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Road Trips for Peter (Chapter Four)

Road Trips for Peter (Chapter Four)

This is all made up! None of this happened! So be cool folks!
Flying down the road in my Prius! Heading for more Lush loving. This time I was heading back west but was staying in the South. This time I would meet a real Southern Lady, so to speak! I expected my little flower to be a memorably sweet piece of southern ass. I was moving inland through the Georgia countryside. I had been making short side trips and the days had kept apace. It was now more spring than winter and some of the azaleas had started blooming between the trees along the highway.

I passed out of Georgia and moved over and through the Great Smokey Mountains. Lovely landscapes and great fun for a geographer. I was going to stop in Tennessee soon and meet my little cupcake Lexi. She and I had been talking for some time and I was looking forward to a surprise she said she was planning for me.

Resting up at a motel for the night I wanted to jerk off as I normally did in motels, but I was saving my spunk for Lexi. I spent a nice, quiet night after having kept up on my Lush friends on my Mac. It was such a great time to be alive. Virtually every motel now gave you free WiFi. Usually I made use of it to jack off and have a good time on all the porn sites available. Not this night.

The next morning I took my time getting ready for my meeting. Lexi had promised to greet me in a special way. I trusted her to keep her word. I dressed in my old Army sweats. Whatever happened I wanted to be able to get my clothes off quickly and easily. Finally I pulled out and headed to her little town in the Cumberland Valley. It took a few hours as I took my time enjoying the greening of the land.

As I approached her home in the little town I called ahead and she answered. "Hello sugah. Ah knew it was you and Ah'm waitin' with bated breath, lovah!" My little sweetie was a Southern Magnolia flower, and her voice was like Tupelo Honey. I could listen to her all night. I hoped I would.

Her home was a huge old southern mansion. It had columns and was painted all white of course. The lane approaching it was lined with flowering dogwoods. They were just starting to bloom their pink and white flowers and it made for a beautiful greeting to a beautiful lady. Lexi had been kind enough to send me pictures and she was lovely to look at and as lovely to think of fucking. I was going to find out about the last in a few minutes.

I parked on the white gravel driveway and sauntered up to the front door. I expected a servant to answer the door when I rang but instead I heard from inside a sweet voice calling out to me, "Come on in, sugah. Mah surprise is waitin' foah you."

Opening the door I saw before me an odalisque. She was a lovely pale color lying upon a group of pillows just inside the hallway. Her huge breasts were proudly waiting for attention, the nipples standing out hard and tasty looking. Her pussy was glistening in the low light with juices of anticipation. Her ass was two melons making me hungry to eat them all up. My cock was growing rapidly, tenting out my grey sweat pants.

As I eagerly walked towards her she rose upon her knees, her breasts barely sagging, still proud, and her arms and tiny hands reached out to me and drew me forward with come hither gestures. Her beautiful dark brown hair was hanging down past her shoulders, caressing her back, and her smile was broad and welcoming. "Chile, take off those clothes, sugah. Ah need some of yoah Yankee cock."

"Cupcake, I'm no Yankee. I was born in Arkansas. But the cock tastes the same either way Lexi love!"

My sweats came off in about 30 seconds, my cock dragging on my pants as I pulled them down. He stood up pointing at the ceiling prepared for whatever she could dish out. I was quick to move forward and offer what I could, all of my hard cock and the pre-cum leaking out. He was twitching up and down in anticipation. That made her giggle.

I moved quickly up and gave her the kiss she had asked for by giggling. Her lips were red and luscious and I gave her a little tongue too. Then I stood up and offered my prick with my hands. She reached out and took my cock eagerly in both little hands. She slowly stroked him with affection and a quiet smile on her red lips. She was caressing my dick with real love.

Then she began stroking him harder and harder. She opened wide and took him all in to lube him up. Then she moved to lick my shaved balls. She was gobbling them with glee. She loved balls I could tell. All the while she was jacking my cock, keeping him hard and ready. That was not necessary, of course. I would stay hard just looking at her juicy tits and pussy.

I stroked her lovely hair and caressed her as she made love to my prick. She was twisting her hands around my cock like a screw. This was interesting and very hot. While doing this she was sucking on the head, taking in all the pre-cum I had been leaking. More and more cock entered her mouth. She soon had engulfed the whole thing and was fucking my cock with her mouth. I grabbed her hair and helped her, fucking her face.

