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Road Trips for Peter (Chapter Six)

Road Trips for Peter (Chapter Six)

When last you were following my story I had been on a road trip visiting fine ladies I had found on my writing site. We were all good friends, and they had all invited me to visit. I didn't surprise anyone. My trip was fully planned and it had been very successful in the sexuality and sensuality departments. I had made out like a bandit when it came to getting all the lustful pleasure I could handle, and more. The trip had ended with me and a lady named Wendy professing that we both felt our time and our lives would somehow be shared in the future. I fully believed it at the time. What a fool I was.

Wendy kept in touch with me for about two months and then she indicated that I was stifling her. Not understanding what the problem was I tried to just leave her alone for awhile. I didn't try to get in contact with her for a full month. Then I sent a message to her. She didn't respond. I sent another the next day. No response. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I got the picture. I wrote her off, not without true regrets, you understand, but my life was too short for games. I moved on.

I had enjoyed my road trip so much I decided to continue it. But with a slight change this time. I was not going to visit women I had met online. No. I was going to visit some acquaintances of my extended family whom I had coveted from a distance for far too long. I had no idea what was going to happen, but I was going to make love to some of the ladies in my own extended group of friends that I had always lusted after, or at least give it a try.

Having been to many family reunions and holiday dinners and celebrations, where family friends had been invited, I had a good idea which ones in our circle might be into a little twisted sex. The ones whose kiss lingered just a little too long, or the ones whom you caught checking out your butt, or the ones that gave an extra tight hug, letting you feel their hard nipples. At least I was going to give it a good run. I planned my trip as I had done previously. I would again set out on the road in my Prius and see how things came up, so to speak. First, of course, I got in touch with all of my potential conquests and they were all happy to have me visit. Each had friends in my extended family and were glad to host me.

First on my little list was a lady I had seen only twice in my life, but both times her smile had been enticing. The bonus was that she had twin daughters with huge tits, round asses and grins that brought sinful thoughts to a man. Margo was actually my age. So her daughters, Martha and Mary, were in their thirties. Both still lived at home and were still unmarried. Interesting. This could be very interesting.

The reason we had met so seldom was that they lived back East on Long Island. I had met them only while passing through on my way to Massachusetts to visit distant relatives. I had been with my mother at the time, and we had just stopped to meet these folks going and returning, on our way back to the Midwest. Margo and my mother had known each other when mom lived in Boston. Mom was her mentor, of sorts. So, after having thought about them for some years I concluded that I wanted to meet them again. Only this time I was going all by myself.

I set out on Interstate 70 heading east from my home in Kansas. I would, as before, be taking my time. I am still a Geographer even if I am retired. I love the landscape and the sense of place one gets in traveling over the countryside and the world. But I was also in search of some lovely fresh pussy and I intended to get it. On the road again!

It was several days later, on a Sunday, after some side trips, that I approached New York. All you need to know is that I took the Holland Tunnel and then the Brooklyn Bridge and headed out into Long Island. Margo had a home outside the metro area and she knew I was nearing her house because I had called from Manhattan. It was late morning. She had told me her daughters would be at work. They worked at a department store, open every day. Margo would be alone, perhaps. She had no husband now.

Ringing the doorbell on the white house on the corner, in the working class neighborhood, I felt eyes on me. This was a place where people watched out for each other. And cared for each other. I was hoping they liked to fuck each other too. At least I was hoping that Margo was into it. She opened the door. Her hair was red and her eyes were bright and twinkling, as if she was laughing inside. And her smile. I knew I was in.

"Welcome Peter. Welcome home. Let's have some hot tea and chat awhile. C'mon in sweetie."

"Hi Margo. Great to see you. It's been forever, I know. But friends are friends, right? My family's friends have always been the best in the world. You look wonderful by the way."

We went into the kitchen and I sat on a stool while Margo was making some tea. She took some cupcakes out of the pantry and we settled in at the breakfast bar and began getting acquainted again. She was, as I said, my age, and had held up fine, as had I. I checked her out when she was skipping about the kitchen. She was about five feet two inches. Short, with lots of juicy meat on her. We made a good couple for what I had in mind.

