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Sex Money - Chapter Four

It was freezing. Heidi had put her old fashioned oil heater on full power but still she shivered beneath the duvet. It was Monday morning, 5am. Dragging herself out of bed, she stripped and showered, before getting ready for work, her flat eerily silent. Eating a banana, she picked up her bag, put on her winter coat and locked the door behind her. It was barely September, yet the sky was dark as she walked out of the apartment block and down to Leon’s house. A promise was a promise.

The house looked quiet but when she knocked on the door, it swung open almost instantly and Leon stood there, wearing a dressing gown. His face was tired, hair rumpled but eyes bright green as he smiled and ushered her in.

‘I thought you’d still be asleep.’ Heidi said, standing in the hall.

‘No, I got up about half an hour ago. I knew you’d be here early if you were going to work.’ He smiled, ran a hand through his tousled hair. ‘Aren’t you going to sit down?’

‘No, I haven’t got much time. I just thought I’d check in on you, make sure you were OK.’ She took in the dark shadows around his eyes.

‘I’m fine. Look, I’m sorry about last night. I didn’t mean to…’ He shrugged awkwardly, not meeting her eyes.

‘It’s alright Leon. I know, you were drunk, these things happen. Look, I know it’s hard, but you’ve got to stop drinking, get yourself together.’

‘I know, I know.’ Leon shifted uncomfortably. ‘I need a focus; I drink because my life’s not going anywhere. I just keep going over the same things in my head and I can’t stop. I think I’m going to start working again, you know. Clean up a little. Find some real friends, a girlfriend even.’ He smiled wryly, ‘If anyone wants me.’

Heidi laughed, ‘Come on Leon. You’re barely 30, you’ve got a lot going for you; who wouldn’t want you?’

Leon smiled involuntarily, ‘Really?’

‘Yeah, of course. Look, I know this really nice girl at work. She’s single, fun, doesn’t drink, pretty, I’ll set you up on a date if you want.’

‘No, don’t do that! I have to sort my life out first. I’m doing my CV today and, uh, I was, uh, wondering, would you, um, check it over for me?’

He looked at her hopefully. ‘I haven’t done it for a while, I’m a bit rusty.’

‘Of course I will! Oh Leon, I’m so glad you’ve changed. I knew you were a good guy.’

He smiled, embarrassed.

Heidi touched his arm. ‘I’ve got to go now. Do you want me to come over after work, or tomorrow to check it?’

‘No, I’ll come to yours in a couple of days, when I’ve finished it.’ Leon pulled her into a warm hug. ‘You’re such a good friend, Heidi. I don’t deserve you.’

‘Oh shut up.’ Heidi said, unable to hide a smile. ‘OK, see you later. And keep off the beer.’

‘Don’t worry, I will.’ Leon watched as she turned and walked down the path, a smile lingering on his face. He couldn’t believe how good he felt about himself.

It was 10am, and Heidi was behind her desk at work, the radio on. There was so much paperwork, so much to do, her desk was full and her telephone wouldn’t stop ringing. She tried to get her head together but all she could think of was Jim. Was it really all over? Just like that? Maybe Leon had been right. Maybe he had just been using her. A knock on the door interrupted her thoughts.

‘Yes?’ she asked.

The door opened and Emily, one of her co-workers came in. She sighed, dropped herself into one of Heidi’s chairs and grinned.

‘Oh God, I had the best weekend ever!’ she said, stretching her legs. ‘I met the most gorgeous guy in the world and he wants a second date! I knew it was a good idea to wear those heels!’

Heidi smiled, ‘Great. What’s he called?’

‘Jason. Heidi I’m telling you, he is so hot! He has the loveliest blond hair you can imagine and he’s tall, but not too tall, just in between and he’s so well built…Oh, I love him!’

Heidi grinned as Emily sighed in happiness before looking at her.

‘So, how about your weekend? Did you finally meet someone?’

Heidi shook her head and Emily sighed in mock exasperation.

‘Oh, Heidi. You’re young, hot; you need to get out more. I’m telling you, there’d be guys queuing up to buy you a drink.’

Heidi shrugged, ‘I don’t know. I don’t really want someone right now.’ Apart from Jim, she thought to herself.

‘Okay.’ Emily said, ‘But 20 years down the line when you’re old and boring, don’t blame me when you’re all alone.’ She grinned, ‘Anyway, are you coming out to lunch with me and Tina later? There’s this new sandwich bar that’s opened just across the road.’

