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Sex Money - Chapter Nine

Heidi sat alone in her sitting room, the day before Christmas Eve, pop music pounding into her ears, as she flicked through a newspaper she’d picked up at work. Snow, snow, snow. The various Christmas cards she’d received were propped up on the mantelpiece, just the way she liked. It had been a crazy three months. After all the big talk from Jim, the declarations of love, the wanting to move in together, the amazing sex, he’d simply disappeared. A text message left on her cell stated,

‘Going on a business trip for a bit. Jim.’

That was it. She’d tried calling him but to no avail. And she hadn’t seen him for three whole months. She didn’t know what to think, what to do about it. Was she meant to just sit there and wait for him to turn up at her door again? Leon didn’t seem to think so and he’d told her as much over a late night game of Scrabble. He’d come around to keep her company and hadn’t felt the need to keep his opinion to himself:

“Heidi,” he said, with a touch of sympathy, when she admitted she had no idea where Jim was “He’s a player. To be honest with you I don’t think you two are going to last.”

She didn’t say anything.

“You’re getting carried away because he’s your first boyfriend. Just chill out. Take some time out and think about what you really want in your life. He’s almost my age. He’s going to want to y’know, have kids and stuff. Do you want all that?”

There was silence.

Leon sighed, “Look kid, at the end of the day it’s your decision. It’s your life, right? I’m just saying, you’re seventeen. Do you want to spend the rest of your life tied down to an old man?”

Heidi sighed, “I…yeah.”

“Just think about it. Properly. He’s in a whole different world. You’ve only known him to be turning up at your place, taking you out but there’s his life too. I’m guessing he works late, has different friends, people you might not get on with. He’s been AWOL for three months already and look at the state of you.”

She nodded. “Yeah, I know.”

“And it’s not just that. He filled your head with that bullshit about living together. Think about it kid. You won’t be independent anymore. Every time someone asks if you want to go out you’re gonna have to think twice. Step back and think, “What would Jim say?” I don’t think it’s good for you.”

“How’s that?”

Leon exhaled, looked at her “You’ve just started out in your career. You want to make something of yourself. And with Jim having the job he has, there’s not much chance of that.” He paused, “Before long he’ll want to get out of it.”

“No he won’t.”

“Yes he will. You’re not going to last kid. You’re in different leagues altogether.”

Heidi sighed, “But Leon, we love each other.”

“Yeah, I’m sure he’s said that plenty of times. Heidi, he knows how a girl’s brain works. Every time I see him he’s with someone new. I think he’s got carried away to be honest.”

“Thanks (!)”

Leon sighed, “Look Heidi. Forget him. Leave him. It’s never going to work. You’re nothing to him.”

Heidi scowled, “Gee thanks Leon. You really make me feel good.”

“I’m just telling you how it is.”

“No you’re not. You just have this stupid pathetic grudge against him. I thought you’d sorted yourself out?”

“I have. I’m trying to help you.”

“Help me?! You just can’t stand him!”

“I can. I…want what’s right for you kid.”


“Really, Heidi. He seems nice now but I…just slow down. You’re waiting on him to come back and sweep you off your feet and take you to paradise but it’s not going to happen. You can’t just kill time, believing he’s going to come back.”

Heidi sighed, “I can if I want.”

“It’s all going to go wrong, I’m telling you.”

Heidi groaned, “Leon, say this was some other guy, a guy you liked, a guy you were friends with. Would you be saying all this stuff?”

Leon paused and then, “Yeah, yeah I would.”

“No you wouldn’t. You and Jim could really get on if you gave him a chance.”

Leon sighed, “Heidi, you’re making a mistake.”

“How would you know?”

“I know what’s best for you kid. Look, please just listen to me.”

“You’re just not happy because it’s Jim.”

“Fine!” Leon said, standing up suddenly, knocking the Scrabble board off the coffee table, “Fine! Yes, I’m not happy because it’s Jim. And do you want to know why, Heidi?” He didn’t wait for a response, “Because he is with a different girl every single time I see him! He’s not the settling-down type. He just sees you as a young, pretty piece of ass that he can use and then dump a couple of months down the line when someone better comes along! That’s what guys like him do, Heidi! He thinks you’re pretty, you let him do stuff to you but sooner or later he’s going to get tired of being with the same woman over and over again. He’ll get bored kid and then what’s going to happen? You think he’s going to stick it out?” He laughed bitterly, “No fucking way! He doesn’t care about how you feel, he just cares about himself. Listen to me Heidi and say no. He’ll just use you and then he’ll abuse you. You understand me? For God’s sake kid, he’s been gone for three fucking months. Has he called? Has he even left a message? He loves the fact that while he’s off wherever, you’re sitting here, waiting for him to come back. What business trip?! You’re so gullible! He’s probably gambling like an idiot in Vegas, sleeping with any woman who comes his way, safe in the knowledge he has a girl waiting on him. You understand me?”

Heidi didn’t say anything.

“It’s pathetic.” Leon ran a hand through his hair and looked at her pitifully, “Heidi, listen to me. I’m trying to take care of you. Yes, I never liked Jim. But he’s gone. Three months and no word. And you’re wasting your life away. You’ve got the whole world in front of you; you can do what you like. I never thought I’d say this but get someone. A boyfriend. Someone your age that you can have fun with. Not Jim. He’s too old for you. Don’t let him screw up your life.”

Heidi had sat there, listened to what he had to say, and nodded along, trying not to believe him but it made sense. Jim was selfish. He’d gone off, left her to sit and wait for him. It was ridiculous.

She pulled out her headphones, tried to erase the pain Leon’s words had caused as she studied an article on ‘How to have the Perfect Christmas’. And then her buzzer sounded. She frowned, looked at the clock; quarter past eight. Who on earth would come around in this weather? She dropped the newspaper onto the table and went into the hall, pushed the button,

“Who is it?”


Heidi stared at the speaker. She could scarcely believe her ears.


“Me. Jim. Let me up, I’m freezing my butt off.”

Heidi swallowed, pressed the button and unlocked the door, watching as he came up the stairs, and stepped past her with a smile. She locked the door absentmindedly, looked up at him and went into the sitting room.

“Hi.” He followed her.

She looked at him for a couple of seconds and then turned around, dropped herself into the armchair. He looked just the same. His tousled brown hair, cheerful eyes, he just looked, amazing. And she hated it. After the weeks of waiting, wondering where the hell he’d been, he was here, and she had nothing to say to him.

Jim smiled, “So, you happy to see me?” He rubbed his hands together, tried to warm up as he sat down on the sofa opposite her.

