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Road Trips for Peter (Chapter Ten)

Road Trips for Peter (Chapter Ten)

When I left Jennie in Columbia, Missouri I had to go south again to catch U.S. 50 in Jefferson City. I had made the side trip north to get her home. But I was now continuing on my way along this old route across the country. Out in Nevada this highway is known as the loneliest road in the country. But along most of it you will find lots of people and farms and lovely landscapes. You will also find old friends.

I remembered that someone I once knew long ago was living in Sedalia. I would be there this afternoon, since I had left the motel around ten o'clock. I stopped at a McDonald's to use their WiFi. I looked up Linda. Yes, I was right. She was living in Sedalia twenty years ago, and she still seemed to be here. I needed to give her a call. I had also found her phone number.

Linda was not actually my friend so much as a co-worker with my girlfriend from twenty years ago. Beth had always told me that Linda had a crush on me. She could tell by the way she would ask questions about me and the way her manner changed when I came into the bank where they both worked. I had long ago broken up with Beth, but I remembered Linda. I hoped she would remember me.

She had been a little blond about five feet two inches tall, with pretty legs in her short skirts and the high heels they wore then. Her tits were large and her body was curvy. About the only thing I could find fault with was her ass. It wasn't quite as large as I preferred, but no one is perfect, right? She was actually quite a knock-out if my memory served me well.

When I called it was a bank holiday. I was lucky that she still was in banking and she was not busy that day. Her first words, after I identified myself, were for me to get my ass over and see her. I let her know that I was on my way and would be there in an hour or two. She giggled, and that was a good sign. She gave me her apartment number and building and I entered it into the GPS system. I was on my way.

She had mentioned having a room mate but it wasn't a problem. Linda was in her forties now. A great age for the ladies. They were mature and knew what they liked. And they were open to having fun while they could. I was looking forward to this, even if it was only to get reacquainted with an old friend.

Arriving at the apartment complex I had little trouble finding her place. It was on the third floor. All the apartments seemed to have balconies. Some were occupied, even in the summer heat. It was around four thirty in the afternoon. I hadn't been in any rush to get there. It was close to dinner time. I was planning on asking Linda to go and have some barbecue at Kehde's. They were the best in town for burnt ends. Anyway, I climbed the stairs to her place, with my laptop in its bag on my shoulder and the rest of my gear in hand, and knocked on the door.

When it swung open she was grinning and giggling. I swooped in and gave her a kiss. She just laughed then. She hadn't changed at all. Well, she had put on some weight, but it was in great spots. Her ass was bigger now, which was nice, and her hips and tits were fuller, making her voluptuous for a tiny woman. I liked it very much. I noticed another woman standing over by the sofa. She was smiling. She came over.

"Hi, I'm Sylvia. Linda's room mate. We've lived here together for years now. Welcome, Peter. She's been really telling me some great stuff about you. Not an exaggeration either, I'm sure."

"Hey, Sylvia. You're so sweet to welcome me that way. I'm loving seeing Linda again. But you're certainly the extra cherry on the sundae."

She giggled, so I gave her a quick peck on the check. I have to kiss those gigglers out there. They need to be rewarded for being adorable.

"So, anyway, I don't know if you girls were planning anything tonight, but I wanted to go over to Kehde's since I'm here in town. Let's all go, if you're free. It'd really be a treat for me. I love going out in public with a beautiful lady, and with two, I'd be ecstatic. What say, ladies? Shall we go get messy with some barbecue?"

"Oh, Peter, that's a great idea. Of course we'll go, right Sylvia? We just have to change and get ready. You don't mind waiting do you?"

"You take all the time you want. I'll just play with my computer, if you have WiFi. Is that okay? I'm working on a story anyway."

It was fine with Linda and, giving me the WiFi password, she and Sylvia went off giggling down a hallway. I looked around the place, finding the kitchenette right off the front room, and the open bathroom door down the hall, with one more door there. It must be a one bedroom apartment I was thinking. Oh well, I could take the sofa if they offered it to me. I made use of the facilities to take a pee. I made sure the seat was down when I left.

After about forty-five minutes they came out together, both wearing sundresses that showed off their pretty legs and their nice cleavage. Their arms were bare and they were both giggling again about something. Sylvia was just as adorable as Linda, but was a bit taller, with copper curls on her head and breasts that were a little smaller and perkier. I thought that she must be in her early thirties. I closed down my computer, saving the story I was working on. Setting it aside, I arose and we all started towards the door.

"You girls look great, but you know that, don't you? I'm going to get some jealous stares tonight, I bet."

They just grinned at each other with a secretive look in their eyes, and we slowly walked down the stairs, carefully because they were both wearing wedgie espadrilles that emphasized their lovely legs.

The Missouri summer hit us as we walked out the door of the complex. I hustled them to my Prius and got the A/C going quickly so we wouldn't all melt. The restaurant was only a few blocks away on Highway 65, the main north/south drag through town, right near the fairgrounds. We were there in no time. It was crowded, but we were in no hurry. We sat down and waited for a table for three. It was fun to eat in an old train passenger car. I got to know Sylvia while becoming reacquainted with Linda. It was nice, and a few of the men were really checking out my two friends. That was cool because they were with me.

