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Road Trips for Peter (Chapter One)

Road Trips for Peter (Chapter One)

Road trip! I was finally fulfilling a dream I had held for months now. I was a member of the Lush Stories site and had written many stories for it. I had also made many friends. Many of whom I had cybered with. You know, where you have online sex with another person in real time. You may never really know who they are or what they really look like. But some of them were trusting enough to give out their real names. And even the towns they lived in. It was a dream of mine to actually meet some of these friends I had made (in more ways than one.)

This was it. I had determined that I was going to get on the road and go out there and meet these cool friends.

I was living in Lawrence, Kansas. I was in the center of the United States. I was planning to stay in the states even though I had friends all over the world. But I had to be practical. I had plenty of time but I didn't have plenty of money, you know? My name is Peter and I wanted to have sex with as many of my Lush friends as I could in the coming month. Being an old fart I was retired and I was free to go where ever I wished.

Let me be clear. I was not stalking these people. This had all been arranged. We had all talked either through emails or on various messenger media online. These were friends who wanted to be really close friends! But, I must confess, none of them knew that I would be visiting other friends. I was sort of a sly devil when it came to how many little cupcakes I kept in my larder. Some knew I cybered with other girls or women. None knew I was planning on visiting so many in the flesh, so to speak.

So I set out on the road in my new Prius. It was winter so I planned my itinerary to encompass the states basically south of Interstate 70. I know some of that area was considered part of the north or west but who was quibbling with me. This was my show. My first stop would be in the central part of Arkansas in a small town. There I was looking forward to meeting and getting to really know a little blond haired friend of mine.

I traveled east on I-70 through Kansas City, then headed south on I-49, a brand new interstate. From there I will be much more vague. You don't need to know exactly what towns these ladies lived in, do you? In any case, I was on the road for about six hours and decided to stop for the night. I found an inexpensive chain motel. If I told you which one you might be able to track me. Leave it at that. I was going to spend the night and get a fresh start early in the morning. That would allow me to arrive at her place in the middle of the day. We could get to know each other in person.

As I drove along the highway the next day I thought of the things Cindy and I had done together over the internet. I had made her cum many times. I was lucky enough to have shot my wad a few times too. I was looking forward to trying the real thing. I was getting closer and closer to her hometown and my GPS was set to find her place in this little town coming up. Since it was winter all the mixed deciduous forests were brown with unfallen leaves on oaks, or had other species that were bare of their foliage. Scattered through the woods were pines giving some hint of green to the landscape.

I pulled into her driveway about two o'clock in the afternoon. We had been communicating over cell phone so she knew I was approaching. I stopped in her drive, right behind a Ford F-150 pickup. This girl was a country gal, by god. I hopped out leaving my gear behind and strolled up to the front door. I knocked, but the door was standing slightly open. Well, I thought to myself, this is a welcoming gesture. I opened the door widely and walked in. I saw on the floor a trail of rose petals. I know, a little clichéd, but sweet anyway.

So, what the hell, I followed the petals into her bedroom, making sure to close and lock the door, of course. This was going to be my little game. No one else need apply.

When I walked through her door I could see she had been, as most of us will be, a tad off in her description of herself. She was indeed blond, and she was quite luscious looking, but she had a few extra pounds. What the fuck! I loved me some girl meat! No probs bro! She was lying on the bed in her pink teddy. That was it. I was going to get some 35 year old pussy! Loved the older ladies. They knew a thing or two.
"Hi, cupcake. How's my little Cindy? Looking good baby cakes." She grinned with glee and I started shedding the clothes. This was going to be a long afternoon!

"Oh Peter, this has been my dream ever since you made me have that massive cum last summer, the first time we met and cybered on Lush. God, this is going to be so good!"

"You know it little girl of mine. You can see this hard on? Well it's for you. And I going to so use and abuse those tits and that cunt, cupcake."

I jumped on the bed with the spring of my lost youth and bounced her up into the air. She giggled and that meant she got a kiss. All my girls knew that! I pounced on her and began kissing her with all the lust I could. She had wrapped her arms around me and I could feel her huge tits and their hard nipples pressed against my chest. I was so hard I could not bend my cock. We made out and made friends all over again.

It was winter and she had a fireplace in the bedroom and it was blazing. We were soon sweating on each other with the heat of passion and the fire. I loved sweaty tits. I was sucking on these with gusto. They were big and round like melons, and had two large areolae with nipples sticking out hard and tasty. I was mauling and sucking them and Cindy was giggling and getting kisses.

She had grabbed hold of my cock as soon as I got near enough to touch. She had always loved to talk about sucking cock, online. She was going to get her chance. And she was determined this cock was not going to get away. I thought I would give her a treat and let her blow me before I fucked anything else. So I stood at the edge of the bed and she sat there and gobbled my 6 inches of goody. She did start slow. She licked it from the ball sack up to the head getting it all wet with her drool. This girl loved sucking cock!

So she began showing me what she knew about giving a truly great blow job. I wanted to fuck her face but she held me off, with her eyes imploring me to go slow. She wanted this to last. She held the balls in one hand and leaned in and began licking them. I had shaved them just for this. I always shaved my balls when I was expecting a blow job. I also shaved off all the pubes around my cock. I thought it was sexy. So did most women. I even got in there and shaved the ass hair. It was a smooth genital area for big daddy's little girls.

