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A marriage adventure in Mipple City

Saturday Night at the Foshay….

“Bovis a vita”, he thought, The Life of a Bull. He sipped his Crown and water at the bar as he waited for Mary’s husband to call. He went through a mental checklist as he waited: first time with another man, first time threesome, first time shared, and first time recorded. This was an unusual and welcome change from other recent encounters.

Mack McDonald and his wife Mary looked forward to an adventure in their twenty-third year of marriage. With the kids grown and gone, they looked back at what they had missed as a young couple. They surprised each other when they both admitted they wished for more bed partners before marriage. Although sexually content, they were curious about experiences they never had. They talked openly about what sex might have been like with other people they knew “when they were young”. Sometimes, while viewing adult websites, they imagined what it would be like to have sex with a man or a woman on the screen. These shared fantasies led to sexy and good-natured banter. When it was obvious that both of them were excited about threesomes, they decided it was something to try.

John Bull paused with his glass to his lips as he considered the exchanges between them. They were diligent. They asked the right questions. They knew it was important that they be a good fit. It went well by email; photos were exchanged along with a brief bio. Mack suggested the three of them meet a week ago on a Friday night. John proposed that he and Mack should talk first. If Mack did not like John, there was no sense meeting Mary. Mack admired John’s approach. Mack wanted the right of first approval. What if the bull they chose was an asshole? It would ruin the experience for Mary and for him. They were emotionally invested in their search for a third person and Mack did not want Mary disappointed in any way. It was Mack’s job to protect Mary and he took his job seriously.

During the previous Friday’s interview, John asked them why they chose a two-man threesome first. They looked at each other and smiled.

Mack said, “We flipped a coin. ‘Heads’ meant two men and ‘Tails’ meant two women. The innuendo was too good to pass up.”

They were bright and funny.

Eight days later, John was sitting at the bar with his Crown and water waiting for the call. He knew it would take time for Mack to set up the video equipment and for Mary to dress for the evening. John arrived 20 minutes early himself. He wore a dark suit and cuffed white shirt with his trademark African bull elephant cuff links. Symbolic of his role but not overstated, the cuff links, and the story behind them, were a conversation starter, if one was needed. The black and bold red designer tie carried off his confident look. He looked like a million bucks but he was worth more.

John wore Papi’s low-rise briefs underneath his slacks. The Brazilian-style lifted his member and hugged him. His balls and cock were larger than average and the contour pouch projected them forward giving him a side-to-side swing as he walked. In the right trousers, the effect was ‘tasty’ according to another wife that John knew.

Pasha de Cartier was his cologne. He scented his shirts and his Papi’s before dressing. He also pumped once or twice at his trousers above the knees. Light and lasting, John would catch women testing the air to find the source of his scent. He would catch their eye, smile, and nod. John was confident in his skill to attract women but he was not arrogant. He did not approach a seduction without the greatest respect. In fact, it was his respect that intrigued him enough to seduce them. Tonight, though, was all about Mary and Mack.

The plan was for Mack and John to escort Mary from the hotel room to The Prohibition Bar; one as her husband and the other her lover. Attentive and engaging, Mack and John would woo her with public displays of affection. There was no certainty that a threesome would happen. After all, Mack and Mary could back out at any time, but, if all went well, perhaps tonight would meet everyone’s expectations.

John contemplated ordering a second drink, thought better of it, and looked around The Prohibition Bar. The best bar in Minneapolis for risky behavior. The customers are successful people. The rooms have high ceilings and tasteful décor; perfect backdrops for home movies and sexcapades. Well-dressed men and women were not so unusual as to cause a stir. There were plenty of cocks stirring, too, with all the tail at The Prohibition.

John Bull prided himself on his arrangements. Mary and he were good together. The daily flirting and challenges turned out exactly as he wanted. Mary was a great tease. When John challenged her to remove her panties and perform erotic poses at The BookHouse in Dinkytown on Tuesday, she went beyond his expectations. She spread her panties on a chair and took pictures that she sent to John and her husband. Then Reed Waller and John gave her a series of poses to hold at The BookHouse window while Reed sketched her. When sending a picture to her husband, she said “See what John made me do today?“

Her husband Mack got a thrill out of the week’s events that led up to tonight. John’s version of a scavenger hunt for adults pushed the boundaries of marital sex that Mack and Mary had lived with for twenty-three years. Every day, John gave them two challenges; Mack and Mary had to complete one of them. The choices were a mixture of exhibitionism, voyeurism, vocalization and verbalization of desires, masturbation, and challenges to be completed with strangers. There was a camera ever ready to record the experience; evidence for John to see later. One night Mack confided in an email to John how erotic it was to plan and carry out these challenges. In another email, Mack confessed that he enjoyed sending pictures of their adventure to John. John knew this before Mack did but he was pleased when Mack admitted it. John knew, too, that Mack was counting coup on him. It was one-upmanship to show that Mary belonged to him and not to John. He was pleased to see that he and Mack shared this trait. Counting coup was important and John enjoyed it the same way Mack did. This was a good sign.

Mary herself got a kick out of saying to her husband “Here is what John planned for us today” or “John wants me to…” and “John would like you to…” Mary and John had conversations about how important it was for Mack to be comfortable with him before there was threesome intimacy.