After about an hour we were finally seated. It hadn't seemed that long. We had laughed and had a good time just sitting and waiting, and the barbecue was worth the wait. After we all had ordered we sat back and waited for our food. That came more quickly than the wait for the table, and it was great. We all three had sauce all over our fingers and faces, and they couldn't stop giggling as they ate their fill. I did too because I hadn't eaten all day, really. Just coffee during the drive.

When we had stuffed ourselves and tried to clean up we were ready to go back to the girls' apartment. I settled the tab and we went out into the heat again. It had hardly cooled at all. It was typical Missouri summer heat and humidity. We were sweating by the time we got back to their place. And, of course, the A/C was not working right. Linda called the management but they would not get to it until the next day. It seems that lots of units were having problems. So Linda got out two box fans and got them going in the living area, while they opened all the windows and doors in hopes of some breezes.

The girls went in and had a shower together to get clean, and to cool off. That was interesting, but I could hear them giggling together. I didn't know Linda went both ways. When they finished they came back into the main room wearing bikinis to try to beat the heat. It was a struggle not to get a boner there and then. They looked fine.

"Mind if I take a shower Linda? I'm feeling a little gritty from the drive and the barbecue. I'd like to cool off a little too."

"Oh sure Peter. Go ahead. You're staying the night, right? I thought you were. You can have the sofa if you don't mind. We only have our one bed in the bedroom."

"Great, sweetie. I've stayed on plenty of couches in my time. Let me just find something cooler to put on after I finish."

"You know Peter, you can just wear some shorts and a tee shirt if you want. That's going to be a lot cooler in this heat."

"Good. I'd hoped you wouldn't mind. Is that okay with you Sylvia? I'm kind of disturbing your routine here.

"Don't be silly, Peter. You're spending the night and you need to be comfortable. Our place is your place. Take your shower and we'll make some sangria for when you finish. We need some cool drinks about now."

Taking my bag down the hall I went into the bathroom leaving the door open as they had to allow the room to stay a bit cooler. The shower stall had a clear sliding door to keep in the water. You could see right through it. Anyway, I stripped down and got in and turned the water on to a cool, but not cold, temperature. It felt great and I was glad to be getting clean again. Even over the sound of the shower I could hear the girls giggling outside the bathroom. I knew they were peeking into the shower. I didn't mind that at all. I turned so they could get a shot of my prick that was getting harder as I stroked it. But I wasn't going to come yet. This promised to be a fun evening.

Finally I finished and got out with a towel and dried myself off. They had gone back down the hall by then. Little scamps, I was thinking. I put on my swim trunks and an Army tee shirt. I felt better but it was still rather warm in the apartment. The open doors and windows did seem to help though. I walked into the living area and Linda was over at the kitchenette counter stirring some sangria in a pitcher. I was ready for a drink. Sylvia motioned me to come sit by her on the sofa. I joined her on my bed for the night. Linda brought over the pitcher with some glasses filled with ice.

Now we started enjoying the drinks and chatting. After two drinks they were both cuddled up with me on the sofa, and they were telling about how they had lived together for years and had become lovers. My prick was getting hard, and they could easily see it. They just giggled, and accepted the kisses I gave them. I was feeling no pain. Finally they smiled at me and said they needed to get to bed. Damn, I thought things were going my way. Oh well. win some, lose some. I patted each on their bikini bottom and they laughed their way down the hall to their bedroom. Linda had left some bedding for me in a chair next to the sofa.

I wasn't really sleepy. Not with the hard on I had grown during the evening. After twenty minutes or so I heard them giggling again. Their bedroom door was open, as were all the windows and doors. It was cooling off a little but the humidity was still high. I had to see what was going on so I got up, took a rubber out of my bag, and crept down the carpeted hallway until I came to their bedroom. I peeked around the doorjamb and I saw they were busy eating each other. Linda was on top and Sylvia was under her. Both were lapping away at each other's pussy, and being very thorough from what I could see. I had my prick in hand, of course.

Lucky for me they had the lights on. They wanted to see each other, of course, but it let me see the action too. I decided to take the polite route. I knocked on the open door.

Linda turned away from the shaved pussy she was eating, grinned at me.

"Where have you been Peter? We had to start without you."

Oh boy, now it begins. That was my thought as I entered the room with my prick in hand. I slipped on the condom I had carried in anticipation, and I moved up behind Linda, whose ass was right there at the perfect fucking height, I rubbed my cock head up and down her slit from the cunt to the asshole, getting myself all greased up. Then I slowly eased into her hot, wet snatch and felt Sylvia's tongue begin to suck on my hanging balls. This was more like it, and I forced my whole dick into that ready honey pot and I could feel her using her pussy to squeeze my prick.

Sylvia was licking the juices now flowing around my cock from Linda's cunt, as I began a methodical but arousing pumping of her twat, deep as I could get. She took me all in and was whimpering for more, forgetting the cunt she had been licking and sucking only a moment earlier. That forced Sylvia to get frustrated. She wanted more. So she climbed out from under Linda getting pounded by my cock, and she straddled Linda's ass and grabbed my head. She rammed her pussy into my face.