Starting with the balls she moved to the shaft and licked it up and down. At the tip she sucked off the pre-cum, grinned at the flavor and gave it a hard suck. Then she swallowed the whole thing and began to twirl her tongue around it. I was holding off fucking her face as she did her thing. She was drooling and dripping saliva onto my legs. I was being very good but it was building up in me. I wanted to shoot some cum in Cindy's mouth.

She began to pump my dick with her hands, harder and harder, keeping her mouth on the head. The she started fucking my cock with her mouth, even deep throating when she could get over the gagging. Up and down she pumped as she made me harder and harder. I was so close to cumming, and I was holding her head and I had to at last start fucking her face. She took it all. I fucked and fucked her hot mouth and she racked her teeth over my cock head.

"Cum for me Peter, please give me some cum. I want it all baby. Cum in my mouth. Do it now baby."

She had taken her mouth off of my cock and was begging for the spunk I had been building up. I gave it to her. I shot so hard it landed in the back of her mouth. She opened wide to let me see all the sperm I was feeding her. It was a sight to behold. I filled her mouth. She moved it around, tasting it, then opening her mouth and showing me as she swallowed all of it, and then she grinned with glee.

I knelt down and gave her the kiss she deserved. We relaxed on the bed for awhile and then, after chatting and getting to really know each other, we got up. We dressed slowly, watching each other. Then we went into the other rooms and she began to make dinner. I was spending the night and there was going to be some fine screwing later. Now we were hungry for regular food.

This trip was starting out exactly as I had dreamed it would. The sex was great and was also going to get better later in the night. We ate the lovely meal she made. I washed the dishes. I always do at home, why not on the road? Afterwards, we again talked as old friends, about our Lush friends and our Lush experiences. We also talked over her real life and mine. She was quite charming in person. I had always thought so, and I had been right.

We stayed up talking until around 9 in the evening, but we both knew there had to be some fucking tonight. And there would be. She finally took my hand and we went into her bedroom once again. She had only dressed in the teddy before, and I had only put on my boxer briefs. Indeed, throughout the evening, while dining and while conversing, we had also not kept out hands off of each other. Touching here and there. Talking and fondling. What a pleasant way to spend an evening. And now the fireworks could begin.

I was continually hard all evening. She had been moist. I could see her pussy glistening even while we dined. Now we were going to do something about it.

"Have I met your expectations my little bird? I think this is going very well. Don't you? Let's make this the best fuck either one of us has ever had. Get on the bed. Now!"

"Yes sir, Mr. Peter! At your service my dear Daddy." And she flopped on the bed with her little grin and spread her lovely legs for me to mount her. I was going to do so as soon as I fucked her with my hands first. I loved the feeling of pussy juice on my hands, and then have the sweet thing lick it off. Her look of anticipation was enough to make me grow even harder. I was poking out of my boxer briefs. To hell with them. I slipped them off and went for the cunt with both hands.

I was fondling a huge tit with one hand while I had my other hand caressing her bare pussy. Her wetness was so smooth and made it so easy to slip first one finger then another into her cooze. She was oozing cum out of her cunt as fast as I had ever seen. I greased my hand and reached up and tickled her G-spot with both fingers. I took my other hand away from her tits and pushed my fingers from that hand into her pussy with the others. Fucking her cunt with both hands and making her cum all over both of them.

She was more than ready. I put my whole body down on hers, feeling the heat from her sweaty sweet bod all over me and making me ready to push my prick into some fine cunt. I took my cock in hand, grinned at her and she grinned back, and began pushing my dick into her slimy little pussy. It wanted to suck my dick in by itself. She was so hungry for my cock. I fed her. I fed her the whole 6 inches and then began banging her with all the gusto I had.

Thrusting my hardness into her softness was so rewarding. I kept fucking and ramming and she wrapped her legs around my waist forcing my deeper and deeper into her quim. I could keep this up a long time. I was an old fart and we could go for a long time. She kept begging for more, pulling me with her legs and her arms about me. I humped her and humped her and she never stopped begging for more cock.

She was constantly cumming on my prick. It was oozing out around my cock, even though we were tight together. This went on for what seemed hours but could not have been. Who knows? Finally, I wore out that cunt. She could not take any more pounding. She wanted the spunk to fill her up and give her what she had been waiting weeks for. I gave one last hard thrust and began shooting strings of cum deep into that juicy pussy. God, I loved pussy. Fucking and shooting I filled her up.

I kept cumming until I could cum no more and she let my prick slip out of her little greasy. My seed dripped out of her pussy and it kept dripping. She reached down with both hands, gathered up some cum and began lapping it out of the palms or her hands. All this time when she wasn't whimpering with joy she was grinning with glee. Now she grinned with cum on her lips. I kissed her and we made out. Then we fell asleep in each other's arms.

The next morning was just a simple goodbye. We kissed and promised to remain good cyber buddies on Lush. I backed out of the drive, leaving the pick-up behind and waving to my little Cindy. No real avatars will be passed on in these stories. But she was a great one.

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