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Ron And Ronnie Chapter 1 - The Early Days

Meeting Ron and Ronnie

It was an early morning trip to a football match on a cold day when I first met my soon-to-be good mate Ron. He and I were so different and our positions in life should reasonably have made us enemies. Anyone looking at us and at how we met would have shaken their head and simply said, “No way, couldn’t happen, they couldn’t be friends,” but we became very good friends and we still are today, many years later.

Ron played in the forwards for the opposition Rugby League team while I played halfback. Ron’s task was to stop me. Mine was to break through the forwards, one of which was Ron. That alone should have put a hold on any friendship but for some unknown reason after the match we each took the time and made the effort to stop and talk about the game.

Ron was a tall red-headed lad. Even at fourteen years of age, he was almost six foot tall. By comparison, I was a dark-haired little squirt, not yet five feet. He was thin but I was more thickset. Because of my height, I realized that to be competitive I needed to train harder than anyone else and this meant that I was developing muscle bulk even at that young age.

The following season when our teams played each other, I made a point of locating Ron and because our teams didn’t play till later that afternoon we had lunch together. I found that we had similar interests. Ron, like me, liked boats and we both water skied with our families. After lunch, we were joined by a girl by the name of Ronnie who Ron introduced me to. She also was redheaded and I mistakenly assumed she was a member of Ron’s family. When she took her seat it was on my side of the table pressed up against my thigh even though there was adequate room.  

After the match which my team won by some miracle, I joined Ronnie on the benches. Ron’s team had been expected to win because they were by far the strongest team that season. Their coach was gutted so called the team together to work out how they managed to lose. My intention, by joining Ronnie, was to catch up to Ron who I now considered to be a friend. Ron, however, didn’t appear. Ronnie, I found to be very friendly. She once more sat very close to me and being fifteen years of age I enjoyed her attention. 

I would not see Ron or Ronnie again for a number of years after that. At nineteen years of age, I travelled to Ron’s hometown intending to catch up to him. At least that was what I led people to believe but I was, in fact, hoping to catch up to the young lady, Ronnie who I still believed to be Ron’s sister.

I was told that Ron had moved to the city and was training for a trade. When I asked about his sister, I was told that he didn’t have a sister. Of course, I then asked about a girl who Ron had introduced me to by the name of Ronnie. I was told that Ron’s girlfriend and soon-to-be wife was called Ronnie. By asking a few questions, I found out that Ron and Ronnie had grown up together and were inseparable. Because Ron had never shown interest in any other girl naturally everyone came to the conclusion that they would one day become husband and wife.

I was shocked by this information because Ronnie appeared to be unusually friendly with me even in Ron’s company. She had made a point of actually sitting next to me and not next to Ron when I was introduced, and she not only seemed to be overly friendly but sat so close to me that our thighs were constantly in contact when there was not any reason for that to occur. It left me with the opinion that there had to be some interest there.

I also moved to the city shortly after that. By that stage, I also had a girlfriend. To be honest I had more than one girlfriend. The big challenge during this stage of my life was juggling things to make sure that girlfriend one didn’t run into girlfriend two or girlfriend three. Unless you have tried that you don’t really understand what stress is!    

My interest in football by this time had passed me by. I had found that water skiing was my sport of choice. One day while on the water I looked across and my heart missed a beat. There she was, a tall red-headed lady who I immediately recognized as Ronnie. She was beautiful. Her bikini was barely able to hide the essential parts, which made me even more interested. I stopped the boat, picked up the water skier and went back to where I had seen her.

“Hi Ronnie, remember me?”

“It’s Ron’s mate, Goyse, isn’t it?”

“Yep, that’s me.”

She walked up to me and put me in a bear hug. It took me totally by surprise. I’m sure she felt the effect it had on me. My erection was pushing into her stomach. As she broke the hug she kissed me on the lips but broke away quickly.

“Damn, it’s great to see you, Goyse. Ron and I had hoped that you would have looked us up before this.”