"Eat me. Eat that pussy. Damn, I'm so horny, baby."

I could handle both at once. I was fucking Linda with lots of gusto. It felt like I had always dreamed it would, tight and wet and making me want to fill it with come. Sylvia's cunny was swollen from the licking it had received earlier and it was tender and moist. Juicy, and ready for more tongue action. I fucked it with my stiffened tongue and then nipped the clit before sucking on it. She was squealing and her head was thrown back as she came and came. My cock was ramming that hot cunt of Linda and she was squealing now too.

Fucking for more than a few minutes was easy for us older guys. Our cocks were not as sensitive, and we had staying power. I kept screwing that pussy for all it was worth, which was a lot and Sylvia collapsed on the bed, having had enough comes for awhile. She started sucking on Linda's tits while I fucked her and made her keep coming over and over. At last it was time for me to come.

I groaned loudly and that was the signal for Sylvia to scramble over and beg for my come. I shot a string of come into the condom and Linda then pulled out and Sylvia eagerly grabbed my prick, pulled off the rubber, and stuck my member into her mouth, taking all the sperm she could get. She seemed starved for man juice. Linda went flat, but her fingers were in her cunt, rubbing and making herself keep coming, rubbing up and down, from her little button and down her slit.

Sylvia drained me and licked my dick clean. I held onto those copper curls as I made sure she did a good job. Then we laid down beside Linda and meshed our sweaty bodies. The heat and humidity were still coming in from the Missouri night.

We must have fallen asleep there. I awoke with the light from the lamp still shining. I had an arm around each lady, and each hand on a lovely breast. I squeezed them and they both came awake smiling. They scrambled out of bed and into the bathroom to shower. I followed because I had to pee, of course. They were rubbing soap all over each other as I was shaking it off. Then I went to get my ditty bag and came back to freshen up a little. They were getting clean, but I had plans to get them dirty again. I smiled inside.

Linda got out first, drying her hair and smiling at me. I gave her a kiss and she went into the bedroom. Then Sylvia wanted her kiss, which she received, and went into the bedroom too. I finished up and followed them.

"Linda, do you and Sylvia have toys you like to play with?"

"Of course Peter. I've got a great strap on that we both use. When we don't have real cock we use it. It's fun."

"Can I watch you wearing it while Sylvia fucks herself on it, cowgirl style? That'd be something to see."

"Sylvia, honey. Do you feel like getting fucked now? I'd love to have you ride it. We haven't really tried it that way. Let's do it sweetie. Let's fuck you."

Sylvia just giggled. Neither one was in clothes yet. Neither was I. My cock was getting erect as I thought about it. I had my own little plan. Linda opened a bureau drawer, found what she wanted, and began strapping on the device. The dildo part was bigger than my cock, but what the hell. I was proud of what I could do with mine. Sylvia was already on the bed waiting for Linda to lie down. When Linda was ready, with the fake cock sticking up, I went over to Sylvia, knelt down, and licked her pussy for her to get it nice and wet. She almost forgot what she was doing, rubbing into my face, but I guided her to the bed.

She lowered herself down onto the fake cock and slowly filled her pussy. She was already moaning as Linda thrust up into her quim. Then Sylvia was bouncing up and down, fucking herself and making herself come. I greased up my prick with some lube and crept up onto the bed behind Sylvia and between Linda's legs. I touched Sylvia's ass with my cock and pushed her back so she leaned forward. She knew and wanted what was about to happen. I started inching my cock into that ass and she was groaning but still feeling the dildo in her pussy. As I began easing farther and farther into her ass she started opening up for me and I could start thrusting.

With each ram into that ass Linda would hump up into the pussy and Sylvia was loving her double penetration. I was too. I loved fucking ass, but not quite as much as cunt. Anyway, fucking was fucking and I enjoyed every minute of it. Both girls were panting from the workout and I knew they had both came from the moans they let out when the shudders passed through their bodies. It was time for me to fill another hole. I spurted once, twice, and then a few times more, filling that ass and giving the best pleasure I could.

"God, that was great fucking girls. You ladies are real sluts. I love it."

"Peter, you were always a flatterer. I always wanted you. I'll bet Beth hated me."

"Oh, she knew. But it doesn't matter now. We're long past being together. You two are great fucks, and I hope you stay together. I think you've got a fine thing going right now, sweeties."

With that they looked at the clock, squealed and started getting cleaned up again.

"Peter, damn it. We have to get to work. Are you staying over?"

"No, Linda. I am heading out soon myself. I just need a quick shower and I'm out on the road again."

"Okay, let's all just shower together and get ready for work. Us anyway. Come on Sylvia. Let's get on the move, babe."

The were in a rush, but I took my time to savor their bodies as we scrubbed the sex off of each other. It didn't take long. I wish it had. But they had work to do, and I was moving on.

I went downstairs with them, carrying my gear. I gave them both big kisses. They gave me plenty of tongue and both fondled my prick, making it hard again. Oh well, I can drive with a hard on.

Waving goodbye, I set out to catch Highway 50 and head home.

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