“Yeah, sure.” Heidi didn’t look at him.

“Heidi? What’s wrong?” He frowned, “Hey, look at me. What’s up?”

She shrugged, “Nothing. Everything’s fine.”

Jim narrowed his eyes, “You mad at me?”

Heidi rolled her eyes, “Now why on earth would I be mad at you?”

Jim shrugged, “I don’t know. You tell me.”

She met his eyes then, “Where have you been Jim? You just disappeared. Out of my life for three months. And now you stroll back in like everything’s normal.”

“I left you a message.”

Heidi scoffed, “One message. I thought you said you wanted to spend the rest of your life with me. You said it Jim. Not me. I didn’t make you say it. You go on with this whole big talk about houses and moving and love and you get my hopes up and then you just disappear.” She sighed, looked away, “I thought you’d gone.”

Jim frowned, “Where would I have gone.”

She shrugged, “I don’t know. Away. Off with another girlfriend. I know they’re easy to come by.” She scowled, “You couldn’t even be bothered to call.”

Jim sighed, “I’m sorry, OK? I…it was just this business thing which had to be sorted. I should have said properly. But I’m here now, aren’t I?”

Heidi scowled again, “Woo hoo. You don’t really care do you? You just think I’m cool with everything, you can go AWOL for as long as you like and I’ll be sat here like a bloody fool, hopelessly in love with you.”

Jim shook his head, “No, I don’t. I totally care for you Heidi. Seriously, I love you.”

She shook her head, swallowed the tears which threatened to fall, “Yeah, whatever. You know, Leon was right. You just pick and choose whichever girl you like.”

Jim frowned, “So that’s it huh? Leon? He’s been around here? He’s been filling your head with this crap?”

Heidi scoffed, “You think I can’t think for myself? Leon’s my friend Jim. He’s just looking out for me. He’s here when you’re not. And he’s a lot nicer than you.”

She stood up, crossed the room and looked through the window at the snowy sidewalks below, her heart pounding. She wanted to hate him, wanted to tell him to get the fuck out of her life and not come back but she couldn’t. He had her hooked and she couldn’t stop herself melting at the sight of his beautiful face.

Jim watched her. It amazed him how just one look from this girl could make him feel like total crap. She turned, leaned back against the window and looked at him.

“This guy at work asked me out you know.”

Jim nodded numbly. He forced himself to keep his face straight while his stomach began cart-wheeling inside him.

“What did you say?”

Heidi shrugged, “I had a crush on him for ages. Before I met you. I thought he didn’t like me but I guess I was wrong. He’s called Jon.”

Jim nodded again, “Yeah. So, what did you say?”

She hadn’t answered his question. The seed of doubt flourished inside him. Was that it? She’d met someone else and she wanted out?

“I told him I was very flattered. And I said yes.” She looked at Jim with a sad smile. “Leon said it’d be good for me. Forget about you, date someone new.” She ran a hand through her hair. “We went to the movies last weekend. ‘Puss in Boots’. Antonio Banderas. It was great.”

Jim swallowed hard, “You….you went on a date with him?”

She nodded. “Yeah.”

She looked at him unwaveringly, aware of how just how much she was hurting him.

“It was great.” She said again. “We had the most amazing time.”

Jim stood up, “Good for you.”

Heidi shrugged, “And then I brought him back here.”

Jim turned sharply, looked at her, “You did what?”

She shrugged, absentmindedly rearranged the Christmas cards on the mantelpiece, “He came in. Had a drink. I wanted….” She sighed, “I wanted to….”

Jim crossed the room, touched her arm, “Please Heidi, tell me you didn’t.”

She looked up into his desperate eyes, “I thought you were gone. Forever. I thought I could move on. He kissed me. I kissed him.” She took a deep breath, “And then he started messing with my clothes.” She shook her head slowly, “It felt wrong. I felt…cheap. Dirty. I told him I couldn’t.”

Jim exhaled slowly, “Good.”

Heidi pulled away from him, “Yeah, good. He called me a slut. A tease. And then he went.” She shook her head, “I was a fucking tease. I was leading him on. And it was your fault. You just disappeared, what was I meant to do?”

Jim touched her hand, “What do I have to do to make it up to you? I know I should have called, I know I should have let you know that I was…still in for this. But I took you for granted. I thought you’d understand. You were always so cool with everything. I’m sorry, OK? Hey, look at me.” He sighed, “Come on baby. Give me a break. I’m here now, right? It’s Christmas.”

Heidi pulled a face, “You can’t just expect me to let you off because it’s Christmas.”

Jim smiled, “But?”

“But….” Heidi exhaled, looked up at his handsome face, “Jim, what are you doing with me?”

He frowned, “Huh?”

“You’re so much better than me. And I know you’re going to tell me to shut up but why do you like me? I’m just an average girl.”

Jim shook his head, “You’re so much more than that. You’re smart, funny, you understand me. You’re beautiful.” He touched her hair, “So beautiful. And so damn sexy.” He breathed in through his nose; let his eyes wander over her body, “Forgive me Heidi. I never knew. I never meant to hurt you.”

Heidi looked at his sincere face, and nodded. “I know. I just… I’m new to this Jim. I’m scared. What if you find someone better?”

Jim shook his head, “It can’t get any better than this. I’m on top of the world. I…I need you Heidi.”

Heidi smiled, “I knew you’d say that. I’m trying to be pissed off Jim, but I can’t be.”

“Good.” He smiled at her. “I need you in my life. And I need you now. You’re so fucking gorgeous; I want to make you feel good.” His spare hand dropped to the front of his jeans and he pressed against his erection as she looked on, “I’m sorry, I know I should be making you a cup of tea and apologising on my knees but you get me so hard Heidi, it’s ridiculous.”

She smiled, “It’s OK. It’s been ages. I’ve missed you. Missed your hands, your mouth, the way you make me feel. I don’t mind….just….let’s just do it.”

“Really? You’re happy to?”

He wrapped her in a warm hug, his strong arms going around her, making her feel safe, loved, complete.

Heidi broke away, pulled her woolly jumper off and dropped it on the floor.

Jim watched her and hurriedly pulled at his shirt until he’d uncovered his smooth torso. Heidi sighed as she stepped out of her jeans and panties, leaving them in a neat pile on the floor. She sat back on the sofa, pulled her knees up to her chest and waited, shivering slightly as Jim removed his own jeans. He pulled his boxers down. Heidi looked at his dick.

“What’s up?”

She shook her head, “It’s…weird.”

“How’s that?”

“I dunno. It’s just so…big.”

