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Sex Money - Chapter One

She was naive and he was more ways than she could have imagined
Seventeen year old Heidi Jenkins was checking her new outfit in the hall mirror when she heard the taxi pull up outside the house. She grabbed her purse and shouted,

‘Leon, I’m going now!’

Leon came into the hallway.

‘Are you coming back here tonight?’

Heidi smoothed her hair with her hand and shrugged.

‘Doubt it. I’ll call if I am but I’ll probably go home.’

‘OK.’ Leon said, ‘Remember; no more than two drinks.’

Heidi rolled her eyes, ‘Don’t worry Leon, I don’t even like drinking. Does my hair look OK?’

The taxi beeped its horn outside.

‘Yeah, it’s fine. Now go win some money.

Heidi smiled at Leon before rushing out of the door and getting into the cab.

A half hour later, the taxi pulled up outside Andrejes Casino, a fairly large establishment on the fringes of Atlantic City. Although she was legally too young to gamble, Heidi had discovered that a large pair of DKNY shades and some stilettos could get you in anywhere if you knew how to wear them. Coupled with the silky black Armani dress she’d bought with a month’s wages she was scarcely surprised when the doorman hardly glanced at her phony ID before ushering her into the brightly lit reception.

Pausing at the trade booth, Heidi handed the $1000 in her purse to the blonde lady behind the glass. She smiled inwardly at the way the woman uncomfortably looked at Heidi’s shades, obviously wondering who on earth was under there. Her job however, told her not to ask questions and she smiled welcomingly at Heidi as she handed her the chips and wished her a good night. Heidi smiled back and thanked her before making her way to the bar where she ordered an OJ on the rocks. She wasn’t going to have a real drink yet or it’d mess with her mind and she’d lose her talent at the tables. It had happened once before and Leon had been so angry with her for wasting his money that he’d slapped her face before telling her to get out of his house and never come back. She’d cried with anger at herself and begged him to forgive her & let her try again which he did in the end and now here she was, determined to win for him.

Heidi sat down on a barstool and sipped her juice, swirling it around her mouth, enjoying the cool citrusy freshness. Her eyes took in the well dressed people, gambling or simply strolling around. They were all so beautiful. The women even more so, with their sexy dresses and curvy bodies, their feminine perfectness and all their experience. They were all at least five years older than Heidi and their age shone from them. They knew how to flirt with men and then get rid of them with a flick of the wrist if they weren’t good enough. They could pick and choose, go home with whoever they wanted simply by dropping a sly word into a conversation. Heidi sighed to herself longingly as she watched them all. She’d never really been happy with the way she looked. Her nose, she felt was too big; her legs not long enough, her butt too much on the large side and her breasts far too small. Despite the compliments from her friends and family, Heidi knew they were just being nice. She was hardly a girl anyone would want to take home. She was just ordinary. Yes, she was intelligent, had a great sense of humour and an easy disposition but what was the use in those qualities if nobody approached her to witness them? She drained the juice in her glass and made her way over to a roulette wheel. Time to perform.

27 year old Jim stood in his usual corner of the casino, his eyes flitting shrewdly around the room as he debated on which table to join. His typical attire of dark suit and white shirt had been attracting attention all evening from the new players, though the regulars were quite used to him by now. A woman who looked to be in her early twenties approached him with a confident smile, her tight pink dress emphasising the hugeness of her enhanced breasts.

‘Hey.’ She said, in feigned shyness, mascara coated eyelashes framing her blue eyes. ‘Are you here with someone?’

Jim faked a smile. ‘Yeah, my girlfriends over at the bar, getting me a drink.’

The girl’s smile faded and she took off without another word clearly in search of an equally good looking target. Jim sighed. He was sick of all these bimbos, coming in here with everything on display. They could barely gamble let alone seduce him. He needed someone new; someone fresh, someone innocent, someone with no ulterior motives. Someone like.....her. His drifting gaze was suddenly targeted towards the long haired girl who had just finished a game and was moving to a new table. Yes, Jim thought to himself as he took in her lean figure, the shades hiding her expression. He could already visualize kissing those determined yet soft pink lips, pulling that dress away from that body….

