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Sex In The City - Chapter 7

Sex In The City - Chapter 7

The next party and the couples swap

“I do hope we don’t bump into anyone,” said Alice as they got ready to leave the apartment.

“Why? We will be okay, it is only down a couple of floors,” replied Charles.

“I know, but you are dressed in a tuxedo and I have a bloody long coat on; if we bump into anybody who knows us they will wonder why, when we are not even leaving the block, we are dressed like we are,“ said Alice, looking at Charles with a concerned face

“Well, we'll just say we are off to a works charity evening,” said Charles, “and that we are just popping in to see Catherine and Robert before we head off.  Unless somebody then sits outside the apartment they have no reason to know that we didn’t leave.”

“Still doesn’t explain why I am wearing a full-length coat in the middle of summer,”

“Well, how about we say, we are off to a Bond and Burlesque night, which will most likely end up with us having sex with our neighbours,” said Charles with a laugh.

“Ha ha; let's not, shall we,” said Alice scowling at Charles.  “Still, I am looking forward to tonight; wonder what made them think of having a theme?”

“Well, I imagine they decided that the men will look very hot dressed in a tux and you girls will look very sexy in Basque’s and stockings; you certainly look gorgeous.”

“Good of you to notice.  Well, let’s get down there,” said Alice buttoning up her coat.

“You're keen to get the party started,” said Charles as he opened up the front door.

They managed to get down to Caroline and Robert's apartment without bumping into any other neighbours.  The others had already arrived when Charles and Alice were shown into the living room by Caroline, who was wearing a white Basque with intricate flower patterns on the two side panels.  She complimented the top with a white thong which, at the back where the white strip of material disappeared between her tight arse cheeks, was in the shape of a heart.  Her legs were covered in white stockings and she had a pair of white high heel shoes on her feet. 

Charles looked around at the other guys; while all were wearing tuxedos, only Robert had gone for the traditional black bow tie. Richard’s was blue whilst Michael had decided to leave his shirt undone and drape an untied bow around his neck, giving him an air of the strong determined type. Charles knew that Alice liked that look. 

Lucy walked over to Charles; she was dressed in a blue corset with black stockings on and a pair of blue knickers with black frills.

“Good evening, Miss Moneypenny, the name's Bond,” said Charles trying to say it in a Sean Connery Scottish accent.

“Not Miss Moneypenny, they flirt in the films but never get together. I, on the other hand, intend to bed you before this evening is out,” responded Lucy.

Charles was a little shocked at how forward, Lucy was but quickly composed himself. “In which case, what is your name?”

“Ooh let's see, I think I will be a Russian spy, Ivana Onatopp,” said Lucy, “What do you think of my outfit?”

“Then you must be the sister of the Russan spy Xenia from “Golden Eye”; your outfit is very nice, but you have told me you are a spy so you have just blown your cover,” responded Charles.

“It’s not the only...” started Lucy.

“I think you had better stop there; let’s go and get a drink,” interrupted Charles laughing and looking at Alice.

Alice and Lucy laughed as Lucy did a twirl, showing off her blue corset, “I did have a little black hat and long black gloves to go with this outfit but thought they might be a bit over the top.

“Not at all, is that not all part of the burlesque scene?” asked Charles.

“I don’t know,” said Lucy, “I just looked on the internet for ideas, Alice, what about you?”

“Pretty much the same,” said Alice. “We have always talked about going and watching a proper Burlesque show but have never quite got around to it.”

Joining the rest of the group, the conversation revolved around favourite Bond films and Burlesque, although everybody agreed that they knew very little about burlesque other than Dita Von Teese and that it involved women in sexy lingerie.

Caroline and Robert played the perfect hosts, making sure that everybody’s glasses were full and had even put out a few nibbles for the guests to eat, although nobody was keen to eat much as the nerves were too great.  As the conversation flowed all were wondering how things were going to get started.