“That’s generally taken as a compliment.”

“I know but it’s really huge. Are most guys that size?”

“I don’t know.”

He pulled her up off the sofa and drew her close to him, so their bodies were pressed together. Heidi could feel his warm skin against hers, all the way down her body and she leaned into him, loving the feel of his muscles, his strength.

“You’re such a…man.” She murmured, “You’re a complete man.”

Jim laughed and dropped his mouth to hers, their lips locking together, uniting for the first time in ages. Heidi ran her hands down to his ass.

“You don’t have any fat on you. Everywhere’s just hard muscle.”

Jim laughed again, “I’m gonna get bigheaded if you carry on like this baby. You’re not so bad yourself.”

“Really? Be honest Jim. Seriously. I always think that my butt is too big, my chest isn’t big enough, my nose is too big. What do you think?”

Jim looked at her, “I think you need to get your self-esteem up. You’re gorgeous. Perfect. I love every inch of you. Your nose is perfect, your butt is perfect and…” he held her at arms length, gazing at her chest “Your breasts are perfect. I don’t want you to change ever. You’re thin, beautiful, god Heidi, I just love you.” He pulled her back into his solid embrace, “Don’t forget it.”

He dropped his hands to her butt and let his palms glide slowly over her buttocks. He sighed, “Perfect.” His lips enveloped hers again and she kissed him back.

He was so good to her. So warm, so kind, so comforting. She dropped her hand between their bodies to the erection pressing against her stomach. Slowly she ran her shaky fingers along it, curiously, almost as if she were discovering it for the first time. Jim groaned, pressed harder against her hand and she gulped, let her fingers go around it, feeling how hard it was, how thick.

Their lips parted and she opened her eyes, looked into his, “How does this thing fit inside me?”

Jim laughed hoarsely, “We were made for each other.”

Heidi rolled her eyes and he pushed her back onto the sofa so she sat down, letting go of him. He dropped to his knees in front of her and pushed her thighs apart, gazing down at her sweet moist entrance.

“Baby, I want to taste you.” He felt a sudden urge to put his mouth on her pink skin, lick the juice flowing from within and experience her, every last drop of her.

Heidi shook her head, “Please Jim. Can’t we keep it straight?”

He pouted, “That is straight. It’s not exactly anal is it? Please baby. I just want to see how good you taste, how sweet you are.”

His eyes latched onto hers as he slid his hands under her ass and lifted her to his mouth. He put out his tongue and let it dart over her clit.

Heidi gasped, “Jim, I...”

She wriggled away from him, “Baby, I’m sorry, I can’t.”

“I’ve been there before.”

“Yeah, when I was asleep. Please Jim, just let it go.”

He sighed, “Fine. At least I still get to fuck you.”

He was disappointed but didn’t want to push her. She just needed to be ready. It was better to wait than to regret it later, wasn’t it?

He pushed her legs up so her knees were bent. “Here, hold onto your legs.” She gripped her shins as he knelt up on the sofa, bringing his erection to her displayed entrance.

He looked at her naked form, “You look so beautiful.” He whispered, “God, so damn beautiful.”

He put his hands either side of her, leaning against the back of the sofa as he began pushing into her. He kissed her again, their lips gripping together as he stretched her tight hole. She moaned, tensed up, almost pulling away and he stroked her cheek, “It’s OK.” He whispered, “You’re fine. Loosen up. Let me make you feel good.”

Heidi shut her eyes tight as he slowly slid further inside her passage, “Oh god.” She moaned, “Oh god.”

Jim smiled at her concentration as she let out a little cry of pain, her fingers digging into her legs.

One final push and he was in. Completely in. “There.” He whispered, “That wasn’t so bad, was it?”

Heidi opened her eyes “You make it sound like I’m a kid getting an injection.”

Jim laughed, “Fuck, that’s an unlikely simile. You are getting an injection.”

Heidi laughed, “A needle’s usually a lot thinner than this.” He felt enormous inside her, enclosed in the tight confines of her dripping passage. She could feel him hot, pulsing and ready for action.

Jim smiled, kissed her again as he began to slowly thrust in and out of her, gripping the back of the sofa for balance. He gritted his teeth, his dick throbbing as he knelt precariously on the edge, moving in and out of her soft cunt, loving every sound that came from her sweet throat.

Heidi moaned, holding her legs tight as Jim’s face hovered somewhere above her. He always felt so big, so wonderfully big, stretching her so much. She moaned as he slammed into her with a sudden, unexpectedly forceful move.

“Jim. Jim.” Her fingers were prickling with sweat, she felt mad for doing this when she was supposed to be annoyed but he’d looked so hopeful, so excited, she couldn’t turn him down. And she was enjoying it herself. The harder he went, the better it felt, his dick soothing her aching pussy every time he hit that spot deep inside her. She couldn’t put into words what she was feeling so she just parted her lips and let the moans pour out. She opened her eyes, and he swam in and out of focus above her. God this was crazy! She forgot the rest of the world, forgot work, forgot Leon, forgot Christmas, and just concentrated on holding her legs tight against her perspiring breasts so Jim could do exactly what he wanted to her body.

She felt him move slightly as he adjusted his weight to one hand and brought the spare one to her face, pushed her hair off her sweaty forehead, stroked her lips, her cheek, her chin. He felt the dampness on her shoulder, drew a line between her breasts and stretched legs, still thrusting in and out of her.

“Jim!” he reached her navel and touched it, sparking that funny feeling inside her, making her flat stomach break out in a sweat to suit the rest of her body. His single finger trailed down, further down until he reached her mound. He ran his finger over the bare skin, running little circles until she lifted her ass and pressed desperately against his hand.


He touched her swollen clit and she almost pulled away, it was so ridiculously sensitive.

“Heidi? Shall I…?” He didn’t know what she wanted. She’d pressed up to him so urgently but now pulled away. He gazed down at her slick body, moving up and down in rhythm with his thrusts and he smiled at her beautiful expression. God, he loved this girl. Loved her more than words could say. He couldn’t even show it. He slammed into her harder, not caring that his arms and legs were crying out in protest, not caring that he had so many things to do. He just wanted her to know how much he felt about her. He wanted the emotions that were boiling inside him, the love, the laughter, the joy, the admiration, he wanted them all to pool down into his dick so they could be released inside her beautiful body. Oh lord, he needed to come. He needed it.

“Jim!” the word was barely decipherable between the moans, the grunts and the sound of skin slapping into skin.

“What is it baby?”