Heidi smiled to herself as she finished her game of blackjack. She had just amplified her winnings to $7000 after merely two games sparking a feeling that this was going to be a pretty big night. She was pondering over which table to approach next when her cell began to ring in her purse. Pulling it out, she hurried up onto the roof, into the open air, the cool breeze comforting her as she answered the call.

‘Heidi, I hope you’ve got good news.’

It was Leon, straight to the point as usual.

‘Hey Leon.’ Heidi replied, ‘Yeah, it’s going OK so far.’

‘OK?’ asked Leon

‘Well, great actually.’ Heidi said, smiling, ‘I’m 7 up.’

‘Good.’ came the reply. ‘Listen, I’ve got a mark for you. One of my mates just confirmed he’s at the same place you are. His name is Jim Mitchell. I need you to beat him. Badly.’

‘A mark?’ asked Heidi, panicking slightly ‘What am I supposed to do? What if he’s an expert?’

‘He’s not.’ was the brisk reply. ‘He’s a cheat. He stole 30k off me last year at a casino in Ibiza. Right under my fucking nose and all. Just watch him closely. You’ll beat him. Don’t worry babe.’

‘But I don’t know anything … what does he look like?’

‘Tall, dark hair, cut short but wavy, dresses dark, with a white shirt. Got it?’

‘Leon, there’s loads of guys who fit that description. ’

‘Uh, brown eyes, kind of broad, well built. Just ask around for him, he’s a regular. But don’t let him know who you are or that you’re connected with me or we’ll lose him. Just act like a regular punter. OK?’

‘I guess so. What was his name again?’

‘Jim or James Mitchell. And hurry up. Call me when you want to be picked up.’

The line went dead. Heidi closed the phone and stuffed it back into her bag. Leon made it sound so easy. As if she could just seek out a total stranger and beat him in a game of…of……of what? Leon hadn’t even said what she was meant to play him at! And if he was a cheat she might not even have a chance of winning. Heidi opened her eyes wide and leaned against the railing, looking down at the cars below. It was almost a quarter past 12. Friday night. She had work tomorrow as well. Half of her wanted to forget about the whole thing: go home, forget Leon, and forget gambling, concentrate on studying and working her way up to a promotion. But in her heart she knew she couldn’t. She loved gambling, loved the feeling of danger as someone flipped their last cards over, loved the thrill that coursed through her when she made a heavy wager and she loved winning. Loved the adrenalin rush she got, loved making Leon pleased with her. The money wasn’t really a part of it to Heidi. The whole experience was what she loved which was why she never argued as she handed every last penny over to Leon following a night on the tables. He had coached her after all. Granted she’d been a good player to begin with but he had taught her all those little tricks, how biting your lip in that special way could give you the advantage you needed, how leaning back could either make or break a game and how going in low could set your opponents up. The list went on and Heidi was grateful for it. She was grateful for it all really, minus the mood swings, the stubbornness and of course, the crazy ideas. Like when he’d told her not to bother with college. She’d had great grades and had disappointed her family and her teachers when she’d made the decision to go straight into work. Heidi still never really understood Leon’s reasoning behind that certain scheme but didn’t have the courage to ask in fear of what sort of temper he’d erupt into. Lost in her own thoughts, she didn’t notice the time slipping away until someone touched her lightly on the shoulder. She jumped, startled, and spun around to see a tall figure in front of her.

‘Sorry.’ said the man, ‘I didn’t mean to frighten you, I just wondered if you were OK. You’ve been stood here for ages.’

‘I’m fine.’ Heidi replied, guardedly ‘I was just thinking about stuff.’

The stranger smiled. ‘I do that myself. Get lost in my own thoughts. I’m always away with the fairies.’

Heidi smiled in amusement. She could hardly imagine this tall muscular man fluttering around with fairies. The idea was ridiculous to say the least.

‘What’s your name?’ asked the man.