‘Fine.’ Heidi forced a smile as Emily smiled and left her office.

She turned the radio up and Eminem’s ‘Space Bound’ blared out, drowning out the insistent ringing of the phone. She shut her eyes and leaned back, her tired limbs almost absorbing the lyrics:

‘…my body aches when I ain’t with you I have zero strength. There’s no limit on how far I would go, no boundaries, no lengths…..’

25 miles away, Jim Mitchell was sitting in his regular seat at a meeting with a board of directors. He couldn’t understand what they were saying, he didn’t even care. He knew it would be the same as every week and they’d take care of it all themselves. He just had to show his face to make sure that they knew there was someone at the top. He was tired; he’d had a restless night. Tossing and turning, dreams fading in and out of his mind until he’d forced himself out of bed. As childish as it seemed, he wanted to see his mother. Talk to her, see what she thought. He knew she’d understand; she always did. He just wanted to know what he was meant to do. All he could see when he closed his eyes was Heidi, her beautiful, innocent face. He could still feel her soft body against his, could still hear her moans in his ear, but they were just memories, nothing like the real thing. And putting the lust to one side, he felt….incomplete. Before meeting her, his life had been lacking that one thing and when they looked into each others eyes, he felt whole again. But without her, it was worse than before. There was a great gaping hole in his life. He needed her. Needed to see her, simply to look at her and hold her to him and never let her go. But he’d ruined it all. Why did he always have to open his big mouth, why couldn’t he have just….

‘Jim?’ Someone had asked him a question.

He straightened up, shook his head, trying to clear his thoughts, ‘I’m sorry?’

‘Is that all OK with you?’ the man repeated.

‘Yeah, yeah, that’s fine, perfect.’ Jim said, ‘No major changes, right?’

‘Yes, it’s all just routine.’

Everyone rose from the table, shaking hands until they’d all finally gone. Jim walked the short distance to his office and slumped down in his swivel chair, putting his feet up on the desk. Reaching for the phone he tapped in his mother’s number and waited as it rung.

His mother picked up a couple of seconds later.


‘Hey Mom, it’s me.’

‘Jim! About time you called!’

‘Sorry Mom, I’ve been busy.’

‘Yes, I know. How are you dear?’

‘Well, I need your help Mom.’

‘A girl?’ his mother queried.


‘I hope it’s not another of those gold diggers.’ She said sternly.

‘No, no, listen Mom. I met her a couple of nights ago and even after a few days, I can’t live without her.’

‘So what’s the problem?’

‘The problem is, I can’t stand one of her friends. You remember me telling you about that gambler called Leon Jackson?’

‘Ah yes,’ his mother said, ‘The great feud. Well, he’s her friend is he?’

‘Yeah, and he’s such a prick Mom. I can’t stand him but she won’t give up on him. She says he’s really nice.’

‘Well maybe he is.’

Jim scoffed, ‘Yeah, as if. We can’t stand each other and I kind of had a go at her last night because she’d always helping him out but now I feel like….’

‘Like you should have acted like a man?’

There was a pause.

‘Look, Jim, dear. He’s her friend; she’s known him longer than you. They might have known each other for years. She’s not going to wash her hands of him if you ask her to. You’ve known her for what, two days?’

‘Four, actually. OK, three. But what am I meant to do?’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Well, I yelled at her, told her I never wanted to see her again.’


‘What about Leon?’

‘Jim, love, it’s like playground scraps all over again. You’re both grown men. Go and talk to him. Sort out your differences. He’s a human too, he has feelings.’


‘But nothing. There’s no way you’re going to get the girl if you’re at loggerheads with her best friend. Go and talk to him. Communication, Jim. How many times have I told you this?’

‘OK, fine.’ Jim said grumpily.

‘And when it’s all sorted, I want you to bring her around.’

Jim groaned, ‘Aw, Mom, you’ll scare her away.’

‘Don’t be silly dear. I’ll just make sure she’s good enough for my favourite son.’

‘Mom, I’m your only son.’

‘Goodbye dear, call me again soon.’

‘Bye Mom.’

Jim put the receiver back down and sighed. As much as he hated it, his Mom was right. Again. He reached for a pile of paperwork his secretary had left on his desk. It was going to be a long day.

