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Road Trips for Peter (Chapter Eight)

Road Trips for Peter (Chapter Eight)

Driving west on U. S. 50 was a nice diversion for me. This was a historic route. I was taking it because I had taken the western portion from Kansas to California before, but had never driven the eastern portion. I loved to get off the interstates when I could and just see my country a little more slowly. I was heading to new friends but I didn't have to be in any hurry. Time was not important. I had left Long Island and driven down to Maryland to catch the highway where it started in Ocean City. This kind of thing was fun for me, and I always seemed to get lucky on the way. In fact I spent the night in Ocean City just to get a good rest before starting out to my final destination. That was not decided yet.

I got there after 6 in the evening and got a motel room first thing. I wanted to make sure I had a place to stay. I stayed at a little place that had WiFi. I didn't much worry about what kind of television it had. My computer was my friend. Then I drove around looking for a place to eat. I avoided the places with crowds and lots of neon. Finally I saw a little grungy shack on the edge of the ocean. It looked to be my kind of place. Seafood would be the specialty, of course. Just what I needed to go with the salty sea air I was breathing.

I entered to the smell of oysters and clams. Several people, some couples, but mostly singles, turned to check me out. Most were black, but several were white. I took off my cap, combed my hair back with my fingers, and replaced the cap. It was a cap without logos or names. I didn't care to advertise for anyone. I walked over to a table against the wall so I could have my back covered and where I could see anyone entering or exiting. Just habit. No one seemed to mean trouble.

Looking up at the board above the counter I noticed that tonight was the weekly buffet special. A waitress came over after about five minutes, in no rush, but busy just the same.

"Hi sugar. Need a menu?"

"Nope. I'll have the buffet. I don't need a salad, but I do need a beer. Whatever's on tap, but no light."

"Okay, hon. You just help yourself to what you want over yonder and I'll bring you that beer."

I took off the light jacket I was wearing, walked slowly over to the buffet against the back wall, and helped myself, using the dishes and utensils sitting there. While I was doing that I glanced over to the waitress and was glad to see she would not be back with the beer before I had my meal. I wanted to watch her walk over to me again.

She was serving beer so she had to be over eighteen at least. I wasn't sure of the laws here in Maryland. Maybe she was even twenty-one. No matter. She was a fine little thing, about five feet tall. I had watched her walking away as I took off my jacket. Her ass was round and firm, and as she walked it rose and fell as if saying "caress me." Her waist was slim, but her tits were also round and firm. She was young and that flesh was still soft and proud. What ever the meal cost it was worth it to see her. I did like her short hair cut with its raven black curls. And she had smiled at me like we were already friends. She was an adorable black girl.

Arriving back at my table with a large plate of seafood and sides I saw her coming to me with the beer. She had several others that she placed on tables around the room, but she came to me last. Her smile was enticing and inviting. She placed the beer on the table and leaned forward, showing me a massive amount of cleavage.

"Hon, are you staying here in town tonight?"

"Sure. I already have my motel room."

"You write it down when you leave me my tip. I'll be there after work. I get off at midnight."

"Why me girl? I look forward to it, by why me?"

"Hon, I love the older men who are in great shape. They can last all night. I need that tonight. Enjoy your meal and I'll bring you another beer when this one is done."

She grinned and sashayed away. That evening went by quickly. I ate, drank my beers, paid my bill, and waved at her as I left, with a spring in my step. Oh, and her generous tip also had a note with my motel and room number. Back at the room I showered and shaved and then did some writing on the computer. Midnight was approaching and I was full of anticipation.

Right about 12:30 I heard a knock at the door. I checked the spy hole to make sure who it was. Just my little cutie. Looking at the spy hole and smiling. I opened the door and she skipped in. She was giggling so that meant she had to be kissed. I grabbed her shoulders and gave her a nice little peck on the lips. She leaned in and gave me a long, wet kiss with some tongue. The night was starting fine. We introduced ourselves. We hadn't done that at the seafood shack. She was Debra. I am Peter, of course.

