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Road Trips for Peter (Chapter Nine)

Road Trips for Peter (Chapter Nine)

It was about 10:00 in the morning. I had just left the Cincinnati area and was traveling west on U. S. 50. The sun was behind me and I was buzzing along, having a good time. I enjoyed the landscape. It was late Spring and there were still plenty of trees blooming, along with the flowers beside the road. Mostly croplands along the roadside, with lots of old farmsteads to bring back memories of bygone days. I would come to little towns and usually go straight through the middle on Main Street, or whatever they called the main drag. It was soothing and enjoyable to a Geographer.

Outside one small town I was slowly gathering speed, after having been traveling about 35 miles per hour, when I spied two figures up ahead hitchhiking. I never pick up hitchhikers. Not since I was young and much more reckless. But something about the forlorn figures drew me in. I slowed down, saw it was a female in her 20s and a male about the same age. Both were wearing old army jackets against the chill in the air. It was spring, but still cool on some days. I stopped. Perhaps because of my own army service. I don't know.

My gear was in the back, under the hatchback, but I had more room for the two backpacks they were carrying. I got out, greeted them, and opened the rear. We stashed the bags there. Then they both got in the back seat. I thought that was a little odd. I would have thought the guy would get in front with me. Now I was feeling a little apprehensive.

"So where are you heading? I'm traveling down 50 all the way. Will that take you where you're going?"

"Yeah, it's fine. We're just heading west. We want to get to St. Louis." That was the guy.

"Okay, then this road will go right to St. Louis. We'll be there today. I'm Peter."

"I'm Will and this is my lady Jennie. We've been hitching for days now. It'll be great to get there. Thanks, man."

"Oh, we'll get there. No problem."

After that there was more small talk, but I was keeping my eye in the rearview mirror. After awhile they said they were going to zonk out and sleep. It had been a tiring trip for them. The cuddled together and I drove. I wasn't tired in the least.

An hour or so later I heard some muffled sounds in back. I looked in the mirror and saw Jennie was going down on Will. He was on his back and she was above him, moving up and down. They had covered themselves with their jackets, but I knew what was going on.

"It's cool guys. Just take off the jackets. I don't mind the view. I'll keep my eye on the road too."

"Really? What about it Jennie? Wanna give our driver a show?"

Her only answer was muffled by the fact that his cock was filling her mouth. Then I could see a grin on her lips as her mouth surrounded his prick. She started giving me a good show. Jacking his long dick and licking it up and down the shaft. My own member had become stiff. I carefully unzipped and hauled him out to do some old fashioned jerking off. I kept a good eye on the road. I slowed down, in fact, because there were no other vehicles around right now. It was an empty road.

I could hear her slurping as her drool ran down his prick. He was moaning and began forcing her head down with his hands, and fucking up into her throat. She was gagging and I could see tears forming but her hands kept busy squeezing his balls and running up his shaft when her mouth wasn't surrounding it. She hummed happily at her work, anticipating the payoff when he filled her mouth with his spunk. Which he did, suddenly and surprising her. She struggled to swallow it all. I had played with myself but had not shot off.

"Very sweet show Jennie. I loved it. You're great. Don't lose her Will. She's a gem."

"No chance, dude. We're together for good."

That's called forewarning folks.

We stopped around 1 o'clock to get a bite to eat. It was just a local burger joint. Will and Jennie got their gear out from the back of the car saying that they needed some things to change into.

We took a booth near the front, and I took the seat facing the door. I always do. We ordered our food. I told the waitress I was alone, and the couple were together, so to write separate tickets. We were served quickly and efficiently. I rather enjoyed the simple food. I could see that Will and Jennie were really hungry. They ate rapidly and cleaned their plates.

Then Will said he was making a pit stop. He picked up his backpack and walked to the back of the restaurant. He went into the doorway to the restroom area.

Jennie was sitting with her head down. She started to cry.

"What's up little one?"

"He's not coming back. He's going out the back door. We don't have any money. He was going to rob you but I was afraid you might hurt him so I talked him out of it. He's not coming back."

Hell. It was no big deal. A few bucks. I just thought it was a shame leaving a lady in the lurch like that. She looked like she hadn't been able to shower and get really cleaned up for days. I had noticed that both of them had an aroma. I was used to worse. It hadn't bothered me that much. But now, what to do with Jennie.

"Gather up your stuff Jennie. You're still with me if you want to go to St. Louis. I'm still heading that way. I can get the meal. Don't worry about it. Really."

She did so, wiping her nose on her jacket sleeve. I paid the bill, left a good tip, and we were on our way again, down Highway 50 and to the west. Jennie sat up front with me.

As we drove along she told me her story. Not much different from lots of others. She was 28 years old. She had finished college, found a great job and then the recession came. Out of work because of downsizing she had hooked up with Will hoping to get to her home and parents. She was ashamed to call them and beg for money. She actually didn't live in St. Louis. She lived farther along in Columbia, Missouri. That's where she had gone to school and the university, and her parents still lived there.