It was 6.30pm when Leon opened his front door. There was a hint of surprise in his eyes as he took in Jim, but then he stepped aside, and his visitor walked in .They stood for a minute in the hall, looking at each other uncomfortably, almost sizing each other up but then Leon led him down the hallway into the sitting room. They sat down, across from each other.

There was a pause.

Jim cleared his throat.

‘Leon, I, uh, I think it’s time we put, we….put aside our differences.’

Leon looked at him. ‘Why now?’ he asked coolly.

Jim shrugged. ‘I’m not going to lie to you Leon. I know you don’t believe me, but I’m in love with Heidi. I want to spend the rest of my life with her. It’s not going to work if you and I carry on at each other.’

Leon was silent for a couple of minutes, looking at Jim before he sighed, leaned forward, ‘Really? You love her/’

Jim nodded.

‘Because I swear Jim, if I let his happen and you hurt her, I will actually kill you. She’s like my daughter; I don’t want to see her suffer any more.’

Jim nodded, ‘I promise you Leon. I love her. I’d never hurt her. She means the world to me. I can’t think of anything but her.’

Leon looked at him, almost unsympathetic. ‘You can say all this stuff Jim but actions speak louder than words. I know I’m hardly one to lecture you but time will tell how genuine you really are. As long as you realise that and you stick to your word, I haven’t got a problem.’

Jim leaned forward, ‘I’ll prove it to you. Don’t doubt it Leon.’

Leon shrugged, ‘Fine then.’

Jim raised an eyebrow. ‘And…us? We’re cool, yeah?’

Leon forced a smile. ‘I guess so. I know I’ve been a pretty big shit recently Jim, but forget it all. We’re cool. There’s no point in us just putting each other down all the time.’

They rose simultaneously, shook hands and Jim smiled.

‘Wow.’ He glanced at his watch. ‘I’ve got to go. Flowers to buy.’

He turned, walked out of the sitting room door.

‘Orchids.’ Leon said and Jim turned back in surprise.


‘Green orchids. She loves them.’

Jim smiled, slightly surprised, ‘OK, thanks mate.’ He walked out of the front door. ‘See you around then?’

Leon grinned, ‘Yeah, see you Jim.’

It was 9:30pm when Heidi walked in through her apartment door, exhausted. What a day. Work, work, work. She couldn’t wait to settle down in front of the TV and eat something. But, wait, what was that smell? It was a heavy, sweet scent and it was everywhere. She realised with a rush, that the door had been unlocked. Surely…

She turned into the sitting room and gasped. Green orchids were everywhere, adorning every piece of furniture, leaving no room for anything else. They were beautiful. And in the middle of the room stood Jim. Heidi was speechless, she just stared.

‘I just wanted to say I was sorry.’

Heidi picked up a flower and gazed at it. ‘How did you know?’

Jim shrugged. ‘Leon.’

Heidi looked shocked, ‘Leon, but I thought….?’

Jim smiled, ‘I went around. We sorted everything out. It’s all good now.’

Heidi smiled, her eyes full of tears. ‘Oh Jim, they’re beautiful.’

She dropped her bag to the floor and walked over to him. ‘You’re amazing.’

Jim smiled, bent, kissed her on the mouth and pulled her into him. She kissed him back, hard, passionately, tears flowing down her cheeks.

‘Oh Jim.’

He smiled scooped her up and carried her to the bedroom, lying her down on the bed.

‘Don’t move.’ He whispered. ‘I want to do everything for you.’

He pulled off his own clothes and then slowly undressed her, kissing every part of her body, tenderly, until she too was naked, shivering slightly in the cold room. Jim pulled her to her feet and sat on the edge of the bed, pulling her onto him so they were facing each other, her legs on either side of him. They kissed repeatedly, tasting each other, Jim grinding against her until he couldn’t take it anymore. Slowly, he began to slide into her, holding her slim form tight against him. She moaned as his dick stretched her, it was so big, so big. She was holding onto his broad shoulders, fingers digging in slightly as he pushed, his breathing shallow, his hands gripping her lower back.

‘So tight.’ He grunted through clenched teeth as she gasped, her body tensing up at the enormous intrusion.

‘Relax.’ Jim whispered into her ear, pulling her against him so her chest was pressed to his. ‘Just relax, it’s OK.’

A tiny moan, escaped her lips as she clung to him, his dick now fully inside her, his heart pounding as he shifted on the bed.

‘Ready?’ he asked and she smiled at what a gentleman he was.

‘Yes.’ She whispered, her voice barely loud enough for him to hear.