After I had finished my shower I had just put on my sweat clothes. I normally sleep in sweats. They're comfortable, and easy to discard if necessary. I don't wear underwear with sweats. My pecker was starting to rise up and betray my feelings. She was close enough now that she could feel me.

"Peter, is that for me?"

"Just for you sweet thing."

I picked her up and sat on the bed, holding her in my lap. I wrapped my arms about her and ran my fingers through her hair, caressing her head and drawing her face to mine. She put both her hands in my hair and began giving me a very welcoming kiss. We made out for awhile with my prick growing harder under her fine ass. She was grinding it and every once in a while she stopped kissing me and just laughed with glee. I joined her.

"We need to get that hard thing out for me to see Peter. I need it bad tonight."

That was easy. I picked her up, set her down on the bed, and stripped out of my sweats. She immediately grabbed my cock and began jacking it. She looked up into my eyes and smiled.

"Not too bad for a white boy."

I just laughed. I had never had complaints. I doubted I would tonight. Now it was her turn to strip. I helped, and caressed that soft, brown flesh as she shed what little she was wearing. Her bra and panties were missing. I knew that she needed cock. This told me how much. I began sucking a hard nipple on an ample breast and probed her wet pussy with a finger. She was moaning and rubbing up against my hand.

"Stop Peter. I want you to fuck me right now. You hear? I need that dick in my cunt right now. Please, just fuck me good. We have all night. Give me some hard fucking, Peter."

No problem. I crawled up on the bed and gestured for her to follow. I reached over to the side table and got a rubber. Neither one of us knew the other. Better for both to be safe. And I knew she didn't kneed a surprise in a few months. We spooned and I guided my cock into her wet pussy from behind as we lay side by side. I had an arm under her hold one tit and my other hand was teasing her clit from the front as I began to hump that sweet young thing. Her moaning only spurred me on to feed her more cock and screw her harder. I was taking it slow and easy. I wanted to last. I already knew she had come from the whimpering she was doing and the pushing back for more prick.

"Faster Peter. Fuck me harder, please, sweet Jesus. Fuck me harder, please."

"You cunt is so fucking tight girl. Oh damn, you're fine sweetie. Take it all."

I fucked her as hard as she wanted it, and then even a bit harder and deeper. Her skin was glistening with the sweat of lust and so was mine. I screwing that cunt for all it was worth, and kept fucking until she was squealing with pleasure. I was going to give her what she asked for. A hard fuck. But I wasn't going to come. Oh no. That was the milk of life and she was going to suck it down from me.

She was right about us older men. We could go on longer than the younger guys. We still loved to come, but it didn't come as fast as it did when we were youths. I kept fucking her for over an hour, thrusting and making her pussy juices flow all over my cock and that motel bedspread.

I didn't stop fucking her until she begged me to stop. She couldn't take it anymore. She had come so many times she lost count. She was happy. I slowed the pace and then stopped. I pulled out and pussy squirted out for me. Sweet. I got down and licked it for her. She quivered as I ate that hairless pussy. Now it was her turn to eat me. I needed to rest awhile with her in my arms, but there would be some cock sucking tonight.

I cuddled her in my arms after I removed and discarded the condom.

"That was fine fucking, Peter. Just what I needed after my day. God, I get so tired of it all. But that was good for me. You're a sweet man. I don't have to work until late afternoon. Can I stay with you tonight?"

"Sweetie, you're just great where you are. We're not finished you know. Let me rest awhile and then we'll have some more fun."

She just snuggled in. I thought she was going to sleep, but she reached out and held onto my cock. Her face was nuzzling my neck and I was starting to get hard again.

Slowly she was stroking me alive again.

I was on my back now. My cock was pointing to the ceiling. I took her head in a hand and guided it to where it was needed. She showed no reluctance at all. On her knees and holding my prick with both hands her licked the tip of it. It was now seeping out some pre-cum for her. She tasted it and smiled. Her eyes met mine and I grinned as her mouth enveloped my dick and started sucking on it, making it redder and redder. The mushroom of my prick head just fit her mouth.