John suggested to Mary that she encourage Mack to write him emails after each challenge. “It will arouse him to write down what occurred. Each time he writes, he is sharing you with me and that makes us special friends and not strangers. My hope is that Mack sees me as his confidant and we can talk openly about sexually providing for you.”

The first set of challenges was simple enough with Mary either doing a pizza dare or showing off her cameltoe. Mary chose the latter and John received a good picture of the two of them standing in The Living Room Bar of the The W at Foshay. It was full of people and, of course, Mary’s labia were well defined in the photo. The results were excellent.

Later challenges were more daring or more difficult to arrange. Mack and Mary accepted a challenge to record her giving jerk-off instructions to Mack. John received an 18-minute video of Mack stroking his cock with Mary’s encouragement. In that video, Mary was sitting up in bed with a strap-on. She was giving Mack explicit stroke-by-stroke instructions and using show-and-tell to let him know how much she wanted him to cum on her tits while John Bull was eating her pussy. She said she wanted to take Mack’s cum off her tits and spread it on his cock. She explicitly told Mack she wanted John’s cock to deliver Mack’s cum deep into her pussy. John’s cock would be the tool that put Mack’s sperm into her. Mack was pushed over the edge when Mary said that sucking John and tasting Mack’s cum would be the best gift Mack could give her. He pumped fast and shot his load on Mary’s tits.

Mary giggled, scooped some up on her fingers then held it up to the camera, saying, “John, this is all for your cock.”

Mary was a great tease. Mack said this was the first time she had been so ‘sexpressive’ and it was the first time she had ever given him jerk-off instructions.

Mack and Mary were a bit hesitant about challenges with other people but John knew this was a defining moment for the couple. Would Mary passionately kiss another man and would her husband accept it? That was a yes. Would Mary stroke another man’s cock through his trousers? Another yes. Mack sent videos or pictures almost nightly of their completed challenges to John.


The Sunday Before: When John Bull was chosen

“How did you and your wife choose me?” John always stood when speaking on the telephone. His voice was never casual when he was on his feet,

“We wanted someone who was slightly older than us, had a different body shape than me, and shared enough common interests that we could hold a conversation without it being awkward. She was pleased to see you had three adult children, were divorced, that you enjoyed adventure vacations, and that you were physically active but not overly so.”

“And you?”

“I didn’t want an asshole. I wanted a man who would work with me on how to give her a great experience. He had to be well rounded, a man who lives life fully, and who would respect the gift that my wife and I offer.“

“Fair enough. I do respect this gift by the way. Do you happen to know if I look like someone from her past?”

Mack spoke slowly as he considered this question. ”Hmm, I didn’t think of that. Not anyone that I know of anyway. There are more reasons for choosing you, and excuse me if this offends you, but I was looking for a man under 6 foot tall with a cock less than eight inches long.”

“Not offended but why?”

“Ego, I guess. I wanted her to experience two men but I was uncomfortable that the man might be taller than me and larger or longer than me. You are a couple of inches shorter than me, have a hairy chest and legs, and thick thighs. She and I wanted a man with a different body shape than I have. It made no sense to choose a man who looks like me. I thought that would actually be creepy.”

“I hear you. It’s important you both are comfortable with me or whoever you choose. My experience is that her first time should be about sixty percent you and forty percent me. She will relax and appreciate that she is sharing this event with you and that it is not just something happening to her with you as an observer. Do you follow me?”

“That is exactly what I want, too.”

“Then it is important that we talk a bit specifically about what you want and what you would like to happen during this marriage adventure.”

“I like that phrase. A marriage adventure sounds good.”

“Then let’s use that instead of threesome or wife sharing, ok?”

“Yeah, I am good with that.”

“So during this marriage adventure, tell me what you would like.”

“Well, I want it to be exciting, of course, and erotic, but also interesting. But most of all, I want it to be natural and not awkward in any way. I want both of us to really enjoy the experience.”

John nodded in agreement but, by telephone, Mack did not know this. “It isn’t very interesting if we just meet for sex. To be a natural experience, we should be good friends who know each other well enough to enjoy a first time with each other. We should all look forward to it. That means that we should spend some time with each other individually and perhaps with all three of us together in a fun way before we have sex together. If you and I and Mary intend to have a marriage adventure that is memorable then we should see each other or talk to each other almost every day and we should have some shared experiences. I already like you and I think that you and Mary chose me because we have things in common. Are you up for getting to know me more?”

“I think so. What did you have in mind?”

“Well, for a start, how about you and Mary come to my place for dinner? I will cook and we will play some cards or games or just tell stories. No sex, just friends getting together and maybe we will learn a little about each other. How about 6:30?”

“We can do that.”

“Great. Do you mind if I make a suggestion about what to wear?”

“I might.”

”Not like that. I like the way you think, Mack, but I meant that you should choose what Mary wears and she should choose for you. Wear something that will tolerate spills and drips. I think we will have fondue and I would not like to see any clothes get ruined. It might be a good idea, too, if you both bring aprons. Mary might need something of her own to make her feel more comfortable. If possible, Mack, you should be clear with Mary on what she should wear. She will like the fact that you are choosing. I know Mary will choose clothes that make you look good. Women do that automatically. You should choose what you want to see on her. Tell her that, too. She will want you to be happy with what she wears.”