“Touch me. Please! I need you to.” God, yes. His finger was still roaming her damp mound and he brought it down to her clit for the second time. He touched it, gently at first, letting her get used to the feel again and then he began moving faster, slicking it up and down, side to side, loving every cry and moan that she uttered.

“Jim, god Jim!” she was close, that much was clear. He didn’t know how long they’d been at it, it felt like hours; all he knew was that he needed to come with her, inside her, so she’d feel what he felt. She had to know how much he loved her. She had to feel the passion burning in his taut stomach, had to feel the very fire in his soul that burnt intensely every time he looked at her flawless face. His fingers slicked against her sensitive clit harder and harder, faster and faster and then he felt her shudder, her body begin to surrender to him as she bucked, screamed out his name, over and over again, her slender frame shaking violently, her cries echoing in the small room. And as she clenched down hard around his blazing cock, he came with her, his spunk shooting up inside her soft sweet body, filling her, as he grunted, his eyes fixed on her face.

“Dear lord.” It was over. He was done. He slumped down, rested on top of her, his chest pressed against her cheek, his nose in her hair. It was a few minutes before he spoke.

“Heidi?” He straightened up, looked at her face. She opened her eyes, “You OK baby?”

“Oh god. I’m a bit sore.” He raised his eyebrows in concern as he gently pulled his limp cock out of her glove-like embrace.


She sighed, slowly let go of her legs and groaned, watching the cum leak out. “Not that sore. That was crazy Jim. Better than ever.”

He smiled, “Really? I just wanted to prove how much I love you.” He got up off the sofa and stretched, “Man, that was bloody awesome.”

Heidi slowly stood up, her legs still weak, “You don’t need to prove it Jim. I can tell.” She reached up, kissed him, “I’m just gonna get a shower.”

He held onto her arm as she made to walk away and she looked at him “What is it?”

His brown eyes passed over her naked body, the slight sheen of sweat on her skin, her mussed up hair, the small trickle of white liquid on her inner thigh.

“Jim? What is it?”

He sighed, swallowed hard, “You’re beautiful.” He whispered, “So fucking beautiful. I’m sorry Heidi, I really am. I tried to call, I swear I did but the lines were so messed up. I know it’s no excuse.” He sighed, “God baby, I love you.”

Heidi smiled, “Thank you.” She kissed him again, “You make me feel so good. I’m so happy Jim.”

He smiled, “Me too baby. I don’t deserve you. You’re so sweet, so innocent, so pure.”

Heidi shook her head, “Don’t say that! You’re perfect for me. Exactly what I want. Exactly what I’ve always wanted.”

Jim grinned, “Really?”

“Yes. Just don’t leave me sat here on tenterhooks again.” She sighed, “Leon’s going to be dead happy to see you.”

Jim groaned, “Who cares? We’re happy.”

He watched as she walked out of the room. Thank god she’d let him back in. Thank god.


Heidi woke up at seven the next morning to see Jim standing in the doorway of her bedroom. It felt good to see him there, just standing there, smiling at her, his wonderful body all on display, save the parts concealed by his boxers.

“Hey.” He crossed the room and sat down on the bed which creaked in alarm at his weight.

“Get off fatso. You’re going to break it.” Heidi slipped out from under the duvet and stepped into her slippers, watching in amusement as Jim lay down, hands behind his head.

“I’m not fat. You said yourself, it’s all muscle.”

Heidi rolled her eyes, “Sure. What are you doing here anyway?”

Jim pouted, “Am I not welcome here?”

Heidi laughed, “No. But seriously, it’s Christmas Eve! Aren’t you supposed to be seeing your family?”

Jim got up off the bed, “You’re practically family.”

Heidi laughed, “No, I’m not. What about your Mom?”

Jim shrugged, “I’m going over tonight. We all spend Christmas at hers. You’re coming too.”

Heidi frowned, “What? No, that’s your family thing, I can’t be there.”

Jim laughed, “Yes you can. Unless you have other plans…? You going to see your family? What do you usually do this time of year?”

“Not much.” Heidi turned and scrutinised her reflection in the mirror.

“Not much?!” Jim asked incredulously, “You must do something.”

Heidi sighed, “I tell my grandma I’m spending the day with my friends. I tell Leon I’m spending the day with my grandma. And I sit at home.”

What?!” Jim looked at her in disbelief, “You sit here alone? On Christmas?”

Heidi shrugged, “Leon goes to see his family. I went one time but I didn’t like it. I don’t really like Christmas at all.”

Jim shook his head, “Heidi, I’m confused.”

She turned, rummaged in her wardrobe, “I just compare it to when I was a kid. We used to have so much fun with Dad. And it feels wrong to enjoy myself without him.”

“So you do nothing?” Jim shook his head, “Baby, he wouldn’t want you to be unhappy. I know it’s never going to be the same without him but you can still make an effort, can’t you? Look, come and spend the day with us. Me, my mom, Jasmine and her family. You’ll have a good time, I swear. And if you don’t, you can just drink it all away.”

Heidi forced a laugh, “You’re a bad influence.”

Jim smiled, “You can’t be alone on Christmas.”

“Fine.” She began brushing her long hair, “Fine.”

Jim grinned, “We’ll have a blast, I promise you.”

Heidi smiled, “Sure. What are you doing today then?”

Jim shrugged, stretched and yawned, “I’m giving you your first Christmas present.”

Heidi groaned, “You got me something? Jim, I didn’t buy anything for you.”

He laughed, “I didn’t expect anything. I don’t deserve anything. Hell, being back in your life is the only thing I wanted. But I got you a couple of things.”

Heidi sighed, “A couple? Jim, please don’t spend all your money on me.”

He crossed the room, kissed her hard on the lips, “It’s my money. I can do what I want with it.” His eyes twinkled as he looked into hers, “Now get freshened up and changed. We’re going to mine.”


It was almost ten in the morning when Jim eventually parked his Range Rover up in front of his house. He turned the engine off and they sat in silence for a minute or two, looking at the snow covered surroundings. He sighed,

“Come on then.” He looked at Heidi.

She pulled a face, “It’s cold out there.”

Jim laughed, “We’re not going to sit outside. The house is warm. Move it.”

She slowly undid her seatbelt, pulled her hat down tightly over her ears and stepped out onto the driveway, the snow crushing soundlessly underneath her boots.

Jim locked the car, led her over to the front door and soon enough they were in the warmth.

“There!” He hung her coat up in the hall and smiled, “I have a feeling this is gonna be an awesome Christmas.”

Heidi looked at him, “Why’s that?”

He laughed, “As if I need to say. Come on, let’s have elevenses.”

“Elevenses?” Heidi smiled as she followed him into the kitchen, “It’s ten.”