Margo smiled and said, "Do you know what I did when you first called, telling me you were coming to visit? I rubbed my pussy on the corner of the dresser and had an orgasm while your voice was coming from the phone. Was that naughty of me? I've been a very naughty girl all of my life. What does that make you think, Peter? Am I a nasty girl?"

She took a sip of tea, munched on some cake, and then grinned at me.

My prick was hardening. Damn, this woman was a dream come true. I wanted to explore this nasty side of Margo. I wondered what her daughters were like. I would find out later. Now I wanted to play with Margo.

"You know, Margo, I'm awfully nasty myself," and I began peeling off my clothes.

She giggled like a young girl and tripped away up the stairs. I followed, shedding my underwear as I stumbled up the stairs. I found her hiding in the large bedroom at the top of the stairs, behind the dresser she must have used to masturbate to my voice. She was naked by now too. Her tits were large and her nipples were hard and sticking out waiting for a tongue to lick them. Her pussy was shaved and already wet and glistening with pussy juice.

My prick was standing proud and wanting some fucking. Any kind. Margo took out a little whip and switched my cock with it. Damn! That hurt. But it was arousing too. Her grin got bigger and bigger. This hussy had been down this road before. I laughed and she flicked my dick with the whip again. I just got harder.

I pounced upon her and picked her up. She wasn't that heavy. I carried her over to the bed and took the whip from her hand, then I laid her across my lap and started giving her some of what she had given my prick. I whipped her good and her ass was red with welts as she moaned and begged for more. I could feel lots of cunt squirts on my cock as she came for me.

I started rubbing her ass with my hand, caressing it and making little touches to the pussy and ass there for me to use. She was pleading for more but she didn't say what. I would have to give her what I wanted. My pleasure. I put her on the floor on her knees and grabbed her red hair.

"Margo, you need some cock crammed down your throat. Start by licking your own cunt juices off of my balls and prick. You know how to suck cock, don't you my dear?"

As she licked the head of my dick she nodded, looking up into my eyes and grinning while her tongue was busy. Her hands were busy too. One hand was fondling my nuts and the other was crammed four fingers deep into her dripping cunt. I was enjoying the loving kisses and lapping of her tongue up and down my shaft. She didn't neglect the balls. She lovingly took one in her mouth and rolled it around, with her spit coating it, then moving to the other to do the same. But she gave it a little nip too. This slut loved to give some pain to her lover.

"Suck it Margo. Suck it deep and hard. Suck that prick!"

I kept a hold on her hair and rammed my cock into her open mouth, fucking her face like it was a cunt with teeth. I was going into her throat and she was gagging as she tried to take it all. She succeeded. She was squirting all over the floor while she fucked her own cunt with her fingers. Her other hand was pinching her nipples and I jammed all of my dick into that precious, loving mouth. I grabbed a tit for myself and mauled it and twisted it. Moans escaped her as she was face fucked and had her tits pinched and squeezed.

She had been coming for minutes now. I wanted to fill her mouth with my spunk. I did. One burst came out and then several smaller spurts continued as she started swallowing my sperm. She wrapped her lips about the head and sucked hard to get the last few drops of come. I was trembling with the pleasure she had given to me. I leaned down to give her the kiss she deserved, then lifted her up on her feet and embraced her. She was a treasure. I wanted to show her that. She grabbed my cock and squeezed it hard.

"Ouch! What was that for?"

"I'm not finished with you yet my lad. You can't just come in here and fill me with come and not expect me to want more. Let's go down and have some lunch, then we'll see what devilment we can get into."

I laughed out loud. What a little tart. I loved it. We went downstairs into the kitchen and Margo made us some lunch with leftovers. I had some ham and swiss and she had a turkey melt. Some country fried potatoes added to the plate was plenty for me. She gave me a beer and had tea herself. I was not planning on driving anywhere, so the beer was fine with me. Besides, she told me she loved beer kisses.