He pulled out and pushed back in slowly, making her moan as she wrapped her legs around him. He pushed in and out again, slightly faster now, his lips finding hers, their tongues entwining. He went faster and harder, making her gasp, his hand moving up to fondle her perfect, firm breasts as he thought about how lucky he was, how good this was.

She was moaning against his lips, her eyes shut tight, her hair everywhere.

‘Open your eyes.’ Jim whispered, and she did, staring into his as his dick pounded in and out of her.

Jim wrapped one arm firmly around her, his other hand travelling between them to her throbbing clit. He began thrusting his penis as deep as he could into her, making her moan every time he fully slammed in, his skilled fingers now wreaking havoc on her clit. He felt her judder as an orgasm tore through her, making her scream, her eyes closing, her head arching back. Still, he didn’t move his fingers, now slamming as hard as he could, the bed creaking at the effort.

‘Jim!’ Heidi moaned, a bead of sweat trailing between her oh-so perfect honeyed breasts, ‘Please, stop!’

Jim continued regardless and she reached down, grabbing his thick wrist, trying to pull his hand away. He laughed between groans as she whimpered, her body convulsing, over and over, her fingers scrabbling with his, both of their hands wet with her juices.

‘JIM!’ she screamed, ‘Stop!’ Her fingers were slippery against his, her body writhing as another powerful orgasm made her legs tremble and her pussy clench down hard on his enormous cock.

Jim felt a tightening in his balls, his thrusts became irregular and he felt that wonderful feeling as he came hard inside her hot pussy. ‘YES!’ he roared, ‘Oh My God, Oh Heidi, oh fuck yeah!’ He shot into her three times, rolling her abused clitoris between her fingers until she orgasmed again, moaning with him, her body shaking violently. Eventually, he pulled his fingers away and held her to him in a tight squeeze, stroking her hair as she gasped. She unwrapped her legs from around him and pulled herself off his enormous cock, collapsing onto the bed behind him.

‘Jim.’ She moaned, rolling over, ‘Why do you never listen?’

Jim laughed hoarsely. ‘You don’t really want me to stop.’

Heidi smiled, burying her head in a pillow, ‘I’m starving.’

‘Is that all you can think about?’ he said in mock disgust. ‘We need a shower.’

‘Separately,’ Heidi said firmly.

Jim’s face fell.

‘Seriously Jim, the way you keep going, I won’t be able to walk.’ She hauled herself off of the bed and into the bathroom.

15 minutes later she was washed and dressed, sitting in front of the TV. Jim came into the room, wearing his shirt and trousers.

‘Do you want to go out for food?’ he asked.

Heidi looked at the clock. It was almost 10pm.

‘Now?’ she asked, raising an eyebrow.

‘Yeah, why not?’ Jim said, ‘Put on a dress, we’ll go to a restaurant.’

Heidi shrugged, ‘It’s late. I’ve got work tomorrow.’

‘Call in sick. It’s not hard.’

Heidi got up, ‘Fine.’ She disappeared into the bedroom and came out a few minutes later wearing an elegant, red, knee length dress which set off her dark hair wonderfully.

Jim looked at her admiringly, ‘You expect me to control myself?!’

She rolled her eyes. ‘Come on then.’

Jim grabbed his jacket, switching off the light. Heidi locked the door behind them and they went out into the car park, settling into Jim’s car.

‘So,’ he said, ‘Where do you want to go?’

Heidi shrugged, ‘I don’t really eat out much. I’ve never been to any places around here.’

‘Really? You’ve been missing out on a lot.’

15 minutes later he pulled up outside a large, glass building which was brightly lit, the car park full.

‘I think you have to put in a reservation.’ Heidi said as she took in the carved wooden tables and immaculate waiters.

‘Don’t worry.’ Jim said, leading her to the reception ‘They’ll get us a place.’

Heidi looked around. All the tables were taken by gleaming couples, dressed magnificently, the woman with designer dresses and glittering jewellery and the men in tuxedos.

‘Jim, I don’t think this is a good idea.’ She whispered but suddenly there was a waiter beside them, leading them to a secluded two seated table where they sat down next to each other at the back of the room, looking across at the rest of the people.

Jim ordered for them putting his hand around her waist, pulling her close to him, their legs touching underneath the table.

They ate, talking, about anything and everything from music to education and hotels to theme parks. Jim’s arm moved upwards, around her shoulders, his fingers brushing the top of her breast until she pushed it away, looking worriedly at the people on the next table.