“Ten-ses, then.” Jim opened a few cupboard doors, whistling to himself as he tossed a packet of bread at her, “Toast that.”

Heidi scowled, “Hey, I’m the guest. You should be doing everything.”

“Ha!” Jim laughed, “House rules. You don’t help, you don’t eat.”

Heidi sniffed in disgust, “That’s a stupid rule.”

Jim laughed at her sulky expression, “Don’t eat then. I know you must be starving, you didn’t even have breakfast.”

He crossed over to the refrigerator, “You want orange juice? Pineapple?” He looked across at her, “Or just coffee?”

“Coffee.” She looked around the enormous room, “Where’s the toaster?”

“In that cupboard, right there.”

Five minutes later, after being forced to make coffee while Jim did the eggs, Heidi slumped down at the table.

Jim looked at her in amusement, “What’s wrong with you?”

“I’m tired.” She tried to hide her smile.

“Tired?” Jim sat down across from her, took a gulp of hot coffee, “Ah! Fuck, that’s hot!”

Heidi laughed, “Well obviously.”

Jim sniffed, “Go on then, eat. You helped, so go ahead.”

Heidi reached across the table, took his plate and started eating as he watched incredulously. “Mmm…” She sipped his coffee and smiled sweetly, “Thanks Jim. You’re so good to me.”


After losing the friendly argument over who was washing up, Heidi dried her hands with a smile. Maybe Christmas wasn’t going to be so bad this year. She pushed the impending memories of her family to the back of her mind and went in search of Jim.

“Hey, where are you?”

He appeared in the doorway of the sitting room, “Here. What’s up?”

Heidi shrugged, “Nothing. What am I meant to do now?”

Jim raised an eyebrow, “You finished washing up? You didn’t just stick it all back in the cupboards?”

Heidi wrinkled up her nose, “No. That’s gross. Only a guy would do that.”

Jim laughed, “Fine. Good. Now, um, yeah.” He looked at her for a second and smiled, “I have a new house rule.”

Heidi sighed, “What? The guest does the vacuuming? The guest does the laundry? The guest mows the lawn?”

Jim frowned, “There’s snow on the lawn. Anyway, no, it’s a good rule. I just invented it.”

Heidi rolled her eyes, “Even better. The guest stands around waiting for the host to come up with new rules?”

“No.” Jim smiled, an almost wolfish smile as he took in her expression. “The guest doesn’t wear any clothes.”

Heidi’s mouth dropped open, “What?! Are you insane? It’s like minus ten degrees outside!”

“Well, you’re not outside are you? You’re inside.” He shook his head, “You don’t have to be so over dramatic. I’d gladly do the same.”

Heidi scoffed, “No. No way. I’d rather go home and watch Judge Judy.”

“Oh, come on!” Jim pleaded, “Seriously, you should take it as a compliment.”

“A compliment?!”

“Yeah.” Jim pulled off his shirt, walked back into the sitting room, “Or we can just have sex. It’s up to you.”

Heidi rolled her eyes, “Wow! What a choice!”

Jim laughed, “You’re so cynical! Come on Heidi. I’m a guy!”

“Uh-huh. I think that I did actually notice that.” Heidi sat down on one of the sofas as Jim dropped his shirt to the floor and began undoing his jeans. “I haven’t made my choice yet you know. I don’t know why you’re stripping.”

Jim smiled, “Because I already know what you’re going to say.” He looked at her, “Come on, take your clothes off. They’re coming off either way.”

Heidi scoffed, “You are so arrogant! I can’t believe you! You’re in my life for barely seven days, you disappear for three months, I find it in my heart to forgive you, you bring me back here, force me to cook and clean and now you just assume that I’m going to have sex with you.” She paused for breath, “Talk about self-righteousness.”

Jim grinned, “I love it when you get all angry.”

Heidi tried to stop herself smiling as he crossed the room and pulled her up off the sofa, laughing as he did so.

“I love you sweetheart.”

She grinned, “Sweetheart? Never heard that one before.”

Jim smiled, “It’s my last resort. Please Heidi.” He kissed her softly on the mouth, “This is going to be a great Christmas.” He whispered, his eyes looking meaningfully into hers, “I promise baby.”

His hands moved to the bottom of her sweater and she pushed him away, “I can do it myself.”

Jim nodded, “Fine.” He pulled his boxers down, left them on the floor as he sat down on the sofa, watching expectantly as she undressed hurriedly, not wanting to linger over any one part. Within a minute, she stood in front of him, completely naked, her eyes fixed uncertainly on his as he smiled at her.

“You’re so beautiful.” He murmured, “So fucking beautiful.”

He adjusted his position, half-lying on the sofa, his legs bent at the knees, his eyes never leaving hers. Reaching forward, he pulled her down on top of him, one hand securing itself on the back of her head, the other on her ass and they kissed furiously¸ their naked bodies pressing together. Heidi felt him move uncomfortably so she adjusted her position, moving one leg between his, her pussy pressed hard against his thigh. She moaned as he pulled her head to the side, still kissing her furiously, his other hand moving to her ass, his fingers trailing across it. She moved her own hand to the back of his head, settling in between his bent legs, feeling his erection lurking between them.

“Heidi.” The word came out as a gasp, “You drive me mad.”

His brown eyes flicked over her face, her parted lips her beautiful eyes and he pressed his mouth to hers again, unable to elucidate what was going on inside him. Her skin was so soft, so smooth, her ass so firmly round, her legs so silky in comparison to his.

He could feel the heat of her cunt against his thigh, and that just made him harder, made the blood pound more fiercely inside his ear drums.

“I need you!” The words burst from his mouth as they parted, gasping for breath, “Now Heidi, now.”

“You’ve got me Jim.” Her eyes were looking into his, she seemed almost confused.

He hesitated, “You OK?”

She exhaled, “Fine. You’re amazing Jim.”

He shook his head, released her grip on her and reached down, pulled her leg over his so she was stretched across him, “You ready? You OK?”

She moved up so her face was above his and nodded, her hands moving to his shoulders, gripping hard as he found her wet entrance and began pushing in.

“Oh god, oh god.” The regular pain begun and she screwed her eyes shut waiting for him to go in all the way before she slumped down, pressed her mouth to his again and let the feeling of fullness settle.

“You good baby?” The concern in his lust drenched voice made her smile and she kissed his neck in response, her flat stomach pressing against his, her breasts squashed against his muscled chest.

Jim grunted, moved his hands around to her ass and held on tight as they began moving together, sliding in and out, on and off each other.

