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Sex in the City - Chapter 5

Sex in the City - Chapter 5

The party really starts to hot up

The invites popped into Charles and Alice’s inbox the following Monday, inviting them to the first fantasy party the following Saturday.

“It says, 'Dress as sexy as you dare.' What do you think that means?” said Alice.

“Well, for men, I guess it is just a choice of whether I wear trousers and a shirt or jeans and a shirt. There aren’t really that many options, not sure about what you would wear I guess go with what you feel comfortable in,” said Charles looking over Alice’s shoulder at the screen.

“I will have to think about it, we have a few days to find something to wear and if necessary we can always go shopping,” said Alice turning and grinning at Charles.

“Oh great, as if you needed another reason to spend our hard-earned money.”

“I am glad you said our hard earn money and not your money, if I do have to buy something it will be worth it, surely you want your wife to look her best and make you proud?”

“There is no comeback to that, you’ve got me,” laughed Charles.

Lucy and Michael opened their email a day later and immediately started to make plans for the weekend. Lucy selected her dress and arranged to get her hair done and have her legs and bikini area waxed.

For Michelle and Richard, there had been no email as they had been invited on the Friday night after they got cleaned up, discussing the party plans with Catherine and Robert over a bottle of wine.

Richard thought that Robert and Catherine would have liked to have gone further that night, but he had not recovered from the blowjob Catherine had given him and he did not want to scare Michelle off the whole idea. He need not have worried as since that night Richard had noticed that Michelle was much more comfortable with the thought of the party, and had even talked about actually swapping with Robert and Catherine.

On Saturday night Robert and Catherine prepared for the party and then went to get ready themselves for the night’s fun.

“Remember Catherine this will be their first time, I will explain the rules for the night and then we will get the party started,” said Robert.

“Should be a good night; we might have to keep Lucy in check, but then so long as we ensure that they understand that no means no and to respect others decisions, then everything should be ok,” replied Catherine.

“You look lovely I reckon that all the guys will fancy getting their hands on you,” responded Robert looking admiringly at his wife.

“You like it then?” said Catherine. “I had forgotten I had this thing,” she did a little twirl so that Robert could see the whole dress which was a black halter neck dress which flared out from the waist. She flicked up the hem to show the lace tops of hold ups and the little black thong she was wearing. “Sexy enough for the group do you think?”

“Definitely, I am looking forward to stripping that dress off you and watching the reaction of the others,” said Robert starting to walk toward her.

At that moment the doorbell went, “Seems as if somebody is here already, you had better answer the door and let them in,” said Catherine as she slipped into a pair of black high heels.

At the door were Charles and Alice, Robert ushered them into the living room. Charles as before was wearing a black suit with a white shirt and no tie.

“Wow, Alice that dress is stunning,” said Robert as he looked her up and down. Alice had, eventually, after much deliberation chosen to wear a tight black leather dress, which clung to every curve of her body.

“Thank you, Robert,” replied Alice, “I wasn’t sure what dress as sexy as you dare really meant, but I know that Charles likes this dress as he bought it for me a while back and it is not too revealing.”

“Well Charles you have excellent tastes, and Alice it really is sexy you have my vote,” smiled Robert. “Please make yourself comfortable, what can I get you to drink?”

The other four arrived at the same time and soon all were sitting in the living room nervously looking at one another.

Robert stood up, “Well guys, thank you for coming tonight we were not sure who was going to agree to this when it was proposed at the Dinner Party but we are both so glad that you have all agreed to partake in this erotic adventure. It has fallen to me to go through some rules which we would like you all to observe during the evening, there aren’t that many but they are really important. The first thing we would ask is that all mobile phones stay in your pockets or bags; preferably turned off. If for any reason, you need to make or take a call can we ask that you do so on one of the balconies. We are not sure what is going to happen tonight, but should anything happen we would like to ensure that it doesn’t turn up on the internet later.”

Robert held his hand up at this point and looked around the group, “I am not accusing anybody but we have all heard about people’s computers getting hacked and phones being stolen, we don’t want anything that happens tonight ending up on the internet, now do we?”

Everybody started nodding at this point.

Robert continued, “The next rule is the most important and that is No Means No, whatever happens tonight, nobody should be forced to do anything they don’t want.”