‘Heidi’ she replied, impressed by his dress sense. The initial shock had faded to be replaced by flattery. How could this tall handsome guy want to talk to her?! She adjusted her sunglasses and smiled up at him,

‘So what’s your name?’

‘Jim.’ The stranger replied.

Heidi’s heart skipped a beat. No way! Was this actually Jim? The Jim she had to play? She looked up at him. He was exactly like Leon had described only Leon had failed to tell her how good-looking the guy was.

‘Is something wrong?’ Jim asked, looking at her warily.

‘No, I’m fine.’ Heidi replied, ‘I just know a lot of Jim’s. What’s your surname by the way?’

‘Mitchell.’ He replied. ‘Please tell me you don’t know another Jim Mitchell?’

‘No, I don’t’ Heidi replied with a smile. ‘Do you want to go downstairs?’

‘Sure.’ Jim replied. ‘I’ll buy you a drink.’

Jim followed Heidi down the flight of stairs and then took her over to the bar. He’d lost sight of the pretty girl earlier and was relieved when he saw her on the roof. And now things seemed to be getting even better. They were talking compatibly and unless he was very much mistaken, she seemed fairly interested in him. He found the sunglasses a distraction though. He would have liked to take them off to see what colour eyes she had, to see the rest of her face but he didn’t know how she’d react and he didn’t want to alienate her on what seemed like a good build up to an even better night.

‘What are you having?’ he asked as they sat down next to each other at the bar.

‘I’m sticking to fruit juice.’ Heidi said with an apologetic smile.

‘Aw, come on.’ Jim said, ‘One drink won’t do you any damage will it?’

‘I guess not.’ Heidi said, ‘But I really shouldn’t’

‘You really should.’ Jim said, ‘Come on, what’s it to be?’

He watched as she paused, furrowed her brow before smiling, ‘Fine, I’ll have a Malibu. But just one.’

Jim drained his glass and waited for Heidi to finish. He loved the way she put her lips demurely to the glass before tipping her head back slightly, her slim fingers leaving prints in the condensation as she replaced it on the bar.

‘So,’ he asked, ‘Are you here to gamble?’

‘I guess so.’ Heidi said, ‘Why? Do you want a game or something?’

Jim chuckled wryly, ‘I’d love to but I have a feeling you wouldn’t stand a chance against me.’

‘Let me win then.’ Heidi said matter-of-factly, with a smile as she led him to the poker table.

Wouldn’t stand a chance?! Who did he think he was, Heidi thought to herself in annoyance as she sat down at the poker table. He was probably planning on cheating or something, she fumed. Half of her was annoyed at herself for taking such an instant liking to this stranger but the other half was pleased, happy that she’d managed to secure a game with this guy. For Leon obviously. He deserved to get at least some of his money back didn’t he? She decided to call him in a while, update him.

Jim leaned back casually in his chair as they begun playing. Maybe he should let her win, make her more at ease with him, charm her a little. He let her take the first couple of hands. She was a pretty good player. Unlike the others, he could see through her little tricks and it amused him that she had all these experienced gamblers on a leash. Half of them weren’t even concentrating; they were staring at her, ogling her body as if they were good enough for her.

‘Heidi, you’re thrashing us.’ Jim said.

She smiled, but didn’t reply, focusing intently on the game. He decided to get rid of the other three guys by going in going in high, faking his confidence, until they folded and wandered off to the bar.

‘Do you want to carry on?’ he asked Heidi. She was about $15000 up and to her, he guessed that was quite a lot.

‘Yeah, sure.’ She said nonchalantly, ‘I’ve just got to make a quick call.’

She took her phone and went back upstairs. Jim waited a while and then followed suit. He could do with a little fresh air himself. He spotted her in the same place as before, talking quietly on the phone. He wandered a little closer to get the gist of the conversation. Was it a boyfriend? Was she already taken? He was a couple of metres away when he heard what she was saying clearly and then he knew exactly what was going on.