“Oh baby. Heidi.” his breathing was ragged, uneven, his voice a hoarse whisper as he felt her gasping against his neck, her soft lips kissing him, her moans muffled. Her slim fingers moved to his face, exploring it, the hard line of his rough jaw, the prominent shape of his nose, his eyebrows, his mouth, lips. His teeth came out, nipped playfully at her soft fingertips and she yelped, trailed her teeth across his neck, straightening up slightly, looking into his eyes as he continued moving in and out of her. Her long dark hair hung down, brushing against him as her eyes shut uncontrollably, a soft yelp issuing from her sweet throat as he pushed harder. His hands roamed her butt, as he subconsciously decided to stay away from her asshole, his fingers moving instead to her narrow waist, going higher and higher until they reached her firm chest. Heidi moaned, her own hands moving from his shoulders to his biceps as he began moving faster, his fingers digging into her soft flesh, exploring, pinching her hardened nipples. Another aching moan escaped from her throat and he pinched harder, until it was almost painful, his lover’s eyes squeezed tight shut as she leaned on his chest.

“Oh god!” He was pulling at her nipples now, groping her breasts in his hands, marvelling at the firmness, the softness, his eyes fixed on her beautiful face. He was thrusting hard up into her, his hips lifting from the sofa every time he slammed fully inside her narrow entrance. She moaned again, arched her back, and faced the ceiling as he went harder, faster, his hands moving down to hold her waist steady.

“Oh god, oh Jim!” she was gasping, her legs sweating against his, her hair hanging down her back as she felt herself get closer and closer, Jim’s hand moving furtively to pause between her legs.

“Look at me!” His command was an uncompromising grunt, as his fingers made contact with his dick, drawing moisture from the pool up to her clit. “Heidi, look at me!”

Her head dropped back, her eyes opened, looked into his intense gaze as he began stroking her, slowly at first, gradually increasing in tempo. She gasped out his name and he shook his head, silently demanding eye contact as he brought her closer and closer to orgasm. Her slim thighs shook either side of him as her hand came out, grabbed his wrist, trying to help her keep control. She cried out again as she felt his rough fingers move skilfully against her, knowing exactly how to get her to release. Her hand left his strong wrist, moved down to his fingers and she scrabbled with him, feeling her own wetness, trying to wrench him away. His eyes stared into hers, “Don’t look away.” He muttered gutturally, “Your face, I…” He broke off as his provocative fingers combined with his hard thrusts, finally sent her over the edge as she moaned loudly, her eyes dragging away from his, her mouth sucking in oxygen as she bucked around his cock, both of her hands now struggling with his. She clenched hard around him, her thighs crumbling as she slumped, her sweat slicked body coming to rest on his as he reached his own climax.

“Fuck! FUCK!” His hand finally left her sensitive clit as he gripped her waist, shooting his hot load straight up inside her, again and again, until he was empty and breathless, his heart beating at an impossible rate. He lay down; let himself relax as he wrapped his arms around Heidi, holding her close, his dick still buried deep inside her. Nobody moved for a few minutes. Jim’s hand moved up, stroked her hair as he opened his eyes, let out a long drawn-out sigh of appreciation.


Her hands were trapped between their hot bodies and she slowly lifted herself off his warm bulk, freeing herself, gently moving up along his muscular thighs so he eased out of her.

“What a mess.”

She manoeuvred herself off the sofa and stood on the carpet, subconsciously rubbing her waist, where Jim had held on so hard. She looked down at him.

“Jim? You OK?”

He was staring at the ceiling but as he turned to look at her, he smiled, “I feel amazing.”

She smiled, “Good. So are you gonna lie there all day?”

“No.” He heaved himself up off the cushions and kissed her hard, “Let’s go and shower.”


The rest of Christmas Eve was spent in idyllic enjoyment, each simply enjoying the others company. They cooked, laughed, managed to have fun fully clothed as they watched Home Alone, fast forwarding though the boring bits. Jim felt happier than he’d ever been before. Heidi was such a genuine girl. There was none of the fake laughter at his pathetic jokes, none of the constant mushiness. She was just herself and he loved it. He loved her. He couldn’t wait to introduce her to Jasmine and the kids, couldn’t wait to make her feel like part of a family. Because that was what she was missing. Too resentful to talk to her own Mom, too guilty to have fun with her sister and Grandmother, she needed to feel included. It was clear to him, suddenly crystal clear, that she’d never found peace after her Dad’s death. She couldn’t even look him in the eye when she talked about it, couldn’t speak about it for too long. Now, as she laughed at the kid on TV, she was happy because it was all OK. She wasn’t reminded of her dysfunctional family, wasn’t thinking about her father lying six feet under the ground, she was just being a normal seventeen year old.

He smiled as the credits rolled onto the screen and she pressed the off button on the controller, turning to smile at him.

“That was fun.”

He nodded, “Yeah.”

She frowned, “What’s wrong with you, Mr Serious? You’re looking all sombre like you’re having some profound thoughts.”

Jim laughed, “I’m an intelligent man, young lady. It’s normal for me to be doing some deep thinking.”

She rolled her eyes, “Yeah, when you’re watching two dumbass criminals having their butts kicked by a kid?!”

“Yeah.” He smiled at her again before glancing at the clock, “I reckon it’s time for bed, and,” he grinned, flashing his white teeth at her, “Time for your first present.”

Heidi sighed, “I don’t want a present. I’m not a baby, you know.”

“Believe me, I know.” Jim stood up, “It’s not a proper present, it’s more of an….idea.”

“Yup, heard all those before.” Heidi said with a grin, “Don’t tell me. You want to move in together before you go off on a world tour for half a year.”

Jim gasped, “Would I ever do that to you?!”

Heidi rolled her eyes.

“No, seriously, come on, it’s upstairs.” His hand wrapped around hers and he pulled her up off the sofa. Half a minute later, they were in his bedroom, Heidi looking out of the window, as he rummaged through a jacket pocket. “I got it yesterday.” He explained, “It’s nothing much. I’m saving the proper one for tomorrow.”

“I get two presents?!”

Jim turned, “See? You are excited! Oh, come on, where have they gone?!”

Finally he turned around with an envelope which he sat down on the bed with. He patted the space next to him, “Come on.”

Heidi sighed, “Why do I have to sit there?”

Jim laughed, “So when you see what it is and get really happy, I’ll just turn around and ravage you. Simple, really.”

Heidi stepped hesitantly forward, “What if I don’t get happy?”

Jim laughed, “Then you’d be an ungrateful cow. Come on, I’m dead excited!”

He pulled her down next to him and passed her the envelope, “Open it!”