The nervous nodding in agreement continued.

Robert went to sit down and then seemed to remember something, “oh and there is one final rule I have forgotten to mention and that is, have fun.”

After Robert had finished his little speech everybody sat looking at one another.

“So, what happens now?” asked Charles.

“Well, now,” replied Catherine, “we have a few drinks and relax, I think it is a little too early to play, and besides it might be better if we all have a few drinks to settle the nerves. We have all tonight there is no hurry.”

“Yes,” chimed in Lucy, “Saturday night TV is rubbish, anyway.”

Catherine laughed, “Now we thought that tonight would be a chance to fulfill your fantasy, Charles, of watching and being watched. We also remembered that the rest of you had expressed a desire to do something similar.”

There were murmurs of agreement from the group, as Robert stood up and offered to refill people’s glasses.

The next few hours progressed nicely with the drinks flowing and soon everybody was very relaxed. Robert and Catherine were sitting on the two-seater leather sofa, Catherine leant in and kissed Robert on the neck murmuring “Think it is time to start and warm things up a little, they are going to need a push.”

“I think you are right,” whispered Robert as he placed his hand on her knee slowly moving it up her leg.

Catherine placed her hand on his crotch.

Richard pulled her left leg over his and slid his hand up her stockings so as to reveal her thong, he gently stroked her pussy through the material whilst kissing her passionately. Breaking the kiss, Catherine looked across at Charles, who was watching intently, she smiled at him raised her eyebrows and slightly nodded at Alice.

Charles smiled back and turned to look at Alice. She had been watching Catherine, and Robert also, and knew what Catherine was insinuating. Alice looked at Charles and nodded. With slightly trembling hands, he moved towards her and they kissed. His hands caressing her thighs as she strokes his crotch through his trousers.

They turned back to look at Robert and Catherine, who was looking across at them keenly, Robert was still rubbing Catherine’s pussy through her thong. Robert moved his hands to either side of Catherine and slipped his fingers inside the band of her thong. She raised herself up slightly and he pulled them down. She sat back down and raised her legs so that Robert could remove them completely; he let them fall to the floor.

Alice and Charles now started to kiss passionately and his hand now started to trace a pattern along the edge of her knickers, down the suspender strap and then across her thigh following the top of her stockings. Having completed its journey, his hand, then started its journey back the way it had come.

Alice shuddered at his touch and the excitement of knowing others were watching.

Robert looked around the room to see what the others were doing.

Lucy was sitting on Michael lap but was clearly grinding down onto his cock, looking intently at Alice’s covered pussy as she did so.

Richard was stroking Michelle's breasts through her dress, and she was stroking his cock through his trousers. Her eyes were closed, lost in the pleasure of the feeling. Richard's eyes were darting from woman to women trying to take it all in.

Catherine moaned as Robert slipped his fingers inside her cunt.

Charles pulled the thong to one side and pushed his fingers into Alice’s pussy so as to mirror Roberts movements. Alice groaned and threw her head back onto Charles' shoulder. She started to unbuckle his belt and quickly opened his trousers, pulling his erect cock out. She slid down his torso and started to suck his cock.

Lucy stood up and let her dress slide off her shoulders and fall to the floor. She was wearing a suspender belt and stockings but had no knickers or bra on. She turned to face Michael and knelt down between his knees quickly pulling his cock out from his trousers and began to lick and suck it greedily.

Richard stood up, as did Michelle. She hitched her dress up and pulled down her black knickers before sitting back down on the coach, Richard moved between her legs pushed them open wide so that he could see her pussy. He moved forward and slowly began to lick along the folds of her pussy. Robert moved his hand to either side of her pussy lips and prised them apart so that he could lick her clit. Michelle moaned softly and pulled Richards head onto her pussy.

Catherine and Robert were pleased to see that everybody was now playing with their own partners. This had the makings of being a great night. Catherine stood up, turned around and kneeled on the sofa with her hands holding the back of the sofa itself, she shook her arse at Robert who needed no other invitation to get behind her and slip his cock into her wet pussy.

Lucy did the same, and Michael started to fuck her as she knelt beside Catherine. The room was filled with the moans and groans of the couples.

Charles looked at his wife; she had stopped sucking his cock and was looking at the other couples across the room in rapture, not wishing to break her view, but wanting to join in the fucking, Charles positioned Alice on the floor and started to fuck her from behind. Her moans now joined those of the others.

