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Saints And Sinners (Part 1)

Sex In A Sleepy Village
The doors to the village church were never locked; they didn’t need to be as there wasn’t any crime in the sleepy backwater village in the Dales.

The young clergyman had only recently taken up the post; he was in his early 20s and fresh out of Vicaring School. The manse they had given him to stay in was at the far end of the graveyard from the church and a very comfy place it was too. As he was closing his curtains for the night he noticed a lit window at the church and assuming he had left the vestry light on he made his way back across the graveyard.

As he entered the side door he saw the flickering of candlelight from inside the two sets of confessional boxes and could hear faint sounds coming from within. Not knowing what was happening, he crept over to one of the doors.

As he peeped through the gap he nearly fell over at the sight of what was going on inside.

A man was stood facing the side wall of the confessional; his trousers round his ankles, his cock pushed through a hole in the wooden division, was audibly moaning and speaking words of encouragement to some unseen person.

The vicar was so taken aback that he didn’t even peep through any of the other doors but rushed from the church and bumped straight into the organist who had been on her way as she had also seen lights. He blurted out to her that people were committing unholy acts in the confessionals and asked what should be done. Now, the organist was in her early sixties and had been a widow for many years, so was as much at a loss as to what to do as he was. They both slipped silently into church and over to the flickering lights. The vicar indicated a door to her and so she crouched by it and peered through the gap.

In front of her was a man in his twenty’s, baring his firm arse and thrusting his cock through a hole into the next booth. The organist was in awe, it had been many years since she had seen a man’s lower region. As she stared, the man began grunting and thrusting faster as he reached orgasm. Once done, he began pulling his trousers up as if making to leave.

She turned to the vicar in panic, who grabbed her arm and dragged her between the pews just as the door opened and out stepped the man, leaving briskly by the side door. A minute later the adjoining door then opened and out stepped a well to do woman wiping her mouth with a handkerchief which she then placed in her handbag and hurriedly exited the same way.

As the vicar and the organist stood up and began recomposing themselves, they heard more footsteps and ducked down between the pews once more. In came a man in his forties wearing an expensive looking suit who went into one of the empty confessionals. Soon after, they observed a young woman with a punk hairdo who moved forward and in through the only open door.

The organist moved forward again and peered through the same gap as before, knowing full that she would observe the same thing happening again. With a glance towards the vicar she scurried to the other set of confessionals and put her eye to one of the gaps. The sight in there amazed her even more.

The dividing wall between these two booths had a hole around two feet in diameter. In here was a largish woman of about thirty years of age, on the floor was the raincoat she had been wearing. She was bent over and had her fleshy arse cheeks wedged through the hole; her ample boobs were swinging below her as her body moved. The organist moved to the next door and through its gap saw a man about sixty thrusting his cock between the presented arse cheeks.

The organist returned to the safety of the pews with the vicar and told him all that she had seen. Eventually, one by one the doors opened and the individuals went their separate ways, the vicar apologised profusely to her saying that he thought this was a one off incident as it was such a quiet neighbourhood.

The organist secretly hoped it wasn’t as it had stirred desires within her that she hadn’t known in a long while…

Part two sees the organist returning the following night in the hope that she will get to sample some of what she has just witnessed.
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