“I understand.” Mack paused before continuing. “I am not sure how to begin our evening next Saturday. We want it to be special and not awkward.”

“I have an idea that you both might enjoy and it should prevent things from beginning awkwardly. Let’s you and I escort Mary to cocktail hour. She can make it obvious that you are her adoring husband and I am a lover and that both of us accept the situation. From our previous conversations, it seems she could carry this off. We’ll have appetizers and cocktails and flirt with displays of affection. Are you and Mary comfortable with PDA, public displays of affection?”

“We are with each other, of course. But I had thoughts that this… opportunity… would be a private beginning and I am less sure that I want others to see our relationship.”

“Mack, you and Mary set the rules. I will follow them. I think that if you are unsure about PDA with the three of us in public, you are less likely to enjoy a threesome where we are much more intimate. It may help if we spend this week in a sort of scavenger hunt for adults.”

“You mean like teenagers do?”

“Sort of. It is more like testing boundaries where it involves others in erotic play.”

“So how does this work?”

“I will call or email Mary and you with two challenges each day for five days. Mary and you will choose one of the challenges each day and complete it. You will take pictures or figure some other way to show me the challenge was complete. It is really simple but you and Mary will learn if you are both ready to explore a threesome arrangement. It is one thing to talk about it but this week you will find out if you are comfortable with your wife being playful. Some men can’t deal with it and others see no problem. If all goes well, we will have a terrific Saturday night, but if you, or Mary, learn you are not yet ready, you will hit the reset button before things go too far.”

“This is a good idea, John. For both of us, I think.”

“Mack, I think you are going to love this. You will be surprised at how close you and Mary will become and how intimate it can all be as you plan and perform these things together.”

John paused slightly and then continued. “There’s something else.”

“Ball torture?” Mack teased.

John smiled. “No. Not so bad as that. But it requires you and Mary’s permission.”


“I’d like your permission to privately text your wife or call her a few times between now and Saturday.”


“To flirt.”


“Yes, if she is to enjoy this experience, I should not be a stranger. My boundaries are that I will tease her but I’ll never be crude or offensive; I will be suggestive. I may give her private challenges to accomplish and I will be respectful of any additional boundaries that you wish to put in place. Did you want to think about it and talk to her also?”

“Yeah, I think so. What do you mean by private challenges?”

“I want to give her challenges to do daring things during the day - things she would not normally do - in addition to the marriage adventure. I want you to be pleasantly surprised when she does them.“

“Ok, I am curious now. I will talk with her about this, too. Don’t be an asshole, John.”

“Never, Mack. This is about you and her and a little about me.”

“Ok, I’ll let you know tonight after we talk about this.”

“Also, I wanted to talk to you about one more thing but you should not discuss it with Mary.”


“I don’t know what the two of you might like to do in bed on Saturday night and we will kind of figure that out later but there is one thing I want to bring up. It’s about the taste of a man’s cum.”

“I don’t follow you.”

“Well, the taste of a man’s cum depends on what he consumes. If you want Mary to enjoy the taste of you, I have a few suggestions to make.”

“I haven’t had any complaints, John. Is this more about you than Mary or I?”

“This is always a difficult conversation and no, it is not about me. This is about you. Are you on any medications? No? Good because that affects your taste. During this week, if you want Mary to enjoy the taste of you on Saturday then don’t smoke anything, don’t drink coffee, and reduce your salt. These three things affect the taste of you in a negative way. In a positive way to improve the taste, eat two thick slices of pineapple, one pear, and a quarter cup of pistachios every day. It is better, of course, if we had two weeks to reset your system but this will make a huge difference in how you taste.“

“I never heard such bullshit in my life. How do you know this?”

“From a macro-nutritionist, I once knew. She didn’t like the taste of her husband’s semen and she began to study how foods affect bodily fluids. Of course, this is personal testimony and no scientific study… but she would not let me finish in her mouth until I went through a cleansing and detox followed by a sodium-restricted diet and consumed the three Ps for a week. She said it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know you are what you eat. She said hunters all know the difference in taste between twig-fed deer and corn-fed deer. Men and women are like that, too. You are what you eat. Reducing your salt intake lowers the salty taste and we all know how bad stale cigarettes and old coffee taste. The pineapple will add sweetness, the pears sweeten, soften and round the taste, and the pistachios add a, no joke, character to it.”

“Are you serious, John? No bullshit? Are you fucking with me?”

“Well, it works. You ever taste your cum, John? Truthfully, now, what man hasn’t? Well, I can tell you that I will eat my cum from a woman now and I would never have done that before. And, I have not had a complaint from any woman about my taste since I adjusted my diet.”

“I don’t know, John. This is pretty far out for me.”

“Hey, Mack, it’s up to you. There are some things that just make sense when someone tells you something and you think about it for a while. You are what you eat. I’m just giving you the benefit of my life experience.”

“Okay, I will think about it. I hope you are not being an asshole, John.”

“I’m not. But, hey, you and Mary should come tonight and you can judge for yourself over dinner if I’m an asshole or not. Deal?”

“Dinner is still a good idea, John. I promise to think about what you said.”