Heidi ended the call and hurried back downstairs. Leon wanted her to win as much as possible so she hoped Jim hadn’t left in boredom. Luckily, he was at the bar, waiting for her.

‘What do you say to another drink?’ he asked looking directly at her. He seemed slightly colder than before, she thought, but didn’t let it bother her as she hurriedly agreed, eager to start playing again. She waited impatiently for Jim to finish his beer and it seemed like hours before he casually followed her back to their table.

The alcohol seemed to have had a bad effect on Heidi as she fumbled with her cards, betting a shed load of money on cards that were nothing. She didn’t even bluff it out. Jim watched her in a mixture of amusement and annoyance. So this was Leon Jackson’s bitch was it? He’d had enough of that son of a bitch and his little cronies but now here was his girlfriend, robbing him blind. He could hardly believe what he’d heard her talking about. Of all the girls to be attracted to… He was pissed off and determined to make Leon pay. After a few casual hands he started to up his game, becoming more ruthless as the stakes got higher. He had new drinks brought over to the table and in her panic Heidi drank more, her concentration getting even worse. Jim smiled inwardly. She didn’t have much money left and he was going to take it all, everything she had.

Heidi put the glass down, her hand shaking slightly. She wasn’t drunk, just shit scared. Everything had gone wrong. She only had about $500 left and she could imagine just how annoyed Leon would be. She bet the last of her money and drew three new cards. Oh God, they were all wrong, so completely wrong. She folded instantly. That was it. But Jim didn’t seem to have finished.

‘I’ll bet all I have if you want to go another round.’ He offered. Heidi blinked. That was $230,000. It didn’t occur to her how much she could lose as she nodded, determined that this round would be a walk in the park.

It wasn’t. As she looked at her cards, she realised how stupid she’d been. It wasn’t a game any more. She had to get it all back. But she lost again. She looked up at Jim in desperation. She needed it back. Leon would kill her.

‘You’ve lost a lot of money Heidi.’ Jim said.

‘Please,’ she asked in desperation, ‘Give me one more chance. To win it all back.’

‘But you’ve nothing to wager.’ Jim said.

‘You can have… watch…..or my necklace, they’re gold.’ Heidi said fumbling with the clasps.

Jim exhaled in disgust, ‘What would I want those for? I need something better.’

‘What do you want?’ Heidi said, her voice quivering, ‘Anything. Just tell me what you want.’

Jim paused, rocked back in his chair before leaning forward.

‘You.’ He whispered. ‘If you win this hand, you’re home and dry with almost a quarter of a million dollars but if you lose, you come back to my hotel room tonight.’

Heidi’s head suddenly cleared. She knew exactly what he was talking about.

Jim sat back in his chair. He was going to shame her, make her do everything he wanted, and he was going to enjoy it. He imagined Leon’s face when he heard that his sweet little bitch had been at it with Jim Mitchell. It would be revenge, nothing more, or so he told himself.

‘Well, are you going for it?’ he asked Heidi, whose lips were trembling slightly as she tried to think of a way out. A crowd had begun to form around the table as they heard of the deal and they began to urge her on.

She nodded, shakily and they cheered with excitement as the dealer began the final hand. Heidi had never been so scared in her life. She fumbled with her cards as Jim stared at her, his face stony, angry almost. Heidi looked down at her cards and her worry faded instantly. She smiled; straight flush. Oh thank God, how lucky. She’d won. Oh thank God.

‘Do you want to discard any?’ the dealer asked them both.

Jim drew one more card, discarding his other down onto the table, as Heidi sat waiting.

They looked at each other impassively and then Jim jerked his head motioning for her to show her cards.

She flipped them over with a triumphant smile as the crowd murmured appreciatively. The dealer began moving Jim’s chips across the table but as Jim flipped his cards over, he stopped, as Heidi gasped in horror. Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten. All of hearts. The crowd went wild as they took in Jim’s royal flush. It was practically impossible to have the two highest hands in one game, especially when the stakes were so high.

‘Well, well, well.’ Jim whispered.

He rose from the table, as the crowd looked on in stunned surprise and offered his hand to Heidi.

