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Sex in the City - Chapter 4

Couples make their decision and a surprise encounter for one couple

Charles woke up the next morning and turned to look at Alice; she was already awake and lying on her side looking at Charles.


“I couldn’t sleep, I have been thinking,” said Alice.

“Serious things?” asked Charles.

Alice nodded

“About last night by any chance?”

Alice nodded again.

“Guess we need to talk about it,” muttered Charles.

“Do you want to discuss it now or shall we get up and discuss it over breakfast?” asked Alice rolling over and taking all the covers with her.

Charles jumped out of bed, “I will make us a coffee first, I need to be fully awake for this.”

Charles put the kettle on and quickly returned with two cups of coffee. Climbing back into bed they both propped themselves up and turned to look at one another. Neither spoke both trying to think about how to begin.

Eventually Charles spoke, “Do you think they were really serious?”

“Certainly, sounded like it last night,” said Lucy.

“Not sure what I think,” said Charles, “I will be honest and say the offer appeals and it is not like we would be doing anything wrong if that is the right word to use. We would just be shagging in front of others and watching others shag, sort of a live porno.”

“True, to begin with,” said Lucy. “It is alright for you that was your fantasy, I said I wanted to be with two men remember.”

“I would be involved in your fantasy to remember,” said Charles. “We have enjoyed dirty talk in the bedroom and it certainly gets you more worked up than normal when we discuss what you would do with two men.”

“But that’s what it has always been just a fantasy,” protested Lucy, “how do you really think you would react if there was another man in the room, naked and about to fuck me?”

“I really don’t know, but I have always thought it would be exciting to watch you with another man, how I would feel if it was happening for real I am unsure.” Charles paused for a minute before continuing, “Do you think they will start with the tamer fantasies and perhaps slowly get more hardcore? If so, perhaps we could say yes and then back out if we felt uncomfortable; after all I don’t think they should make any of us do something we don’t want to do.”

“Perhaps, I quite like the idea of doing it in a room with other people also doing it, but not sure I want to go with anybody else.”

“So, shall we say yes, but ask about what happens once we have done everything we want to do?”

Alice nodded, “Okay, let’s agree to begin, but be clear that we are not comfortable with some of the fantasies mentioned last night and so might not want to participate in all of them.”

“Okay,” said Charles, “I think we should both go together and tell them later.”

A similar conversation was going on between Michelle and Richard in their apartment.

“I just don’t know what I want,” said Michelle in a raised voice as she stepped out of the shower and started to dry herself. Richard was lying on the bed in the next room. She continued, “I’m not sure I am experienced enough to start playing sex games with others.”

"Surely that is the idea, maybe we would learn a few things,” said Richard. “I am concerned that I would get stage fright, what if I couldn’t get it up,” he continued.

“Oh, I am pretty sure you would, never had a problem before have you,” replied Michelle.

“Yes, but I have never had an audience before it will be different. So, what are we going to say? Are we going to join in or shall we just pretend that it was a drunken conversation and that’s the end of it?”

“But I don’t think that is possible now, I think they were deadly serious about things and if we don’t join in we will be always looking at the others when we meet wondering if they are having sex parties, and what things they are getting up to.”

Richard stood up and walked over to Michelle, “Are you saying you want to get involved or not? I am going to be upfront and say I want to say yes, but if you don’t want to then that is fine, we will just say no.”

“But then you will hold it against me,” protested Michelle.

“No, I love you more and am not stupid enough to risk our marriage on a bit of fun and a fumble with some strangers,” said Richard as he put his hands on her shoulders and gave her a kiss.

“Oh, I don’t know,” said Michelle sounding exasperated, “let me think about it a bit more.”

Michelle would continue to think about it for the rest of the weekend and most of the week with her and Richard having similar roundabout conversations until Thursday when Michelle agreed to join in.

Michael and Lucy were having a totally different conversation when they woke up the morning after the dinner party. Michael wandered in and sat down at the breakfast bar looking at his naked wife bent over getting the milk out of the fridge.

“Now that is a sight that I will never cease to enjoy,” laughed Michael.

Lucy wiggled her arse and then stood up, “Want a cup of tea?”

“If that is the best I am going to get then, yes please.”

Lucy made the drinks and then came around and sat on the stool next to Michael.

“Well, we have slept on it and I know what I want to do, you up for it?” said Lucy

“I assume you are talking about the fantasy proposal from last night and I am 100% up for it. So, how far are you prepared to go, you said you wanted to be a slave and would do anything, were you being serious?” asked Michael.

“Absolutely, if we do get to live out that fantasy, then I will do anything my master says.”

“Who will be your master?” said Michael a puzzled look on his face.

“In my fantasy it has always been you,” responded Lucy

“So, if I told you to fuck ten guys you would do it?”

