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Road Trips for Peter (Chapter Seven)

Road Trips for Peter (Chapter Seven)

I had been on the road to Long Island, and I had arrived to a perfect reception. Margo had taken me for a great sexual ride. It was now late afternoon and we were chatting in the kitchen. She had decided that we needed to go out for dinner. The Boston Market was her favorite restaurant because the turkey was so good. That was fine with me. We were just waiting for her twin daughters, Martha and Mary, to get home from their jobs. They didn't always work the same shifts. Today they happened to have been working together. Martha was a manager and Mary worked at one of the check out counters. The name of the discount chain is not important.

Then at about 5:30 they arrived, laughing and giggling together like young girls, even though I knew they both were around 35 years old. They came in through the front door and then into the kitchen. Both women stopped, looked at me, and then they both ran to me and gave me a hug. I had met them only once before but they were greeting me as if I was family. I returned the hug. They were both adorable. Exact twins, they both had blond hair, long and straight down around their shoulders. They had curvaceous bodies, large breasts and round asses, with smiles that lit up the room. I could not tell them apart, except for the fact that Martha was slightly more sedate, and Mary had a twinkle in her eye that meant mischief.

"This is Peter, girls. We've been expecting him, of course. He's cute, isn't he?"

"Yes mommy, very cute." That was Mary.

"I think he's handsome, mommy." That was Martha.

I was entranced. What a pleasure. I was, oh, so happy to have come here. First Margo, and now this. I was already working out my scheme to have some fun with both of them. But I had decided I wanted to play with each one alone. It would be fun to have both together. But that could wait for another day. This time I wanted to taste each one by herself. That way I could please them and myself and not have to worry about the work I would have to do to keep two occupied and happy. Anyway, we would see. Now it was time to go out and dine.

The twins went up to their rooms to get cleaned up after a long day of work.

"You like them Peter? They're my treasure. I think they like you. In this family we have no jealousy. If they like you then whatever happens will happen, with my blessing. You're a great fuck. If you please them you will please me. But, of course, it's up to them. They always have the choice."

She was good enough to show me to my own guest room. It was on the first floor along with the living room and kitchen. I could tell it was usually used for storage, but things had been moved around and a nice double bed was freshly made up for me. I went out, got my gear, and returned and left the stuff on the bed. It was about time to go out to dinner.

"We all have rooms on the second floor, Peter. You've been in mine at the top of the stairs. Martha is in the room to the left down the hall, and Mary is in the one on the right. They're up there in the bathroom getting pretty for you right now. They like you. So do I. And we're all naughty girls in this house. They tell me everything. I know them. They love sex. I love them. If you have fun with either one make sure you leave her happy."

"Margo, darling lady, you don't have to worry about me. I always make my ladies happy. That's what I live for."

At this point the twins came clattering down the stairs in heels. Not high ones, but they were dressed up. For me, I knew. We all piled into my Prius, and we were off. I had only had one beer so I was fine. It had been at least and hour or two since I drank it. Margo directed me from the pilot's seat, showing me some leg as a treat on the way. Arriving at the restaurant we all went in and were taken to a booth. We all ordered the turkey with the usual trimmings. Green beans with mashed potatoes and gravy. The waiter took our order but was back in about two minutes.

"I'm so sorry, but the cook says the turkey will need about a half hour more. So many people have ordered it that we ran out earlier than we thought we would. Do you want to change your order or wait?"

We weren't in a hurry. I was enjoying the company. I hoped they enjoyed mine. So, we all opted to wait for the turkey to come. Then we spent the next half hour just joking and laughing and getting to know each other. Margo was lovely. A charmer. Her daughters were adorable. I could eat them up. So we had fun and finally the food arrived after more than an hour. As a surprise, we were told the dinner was free because we had to wait so long. I was beginning to think this was surely my lucky day.

After dinner we drove back to the white house on the corner. Again, I noticed curtains fluttering as we got out and went up the wooden steps to the front door. The neighbors were checking me out. I turned around and saluted the street. The girls giggled and Margo laughed. We went in and settled into the living room for an evening of television. But we were really still getting acquainted. Martha had seemed to have latched onto me and was sitting almost in my lap on a love seat. Mary was just grinning from a large recliner and Margo was in and out getting drinks and fussing about. Finally, Margo said she needed to get up to bed. It was Sunday, and she had to work Monday morning. She pecked my cheek and patted my head. Up the stairs she went.