The afternoon sun was tending downward. Her daughters would be coming home from work. I didn't know when, but she didn't seem in any hurry. I would wait. But I was getting hard again.

"You're a patient fucker, Peter. I know you want more of me. I want more of you. Let's go into the parlor and see what comes up."

Well, she was no lady, but I liked this tart. She was my kind of people. I followed her into the room off the entryway and sat beside her on the couch.

"What do you need, sweetie? I can do anything you like."

I spoke these words little knowing what she had in mind. Oh well. She had her plan and I was going to take part in it. I was a man of my word. We were still naked from our play upstairs. Neither of us had thought there was any reason to put on clothes. After all, we were alone. For now anyway. She went to a cabinet in the corner. She unlooked the bottom drawer and took out what could only be a butt plug. Oh shit!

"Here's what's going to happen my big boy. You're going to take this up your bung hole and then you're going to fuck my ass. Hard. And deep. And I want it rough. Got it my lad?"

I got it. I bent over the couch and she slowly eased the butt plug up my ass hole. Damn. This was new to me. I'd had plenty of ladies' fingers rammed in my ass while I fucked them or feed them my prick, but this was very different. She took her time, since she knew this was my first time, and she didn't want to tear anything. She had slathered the plug with lots of K-Y and rubbed plenty into my puckered hole. It slid in fairly easily. It felt odd but not bad. Not bad at all. My prostate was getting massaged, and not by the doctor.

Margo grinned at me and then turned and bent over, leaning on the easy chair, with her wide ass wiggling in the air and waiting for my action. I used the lotion on her and my cock and began the best anal fucking session I had ever had. My dick was so hard from the plug and her sexuality that I wanted to fuck her as hard as I could, the little cunt. She would find out what Peter could do to an ass freely offered. I was going to tear her up.

Oh, I took my time, easing my cock into that ass. It was not as tight as it had been when she was in her twenties, but it was still tight enough to feel like I was filling a hole too small for my dick. The head popped in and the rest slowly followed. She was moaning already, and I was groaning as the butt plug made me feel like I was getting ass fucked at the same time. It didn't take me long to have my entire prick stuck up her ass. I held it there for a few moments and Margo started begging me, like the whore she was.

"Fuck me, for god's sake fuck me."

I withdrew with a rapidness she must have believed meant I was leaving her, but no, I rammed it back again as fast as I could and with all my power, to give her the hardcore ass screwing she had been begging for. It was happening and my cock felt so damned good. This was fucking. This was fine. I jammed all I had into that ass and pounded her. Pounding and pounding as the butt plug made me even hornier. I loved fucking almost anything, and this ass was fine. She was taking it like a champ. She had done this before. I was loving it and so was she.

My hands were holding her waist to keep her steady and there for my prick. I could barely reach around and also pinch that clit. She squealed, from the fucking and the twisting of her clit, and then her tits again. I was using Margo and she was loving being used. I think she had been dreaming about this ever since I had called to let her know I was on the way. This was her reward for patiently waiting. An ass fucking she would keep in her memory for the rest of her life. I was still fucking her, in and out, and getting all the fucking I wanted. It couldn't last forever. She had been squirting all over her easy chair for minutes now.

My time had arrived. My prick felt swollen as the butt plug made me want to fill her ass as mine was filled, but with come from a rampant cock.

"It's coming."

"Fill me up, fill me up."

I did, I did. I rammed her and my spunk came spurting out into her ass and I fucked and fucked and kept feeding her my semen. All I had left she was getting up her bung hole. I slowly lessened the pace and finally, with exhaustion, I pulled my prick from her ass, and watched as the cream pie formed around her anus.

She collapsed upon the chair and I almost sat down, but realized the butt plug was still in there. I reached around and slowly pulled it out, and I swear I felt like I had another orgasm, but I didn't come. I sank to my knees on the floor. I wrapped my arms around her waist and hugged her body. She was a great fuck.

I wondered what her daughters would be like.

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