"That's no problem. I can make it to Columbia tonight. It might be a little late. I can find a motel there."

"You're sweet. Thanks. Really, thanks so much Peter."

Then we began talking more earnestly and openly. She learned of my life, which had been much longer than hers, and all my travels. I didn't go into what I had been doing on my last two trips. We should have some secrets. But she learned of all the jobs I had done, and the service I performed for my country. Also about my writing, which had started in my retirement years. She took it all in.

Finally she just said, "You're amazing Peter."

Not really. Many people lived much more interesting lives. But I just smiled at her.

We passed through East St. Louis, crossed the bridge to St. Louis, and headed west towards Columbia. That was around 3:00 in the afternoon. I was following 50 and Jennie asked why I didn't just use I-70 since it was much faster. The simple truth was that I was enjoying the ride and I had intended to use 50 all the way. It took us longer, but we would get into Columbia around 7 o'clock. She didn't seem to mind. She had been smiling for most of our trip together. So was I. Approaching Columbia I saw an independent motel and pulled in.

It was not really late. Only around 5:30, and I thought I would get the motel room before I took Jennie into town and dropped her at her parents' house. That's what I told her.

"Peter, would it be alright if you let me use your bathroom here at the motel before I go home? I'm feeling a little funky, if you know what I mean. I could use a shower."

"Jennie, that was on my mind too. I just didn't want to say anything." And I gave her my best smile. She returned it.

I got out and rented the room. Then I drove down to it and we unloaded our gear. Jennie was taking off her jacket and outer clothing as she moved into the bathroom.

"Hey little girl. I need to use the facilities real quick before you get started, okay?"

"Oh, sorry Peter. Go ahead."

I went in and had a long piss. One of the best feelings in the world. Almost as good as sex. Almost.

"Okay, all yours Jennie."

She was in her panties and bra as she passed me going through the bathroom door. She patted me on the cheek and then closed the door. I heard the shower start up and I took off my shoes and relaxed on the bed and plugged in my laptop. I needed to check my emails and other sites.

When she came out of the bathroom she was wearing a towel wrapped around her head and another long one was tight around her body. She couldn't have been more than 5 feet tall. Her legs were freshly shaved and her feet were bare. Her eyes were blue. I wondered what her hair would look like now that it was clean. She had tiny feet, the way I liked them. She came over and sat sideways on the bed. She smiled as her legs were bared. I loved pretty legs.

"Well, I feel great. Peter, you're great. I was thinking. You know? I was thinking. Could I spend the night here? You can drop me off at home when you leave tomorrow. Is that cool, Peter?

Was it cool? Damn, Jennie. How naive are you girl?

"Of course, that'd be fine. We have two beds. Do you want to dress and go out for something to eat? Or would you like to wait here. I can run out for some fast-food and be back in 45 minutes. I need to eat something or I'll be famished by bedtime."

"That's great. I'll just wait for you then. You're so sweet and amazing, Peter. I feel so fine now."

"Okay. Back in a few. The TV is right there. Relax. You'll be home in the morning."

Going out the door I made sure that I left a room key for her. I had got two at the desk. I headed into town and found a fast food place for some fried chicken and side dishes. I was gone just at 45 minutes and arrived back. I knocked first, in case she was not dressed yet. She called out to come on in. I used my key and entered with the bags of food.

She was standing back by the open bathroom door. All the lights were on. The TV was off. She was naked. Her pussy was hairless. I think she had freshly shaved it. Her breasts were small but perfect. No sag in those young tits yet. I closed the door quickly and walked towards her. I could now see that her hair was wavy brown and fell about her soft shoulders. Her lips bore scarlet lipstick. Her smile was welcoming. In fact, she was holding her small arms out towards me. I approached her, dropping the food on a table, and gathered her into my arms. I looked down into her eyes and she tilted her mouth up to be kissed.

I kissed her lips. I could smell the lipstick, and a perfume she must have been saving. Something flowery. Her breath was sweet too. Our lips played a game of hide and seek as we traded tongues back and forth. I could feel her naked body with my hands but I needed to feel her with my whole body. I broke away with a smile and started disrobing. She helped. When she took down my boxer briefs she released my hardness and her small hand tried to surround it. She could only hold part of it. I kissed her again, and drew her close so I could feel her young body against mine.

Continuing to hold my prick she jacked it and made it even harder. My mouth had taken a nipple in and I was sucking so hard it was getting red with her lust and passion. I moved to the other and duplicated the action, while her moans grew louder and louder. Then I gathered her small body in my arms and I carried her over to a bed. I carefully placed her on the bed and then I covered her with my body. I was up on my arms looking into her eyes and I saw nothing but need and caring. She needed me. I needed her. She took my cock in her hand and guided it to her clit and rubbed it up and down.