The waiter came by and cleared their plates from the main course, pouring them some wine. Jim took a sip, smiling at her as he touched her leg under the table, his hand concealed by the table cloth. They talked as they drank and Heidi felt Jim slowly run his fingers up and down her thigh, pushing her dress up slightly. She ignored him for a while and they carried on with their conversation until his wandering fingers suddenly forced their way upwards, brushing her underwear. She gasped,

‘Jim! What are you doing?!’

He smiled, ‘Shhh. Don’t make a fuss. People will look at us.’

His fingers slid under her panties, touching her entrance.

‘Jim, get off!’ Heidi hissed. ‘The waiter’s coming!’

Jim smirked, his fingertips gently grazing her clitoris, stimulating it, arousing her.

He pinched it slightly, and her thighs tensed, ‘Jim, get off me!’

The waiter had arrived at their table and put the desserts down.

‘Is there anything else you need?’ he asked, looking curiously at Heidi who was staring resolutely down at the table, her cheeks burning red.

‘No thank you. That’ll be all.’ Jim said, pushing a finger into Heidi’s tight hole, feeling her jump slightly.

The waiter hesitated, his eyes fixed on Heidi but eventually he walked away, looking over his shoulder once or twice.

Jim’s fingers were plunging into her pussy now and Heidi reached under the table, grabbing his wrist.

‘Please Jim, I’m going to come.’

Jim smiled, pulled her into him so her face was pressed against his chest.

‘Come then. Come for me baby. I want to feel you come around my fingers.’

His thumb pushed down on her clit and she gasped, breathing in his warm scent as his fingers began rubbing her sensitive button, twisting it painfully.

Heidi’s thighs were shaking now, her looming orgasm making her sweat as Jim chuckled softly in her ear.

‘Come for me Heidi. Come as much as you like. Then I’ll take you home and give you the hardest fuck you’ve ever had. Come on, don’t hold back. No one’s looking.’ He kissed her ear, ‘Come on babe.’

He felt her lift slightly from her chair as his words set off her orgasm. She moaned into his chest, shaking, her legs sweaty and trembling.

‘Oh God Jim!’ her moans were muffled into his shirt as she shook in his arms, his fingers still playing with her until she wrenched them away. They broke apart, Heidi still trembling slightly, crossing her legs, refusing to look at Jim as she pushed her dessert around the plate. Jim smiled to himself, ‘I’d eat that if I were you. You’re going to need all the energy you can get.’ Heidi ignored him.

A few minutes later the waiter was back, clearing up the plates, smiling at them as Jim left him a large tip.

‘Come on then.’ Jim said, stretching, ‘Let’s go home.’

He put his arm around Heidi’s waist, leading her out of the restaurant and through the car park.

‘You’re sulking, aren’t you?’ he said, as they got into his car, ‘What’s up?’

Heidi glared at him.

He held up his hands in mock surrender, ‘OK, fine, maybe I shouldn’t have risked embarrassing us like that but, you have to admit, it was hot.’

Heidi was still looking cross but he could see the corner of her mouth lift up mischievously as she relived her orgasm.

‘There!’ he said with satisfaction, ‘I know you wouldn’t be mad for long.’

He leaned forward, covering her mouth with his own, pulling her closer to him.

They kissed passionately, Jim’s tongue sliding around her mouth until he paused.

‘Oh God,’ he moaned, against her mouth, ‘I can’t wait.’ His cock was already firing up for action in his pants as he pushed a hand up her dress. ‘Heidi, I can’t wait.’

She didn’t respond, kissing him again so he wouldn’t speak until he grabbed her hips, pulling her to him urgently.

‘Jim!’ she gasped.

‘I can’t wait!’ he groaned. He opened his eyes, gazing into hers as she stared at him.

‘I need you now.’ He whispered, ‘Back seat?’

Heidi’s mouth dropped open.

‘What, here? In your back seat?’ she asked, shocked.

‘Fuck yeah.’ Jim muttered, climbing over the gear stick until he was sitting there, his arms reaching for Heidi, pulling her onto him.

‘Are you serious?’ Heidi asked, as he began to grind against her, pushing her dress up.

Jim didn’t respond immediately, his fingers fumbling with his belt buckle until he looked at her, his hair tousled, eyes shining.

‘Dead serious.’

To be continued

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