Catherine placed her drink down on the table and announced: “Ladies, Gentlemen if you so desire shall we make our way through to the bedroom where we can get more comfortable.”  She turned and held out her hand to Richard, who took it, and she headed towards the door.

Lucy quickly walked over to Charles, and in a fake Russian accent said, “Well Mr Bond, I think we have some business to discuss.”  She put her arm through his and together they followed Catherine and Richard. 

Realising that there was obviously some unwritten rule at play tonight that the ladies were choosing the partners Alice looked at Michael and smiled, “Shall we follow?” she asked.

“Yes, lead the way,” said Michael putting his arm around her. “What was that about Bond and business?”

“Oh, it was a little joke they had when we arrived this evening.” replied Alice.

Michelle looked across at Robert. She was pleased that she had ended up with Robert; she felt comfortable with him and knew that he would be gentle and take things at her pace.  She had not been sure when they had arrived if she could have gone with either Michael or Charles, but had no qualms about Robert.  She now knew that tonight she would experience the thrill of being fucked by another man.

Robert took her hand and started to lead her toward the bedroom to join the others.

Michelle pulled him back, “Let’s start in here, please.”

“Of course, whatever you wish,” said Robert and he turn towards her, leant in and kiss her.

Alice and Michael got to the bedroom door and stopped.  The room was dominated by a large, king-size bed which was flanked on either side by two small oak bedside tables.  Opposite the bed were fitted wardrobes; it did not come as any surprise to Alice to notice that the doors of the wardrobe were mirrored, and in front of the bed were two chairs. 

She looked back to the bed; on the far side Lucy and Charles were already kissing, one of Charles' hands rubbing Lucy’s arse whilst his other hand was caressing her back.  There was a sharp pang of jealousy as she noticed that Lucy was rubbing her hand over Charles' crotch. 'Pull yourself together, Alice,' she thought, 'You can’t start feeling jealous now.' She turned to Robert, “Let’s go and join our partners on the far side, shall we?”

Moving round the bed, Alice stood next to Charles and Lucy, turning and looking up at Michael she bit her bottom lip and then leant forward to kiss him.  Michael responded in kind and quickly they started to caress one another’s bodies.

Michael slid his jacket off his shoulders and let it fall to the floor.  Alice’s hands were shaking as she reached up to undo the buttons on Michael’s shirt, excited and scared in similar measure.  She stroked his chest as she moved down from button to button.  Once she had undone the last button she slid it off his shoulders and it joined the jacket on the floor.  Alice was unsure if she should continue to undress him, but Michael at this point returned to kissing her as his hand wandered to the back of her corset and ran down her back to her arse.

Michael ran his hand slowly down her arse, stopping at the base of her cheeks, and then retraced their journey back up to the top of her knickers.  His hands traced the elastic across the top and then he slipped his hand inside and gently caressed the flesh of her flesh.  A thought flashed through Alice’s mind that no man had been this close to her since she started dating Charles and this man had every intention of fucking her... and she wanted it to happen.

Alice ran her hands down the front of Michael, pausing only briefly at his belt before continuing their southward journey.  She brushed the bulge and then drew the zip down, slipping her hand inside.  She heard Michael gasp as her hand rubbed his cock, which was quickly getting hard.  Withdrawing her hand, she struggled to undo his belt, and Michael moved to help her. 

Quickly, Michael kicked off his shoes and let his trousers fall to the floor, stepping out of them; he was unsure as to whether pulling down his boxers would be going too fast but decided to pull them down anyway.  Before he could do anything about it, however, Alice started to pull them down.

She slowly sank to her knees and looked at Michael’s now freed and upstanding cock.  Out of the corner of her eye she caught sight of Lucy, who was busy sucking Charles cock.  Turning her head quickly to look over her left shoulder she saw Catherine, who was lying on the bed with Richard between her thighs.  She couldn’t see Michelle and Robert but she could hear low moaning coming from Michelle; it appeared to be coming from the other room.

