and became covered in bumps as I let all my buildup loose. Kristie was a pro as she took in every drop.

When my mind reentered my body I could not open my eyes, but I could feel her moving up my body and curling up beside me. I fell asleep shortly after.

Kristie woke me a few hours later and told me that we should get dressed before everyone woke. She kissed my cheek and started to crawl over me. I pulled her down on top of me and held her. She nuzzled my neck and kissed my ear sending a bolt down my spine. As I let her up, she kissed my nipple and giggled. All I could do was smile.

After we dressed, we went back to the room where everyone had either passed out or found places to sleep. I was not very comfortable, but I still managed to sleep for a few more hours.

Aaron woke me as he began to stir and the morning was as I expected. Kristie and I said nothing about the night before, but when we were getting ready to leave, she gave me a long hug.

“We have to get together later,” she whispered. “Call me.”

I nodded to her and we left.

“You and Kristie are a little closer,” Aaron said as we drove home.

I smiled and began to tell him about the night before. It was good that we lived only a few blocks away because he was having trouble driving.

We talked about me seeing Kristie again, and he said he was ok with it, but there needed to be rules. He told me that I could be with her and only her, no others especially guys. I was fine with that.

“She said she has a crush on an older man,” I told Aaron, “And I think that might be you. If I can get her to tell me who and it is you do you want to know?”

He stared at me for a minute then said, “I think I want to know.”


We went about our day, but that night he asked me to tell him about being with Kristie. It was a turn on for him and the sex afterwards was amazing. He asked several times for the story, and I began to think he might have a thing for Kristie. A few weeks later, when I finally asked him, he said that he did now.

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