“Of course, I am a slave and I will do whatever you as the Master wants.” Lucy tried to look all coy as she added, “I wouldn’t enjoy it, honest.”

“Don’t lie, of course you would bloody well enjoy it,” said Richard grabbing her arm and pulling Lucy to him. “You can be such a slut sometimes,” with that he kissed her deeply. Lucy wrapped her arms around him and rubbed her gorgeous breasts against his chest as she returned the kiss. Lucy pushed his legs together and straddled them; rubbing her pussy up and down his cock which was quickly becoming hard.

“Mmm, that feels good, there is definitely something between us I wonder what it is?” She pushed down with her hips a bit more. “Somebody is liking the talk this morning.”

“Don’t know about the talk,” laughed Michael, “but somebody is certainly rubbing me up the right way.”

“Mmm, it feels so big, it is making me wet as it rubs up and down my clit” Lucy lifted herself up a bit and took hold of Michael's cock. She held the top of his cock to her pussy and then slowly lowered herself down onto it. “Oh, that feels good,” she whispered in his ear.

“Ahh, such a nice tight pussy,” said Michael as he thrust his hip up to meet her downward pushing. Lucy continued to ride Michael for a couple of minutes her wet pussy juice glistening on Michael’s shaft as she rose up to the tip before plunging back down. Michael's hands gripped Lucy’s arse, holding her in place as she rode him. Suddenly she stopped, I think we should continue this somewhere more comfortable and with that she got off him; instead of heading towards the bedroom, she sank to her knees and slowly licked her juices off his cock. Lucy looked up into Michael's eyes, “I bet you wish this was Alice's mouth that was licking and sucking your cock, don’t you?”

“Huhu,” was all Michael could muster as his cock grew even larger in Lucy’s mouth, her red lips contrasting with his white shaft.

“Or maybe you would you like to see me doing this to Charles, I bet he has a nice long and thick cock too.” Lucy stood up and grabbing hold of Michael’s cock in her left hand she led him to the bedroom.

Pushing Michael onto his back on the bed, she quickly impaled herself on his cock and started to move up and down. “Just think of Charles fucking me, his cock sliding in and out of my pussy, my moans of pleasure muffled by Richards cock as he fucks my mouth. They take turns fucking me and use me like the slut that I am, would you like to see that, would you like to see me being used as a fuck toy? Robert would be waiting for one of them to finish so that he can take their place and fuck me too. Would you like to watch or would you join in?”

“I would watch at first,” said Michael, “enjoying the sights and sounds of you being fucked, with a cock in your pussy and one in your mouth. When one of them was spent, I would come over and put my cock in your mouth so as the other guy fucks you he would be pushing your mouth onto my cock deep and hard. I wouldn’t come however, I want to be the last one to fuck that slut pussy of yours, to reclaim what is mine.”

“Oh yes,” panted Lucy, “even though all those men would fuck me I will always be yours. Oh yes, oh yes... that’s it, don’t stop keep fucking me I am cumming,” yelled Lucy as she started to shake and the waves of pleasure coursed through her body, she fell forward still impaled on his cock as her pussy twitched around it. Once she had recovered a bit she started to move again on his cock. “The fun wouldn’t be all mine though I want to see this cock going deep into Alice’s pussy, I bet it is nice and tight, I reckon she shaves so I could get a lovely view of it driving into her, fucking her little cunt like her husband has fucked me. I want to hear her moans and cries of pleasure as she gets to experience this fantastic cock of yours.” Michael was starting to pant and writhe underneath Lucy. “That’s it cum for me, fill me up with your lovely cum”

“Oh yes,” Michael whispered as he thrust up deep and release his white sticky fluid deep within his wife pussy.

“Lovely,” said Lucy, “You know what, I think Catherine is a real dirty slut, I bet if she was here right now and I went over to her and sat on her face she would lick your cum out of my pussy. I think I would like to do that, would you like to see it?”

Michael took a minute to think about it, “Yes, I think I would, it is dirty and horny at the same time.”

They lay like that for a few minutes kissing and cuddling before Lucy said, “Well Mr. I think it is time that we got cleaned up; then we should pop round and tell Catherine and Robert of our decision.”

For Catherine and Robert it was a case of waiting to see what the answers would be from the couples and who would be prepared to take it further.

The first knock at the door was the very next morning. Robert opened the door and was not surprised to find Lucy and Michael stood there, “Do you want to come in?” asked Robert.

“No, it's okay,” said Michael, “We just pop up to say, we are in. It didn’t take much thinking about as you can guess.”

Robert smiled, “I think we would have been more shocked if you had said no.”

Lucy laughed, “Well we certainly enjoyed discussing it this morning and are up for a little fun, just let us know when and we will be there.”

“Well as we said last night everybody has a week to decide and once we know who is in an out we will start planning and let you know,” replied Robert.