Alice turned back to Michael’s cock and licked the tip before running her tongue around the head of his cock, slipping the head into her mouth.  She then withdrew and slowly licked up and down the shaft.  She returned his cock to her mouth and slowly slid down it towards the back of her throat.  As Michael’s cock hit the back of her throat, she gagged slightly and pulled back.  Michael started to move his hips slightly, mirroring Alice’s movements.

Michael looked down at Alice, loving the feel of her mouth around his manhood; he could feel her tongue working around the base of his cock head every time Alice got to the tip of his cock.  Not wishing for the fun to be over too soon Michael bent down slightly and helped pull Alice to her feet.  He kissed her deeply and then gently lowered her to the bed.  Lifting her legs up, he took hold of her knickers and slowly pulled them down her legs and threw them over to join his clothes.

Pulling her legs apart he gazed down at her shaven pussy, which glistened with moisture showing that Alice was turned on by the experience.  Michael kissed her calf and then ever so slowly and gently he kissed down the inside of her leg; as his kisses got closer to her pussy he could feel Alice tension slightly.  Smiling to himself, Michael continued his journey down the inside of her thigh and then across the top of her clit, gently kissing and smelling the musky scent of Alice's pussy.  Having crossed the top of Alice’s pussy Michael continued to tease her by then kissing along the inside of the opposite leg to her calf.

Alice looked up at Michael as he finished his journey along her legs and whispered, “Tease.”

“Of course, I want to make you want me,” responded Michael.

“Oh, I want you,” said Alice breathlessly.

Michael smiled at her but said nothing as he brushed his fingers down her pussy lips and then slowly slipped a finger into her.

“Oh yes,” moaned Alice, arching her back slightly.

Michael continued to finger her and Alice moaned and closed her eyes, loving the feeling of another man fingering her pussy.  Michael withdrew his fingers and brought them up to Alice’s mouth so that she could taste herself and how excited was.

Quickly Michael put a condom on and positioned his cock at the entrance to Alice’s pussy.  He leant down and kissed Alice, “Happy to continue?” he asked.

“Please,” whimpered Alice, “stop messing around and just fuck me.”

Michael was surprised at this turn of phrase from Alice; she had always come across as being a bit prim and proper, but then he had never been in the position to tease her before.

Alice propped herself up and looked down. She wanted to see as Michael’s cock entered her.

She watched Michael slide into her wet pussy and slowly start to fuck her.  His cock felt different, slightly thicker than Charles but not as long, still, it felt good and she wrapped her legs around his torso and started to rock back and forth, getting quickly into sync with Michael’s thrusts.

She could hear the moans and heavy breathing of the others around her and turned her head to look at Charles and Lucy.  Lucy was on all fours, with Charles fucking her from behind.  Lucy’s tits swung gently as Charles’s thrust into her.   As Alice watched Charles started to fuck Lucy harder and she fell forward.  Alice reached out her hand and started to stroke Lucy’s hair as Lucy moaned into the mattress.

Lucy felt Alice’s hand touching her and, raising herself up, she inched forward so that she could kiss Alice on the mouth. 

Alice moaned into Lucy’s mouth as Michael continued to thrust into her.  Lucy broke the kiss and started to kiss and lick her way down Alice’s body.  Lucy kissed along her neck and continued down until she reached Alice’s left breast; she teased the nipple, gently biting and sucking on it till the nipple was rock hard.  Lucy then moved across Alice’s body, licking the right breast and nipple, repeating the attention she had given to the left one.

Alice could feel Lucy’s body brushing across hers and moved her hands to stroke and rub Lucy’s torso, feeling the smooth, soft skin.

Lucy pulled herself off Charles cock and stood up. Taking Charles by the cock she led him round the bed to the opposite side.  Lucy climbed back on the bed and slowly inched her way over Alice’s body.  Lucy reached down and rubbed the top of Alice’s pussy, as Michael continued to push his cock in and out of the pussy in front of Lucy’s face.

Alice broke from her ecstasy and murmured to Lucy, “Move forward, I want to lick your pussy.”