Catherine could feel an orgasm building as Robert continued to pound into her. She turned her head to look at Lucy who was, in turn, looking at her. Lucy leant over, and their mouths met in a kiss, their tongues explored each other’s mouths and stifled their moans as their husbands’ cocks pounded into them.

Catherine’s broke the kiss and looked back along Lucy's body. She noticed Lucy's breast hanging down and swinging gently back and forth as Michael's thrusts rocked her.

Catherine now looked over her shoulder and between Robert and Michael where she could just see Alice being fucked by Charles, and right next to her was Michelle lying on her back her legs wide open with Richard between her legs fucking her hard and fast.

Despite having been involved in orgies before the sight was too much for Catherine and the orgasm, which had been building now washed over her. Robert speeded up and with a groan released his seed into Catherine's wet and dripping pussy. He remained in her as his cock slowly deflated and then withdrew. They turned around and sat down so they could take in the sight of their neighbours and friends still fucking.

Lucy was still being fucked next to them so Catherine lay down across Robert and shuffled underneath Lucy so that she might lick and fondle her boobs.

Lucy had been lost in her own pleasure, she had never felt so turned on and when Catherine's mouth started sucking on her nipples, it sent shivers down her body to meet the tingling coming from her pussy which now clamped tightly around her husband’s cock. She started to shake as another orgasm washed over her, and Michael could no longer hold back, and pulling out of her pussy, he came over her pert arse.

“Oh, fuck, don’t stop, don’t stop, oh god I am cumming,” said Alice breathlessly as she watched the scene unfolding in front of her. She was still in the doggy position, but the ecstasy of her orgasm caused her arms to give way, and she dropped to the floor.

Charles was holding on to her hips, and now that her arse was high in the air, he renewed his vigour pounding hard into his beautiful wife. The new angle, coupled with the sound of his Alice cumming in front of all the others was too much for him, and he felt the tightening of his cock as he emptied his cum into Alice.

That just left Michelle and Richard still fucking. Michelle was oblivious to the rest of the room having lost count of the number of orgasms she had had since Richard pushed his cock into her tight cunt. Richard now pulled out and she spun round to greedily lick her pussy juice off his glistening cock. She licked up and down the shaft and then took his cock deep into her mouth, working up and down, faster and faster. She felt Richard cock jerk as he started to cum. As the first spurt from his cock hit her tongue, she took her mouth off his cock, and the next two spurts went over her face and neck. Richard shook as he came down from the most incredible orgasm he had experienced, and Michelle looking up at him took his cock back in her mouth to lick up the last drops of his cum.

Everybody else was watching Michelle and Richard in amazement. Catherine got up and walked over to Michelle; she took her hand and pulled her to her feet and cupping her face in her hands, she kissed Michelle passionately on the lips the cum on Michelle's face transferring to Catherine's face. Helping Michelle to her feet, she led her off toward the bedroom, and a minute or two later the sounds of water running from a shower could be heard.

“If anybody else would like to get showered then they are welcome to use the other one,” said Robert pointing towards the other bedroom. “There are some towels on the bed for you.”

Robert looked over at Richard, “Shall we go and join our wives and get cleaned up?”

As Robert and Richard left the room. The others looked at one another with some embarrassment.

Lucy was the first to break the silence, “I can only speak for myself, but that was fun, and I certainly would like to go and get cleaned up, so I think I will nip off to the shower. Anybody care to join me?”

Lucy wasn’t waiting for an answer. She jumped to her feet, grabbed Alice by the hand and led her off toward the bedroom.

Charles looked at Michael not really knowing what to do now. He really wanted to join Alice in the shower but didn’t feel that he could just walk in on her and Lucy.

Lucy solved that problem; from the direction of the bedroom came the sound of a shower being turned on, and then Lucy appeared at the door. “Are you boys going to join us or sit there in an awkward silence for the next twenty minutes or so?”

“We were not sure if we were allowed to join you both,” replied Michael, answering for both him and Charles.

“Of course, we want you to join us. After all, I need somebody to wash my back,” said Lucy. “Unless Charles wants to?”

With that last sentence just left hanging she turn and disappeared back into the bedroom.


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