Heidi lifted the flap, glanced at him, before pulling out the slips of paper, scanning the writing, “Oh my god!”

Jim laughed, “I knew you’d be happy!”

“We’re going to Vegas?!” Heidi shook her head, “My God, you are the worst influence in the world!”

Jim laughed, plucked the papers out of her hand and dropped them onto the bedside table, turning to kiss her hard on the lips, his hands sliding smoothly under her clothes, “And you love me for it.”


Christmas morning arrived with a fresh blanket of snow and Heidi was rudely awoken by the sound of a newsreaders weather warnings. She brushed the hair from her eyes, smiled at the memory of the previous night and looked up to see Jim, fully clothed, watching her.

“What time is it?” She wrapped the duvet around herself, shielding her naked body from his shameless gaze.

“It’s half past seven. And we need to get a move on.” He pulled the duvet away from her and she brought her knees up, hugged them to her chest.


Jim laughed, “We’re going to Mom’s remember? I’ve been up for an hour getting everything sorted.”

Heidi groaned, “Why didn’t you wake me?”

He shrugged, “You looked so peaceful. I reckon I tired you out yesterday.”

“Hmm…” Heidi dragged herself off the mattress, “Do I have to go?”

Jim sighed, “You sound like a kid. And yes, you do. It’s going to be fun, I swear. You can meet Jasmine and her husband, Callum, and their kids.”

Heidi ran her fingers though her hair, “That’s the point. It’s your family. Not mine. I’m not…welcome there.”

Jim laughed, “Bull. Sure you are. I already told Mom you’re coming and Jas, well, she’ll be cool with it.” He looked at her uncertain face, “Baby, please. Come on, get showered and we can get going. It’ll be great!”

Heidi forced a smile, “Yeah, great!”

Jim watched as she made her way into the en suite and heard her turn the water on. It was going to be great, wasn’t it? He crossed the room, picked up her second present from the top shelf of his wardrobe and put it in his jeans pocket, a slight feeling of uneasiness settling over him. He hoped to god that this Christmas was going to go the way he’d planned.


It was just over an hour later when Susan Mitchell heard the doorbell ring. She smiled to herself as she hurriedly shut the oven door and washed her hands, before making her way down the hall to the front door.

“Just chill out Heidi, I swear you’re….”

Jim stopped talking as the door swung open and his mother wrapped him in a bone crunching hug, “Merry Christmas dear.”

Jim smiled, “I’d hug you back Mom but I’ve got all this stuff for the kids.”

Susan released him, looked at Heidi who was standing behind him nervously and smiled, “Heidi! Oh, you look beautiful! Come in, come in!”

Jim snorted, “God, Mom. You like her better than me!”

Susan rolled her eyes, “Can you blame me?” she laughed at Jim’s expression, “Oh you daft boy. Come on, I love it when my house gets filled with young people!”

Heidi hadn’t spoken and Jim looked at her, “Aren’t you going to say anything?”

She gulped, “Oh. Sorry.” She looked at his Mom, “Happy Christmas Ms Mitchell. Thanks for having me over. I didn’t want to intrude or anything but…”

“Oh, nonsense dear.” Susan shook her head, “The more the merrier. At least Jim won’t be sitting here with no-one to talk to. And you can call me Susan. Or Sue.”

She ushered them into the hall and Jim put down the bags he was carrying to unzip his jacket. Heidi just stood there.

“Heidi?” Jim poked her, “Take your things off.”

She jumped, “Huh? Oh, erm…, yeah.” She fumbled with the buttons on her coat as Jim watched in concern.

“Baby? You OK?”

She scowled, “Yeah, fine. For gods sake Jim, give me a break!” She bit her lip, “God, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to snap. I just….I’m just nervous.”

“Hey.” Jim paused as his Mom tactfully went down the hall, “It’s OK. Just enjoy yourself, OK?”

She nodded jerkily, “Yeah, yeah, sure, I can handle it.”

Jim smiled and followed his Mom into the kitchen, “I’ve got a present for an old lady!”

Susan hit him with the tea towel, “Old lady, indeed! Go to your room!”

They laughed and Jim wrapped her in a hug, “I love you Mom. Thanks for everything.” He looked into her bright brown eyes, “Everything.”

She smiled, “I’m so proud of you Jim. You’re a man. A proper man.” She frowned at the sudden look of uncertainty on his face, “Jim? What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” He smiled, “Just nervous about Heidi.”

“Don’t worry. It’s going to go fine, I know it is.” She squeezed his arm, “Anyway, where’s this present you were speaking of?”


Heidi stood in the hall, watching quietly as Jim laughed with his Mom. Thoughts of her own family were thankfully interrupted as the doorbell rang again and there was a sudden commotion as two small boys charged in, clutching remote-controlled cars while arguing loudly. They stopped short as they noticed her and turned back to their harassed parents who were struggling through the door.

“Oh George!”

Jim came out of the kitchen as he heard his sister’s tired exclamation and grinned.

“Jas!” He wrapped her in a hug as her husband crowded in behind her, dropping numerous bags on the floor. Heidi plastered a smile onto her face. It was going to be a long day.


It soon became clear to Heidi that Jim’s family had a very traditional Christmas. She made her way through the introductions, the hugs, the stupid mistletoe, the crackers, the enormous meal and found herself actually enjoying it. And then, to get a little bit of time to herself, she insisted on doing the washing up, stacking up the numerous plates and loading them next to the sink. It had been OK so far. Jasmine, Callum, and their two boys were as nice as Jim had promised. Funny, welcoming, they couldn’t have made her feel more at home. But she’d overheard Jasmine talking to Jim in the hall, a snippet of their conversation catching her ear as she made conversation with Callum “….she’s only seventeen Jim! You’re being selfish!” She tried to pretend she hadn’t heard but one look at Callum’s face told her he’d heard too and she swiftly turned her attention to the children, not knowing what to say. And now here Jasmine was, carrying more plates though, smiling at her as if everything was OK.


Jasmine hesitated and Heidi looked at her, “What is it?”

“Nothing. You having a nice time?”

Heidi smiled, “Yeah, thanks.”

“Good.” But she didn’t leave, “You and Jim, uh, you‘re great together.”

“Oh, uh, thanks.”

There was another awkward pause.