After hanging up, Mack and Mary talked about John’s dinner suggestion and Mary thought a casual dinner was a good idea. The fact that John wanted to know Mack more was appealing to her. She wanted to know more about John, too. She liked John and she hoped it would go well between the three of them.

For Mack, Mary chose the slim leg black jeans with a heathery shirt that fit Mack well. He had a swimmer’s body on his six foot two frame and the long arms looked strong when his sleeves were rolled up above the elbow. The print and color would not show any accidental oil drips. Mary knew he would not be a mess by the time dinner was over.

Mack had to be guided a little bit but he chose well with the low-rise cranberry skinny fit slacks that shaped her hips and tapered her legs. A fun plaid V–cut short-sleeve top that hung loosely would give her freedom to stretch out without any hanging fabric to dangle in dinner; she finally gave in to Mack’s insistence that she not wear a bra. She asked him why and he said that he wanted John to see her swinging freely when she moved. Mary knew this was Mack showing her off; this was his nature. She knew he enjoyed it when she received admiring glances. He saw it as proof of his manhood that he could attract a beautiful woman. But when Mary chose aprons for them to take, she chose one that covered her breasts more. She did not want John to think poorly of her. His respect was important but she also needed to respect herself. Mary was sure that John would have aprons for them but if they brought their own, Mary would be more comfortable.


6:30 Sunday evening

John’s condo was an elegant mix of Minneapolis chic and modern erotica. Two powerful erotic paintings, one man fully erect and one woman with open legs, dominated the front room but there were other touches of sexual experiences, too. Like the smaller and less conspicuous photo series of erections and labia outlined in spandex. Rose-colored silhouetted sex acts practically blended into the walls. Simply put, the room was breathtakingly erotic in an upscale way. Artistic representations of human physiology and sexuality in sculpture, prints, and painting were abundant but not overwhelming. Rose and gold and floral themes overall, the mix impressed everyone who saw it.

John hugged Mack like a brother and kissed Mary on the cheek. Both were stunned by the beauty of the room; John took a moment to let it all sink in and answered their questions about the two life-sized sexual nudes. John told them that a Minneapolis artist had a fondness for painting erotic art under a pseudonym. John was fortunate enough to receive these paintings as a gift from the models who commissioned them. John did not explain why they were a gift but it was obvious there was a story that led up to it. He escorted Mack and Mary through an archway into the kitchen and dining areas. A tall table with linens and high-backed chairs sat to one side. Adjacent was a large square of exercise mat with seats surrounding it. There was a series of large black-and-white photos of animals with erect members surrounding that space: an African elephant with its penis extended a full 50 inches, an erect giraffe, a short-horned bull ready to mount a cow, an extended stallion, and, incongruently, there was a dachshund on its back showing his ‘stuff’ in all its glory.

The kitchen was modern but not overwhelmingly so and there was a work surface that bordered between the kitchen and the tall table. Lighting, candles, and music made the room comfortable and inviting.

“I hope you like the crooners as much as I do. Sinatra was one of the best, especially during his middle years. If you want to change the music, let me know.

“Mack, would you mind pouring a glass of wine for Mary and yourself while I begin dinner? Just sit here at the work area.”

John began to pull out the filets, chicken, and shrimp and cut them for dinner. He talked about how he enjoyed cooking for others. Mack and Mary put on their aprons to help and soon all three of them were cutting, cleaning, and conversing. All of them laughed at some of his cooking misfortunes. They stopped at times to refill their glasses or to look at adventure photos that were on the walls. John in scuba gear, John outside a yurt in Mongolia, and John resting in a Larsen camp on the Serengeti.

The picture of John near the pyramids led to a conversation about Cleopatra’s seduction of Julius Caesar. John explained how Cleopatra had herself delivered nude to Julius Caesar. She was rolled up in a carpet. John talked about Cleopatra’s use of sex to secure her position as ruler of Egypt.

“There are stories how the ‘nose of Cleopatra’ was responsible for Cleopatra’s dominance of Egypt but if you look at the images of her there is nothing remarkable about her nose. The phrase was a euphemism for her clitoris. There are those who believe that her Greek ancestry gifted her with a large clitoris and hood. It made her more responsive to men and women. Both Julius Caesar and Marc Antony liked it apparently.”

Mary noted that in each photo John was alone but said nothing. Mack and Mary talked about their trips to Broadway, the Albuquerque balloon festival, and their kayak trip around Key West. Almost two hours had gone by and everyone was feeling good with each other. A second glass of wine plus good conversation made time fly.

Mary’s curiosity finally got the better of her. “Is there a story behind those animal photos over there?”

“Yes, they're a gift from a photographer friend. She had a personal project to take pictures of the walts of larger animals.”

“The what? I never heard the expression 'walt' before, where did it come from?” Mack’s curiosity was also piqued.

John smiled. “I picked it up from the photographer. She used the term to describe the erect penis of large mammals. I asked her why and she said something like ‘Penis is a weak word for cock’s over 7 inches plus you can’t seriously use the word ‘cock’ in a PowerPoint presentation.’