What little lipstick was left on her lips, after our making out, was now covering my cock. Her saliva was dripping down my shaft and she used it to lubricate the bobbing up and down she did as she continued to squeeze my shaft in her tight little hand.

I grabbed her head with both hands and started humping up to fuck her pretty face. She was into it. She was even humming a tune as she gave me what I needed. Faster she bobbed, stopping now and then to just lick the shaft from the base to the top, and then resuming a strong suction of all she could take into her mouth and throat. She was good. She had done this before.

It was time for me to fill her mouth with my love juices. I warned her it was coming and she started begging me to shoot into her mouth. She wanted to eat my come. She was going to. I began spurting spunk up into her mouth as she wrapped her lips around my cock so she would not lose any. Still, some leaked out and ran down onto my balls. I had shaved my pubes just for her tonight. I was as bare as she was.

She sucked me dry. I had nothing else to give. But she wanted it all so she started licking my balls and around the base of my dick to get all the sperm I had. I have to admit it felt good. Damned good. Then she kissed me. I tasted myself and it wasn't bad at all. She was tasting her own juices too. I had sucked that pussy earlier. We grinned at each other.

With that we cuddled and both went to sleep. I had the motel room until 10 in the morning. Plenty of time.

I awoke first. I always do. I don't sleep well in a strange bed. I glanced over to the bedside clock and noted it was just after 7 in the morning. I could go get some coffee in the office. I thought I would just let her sleep. She did look tired. Waiting tables is not easy work for anyone. I slipped into my sweats and sneakers and quietly went to get some coffee.

When I got back she was sitting up in bed and she looked to be almost in tears.

"Peter, where did you go? I thought you were gone."

"Oh, my girl, I just got us some coffee. I didn't know what you would use so I brought lots of sugar and creamer packets. Do you want some sweetie?"

We had some coffee and she did use all the sugar. Then I disrobed and we cuddled naked again. I was growing again. She knew it. She knew it was for her. She was smiling with a sly little smile on her sweet face.

"Peter, that was a treat last night. Want to go all the way? I don't mind. In fact, I could use it. Let momma give you a real treat. What do you say white boy? Want some real black ass?" And she giggled. I kissed her, of course.

I scrambled over and grabbed another condom. I let her put it on. That was always fun for both parties. When it was tight on my cock she smiled and got on her hands and knees and presented that firm, round ass to me. I leaned down to spread my tongue over her pucker and get it lubed. She was already moaning in anticipation. I stuck a finger in and noted how tight it was. She may have been used here before, but not often. She was giving me the full treatment.

I could barely force my dick's head into her ass hole, and she was trying to help by pressing back, but it was so fucking tight. Finally I slipped in and then it became easier. Slowly moving in and out I worked deeper and deeper into that fine ass. Her legs were spread wide and her face was pressed into the pillow. Her groans just made me want to fuck her faster and harder. I did.

My balls had done their job while I slept. I was ready to fill her ass with come, or at least the condom. She would feel it. She would know it was for her. Ramming my prick into her ass and forcing her face farther into the pillow, I gave her what I needed and what she needed too. Fuck ass was always a tight but lovely way to have sex. And to prove affection or dominance. For me today it was affection. She was a sweet girl. She was making me come twice and here it came. My come filled my rubber and her groans told me she felt it and was having one more orgasm in a collection she'd had already. I thrust until I could feel no more come was flowing. I withdrew my cock and removed the condom. I threw it into the nearest trash can.

It was time for us to take a shower together. I loved the way the water cleaned away the passion from the night but did not erase the feelings. Her brown skin glistened with the showers wetness, and my pale white skin was in stark contrast. But we had made love this night. It had been good.

I drove her back to her apartment. She was smiling all the way, with her little hands folded in her lap, clutching her purse. When I let her out and walked her to her door she stopped, gave me a kiss, and caressed my cheek. I smiled and we said goodbye.

Now I was on my way from Ocean City, heading due west on U. S. 50. Heading for new adventures. And remembering the old ones too.

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