“We look forward to getting the invite then, it should be fun. Bye,” said Lucy waving as they turned to head back down the stairs.

As soon as Robert had closed the door Catherine shouted from the other room, “Who was that?”

“It was Michael and Lucy giving us their decision,” shouted Robert.

“And? Don’t keep me hanging.”

“Well what do you think they said?” said Robert.

“Well, I think they said yes, the way Lucy was last night I think she would have started last night if we had offered. Did they put any caveats in?”

“No, they just said that they had discussed it this morning, which looking at the way they were acting suggests that it led to a fuck session. I don’t think they have thought too much about boundaries just yet,” said Robert as he walked into the room where Catherine was sitting.

“Your probably right, I imagine they are pumped up with nerves and excitement at the moment, I think we should mention it when we send out the invites and ask them to think about it so that we know how far they’re prepared to go.”

“What about inviting some of the regulars to join in?” asked Robert.

“No, don’t think that would be a good idea at this moment they are just getting their head round living out some of their fantasies, they are getting comfortable with those from last night. If we suddenly introduced some of our more experiences swinger friends, they would probably run a mile. If they get a taste for it then we will let them meet some of our kinky friends.”

A couple of days later Charles popped down to say that after lots of discussing they were interested in joining in but wanted to say that once they had gone as far as they felt comfortable they would either sit out the other fantasies or withdraw from the group. Catherine who had answered the door told them it was fine and that no meant no and nobody was going to force anybody to do anything they felt uncomfortable about; that so long as they didn’t go shouting it from the rooftops then they could drop out or stay and watch others playing.

That just left Michelle and Richard and it appeared that they had decided not to join the group. Friday evening after work Catherine and Robert had just settled down for the evening when there was a knock at the door. Catherine went to answer it and came back into the lounge with Michelle and Richard.

“Take a seat can I get you a drink or anything?” asked Catherine.

“Yes please, can I have a tea,” said Richard.

“Same thanks,” said Michelle.

“Milk, sugar?”

“Just milk for both of us,” said Richard.

Catherine came back with two cups of tea, “I would ask what brings you to our door this evening but I think I can guess.”

Richard took a deep breath, “It was about the thing we discussed last weekend at the dinner party.”

“Have you made a decision” asked Catherine, shuffling forward in her seat eager to hear what the answer would be.

“We have, we are a bit nervous and not sure how far we can really go, but we will join it and see what happens.” Robert was doing all the talking as Michelle looked very timid sitting next to Robert.

“That is wonderful,” said Catherine as she looked over at Robert who had so far stayed very quiet. She went over to Michelle and gave her a little hug, “Trust me... no body will make you do anything you don’t want to do. No means no; you just have to say no if things get too much for you and that will be the end of it.”

Michelle smiled a little smile, “That is good to hear, you sound so knowledgeable about this sort of thing.”

“Let’s just say we have had some experience, haven’t we Robert?”

Robert nodded, “Yes and like Catherine says everybody has to feel comfortable it is not fun if somebody is a reluctant participant. We want you to enjoy it, there will always be nerves, but they are what I like to call good nerves they help heighten the experience.”

“We heard about your fantasy last weekend, what else do you like?” asked Catherine.

Michelle thought about it for a minute, “Kissing, I like kissing and stroking.”

“Sensual play is good,” said Catherine. “You said you had been with a woman when you were at Uni is that how it started, I know that my first time with a woman began with kissing.”

“Yes,” said Michelle nodding, “it was with a flatmate, we had been out to a party and got a bit drunk when we got back to the flat we carried on drinking and suddenly she leaned in and kissed me. I was a bit taken aback, but if felt different from the boys I had kissed so when she continued to kiss me, I kissed back. One thing led to another and we ended up in bed together.”

“Did you enjoy the experience?” asked Robert.

“I think so but in the morning when we had sobered up we agree not to repeat it and not to talk about it so we didn’t.”

Catherine had moved closer to Michelle as she spoke, “Do you remember what you did on the night?”

“Most of it, the normal stuff you would do with another girl I suppose. We fingered each other and licked each other pussies.”

Catherine was now very close to Michelle. “Oh, there is more you can do than just that, but it is a start.” She leaned in and kissed Michelle tenderly on the lips. Michelle was a little taken back but realised what Catherine was doing and decided quickly that she would reciprocate. She kissed back moving her arm to stroke the top of Catherine’s arm, Catherine opened her mouth and her tongue snaked into Michelle’s mouth. Michelle like the softness of Catherine’s mouth and was totally engrossed in the feeling. She felt Catherine take hold of her hand and guide it to Catherine’s breasts, she felt the outline of a bra cupping the tit perfectly and pushing it up.