“She said that one picture of an erect member and her describing the ‘walt’ as being 24 inches long is all it took for an audience to know what the word meant. I asked her why the word ‘walt’. She said that while she was shopping in an African bazaar, a man was trying to sell her a wallet. In his South African-accented English, he said the “walt is made from the skin of an elephant’s penis”. She bought the penis skin wallet for her husband and she used that word ‘walt’ ever since. I stole it from her.”

“Oh, that is a cute story. Every time I see Mack’s wallet, I will think of this. And probably every time I see his walt, too.” Mary winked at Mack. She was feeling the wine now.

“You probably did not see the book in the living room but this same photographer also did a project on the different body shapes of men who all have the same size walt. It is kind of cute because the first chapter is titled FOUR followed by SIX, EIGHT, and TEN OR BETTER. It is remarkable how large some small men are and how small some large men are. I can tell you there is no way to tell what is in the package until it is opened.”

A third glass of wine was poured for each and John took this opportunity to talk about challenges.

“Mack, did you and Mary talk about the daily challenges that I proposed?”

“We did. Mary and I want to try this, at least as you described it. If there is something we don’t like, we will let you know.”

“And may I call Mary and you separately from each other during the week?”

Mack looked at Mary while saying “Yes, we agreed.”

“Mary, I will call in the morning, usually after eight. Does that work?”

“Yes, I am up with Mack before he goes to work so that time works for me.”

“Great. Regarding the daily challenges, would you like to begin right now with a challenge, something simple?”

Mary and Mack looked at each other and shrugged why not.

“Challenge number 1 is for the three of us to remove our shirts for the rest of the evening. We will keep our aprons on and we will be covered up for the most part. Challenge number 2 is for Mary to remove her cute cranberry slacks while the men remain with their clothes on. Which challenge do you accept?“

Mary raised her eyebrows towards Mack. She knew she should have worn a bra. Mack understood that look. Then Mack gave John a look of his own.

John saw it and quickly said, “This is a simple challenge. There is no nudity unless Mary is not wearing underwear. The aprons cover quite a bit of us. But as I said before a few times, Mack, you and Mary set the rules. The purpose of our get together is to learn about each other. This is a lesson about the challenges that I give. Never demeaning, usually a surprise, they are often interesting. This is also a time for me to learn more about the two of you. Who will answer and what will you choose?“

Mack did not hesitate. “Let’s have Mary sit this one out. I will see your shirt though and raise you a pair of trousers.”

Mack had a testing look in his eyes. John recognized Mack’s alpha challenge. Laughing a little, John replied, “I call. Apparently we are raising the stakes”.

Mary raised her eyebrows but said nothing while John and Mack removed aprons and shirt and then took off their slacks. They were testing each other to see if either one was concerned about standing in their underwear. Mary was amazed Mack had challenged John. She was also amazed that John accepted it. Looking at the two men in front of her, she thanked her lucky stars for this moment.

Teasingly, she said, “Beefcake makes a good appetizer. How lucky am I that this is two-fer night?”

She gave them each an admiring review as they struck a pose and while they performed a runway turn. Mack had an almost hairless frame and John had the sexiest chest hair Mary had ever seen. John was definitely hunky. Mack’s body was similar to Tarzan’s: broad shoulders, narrow hips. Mack was wearing long-legged Calvin Klein underwear. Much better than white Fruit-of-the-Looms but still not as chic as John’s checkered Hugo Boss Boxer briefs. She noticed the prominence of John’s bulge and considered that even though Mack was larger than John, John’s briefs made him more appealing. She decided she was buying Mack some new underwear. After all, she was a good wife and looked after her man.

“Well, Mary, it looks like we are eye candy for you tonight. Mack, you look good for an executive who sits behind a desk all day.”

“It’s in the genes, John. In the genes and it is in the gym, too.”

The men slipped their aprons on again and Mary had less eye candy but it was still pleasant to see the men from behind. From the back and the side, Mary could see John’s body hair and it accentuated the physical difference in the two men.

“It will be a few more minutes before we sit for dinner. Let’s talk about your fantasies and about this marriage adventure. Have you had long conversations about what to expect or what you would like to happen?”

“A little” said Mary.

Mack echoed, “Some. But mostly we want to be spontaneous. We have talked about what we don’t want though.”

“Mack, tell me what you don’t want. You are in control but it is a better experience if I don’t break any rules that you have; an ounce of prevention, if you will.”

“No humiliation of anyone, John. This is not about dominance. It is about a shared experience. Mary and I married at a young age and we have been loyal to each other since. We have seen a lot of threesomes on Hamster and we have seen a few that were a shared experience for everyone.”

“Is it safe to say that you want to see if this leads to an incredible sexual experience for Mary, better sex at home, more intense orgasms, and possibly multiple orgasms for both of you?”

Mack looked at Mary and nodded yes.

“Have you thought about, or fantasized about, other men together with your wife? I mean have the two of you fantasized about it together during sex?”

Mary leaned slightly into Mack while he replied to John.

“We aren’t vocal during sex so it’s not like we role play. We are both turned on though when we talk about it.”

“Ok, I would like to know more so let’s do this. I have an album of sex positions and encounters for threesomes. If you are both up for it - just teasing, Mack - I will get a couple of albums and some paper. Each of you will write down the page and the photo number of positions that would be acceptable during this adventure. Then we can talk about what you both want. Later you both can talk about what one of you wants but the other did not write down. This will help clarify each other’s expectations and you will find that it becomes a good resource for ground rules for me to abide. Be right back.”