"Mary, you have to work tomorrow too. You need to get to bed you know."

"Oh, alright Martha. I know, I know. Lucky you, not having to work."

Mary stuck out her tongue, then she pecked my cheek too and hopped up the stairs, one tread at a time. That left me and Martha alone. This was working out perfectly.

"Peter, how long are you staying?"

"I'll be leaving Tuesday morning. I need to get on the road. I have an itinerary I need to follow and still get back home in time for an audition that's coming up back home. So I'll be staying tonight and tomorrow night. I've loved meeting your mom and you girls. This has been great."

"Then it's lucky I don't have to work tomorrow. I can stay up late. Don't you think that's lucky Peter?"

My cock was starting to strain in my pants as her hand rubbed my leg. Did she know what she was doing to me? She must. She was such a tease and a flirt. It suited me fine, as long as she wasn't leading me on.

"Peter, can I sit in your lap? Giggle."

"Sweetie, you can sit anywhere you want. But you might be sitting on something a little hard here."

"I know Peter. I can see it. Maybe I should take it out before I sit on your lap. Would that help? Giggle."

"You should know that I always kiss a girl who giggles, or blushes. You'll get kissed if you're not careful."

"You need to kiss me now then. I'll be giggling all night with you around. Giggle."

With that I drew her close, put her hand on my hard cock, and kissed her like she needed to be kissed. Then she unzipped my fly and reached in to find my stiff pecker. It was difficult to drag it out but she did it. Then she grasped it with her hand and started pulling me with her off the couch and up the stairs. She was giggling all the way, but I couldn't get a kiss in until we arrived at her bedroom door. It was closed and I pushed her up against it. I kissed her passionately and she returned it. Then she whispered in my ear.

"Peter, I want your cock in my pussy. Please Peter, fuck me hard. I need it bad baby. I need some cock."

She opened her door and dragged me by my prick over to the bed. There we both took the time to disrobe but my dick stayed hard and stiff, especially as I could see her pussy was wet and ready for a good, deep screw. Still giggling she jumped on the bed, placed her head on her pillow and spread her curvy legs open wide. I didn't hesitate. I sprang between her open legs and sucked on her huge tits. My cock slid into her pussy on its own, she was so wet and ready for it. Then I raised up on my arms, looked into her sparkling eyes, and began to hump a beautiful blond girl.

She was so eager that she reached down and grabbed my ass cheeks to pull me even deeper into her cooze. Damn, it was hot, literally. Hot and wet and sloppy with her female juices. I was reaming that cunt and it was rippling as I pushed in and out. Fucking her was heaven. In as deep as I could go, then quickly out and back in again. True fucking. The best. Fuck, fuck, fuck and her moaning and whimpering.

"Please fuck me good, Peter. Oh fuck Peter. Fuck your girl, fuck me, fuck me."

I leaned down to kiss her tits and smiled at her as her face contorted with lust, but stayed pretty. She took a hand and drew my head down to her lips. I thought she wanted a kiss, but instead she needed to whisper something in my ear.

"Peter, please come on my tits. Please Peter? Don't come inside me. Please?"

I smiled. That was fine with me. I didn't know why she wanted it that way, but it was okay. I could come anywhere she wanted. In fact, I need to come right then. I fucked in and out a few more times, then I pulled out and held my prick and kept jacking it as I squirted onto her large tits. I could see she was coming along with me, as she had been doing for minutes now. I kept jacking until it was all squirted out. Then she got up on her ass and sucked me clean, licking my balls and my dick, getting all of my come and her own juices.

I crawled up to join her by her side and we hugged. Then I wiped the come from her tits with my hand and she licked it off. I had found another cum slut in the family. It was getting late, and the house was quiet. She kissed me.

"I'm going to get some sleep Peter. I'll take a shower in the morning, after mommy and Mary leave for work. Then we can go out and I'll show you around. You can go down and get some rest now. I know you're tired after that work out, baby."

"You're right there little girl. I'm beat. Give me a kiss and I'll get my clothes and go down to my room."