“I tried actually but you had moved to the city and I didn’t know how to locate you. How’s Ron?”

“He’s okay. I saw you skiing out there earlier and thought I recognized you. You’re a lot better at skiing than you were at football. Everyone was impressed with some of those trick runs you did.”

While she was talking I noticed a tall dark-haired lad move down behind her. He put a hand on her arm to attract her attention.

“I thought we were going to take a drive. I’ve been sitting in my ute waiting for you.”

“Piss off, Gary. Can’t you see that I’m talking to my friend, Goyse?”

“I’m not going to sit around waiting all day. Either we go for a drive or I’m going home.”

Her face went as red as her hair and she shook his hand off her arm and turned towards him. “Why don’t you take your hand for a drive, Gary. I’m sure missus Palmer and her five daughters know how to deal with your three-inch dick without my help.”

“Fucking slut, go fuck yourself.” With that, Gary turned around and walked away. A car could be heard revving in the background which obviously was Gary taking out his anger on his car.

“Looks like I’ll have to find another ride home. Probably safer for me because he fancies his chances and it’s been a battle to keep his straying hands off me.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll give you a lift home.”

“Oh, thanks, I’ll like that.”

“Why don’t you come over and I’ll introduce you to my ski team. Do you ski?”

“I’d like to. It’s a bit hard to get a ski these days unless you have your own boat.”

“Ah, well we’ll fix that for you. I ski every weekend these days and although my boat is not a showcase it never lets us down. You’re welcome to join us any weekend that you want to.”

“I’ll keep you to that.”

We climbed back into the boat and made our way back to our ski base. I introduced Ronnie to John, Les and Linda. She shook hands with the guys and gave Linda a little hug.

“Ronnie will be joining the team from now on. Linda, if you would like to have your ski, I’ll take Ronnie as an observer and give her a few pointers on what to look out for. Have you ever acted as an observer before, Ronnie?”

“I’ve observed for social skiing. I’ve never observed for anyone who skis at the level of your team. I’ll need some help.”

“That’s okay. It’s not a lot different. You just have to watch the skier and communicate their wishes back to the driver.” I ran through the signs that are used to communicate skier to the observer and vice versa. We then moved out to the boat. To enter the boat Ronnie sat on the gunnels and twisted around to place her feet into the boat. This left me looking directly at her crotch. Her legs were spread slightly and her bikini formed the most glorious camel toe that I had ever seen.

When I looked back at her face, she was grinning. I had been caught but the grin told me that she had set me up. I moved into the driver’s seat and turned towards her. She had not sat down as I had expected but was standing to face me. Her crotch was inches from my face. She was so close that if I had leaned over slightly and extended my tongue I would have been able to lick her pussy through her little bikini. I raised my eyes to look up at her and again she was grinning. She then placed her hands on my head and pulled my face into her crotch, then just as quickly let me go and sat into the observer’s seat.

I looked at her and said, “Hhhmmm, I liked that.” 

She smiled and replied, “I can see that but not as much as I did. I’ve dreamed of doing that to you for a long time now. When I saw the opportunity, I couldn’t help myself.”

We skied for the afternoon. Each time I was driving I kept her in the observer’s seat on the pretext that I was teaching her but I was actually keeping her close to me. I think the team knew what I was doing. Linda, who often flirted with me, was noticeably cool towards Ronnie and a couple of times when she looked at me her displeasure was evident.

After skiing was over Linda said she would travel home with the other lads. This was unusual as she always travelled home with me. I didn’t try to change her decision. Once on the road, Ronnie snuggled in close to me. I didn’t respond because I needed to understand a little about her relationship with Ron before I got too close to her.

“When I tried to look you and Ron up earlier this year I was told you were Ron’s girlfriend. Is that correct?”

“It might appear that way to some people. Ron and I have been close since we first went to school and we are still very close.”

“What does Ron think? Does he believe you are a couple?”

“He probably thinks I’m his girlfriend. He has big plans.”

 “What about you? What do you think?”