Robert looked at Richard and gestured for him to stand behind Michelle as he moved behind Catherine. Robert leaned down and started to kiss Catherine on the neck, she shuddered as she continued to kiss Michelle. Richard took his cue from Robert and did the same to Michelle, she jumped a little at his first kiss, but then moaned into Catherine’s mouth as her spine tingled from the attention the back of her neck was receiving from Richard.

Catherine broke the kiss and moved round the side of her neck kissing the skin as she went, Michelle closed her eyes with pleasure. Catherine had her eyes open and she could see Richard gently kissing the back of Michelle neck. She continued her slow movement round Michelle’s neck and Richard moved his head back so she could continue, but instead she moved forward and planted a kiss on Richard's mouth.

Robert now moved forward and replaced Catherine’s lips on Michelle’s with his own. Michelle opened her eyes wide but did not pull away. Catherine shifted slightly and stepped round Michelle and wrapped her arms around Richard and started to kiss him passionately. Robert did the same with Michelle, his hand moved and started to caress her breasts through the thin blouse she had on, she in turn moved her hand to caress Roberts arse tracing the outline of his bum, her left hand moved round and ran across his chest and then down to feel the bulge in his trousers.

Catherine moved her hand down the front of Richard's body, her fingers pushing between the buttons of his shirt to stroke his skin and then over the waistband of his jeans and belt buckle to stroke his hard cock through the jeans material. Her fingers found the zip and slowly pulled it down and then she slipped her hand inside his jeans to his ever-hardening cock. “Mmm nice, feels lovely and long.”

She withdrew her hand and undid the belt buckle to allow greater freedom. Pushing his jeans down over his hips until they fell to the floor, she slipped a hand inside his boxer shorts and continued to stroke his cock.

Richard ran his hands over her back and down to her arse he pulled her skirt up so that he could feel her knickers and then slipped his hands inside so as to feel her bare skin. Behind them they heard a moan, both looked to see Michelle leaning back on the sofa her skirt was bunched around her waist and Robert kissing her passionately whilst his hand was inside her black lace knickers his fingers clearly deep within her pussy.

Catherine dropped to her knees and released Richard's straining cock from his boxers, it was a decent size, Richard trimmed his pubic hair which pleased Catherine as she preferred trimmed or shaved. She looked up into his eyes to see his reaction as she opened her mouth and slowly swallowed his cock.

Richard watched with amazement unable to believe that his neighbour was sucking his cock whilst her husband was fingering his wife. He looked back at Michelle, Robert had removed his trousers and underwear and was in a sixty-nine position, Michelle mouth was wrapped around Roberts cock her hands holding the shaft to stop it going deep into her throat as he moved up and down. Richard couldn’t actually see Robert licking his wife pussy but if the humming noises she was making as she sucked on his cock was anything to go by she was clearly enjoying it.

Richard returned his attention back to Catherine and lifting her to her feet he slipped his hand inside her knickers and felt her wet pussy noticing that it was smooth shaven. He started to play with her clit and was pleased to hear her gasp.

From over on the sofa Michelle started to breath heavy and moan loudly and Richard looked over at his wife she where still had Robert's cock in her mouth but she was close to cumming.

“Oh yes, yes, yes, ahh, ahh, yesss...” she moaned and gasped as she came and then put Robert’s cock back in her mouth closing and sucking it tightly.

Robert was loving the way Michelle tasted and hearing her cum was too much.

Michelle felt Robert’s cock tighten and grow a bit more and she knew he was close too cumming, she started to suck and raised her head up to take more of his cock in with each thrust of his hips, Robert’s cock suddenly released its load and pumped lots of thick warm cum into her mouth, there was so much that it started to dribble out of the side of her mouth and down the side of her face.

Richard was memorised he had never in his wildest dreams imagined that he would see his wife suck another man’s cock whilst the guy licked her to orgasm, he then saw Michelle swallow and realised that not only had Robert cum in her mouth but she had swallowed it.

Both he and Catherine had paused to watch the action, but Catherine brought his attention back to her whispering, “Would you like me to do that to you or do you want to fuck me?”

Richard looked over at Michelle, “Huh I am not sure we should…”

“It’s okay, I understand you’re not ready yet,” with that she lowered herself down to his cock and started to slowly suck and wank it, building up speed.

The whole experience was too much for Richard, “I, I’m going to cum,” he gasp.

Catherine kept going, she moved a hand to his balls and cupped them, her other hand still moving up and down his shaft, her mouth moved back and forth over the head of his cock. She felt his cock and balls tighten and she moved her head back slightly as the first jet of cum sprayed out of his cock and landed on her face, more milky white cum spurted out and Catherine’s face became glazed from the cum facial she was receiving. As Richard shook from the explosive orgasm he had just been given, Catherine licked round her mouth.

“Well dear, I think we can safely say they have said yes to joining the group,” said Robert.

Michelle giggled and Richard smiled.

“Let me get cleaned up and then we will open a bottle of wine and recover a little.”




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