I was ready for a good fuck, but she was teasing me and herself. She rubbed my prick on her pussy. At that point I remembered something. I quickly got up, looked in my ditty bag, and found the condom I needed. I tore it open, rolled it down my hardness and returned in a flash. She grabbed my dick and this time she guided it into her swollen vulva lips. I began to slowly press it in but she grabbed my ass with her hands and then wrapped her legs about me, forcing my prick into that moist cunt. I thrust and she whimpered with happiness.

With that I began the joyous business of fucking a young pussy. So fucking tight, and it sucked on my cock as I fucked her. I was able to kiss her carmine lips as it was fucking that sweet cunt. So fucking good and tight. In I fucked and she moaned. Out I pulled slowly and she moaned again. Then I started fucking in earnest. Faster and deeper. And she was squealing now with passion. God, it was good pussy. I fucked her for almost an hour and she kept wanting and begging for more. Her juices were dripping all over that motel bedspread, but she wanted more and more. I gave her what I had.

It finally came time for me to release my seed. My milk started spurting out and filling the rubber. She had come so much, but she felt it and came again. I feed her all of my cock I could and as deep as she could take it. She never took it all, but I was completely satisfied as I pumped out my semen into the condom. All the while I was sucking on her tits and kissing her sweet mouth, even as her face grimaced with the lust of sexual satisfaction. I was spent. So was she.

I rolled over beside her and gathered into my arms. She snuggled and nuzzled my neck with her lips. I held her tight against my side with her head on my shoulder. I reached down and removed the rubber and tossed it on the floor. The I took her hand and placed it on my now flaccid pecker. She squeezed it and played with it like a little toy. I caressed her tits. We kissed.

The food was cold but it didn't matter. We had a little picnic on the clean bed, eating the cold chicken and the rest of it. Sipping our sodas we grinned at each other and finished all of the food I had brought back. We were both in need of sustenance after that bout of lovemaking. It tasted great right about then.

After putting all the debris in the trash cans we went into the bathroom and took a quick shower to wash off the remains of lust. I washed her and she washed me and it was fun time all over again. I wasn't ready to come again, but it was a pleasure just looking at a perfect little body and having mine admired too. When we finished we toweled each other off and then nestled together on a bed and watched some TV until we both felt sleepy. Spooning, we went to sleep.

It is never easy for me to sleep in a motel or any other place that is not home. I was awake on and off all night. Finally, about 6:30 I could not try anymore. I got up carefully and went into the bathroom and performed my morning routine of washing my face and cleaning my teeth. I didn't bother to shave with the electric razor because it would wake up Jennie. Instead I used my spare hand razor. I didn't use it much because I always cut myself. Didn't matter this morning.

We had stayed naked all night. She was lying on the bed with a sheet covering her. I got close and then slowly removed it so I could look at what had so pleased me the night before. It still looked lovely. Her breasts rose up and down as she breathed and her pussy was so fresh looking. Very edible looking.

I couldn't resist. I slowly moved her so she was flat on her back and her legs were spread apart. I gently crawled up between and softly licked her pussy lips. She quietly moaned and spread her legs wider. I licked up one side and down the other and then nuzzled her thighs. She was whimpering now. She was awake and ready for me. I sucked on her pussy.

"Please Peter. Let me suck your cock. Please, I need to eat some come baby."

Fine, I thought. We will both eat something this morning. I moved around and let my cock point down to her mouth then I began eating that cunt again. She grabbed my prick and sucked the head so hard I thought it would burst. My pre-cum was being licked off now and her tongue was encircling my dick as she slowly caressed my balls, softly squeezing them as she began a deep suction, taking my cock into her mouth and into her throat. Damn, she was good at cock sucking. I was gobbling up the juices that were squirting out of her cunt as my finger fucked it and found her G-spot.

She was humping her pussy up to get more, but she was still taking me deeper into her mouth. I began fucking her face as if it were a cunt, while I licked the real cunt of all its fluids. I could not hold off much longer. But she had came, which was important to me, so I felt good about feeding her some of mine now. I raised up.

"Take my come baby girl. Take daddy's come. Oh fuck here it comes."

I spurted into her mouth and some overflowed and ran down her chin. She struggled to suck it all up but some escaped. I wiped my mouth clean of her juices and milked my prick with my hand to give her all the seed I could. She relished it. She ran it about her mouth and then swallowed it all in one big gulp. Then she grinned at me as I sat back. I kissed her. She tasted of me. I tasted of her.

That was a great adventure. Sometimes it is good to pick up a hitchhiker. Not always, of course. We again cleaned ourselves and she dressed in her cleanest clothes. We checked out of the motel and held hands as we walked to the car. I got in my side, she in hers, and then she guided me to her parents' home on the south side of town. It was just south of the university. Giving me a kiss she grabbed her backpack from the back seat, waved goodbye and walked up the sidewalk to her front door. She rang the bell. As the door opened I shifted into Drive and drove away.

I was on my way back onto U. S. 50 and heading west.

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