“I’m not ready to settle down. I don’t have any plans, not yet at least. When the time comes, Ron will be pretty high on my list of potential husbands. What about you? Do you have a girlfriend?”

“I’ve got three actually.”

 “That must keep you busy. Is Linda one of them?”

“Not at this stage.”

“So she has been your girlfriend.”

“No, so far I’ve managed to escape her.”

“She doesn’t like me. I think if you asked her she would immediately lie down and spread her legs. She really has a thing for you.”

“Do you think so?”

“I know so but she is not alone.”

“What does that mean?”

“I thought you were going to lick me today. I was hoping you would at least.”

“It was tempting, Ronnie, but I couldn’t.”

“You couldn’t?”

“No, I couldn’t. When it happened I thought of two things. The first was how beautiful you are and how desirable. I can’t ever remember meeting a woman as desirable as you are.”

“I’m flattered. You said two things, what was the second one?”

“I thought of Ron and how hurt he would be if he knew his friend Goyse had tried to make love to the girl that he planned to marry. I also thought of how ashamed it would make me feel. I would feel like some low-life insect. Friends don’t do that to each other, Ronnie. You must know that.”

“No one ever told his other friends that. If you did hit on me you wouldn’t be alone. Almost every one of them has tried to hit on me at some time or other. It’s amazing, I think you would be the only one who might succeed but the only one of them who would regret doing it.”

“I’m pretty sure that Ron would not do it to me if the roles were reversed.”

“Yes, I think you’re right. He’s totally trustworthy. That’s what keeps him at the top of my potential husband list.”

“I had hoped that you had him there because you loved him and he mattered to you.”

“Men to love are easy to find. Men who you can trust are scarce. I’ve only met two and I’m talking to the other one.”

“I’m sorry, Ronnie. I know that I probably disappoint you.”

“Sexually you disappoint me. I was looking forward to a red-hot night of screwing to allow me to take a present home to Ron but on a personal level, you make my list of potential husbands’ just one slot below Ron. I find that intriguing.”

“What do you mean a present for Ron? Is it what I think it is?”

“What do you think? You tell me and I’ll confirm or deny.”

“Is it what they call slippery seconds, perhaps?”

“Hhhmmm, it’s something like that.”

“So Ron likes you to come home to him after you have had sex with other men, is that it?”

“Well, sort of but not exactly like that.”

“Come on, don’t keep me guessing.”

“You won’t tell anyone if I discuss it with you?”

“Not a word to anyone. You have just got my curiosity going.”

“Okay, Ron doesn’t know but I once had sex with someone else. I had only ever been with Ron and I wanted to know what it would be like with someone else. Before I could clean myself Ron grabbed me to make love to me. Afterwards, he told me that he had never enjoyed sex as much as that before. He told me that I was so silky smooth that it was like nothing he had ever experienced. I loved it as well. Since then I have been looking for someone who doesn’t have expectations to prepare me for him but it has to be someone who I have an attraction to. Someone that I can trust… Like you.”   

“I’m sorry, Ronnie. My conscience would drive me crazy if I did that behind Ron’s back. You’ll have to find someone else, I’m afraid, or alternatively forget the idea.”

We had parked the car and boat outside the unit that I was renting. Ronnie told me that she would like to help me with the boat. We disconnected the boat, splashed some water over it and parked it in the garage.

“Would you like a coffee before I run you home, Ronnie?”

“Ron is working late tonight. I told him that I may not come home tonight. Do you mind if I bed down here for the night rather than being alone waiting for him to come home?”

“Yep, I’d like that. It’s good to have company.”

I made a coffee and threw together a meal. Ronnie talked and joked with me all the while. When we sat to eat our legs touched and she made no attempt to correct the situation and neither did I. After the meal, I washed up and she wiped. It was great. She was great company and the more we talked the more I enjoyed it. With most of the females that I spent time with it was preparing them or me for a sexual experience. This was different. It was obvious that she was aroused and I most certainly was but I believed that we had put the question of sex to bed so this was just two people enjoying being together.