Oh, hell. She was biting my prick with her teeth! What a little vixen. She was chewing on it! Now she began sucking so hard I thought I would start bleeding in her mouth. My prick was getting redder and redder and she kept sucking harder and harder. And I could feel the hard metal of a tongue ring. That was so much added pleasure. She was an aggressive little cock sucker that was for sure. To hell with it! I fucked her face harder and tightened my grip on her brown tresses.

I glanced down and saw her pinching her nipples. Hell, I could do that for her. As she continued making love to my prick I released her hair and moved my hands down to maul her huge melon tits and nipped her nipples with my finger nails. She squealed around my cock but kept sucking. She kept one hand on my dick and moved the other to her leaking pussy. She was pushing fingers in and out as I squeezed the hell out of her breasts and she kept licking all over my cock, jacking me with her little hand.

I could hold off a long time but I wanted to cum. I wanted to watch her mouth fill up with my spunk. I wanted to watch as she swallowed all of it and kept fucking her pussy with her fingers. I wanted my little southern magnolia to be a slut for her Big Daddy. So I groaned and began again holding her hair and forcing her to take all of my cock into her mouth. "Open wide for Daddy, Lexi love. You need some cum. Take it all my baby girl."

She was moaning with want and expectation. Her jade green eyes were looking up in supplication. She wanted my cum so badly. She wanted to eat all of it and she wanted me to love her while I did it. I would. She took both hands and aimed my prick at her wide open mouth. I began shooting strings of spunk into her happy mouth and she held it all so I could see how much I filled her up. Her eyes were tearing up with adoration.

I shot and shot and filled her up to her red lips. Then she began swallowing and gagging on all the seed I had fed her. But there was not a chance she would lose a drop. She swallowed and I leaned down and began kissing her ruby lips. I loved kissing cock suckers. They were so precious in my eyes. I tasted my own sperm and gave her some extra pinches on her nipples.

Then I pushed her down. She needed her pussy eaten. But first I wanted to suck on her 38DD tits. I had to hold them one by one they were so large. I gobbled one nipple into my mouth and sucked on it until it could get no harder. Then I bit it with enough force to leave teeth marks. All the time she was whimpering and moaning. I moved to the other tit and did the same. Sucking and licking. Then biting. This time I drew a little blood. I sucked it up and kept sucking until she screamed from cumming so hard.

That was a pleasure to both of us, and my pussy diving would be too, I was sure. I moved my tongue down her white skinned body. I tasted her little innie navel and gave it a little nip too. The I continued to her clit. I knew it was aroused but I took my fingers and popped it out even more and began sucking on it as she wriggled her ass and started cumming more and more. Then I bit it. She squealed with pleasure and I licked it until it was ruby red.

Now she really needed her pussy eaten. I spread her thighs wide apart opening her cooze for my mouth to adore it. I was sucking on it as soon as I licked her pussy lips clean of her juices. I sucked so hard she started humping her quim into my face. She was fucking my face while I fucked her pussy with my tongue and lips. "Oh god, honey, you eat mah little cunny so fine. Ah cain't stop cummin', Daddy."

All good things must end. We were both fucking tired. We had cum so much we had to rest. I rolled over onto the pillows she had provided, cuddled her in my arms and squeezed her tight to my body. Loving my little Lexi and her southern style.

We stayed that way for a long time. In fact, until we heard a door in the back being opened and closed. "Theah's no rush honey, it's only mah help. He's gonna fix us some good southun frahed chicken. He's awhare his boss is a slut." And she giggled. Kisses given of course.

I wanted to take a shower with Lexi but she told me we needed to get ready for supper. I would have to shower alone while she did the same. We had plenty of time for fucking later. I was taken up to the guest room by the young man who kept looking at me with a smile. I cleaned up and returned downstairs to meet Lexi in the den after she had finished her shower and dried her hair. I spent the wait looking over her art and collection of books.

We supped at the large table in her huge dining room. But we snuggled up together at one end. As the young helper/cook served us I could tell there was more to this relationship then boss and worker. Lexi often gave him, Jeffie, a little pat on his tush, and smiled at him with real affection.

That was their concern. Mine was having fun with my Lushie friend. And we would have plenty more. We spent the evening relaxing in the den and discussing writing. We were both writers on Lush and we had a lot in common. It was most enjoyable. Then we moved on to the main event. I had used the guest room for my cleaning up, but I was not about to spend the night apart from Lexi. We ascended the stairs arm in arm. Jeffie had left for the night. We were alone in that huge house.