Heidi put down the plate, “Jasmine, I know what you think. I’m seventeen, Jim’s twenty seven, it’s not right and…”

“He’s twenty eight.” Jasmine was looking suitably nervous. “And I’m not saying it’s not right. Look, Jim’s happy, you’re happy. But I’m just an interfering cow. Look, I know you heard what we were talking about earlier, right? But I was wrong. You suit each other perfectly. Don’t let me screw it up. I just get ….” She sighed, ran a hand through her blonde hair, “I just want you to get on, OK? Jim likes you. He’s never had a girl around for one of these family things before and I just don’t want him to get hurt.”

Heidi nodded, “I know. I’m sorry. But we’re OK. We’re good. Don’t worry about it.”

Jasmine nodded, “I’m sorry Heidi. I judge too soon but I can see you’re a nice girl and I’m really sorry if you thought -”

She stopped talking as Jim came into the kitchen and turned to the door. “Anyway, I’d better go make sure the kids haven’t killed each other.” And she was gone.

Heidi resumed washing the plates as Jim sat down on the countertop, “You OK? Jas hasn’t been scaring you off, has she?” The question was asked lightly but his eyes were nervous as she looked at him and smiled,

“No. Quite the opposite.”

“Good.” The nervousness was replaced with clear relief, “You having a good day?”

“Yep.” Heidi put down the last plate and dried her hands, “Great.”

“Good.” Jim stepped off the countertop and stood behind her dropping his chin to her shoulder as they both looked out at the flurry of snow adding to the already covered garden.

“It’s beautiful.”

“Mm-hm.” Jim’s head turned, and he kissed her gently on the neck. “We’ll stay over here tonight. Too dangerous to drive.”

Heidi sighed, “I don’t have any other clothes.”

“You won’t need any.” He kissed her again, “Will you?”

Heidi shrugged, “Guess not.”

She was watching a bird which was pecking about in the snow, subconsciously aware of Jim’s hand taking hers, pressing it to his jeans.

“Feel that?” His voice was a husky whisper, “See what you do to me?”

“Hmmm…” Heidi sighed, leaned back into him, “I know.”

The bulge was undeniable and she didn’t know what to think about it.

“Should I be flattered?”

Jim laughed, “I don’t know.” His hand released hers, leaving it on his jeans and he reached up, cupped her breasts.

“Perfect.” He pushed his hips forward, pushed harder against her hand; an ominous growl rising in his throat as he felt himself get harder and then Heidi pushed him, urgently, as the door swung open.

Jim stepped hurriedly back as Callum walked in and stopped short, “Oh God.” It didn’t take a genius to work out what had been going on, “Whoa, sorry guys, I was just gonna get some wine. I’ll just…”

“No.” Heidi turned around, “It’s OK. We’re good. Come on, let’s go.”

She was out of the kitchen like a shot, leaving Jim leaning against the wall, hot and looking uneasily at his brother-in-law.


Callum shook his head, “Forget it. Seriously, it’s no big problem. Where’s the drinks?”

Jim ran a hand through his hair as he crossed the kitchen and took out some glasses. A little alcohol would probably to him a world of good.


The rest of the day passed enjoyably, the plentiful beer and wine making up for the sometimes awkward conversation. They all sat in the sitting room, a roaring fire warming them as Jasmine flicked through the TV programmes, looking for something to quieten the children. And they talked. About everything. Christmas, snow, schools, hairstyles, work, even politics. Callum, Jasmine and Susan were easy to talk too. They weren’t pretentious, they were just normal people. The conversation flowed as fast as the wine and it was only when Callum gave a stifled yawn, that everyone realised it was past midnight.

Soon enough they were all going upstairs, saying goodnight, laughing at how the time had flown and before she knew it, Heidi was alone in a guest bedroom, gazing out at the snow, waiting for Jim.

She felt his breath on her ear before she felt his hands enclose her waist, pulling her into him. She leaned back, sighed in blissful happiness, looking out across the blanketed city.

“That was the most perfect Christmas. Ever.” His hands moved lower, stroking the skin between her jeans and shirt.

“Right. You made me happy Heidi. More than you know.” His lips dropped to her neck and he kissed a soft path up to her jaw, “You’re perfect. You’re just… amazing.”

Their lips met, slowly, almost hesitantly, as Heidi turned to face him, running her hands up his arms.

“Thanks.” Her brown eyes were soft as she looked into his, “Thank you Jim.”

He paused, “For what?”

“For making me come here. You were right. It was great.”

She kissed him again, hands sliding behind his neck and he tried to relax, tried to be confident as he slipped his hand into his pocket.

“Heidi.” The word came out hoarsely, as he swallowed, took in her beautiful face, “I was going to give you your second present.”

Heidi laughed, “Leave it. Do it tomorrow.”

“No!” She looked surprised at the urgency in his tone, “I…” he took a deep breath, tried to steady himself, “Now, it has to be now.”

Heidi tried to hide her confusion, “Um, OK. Whatever you say.”

Jim tried to smile, tried to tell himself it was going to be OK but he’d never been so scared in his life. He should have left it to another day, he thought uneasily, but he needed her. He had to do this, had to make sure that this really was going to be the best Christmas of his life

“Close your eyes then.” His attempt at a jokey tone partially succeeded and Heidi smiled, squeezed her eyes shut, blocking out Jim and the rest of the room.

Jim hesitated, his hand still deep in his jeans pocket as he toyed with the gift.

“Heidi, I, uh…” He didn’t know what to say. He swallowed hard, “Heidi, you’re the only girl I ever want. You hear me?”


“And um…” he scratched the back of his head, “I come so close to losing you time and time again over stupid, pathetic things and I was doing a lot of thinking while I was away. Lying in bed, thinking about my life. How I’m doing, where I’m going, what I want.” He sighed, “There’s something about you baby. You’re….you’re different to all the others. There’s this thing about you that makes you funny and sexy, and smart and beautiful all at the same time. You make me good. And I can’t lose that.” He shook his head, looked at her shut eyes, “Heidi, I can’t lose that. You’re like a….a…drug.”

Heidi snorted, “A drug?”

Jim forced a laugh, “Yeah….Look, before I met you, right, my life was OK. With you, I’m just on this terrific high all the time. You make me feel so good. And it’s not just the sex. Talking to you, having you around is the best feeling in the world. And when you’re not here, I’m on a low. Like the last three months have felt like shit. Seriously Heidi, I need you. No other girl, I need you.”

He breathed in sharply, pulled the ring out of his pocket and dropped to his knee in front of her, “Which is why, I have to ask you. I can’t lose what we have, baby. I need you.” He shook his head, an insane desire to laugh flaring inside him as he looked up at her beautiful face, “Heidi, sweetheart, will you marry me?”

Heidi’s eyes flew open as her jaw dropped at the sight of him in front of her, “Marry you?!”

To be continued

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