We then moved into the TV room. I had poured us a wine before I sat down. Ronnie was still standing. She moved across in front of me in much the same way as she had in the boat. Her crotch was less than two inches from my face. I looked up into her eyes. She smiled at me and said, “Do it, don’t think about it, just do it. Lick my pussy. Make me cum before I go crazy.”

I reached out and pulled the tie on the side of her bikini bottoms. They drifted to the floor like a piece of paper in the wind. There before my eyes was the most gorgeous red-haired pussy that I have ever seen. I could see her arousal in the form of moisture seeping from her slit. I thought, “Fuck Ron, you idiot. If I had a beautiful woman with a perfect pussy like this I could never let her loose by herself. You are going to lose her as sure as God made little apples.”

“Don’t just stare at it. Do something with it before you drive me crazy with anticipation.”

I pushed both arms between her legs and placed my hands on her buttocks. I pushed my elbows out which spread her legs but in doing so she lost her balance. To regain her balance she put her hands on my head and her knees on the seat either side of me. Her pussy flaps were now forced open and in contact with my lips.

 My tongue slipped inside her. She was tight. This answered a couple of questions for me. The first was how sexually active she was. She appeared initially as if she was some slut being fucked by numerous men but no woman would be this tight if that was the case. The second question was more about Ron than her. She was not stretched so even though he was taller than six foot he obviously didn’t have a big cock like some tall men.

While I was working my tongue around inside her she was desperately working to get my trousers off. To reach them she was leaning over the top of me. It was the most awkward position I had ever seen anyone in. I needed to change that before she did one of us an injury so I lifted her up and laid her down on the carpet then turned around into what is commonly called a sixty-nine position. This allowed her to remove my shorts. The new position allowed me clear access to her clit so I gave it a quick lick then went back to her slit which was becoming wetter and wetter. 

“Oh fuck!”

She was fumbling with my cock. Pulling the foreskin over the head and then pushing it back and then repeating the process.

“You’re big,” she said.

“Not really.”

“You’re bigger than Ron. You’re thicker and longer.”   

“Am I?”

“Yes, you are and your skin is different.”

“My mum insisted on having that done at birth. She believed it was cleaner and less susceptible to disease.”

“I’d like to feel it in me. I want to feel you squirt inside me.”

“We have already talked about that. It’s not going to happen, Ronnie.”

“Okay, keep licking me then. I’m going to cum. Work on my clit like you did earlier.”

I worked my tongue around her clit but not right on it. She kept thrusting towards me, trying to get in contact with her clit. Her breathing was getting heavy and irregular so I shifted my tongue to her clit. She reached her orgasm and went absolutely crazy. Her body was shaking and she was thrusting hard into my face. I placed my mouth over her pussy and sucked her clit into my mouth then closed my lips around the little bud.

“Oh God, oh fuck, oh God, oh God, oh fucking God.” She went on and on and on. My chin was soaked. I opened my mouth a little and she sprayed her juices into my mouth. It felt like urine but it smelled sweet and the taste was not altogether revolting like I expected urine would be.

“I want you to fuck me.”

“It’s not going to happen. Stop asking me, please, Ronnie. I dearly want to make love to you but if I do that you will know that I can never be trusted. I’ll just be like all those other arseholes that you were telling me about.”

“You’ll never be like them. Don’t you understand what is happening here? I knew the first day that I met you that we had something special. Ron knew it too. He commented on it afterwards and kept mentioning it. Even today he asks me what it was like. He called it love at first sight. He wasn’t jealous of us, he was happy for us but you didn’t come back. Now that you’re back he would want us to do it.”

“No, Ronnie, I felt exactly what you felt that day but I watched Ron. He didn’t want us to do it. He just thought that he couldn’t stop it but he was wrong. I won’t make love to my best mate’s girlfriend. No matter how much I want you, I won’t do it. If I do that I’ll start a cycle of events that will end in disaster. We can be good friends but we can’t be lovers while ever you’re with Ron.”