Being alone meant we could be as loud as we pleased. And I intended to make my little flower scream with pain and joy and ecstasy. I might do a little yelling myself if she got as aggressive as she did with my prick earlier.

When we arrived in her large master bedroom, with its own chairs and sofa, we were both upon each other with a passion. Somehow we had held back, but now we were ripping off each other's clothing with all abandon. I was wanting to get at that pussy I had eaten earlier in the day, and she was wanting my hard cock to ram her like a hammering piston. I knew this from earlier conversations on Lush. This was one passionate woman.

I grabbed her, tossed her onto the king-size bed, and caught her up into my arms as I stepped up onto the bed. I embraced her with a hardness against my body, feeling her softness beneath my hard muscles. I kissed her and we made love with gusto and enthusiasm. Her large breasts were mashed against my chest and I could feel the hard nipples that I intended to make love to again.

It was time for some real fucking. I wanted to screw so bad my cock was aching. I rammed my hand into her pussy and it was wet and greasy with pussy juice. She was more than ready. I laid her down on the bed, put a pillow under her ass, and spread her legs apart. Her legs were so fucking luscious and I wanted to eat her whole body, but now we were going to fuck like fauns and nymphs from the age of myth and legend.

I had her guide my cock into her pussy. She did and moaned as I entered her. Then I put my arms under her knees and pushed her legs up so far her knees were almost touching her ears. Her tits were right in front of my face and I bit her nipples hard and she screamed. But she never said stop. Then I rammed my cock into her cooze and I went so deep I could go no farther.

I began pounding that pussy and pounding with all of my strength and she grunted with each thrust. It was as if I was drilling for gold, and I was. Juicy, tasty, greasy pussy gold. Ramming and fucking as she began wailing with outbursts of passion and lust. I wanted to fuck her until she begged me to stop. But this woman might never want to stop. Fucking deep and hard was what she wanted and she was getting it.

"Lovah, oh sweet jesus, fuck mah pussy, fuck me Big Daddy, fuck yoah baby gal!"

"Take it baby, take my cock. Do you love it? Huh, do you love, it tell your daddy!"

"Please, nevah stop fuckin' me Big Daddy. Please, fuck me hardah and deepah, oh sweet jesus, fuck me!"

Now we were into it so lustily we were sweating like stevedores, and I kept biting her tits to keep her squealing with pleasure and pain. My thrusts were getting harder and I was ramming as deep as I could. I was holding her knees hard against her own arms and the tits she had spreading across her chest. I was thrusting so fast that I was afraid I would cause her pussy to burn up with my lust.

She had started cumming as soon as I first bit her tit and entered her pussy. She never stopped. She must have had at least 50 orgasms. That was a record for me, but I stopped counting after awhile, I just pleased myself with her pussy and her tits. Now it was time to shoot some cum up her cooze and fill it with jizz. "Cum in me Big Daddy, cum in me and fill mah pussy, oh please cum in me now!"

I did. I started cumming so much I was afraid I would never cum again. I filled her so full she was over-flowing with cum. I kept fucking as I was cumming, enjoying the feel of my own jizz on my cock. This was the hardest fucking I had done in years. My Lexi was bringing the fucking animal out of me. I loved it. I shot spunk for at least 3 minutes and she never stopped squealing and whimpering with lust and pleasure. Finally I collapsed upon her body. I left my cock in her pussy, but I was lying upon her soft body, with those luscious breasts making me feel horny as hell. I reached under and grabbed her ass. I loved the feel of her ass cheeks and wished I had used them more.

I was spent. She may not have been, but she was lady enough to claim that I had used her up.

The next thing I knew it was morning. Both of us awoke at the same time. I kissed her. She giggled and I kissed her again. Then we just cuddled until Jeffie came in and announced that breakfast would be ready in 20 minutes. We both laughed.

I went to the guest room and cleaned up. She stayed in her master bedroom and did the same. After that we dressed and went downstairs. Jeffie had prepared ham and eggs and grits. I could eat grits, but not with butter as the southerners do, but as a hot cereal. I put some cream and sugar on my grits and they both winced. But we enjoyed the breakfast. I thanked Jeffie and he grinned mysteriously.

Now it was time to get back on the Lush road. Lexi shed some tears but Jeffie stood behind her and waved goodbye. I gave her a last kiss and was on my way down to the Prius and down the lane in search of new Lush pussy.

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