John left the room to gather the albums. Mary and Mack exchange looks.

“You okay with this?”

Mary’s eyes twinkled. “I think so. How about you? Your butt is cuter by the way.”

“You know I keep expecting John to be a jerk but he never is. He seems concerned about us. I am okay with this.“

“I feel the same way. He could make us feel guilty or embarrass us but he doesn’t. The more we are around him, the more I think we chose the right one for us.“

“I like the SOB to be truthful. I wonder if he’s a Vikings or Twins fan. I’d enjoy seeing a game with him sometime.”

Mary smiled. She was pleased that Mack liked John. She did, too. She had been worried about being weirded out by meeting tonight but those feelings all melted away during the second glass of wine and, of course, with Sinatra singing “It Had to be You” in the background. John was a wonderful host.

John returned with two albums and paper. He sat them on opposite sides of the room and teased them not to compare notes until after dinner. As John began preparing the dipping sauces, he could see Mack was whipping through the album rather quickly, making short notes, while Mary was taking more time.

Mack spoke first.

“John, I didn’t expect to see actual photos of people having sex but I like it. It kind of fits you, in a way, to have an album like this.”

“These are not you, John. Are there albums with you in the photos?” Mary seemed hopeful.

“There are but not for tonight. Sometimes husbands or wives like to put an album together and give it to me as a gift. Sometimes there are videos but this is voluntary and I do not ask for them. In front of you is a challenge that I gave to another couple a few years ago. You will see the dedication they wrote on the last page. They wanted to be swingers so I challenged them to produce an album of threesome combinations as a legacy to their experience. They decided to make a couple of copies for me and gave me permission to share them.”

“But swinging is more than threesomes, isn’t it?”

“Yes, but someone’s spouse has to take the picture, eh?”

“Duh.” Mack was embarrassed for not thinking of that.

”Can’t see the forest for the trees. We are so new to this.” Mary shook her head in wonder.

“I’m moving things to the table now. Mack, would you help me while Mary finishes?”

Mary stole a few looks at Mack and John as they moved items to the table. She thought they worked well together, almost coordinated and moved like synchronized swimmers. Each time they had their backs to her, she compared their silhouettes. She liked what she saw of John and wondered if she would see more of him during the week. Powerful legs, broad butt, slightly stocky, John reminded her of the wife-share videos “My friend fucks my wife”. The wife’s legs high in the air and that broad pile-driving butt pounding her pussy as she moans. ‘John would look good at it, too’ she thought. He was broad, strong, powerful, and protective looking. It was different than Mack’s long body with strong chest, narrow hips, small butt, and large hands. She knew what John’s cock looked like. That was part of the interview photo process. Thicker than Mack’s but not as long; she visualized it underneath his apron. She wondered how it might feel with him between her thighs. With Mack as her only lover, she had no comparison to make.

The wine was settling in around her hips now. She felt warm and knew this was a sex flush. Life was good. She turned her attention to the album and wrote down several pages and positions she had avoided before. She thought Mack might not like them but her head said, ‘well, we can at least talk about them’.

They shared a single oil pot through dinner. There was plenty of innuendo. The music was romantic and comforting. They were laughing, chatting, and sharing their likes and dislikes about the world in general; it was a pleasant time. John stood and cleared a few things from the table and then picked up the remaining half bottle of wine. Refilling his guests’ first, John emptied what was left into his glass.

“This is a good time to talk about the positions you wrote down. This is about what your expectations are and they may change as we talk. It would be nice if we could simply read each other’s minds during sex and fulfill each other’s desires but my experience is that it needs a little help. Mack, let’s have you and I sit on either side of Mary so all of us can see. We’ll just go through each page one by one and you can say Yes or No or Maybe.”

“Page 1 has the three most common positions. Mack, did you want all three?”

“Yes. We see these in threesome videos all the time. But I have to admit that it is only now that I see it will be you and me and Mary.”

“Mary, are you okay with these three?”

“I agree with Mack that until tonight it was a quote ‘somebody’ with the two of us. Now I know that somebody is you, I had to think a bit about each position while I realized it would be Mack, me, and you. I am okay with these three.”

“Then let’s flip the page. Mack, tell me what you like about the three on this page.”

“I was immediately okay with the second and third but not so much on the first. There are three of us in the second and third but, in the first one I am in - I mean the husband is off to one side. This is an experience for the two of us with you, John. I would not want it to be one-on-one with you and Mary.”

Mary touched Mack’s arm to reinforce his comment. “I thought the same thing about number one. This is our shared experience.”

“Okay, rule number one is no humiliation and rule number two is two men and one woman at all times. Got it.”

Mary was skeptical about one picture and said, “I think the third picture is a maybe. There is something disrespectful about cumming on a woman’s face; however, and I do mean ‘however’, if this is part of John’s fantasy then we will talk about it and let you know.”

“Fair enough.”

“I don’t want to engage in any strap-on sex no matter who is giving or receiving. I want us to be more or less natural.” Mack was forceful.

Mary nods. “It takes the human side out of the picture and we are interested in adding a human, not taking one away.”