She turned around and placed her pussy near the tip of my cock. She kissed me and then started slowly moving her hand up and down my cock while watching me intently. Every so often she pulled the head of my cock down onto her slit but didn’t attempt penetration.

My mind was telling me, “Just push forward and he’ll slip into that beautiful slit. It will feel like velvet. She is so wet you will slip all the way into her. Is she on the pill? Maybe she is ovulating and one of your sperm will find her egg. Maybe she’s right. Maybe Ron wants your sperm to lubricate her pussy for his little cock. Maybe he is too small to give her a baby and he needs you to do it for him.”

My bellow could have been enough to raise the dead. “Fuck, Ronnie, I’m cumming, Ronnie, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming. Push me into your little cunt. Take my sperm if you must, you horny little slut. Give Ron my cum to lubricate your pussy for him.”

Ronnie had held the tip of my cock against her slit once she realized I was about to spurt. She held me in such a way that there was no penetration. She had lifted her hips so that my head was at her entrance and my sperm was shooting directly into her passage. She was very tight so around half of my cum had poured back out of her and ran down across her rectum but about half of it remained inside her. As my cock shrunk it pulled away from her and her lips stayed just slightly open with my thick sperm preventing her lips from closing. She then pulled me forward and kissed me again.

The picture is etched in my brain. During your lifetime there are visions that will always remain with you to the day that you die. This was one of those moments. I had fought my desire to make love to this beautiful woman. It was tearing me apart to resist her and there was a point where I was willing but she prevented it so in my mind what we had done was acceptable. Even if she became pregnant from my sperm my conscience saw this as no-penetration sex and so quite acceptable. I felt that given the circumstances I had not deceived my friend, Ron, not totally at least.

Ronnie took her bikini pants and pulled them on. She then put on her top. She picked up her wrap that she had thrown down when we first entered the unit and then said, “Can you run me home? Ron will be waiting for me. I want to make love to him.”

“I thought that you told him you wouldn’t be home tonight?”

“I did, but now I have something that I want to give him.”

“So you are going to use my sperm for Ron.”

“I need to have someone make love to me. If you had agreed I would be still here in the morning but you refused so I’m going home to Ron.”

“He’ll know, won’t he?”

“Probably, I won’t tell him but he will probably work it out when I tell him that I saw you and went home with you. He always asked me if you did make love to me would I come home to him and I have always promised him that I would.”

“So you and Ron have talked about me and you will let him think that I have made love to you?”

“Didn’t you? You didn’t have sex with me in the full meaning of it but you did make love to me, didn’t you?”

“I guess I did, didn’t I.”

“I felt that you did. That orgasm that you had exceeds anything that I have seen from any man before today. I think that in your mind you were making love to me. I know that I was making love to you. The only thing missing was the penetration.”

I ran her home to Ron. She made it clear to me that I was not welcome to stop to see Ron but suggested that I might come over for a meal the next night. I told her I was busy but would call sometime to catch up.

I drove back home in a type of trance wondering what had actually happened. Had I been taken for a ride? Was all this about getting lubrication for Ron? Was it going to happen again or was this a one-off? 

The next day I called girlfriend one, two and three and told them that I was sorry but that I had been cheating on them and I didn’t deserve them. All three told me that they knew about the other girls and that they didn’t mind. Number three even went as far as to suggest that the four of us might like to get together. That floored me. I didn’t call any of them again but instead, I called Linda and asked her if she would like to go to a show with me. 

She asked about Ronnie. I told her that we were longtime friends and she was my best mate’s future wife. She agreed to go out with me and we were lovers for the next year or two until she met someone else. Sex with Linda was okay but didn’t rank anywhere near the night that Ronnie tried to seduce me. I was not to have sex like that again until I met Marg some years later.

Afterwards, I visited Ron on several occasions for a beer or two. He didn’t mention anything about that night and it wasn’t until years later that he revealed to me that Ronnie had told him what happened. She actually told him the truth about that evening, including that I refused to give her what she desired.     


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