After a wonderful, restful sleep I arose to find only Martha was at home. I had obviously slept late. I checked the time and found it was after ten. Oh well, I was on vacation anyway. Martha was sitting on the love seat where we had cuddled last night and was smiling with glee.

"I have your breakfast ready Peter. After that I'd love to drive around and show you the landscape of Long Island. I know you're a Geographer. It'll be fun for me too. I really don't see much around here except home and work."

It was a good plan. I sat in the kitchen and had the warmed up breakfast, even though I usually don't eat in the morning. Then we went for a drive, and that was a real pleasure. We stopped at several beaches to watch the ocean and gather shells, and drove by some very expensive homes, but the best of all was having my sweet Martha there by my side. Always smiling and always a dear. She told me why she wanted me to come on her tits instead of her pussy. It seems both she and Mary had a lover. An online lover. And they had vowed that only he would ever come in their pussies. They kept that promise. He allowed them to have all the fun they wanted, but they were true to the love and never took come in their cunts. I thought it was charming.

We spent the whole day out and about and arrived back at her house just at Margo was arriving from work. Apparently Mary had already been home for awhile. Both were happy to see us. Tonight was a home cooked meal. I helped Margo in the kitchen. I'm a good cook. The two girls let us do the work and just sat at the kitchen table whispering and giggling. I was really enjoying this family.

We had dinner and after that we all washed up and rinsed the dishes. Then we played a board game on the kitchen table. I was surely a part of the family now. So pleasant. As we played Mary was running a bare foot up my leg. She was across from me, with that scamp grin on her pretty face. It was quite arousing. Naughty girl! She'd pay for that later. I think she knew it and was planning on it.

It got to about 10:00 and it was time for the working gals to get to bed. I went into the guest room, after kissing each lady goodnight. They all knew I would be leaving tomorrow. I would get up with them and take off at the same time they left for work. I undressed and climbed into bed. After 10 minutes or so I was asleep.

I came awake with the feeling of lips on my hard prick.

"Who's that little tramp sucking my cock?"

"Just me, Mary. Should I stop Peter?"

"Fuck no, you little cum slut. Do me good. I'm loving it."

So she did. She was naked in the moonlight shining through the window. I could see her large tits hanging down as she grabbed my prick with two hands and licked my ass hole and balls. I was getting even harder under this onslaught of pleasure. She jacked me as she took each ball into her mouth, licked it, rolled it around and gave it a little bite. I groaned. She did both of them, and then started licking up and down my shaft.

I grabbed her long, blond hair and forced her to start sucking my dick. I wanted to fuck her face. I humped up and she began pumping down my shaft with her open mouth and tight lips. I could feel my cock hitting the back of her throat and she was moaning and humming as she took it all. I was watching her tits bouncing and knew I wanted to suck her nipples until she came. But for now I was fucking her face and getting ready to come.

"Here it comes, Mary. I have to shoot. Where do you want it, baby?"

She withdrew from my cock but kept jacking it with her spit for lube.

"My face, my face, come on my face. Oh shit, I love that Peter."

So, after a second or two I started spurting right on her pretty face. Some went into her mouth and she played with it in her mouth and then swallowed it. But most went on her face, and dribbled down her chin. Some dripped onto her tits. I covered her and she was coming and coming as I did it. I could see her whole body trembling with the orgasms. I knew it was good for me.

Three women in two days. That was a nice score. This was a great beginning to my road trip this time. Mary cuddled up with me, after going out and washing off. She was very warm and loving. I knew she had her true love online, but she was a great little cum slut for me. I sucked her tits until she came again, and then we fell asleep together.

She woke me up early. The ladies of the house all had to go to work. I needed to get on the road. I stayed out of their way as they prepared for work, but they were all smiling at me whenever they had time to give me. I packed my gear, took it to the Prius, and waited in the living room to say goodbye.

Margo, Martha, and Mary each gave me a kiss. I patted each on the ass. Margo laughed and the girls giggled and got another kiss. I smiled and said goodbye to a lovely family. I climbed into my car as they scattered towards work, waving goodbye to me as I drove away through the friendly neighborhood with the faces glancing out the windows as I passed down the street.

I was heading to a new adventure.

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