“Rule Number Three: No Strap-On sex. Mack, are you comfortable with oral between Mary and I?”

“You mean 69? Probably but again, ‘you’ used to be a ‘somebody’.

Mack looks at Mary and said, “You?”

“I am more uncomfortable talking about these things tonight than actually doing them, I think. I don’t want to overthink this. I just want it to be as natural as possible.”

“If Mary’s uncomfortable then let’s set the albums aside and try something a little different. My experience is that no matter how much we talk about it, the real issue is ‘can the three of us occupy the same bed-and-head space at the same time?’ And what I mean is that our minds create a sense of separation between us that does not exist when we are in bed together.”

“Would you like to take a compatibility test to see if we like ’being in each other’s face’ …or other body parts… for sex? If we’re compatible, then there is a good chance that we will have a terrific time on Saturday. What I have in mind is us moving to the exercise area and simulate or emulate - whatever the word is - some of these positions. “

“Oh, I don’t know.” Mary was feeling warm all over. She wanted something sexual but was this it? She wasn’t opposed to trying something because Mack was there to protect her but…

Mack took control. “What do you mean simulate?”

“I mean let’s pick one or two of these positions and try it on the floor dressed like we are right now.”

“For example?”

“How about the spit roast position? Mary will be on her hands and knees and, Mack, do you have a preference to be in the front or the back? Whatever you pick I will get in the other position and we will see if we are simpatico or not. It is better to know that now rather than Saturday. This will be semi-CFNM as Mack and I have our aprons and underwear on. Do you both know about Clothed Female Nude Male arrangements? Good, because this is like that, sort of. In an actual spit roast, one of our cocks would be in Mary’s mouth and the other in her pussy. Sorry to be so graphic but other explanations don’t convey the raw fact that Mary is servicing two men as they high five or fist bump each other. It is a guy thing but it is about Mary taking pleasure from both.”

John looked at both of them. ”Shall we try it?”

Mack and Mary look at each other for a moment. “Let’s give it a try, Mack. We have our clothes on. Well, I do anyway and you and John do for the most part. We will be doing more than this in a week’s time.”

“Ok, John, but don’t be an asshole.”

“Mack, this is an adventure in your marriage. Both you and Mary could not be with a better travel guide than me for an adventure like this. I hope you will see that soon. Let’s move over to the exercise mat. It is easier on our bodies.”

John began to organize them. “Mary, get on all fours and spread your knees wide. Head up, please. Mack, in the front, Mary, I will be behind you with my hands holding your hips and pushing against you gently like this. Put your mouth against that bulge in Mack’s apron. Mack, you might want to guide her head or pull her hair.”

John’s covered cock settled against Mary’s jeans and Mary’s mouth settled into Mack’s groin. That was the precise moment when desire expressed itself. John got hard. Mack got hard. Mary felt them both get hard. Mary felt herself get wet. She pushed forward into her husband’s apron-covered groin; his covered and erect cock was against her mouth. His hand gripped her hair in a controlling manner. Her breasts swung free in her clothing.

With his erection in her face, Mack flexed his thighs and hips to make his cock bump Mary’s lips.

Mary’s back arched. Her ass against John’s cock and her lips against Mack’s cock, her body flashed hot. She loved the feelings she was having.

Three glasses of wine, two men, two hard cocks, and one wetted pussy. She extended her ass into John’s erection to feel something against her kitty. His hips thrust against her sex; bump, thump, bump, teasing and testing her.

Mack’s desire flashed hot under the apron. He was fully erect but Calvin-Klein confined. Mary’s mouth was… available… Mack flipped his apron over her head and Mary pressed her mouth against the bulge in his Calvin’s. In a flash, Mack reached under the apron and freed his cock. Just as fast Mary took him in her mouth. It was exactly what Mack wanted at this precise moment. His apron prevented John from seeing what was happening and Mary was servicing him. Mack was so counting coup on John.

John’s cock was covered and mostly ineffective with his Hugo Boss, an apron, and Mary’s clothing as barriers. They prevented his cock from directly touching Mary’s pussy. John Bull could not see what was happening under Mack’s apron but he knew. He knew Mack was counting coup on him in an alpha male way; he was having all the sexual benefits of Mary while denying the same to John. Mack looked at John with a satisfied expression but he wasn't gloating. He did not need to gloat. It was obvious he had bested John.

John knew that look. He had seen it many times before. He smiled wryly with a tip of the head signifying that Mack had the superior position. John knew precisely what Mack would remember: Mack was the superior. John did not want it any other way. Not right now anyway.

John’s erection stretched his Hugos. His cock beat a drum rhythm against Mary’s covered pussy. She was the conduit between two hard dicks. She felt John’s erection with each touch. It was the first time she had ever experienced another man’s desire. Her mouth worked over Mack’s cock as he stroked it across her lips and tongue. She was aroused to have Mack’s cock in her mouth while another man bumped her sex. She wished there was not so much fabric and she wished that John could see her suck Mack’s cock. She wanted John to be impressed with her skill.

Mack imagined himself cumming in Mary’s mouth while John pumped her pussy. He watched with a smile when John copied him and flipped his apron over Mary’s butt and then reached underneath. Mack knew John had slipped his cock out of his shorts. John appeared to be rubbing his cock over Mary’s cranberry slack-covered pussy and Mack realized that he was okay with that. After all, Mary was sucking him and John was just being a tease.