Lucy inched a bit further forward so that her pussy was over Alice’s face, and Alice reached up and put a finger into her pussy and started to massage her clit.  Lucy moaned as Alice continued to finger her, then Alice withdrew her fingers and held them up to Charles' mouth, who sucked them eagerly. 

Charles moved forward and positioned his cock at the entrance to Lucy’s pussy. Alice watched in fascination as her husband’s cock pushed between Lucy’s pussy lips and slowly went deep inside.  Alice could she Lucy’s juice coating his cock as he withdrew and then plunged it back in.

The sight of her husband fucking another woman and her being fucked by another man was too much for Alice, and as she felt an orgasm started to build up deep within her body she moaned loudly.

Both couples continued to fuck one another, oblivious to the sights and sounds of the others in the room.  Both women were in a sixty-nine position, licking and sucking the others clit as their husbands fucked them, their cocks driving in and out of their pussys. 

Lucy looked at Michael’s cock going in and out of Alice’s pussy; it was hotter than she had ever thought it would be and Charles felt so good in her pussy. 

Lucy’s legs started to shake as she went over the edge. “Oh fuck, oh fuck!” was all she could gasp as the orgasm swept through her. 

Charles gripped Lucy’s hips and slammed into her as he came at the same time. 

Exhausted, Charles went and sat down on a chair to continue to watch Michael fuck his wife. Lucy climbed off Alice and went and joined Charles, sitting on his lap.

Alice rolled over and crawled across the bed, then knelt and kissed Michael, “I want to suck your cock for a bit.”

Michael pulled the condom off and Alice greedily grabbed his cock and put her mouth around it.  Lucy, not wishing to be left out, got off Charles lap and went to join Alice sucking her husband’s cock.

Michael was enjoying having two women on his manhood but knew he could not last much longer. He grabbed another condom and pulling away from the girls he slipped it onto his cock.  Lucy took her husband’s cock and guided it towards Alice’s pussy.  She watched again as it slowly disappeared into Alice’s pink, wet mound.   Alice moaned as Michael started to fuck her hard and fast.

“I’m coming, I’m coming,” gasped Michael as he exploded.  As he gathered his breath, he leant forward and kissed Alice.

They both became aware of the others in the room at that moment. Lucy had returned to Charles and was sitting on his lap in the chair; both had watched intently as their spouses had fucked.  Charles was stroking Lucy’s breasts as she gyrated her hips, teasing his cock with her arse.  

On the other side of the bed, Michelle was on top of Robert, her face covered by her hair and she rocked on his cock; her moans and gasps were short and sharp, and her nipples were stiff.  She had lost count of the orgasms she'd had since Robert had started to fuck her and another one was building. As her legs began to shake with another one, Robert half sat up and put his mouth Michelle's left nipple, sucking slightly and moaning as he also came.

That only left Catherine and Richard still playing, and all eyes were now on them, but they did not appear to notice as Catherine lay on her back with her legs wide open. She was completely naked except for her hold-ups and heels; her hands were holding onto the heels, and as Richard thrust into her, sweat was glistening on his back.

Richard gasped that he was going to cum.

“Come on my tits, I want you to cum on my tits,” said Catherine.

Michael nodded and pulled out of Catherine’s pussy and started to wank his cock as Catherine slid down the bed slightly.  Richard grunted and a stream of hot sticky cum spurted out of his cock and landed all over Catherine’s tits as she pushed them together.

“Lovely,” said Catherine as she started to massage the sticky fluid into her tits, “that was a big load! I am going to have to go and get cleaned up.”  She got up and went into the bathroom.

Richard collapsed onto the bed and Michelle rolled across the bed, planting a big kiss on his lips as she cuddled up to him. 

“How was it?” Richard asked her.

Michelle thought for a minute, “it was fun; did you enjoy also?”

“Of course,” Richard replied, he then whispered in her ear, “not as good as you.”

Catherine came back into the room as everybody started to get dressed, “Well, that was fun, I can’t wait to do it again. Why don’t we go back into the living room and discuss the next party?”



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