Mary wanted more physical contact with John but the clothing prevented it. ‘Harder, deeper’, she thought . She wanted to swallow Mack’s alpha male seed while John buried his cock inside her. She could feel his cock slide between her thighs and across her sex but it was not the same as a cock inside her.

‘Damn’, she thought, ‘I should have worn a skirt… and no panties.’

There was a three-way sexual and mental connection between them as surely as there was a physical one. The three synchronized their movements. Because Mary’s head and ass were covered by aprons and because Mack could not see John’s naked cock dry humping Mary, Mack accepted the contact between them. He was pleased that he was getting the better of John and more than pleased that Mary was aroused.

Mary was excited! The feel of John behind her, bumping her, and Mack allowing her to suck him with John present, she wanted more of this. She imagined John’s cock buried deep and pumping seed into her pussy while she swallowed Mack’s load. She wanted to be used by both men.

John broke the sexual connection between his hard cock and Mary’s cranberry-covered pussy. He did not want to take this too far. Mary’s body was reluctant to let him go as he slipped his cock into the Hugos and flipped the apron off her butt. Mack released Mary’s hair. Mary nudged Mack’s hard cock once more and then separated her face from it. Mack slipped his dick back into his Calvin’s before pulling away and letting the apron slide off Mary’s head.

As they settled themselves to face each other, Mary could see that the aprons did not hide the two erections very well. She wondered what it may have been like if John and Mack had switched places. Both John and Mack could see a small wet spot on Mary’s slacks as she sat cross-legged on the floor.

John spoke first. “That was hot. Everybody feel right about that?”

“That was hot,” Mack echoed.

“Wow.” Mary brushed a few stray hairs out of the way.

John looked at them both. “That’s what happens when everyone is engaged.”

“That might be the result of three bottles of wine, too.”

“I can open another one of you like.” John was willing to take this further.

“I am good,” Mary said, “better than good, actually. Really good, as a matter of fact.”

“Me, too, John, I’m going to sound like an idiot this one time. I can do this with you. I mean I want to do this with you. Pleasing Mary, I mean.” Mack paused a moment more before continuing, “I was always sure intellectually that I wanted to do this but now I know that emotionally I want this to happen.”

“Me, too. That was so hot. I’m vibrating all over. Mack, I mean ‘what the fuck, Mack’, I want this. I want both of you. I am so wet.”

John nodded. “Excellent, I felt it, too. It looks like we're compatible as a threesome. It doesn’t always work out especially if there is timidity or jealousy in the mix. This is a good time to test another boundary or maybe I should say ‘cross another boundary’? Can you both be passionate in my presence? Show me how you kiss each other. Mack, give Mary a passionate kiss right now. Mary kiss him back and both of you really get into this. Show me how you kiss when no one is around and you are aroused just like you are right now.”

Mary did not hesitate. “Come here, big boy. Bring those lips and bring those hips over here. Show me what you got. Show John how you make me happy and kiss my face off.”

Mack shifted over to embrace Mary. She rolled onto her back so Mack could lie between her legs. Mack cradled her head in his arm and placed a hand on her breast. Mary linked her arms around his neck and they began to kiss. As the kiss lengthened, her hands fell to his butt and without breaking the kiss, she began to pull him and his cock against her sex.

John watched about a minute of simulated sex between the two of them without saying a word. They came up for air eventually. Their lust filled the room. They each had that authentic sexual hunger that lovers show each other but never share with others.

“Excellent. Both of you. So hot.“

Mary looked towards John while she embraced Mack. “John, Mack and I are leaving now. Mack, stand up and put your pants on. That bulge in your underwear needs attention so we have to leave. It is time to fulfill your husbandly duty and sully this woman thoroughly.“

Mack moved off Mary and began to dress. John took off his apron to put his pants on and to give Mary the benefit of seeing him aroused in his Hugos. He wanted her to remember him like this. Mary watched both men tuck their underwear–covered hard-ons into their pants. This had been a good night as far as she was concerned.

John turned to them both. “This was a good evening. Good conversation, good wine. Take this album home with your papers. Talk about the things you like and don’t like. One of you should email me tomorrow with boundaries you have set.”

Mack was dressed and they moved toward the front door. Passing through the arched way, the erotic atmosphere was heightened by the wine and the simulated sex. Mack asked John a question about one of the photos and Mary stopped to look closer at a cameltoe picture. Then she turned.

“John, this was an excellent evening. Great food, wonderful conversation. You make us feel comfortable …and sexy. Mack, I hope you don’t mind but I am going to kiss John goodbye, full on the lips, and then you are going to take me home and finish me off.”

Mary pressed herself completely into John; a full frontal embrace. Her tits, her hips, and her lips let John know exactly how much she enjoyed the evening. Mary tasted John’s desire when she slid her tongue into his mouth without Mack seeing her. She teased him a little, too, by pressing her hips against his hardness so she could feel him through his pants. Then she pulled away.

“Good night, John.”

“Good night, Mary. Mack, you are a terrific guy and a lucky one, too. I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoyed tonight. I will email tomorrow’s challenges in the morning. Have a good night.“



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