‘Come on then.’

She ignored him, getting up, steadying herself on the edge of the table.

‘Keep the money.’ He told the stunned dealer, as he led Heidi out of the casino and into the car park. He unlocked his Lamborghini and opened the passenger door.

‘In’ he said in a voice angry enough to make her get into the car without protest.

A moment later he got into the drivers seat and started up the engine.

‘So, Heidi, what on earth do you think Leon is going to say when his little pals tell him what happened to you?’

‘Leon?’ Heidi mumbled.

‘Oh come on, Heidi, I’m not that stupid. I heard you on the phone. Leon wanted you to humiliate me but it all went a bit pear shaped didn’t it?’

Heidi sat in stunned silence; how dumb could she have been?

‘So, it’s you and Leon, huh? Together?’

‘What’s it got to do with you?’ Heidi steeled herself to say. ‘You’re worse than him. At least he’s not a cheat.’

‘A cheat?’ Jim asked in mock surprise, ‘You believe that? You think I cheated tonight?’

‘No, but…’

‘Listen to me Heidi. I have never cheated,’ Jim said as he stopped at the lights. ‘Your Leon’s just a downright sore loser. What the hell are you doing with him?’

‘I’m not with him...’ Heidi began

‘I know what he’s like, Heidi. He will ruin your life.’

‘And you’re not ruining it?!’

‘You’re better off with me tonight than with him.’ Jim said softly, ‘I know what sort of a man he is. Leave him. Forget him.’

‘I can’t.’ Heidi said, close to tears, ‘Why are you acting like you care?’

‘Because I do care.’ Jim said. ‘When I first saw you tonight I liked you. And when I realised you were connected to Leon it pissed me off so bad, that I went on a revenge craze. You shouldn’t be mixed up in this.’

Heidi was silent as he drove up to the hotel. He stopped the car at the foyer and tossed the keys to the bellboy. Heidi got out of the car in a daze and followed him into the entrance hall. Taking her by the hand, Jim led her into the elevator. As the doors closed he turned to look at her before pulling off the sunglasses she’d been wearing all night. He gazed into her eyes for a second before kissing her hard on her soft lips. For some reason she didn’t quite comprehend, Heidi kissed him back, her amateur mouth entwining with his as he held her by the waist. She hadn’t kissed anyone before, never been this close to anyone but it felt so right. Jim was little more than a stranger, but kissing him, inhaling the smell of his cologne and his skin, feeling his hands around her waist, made her feel so damn good that she didn’t care.

They broke apart as the lift came to a halt on the 5 th floor, staring into each others eyes and then Jim turned and took her down the corridor to his room. When they were in, he flicked off the lights and locked the door, his heart pounding in anticipation.

He reached for Heidi again, but she pulled away.

‘Please Jim, don’t do this.’ She begged, ‘I can’t. Leon will kill me.’

‘Forget Leon,’ Jim said, ‘Forget everything. It’s just you and me here tonight. You can do what you want.’


‘I’ll take care of Leon for you, sweetheart. He won’t hurt you. Are you involved with him?’

Heidi shook her head slowly. It was true. Leon had never made a move on her and nor she on him. She wasn’t with anyone.

‘Good,’ Jim said softly, his cock getting hard in his pants, ‘So, me and you, yeah?’

‘Is…is….this for the poker?’ Heidi asked, stepping back.

‘God no.’ Jim said. What did she think of him? ‘I’m not like that. I want this because I like you, not for payment.’

He stepped forward, pulling his jacket off and tossing it onto a chair. He kicked off his shoes and then took off his socks, watching her as she looked on.

‘Relax,’ he said, ‘It’s all right.’

He could feel his cock getting even harder now and he decided not to remove his trousers just yet even though his zipper was straining. He undid a few buttons on his shirt before pulling it off, revealing a torso like the ones Heidi had only ever seen in fitness magazines. He was impossibly toned, his biceps taut, the odd vein visible on them. So fucking muscular Heidi thought to herself.

Jim sat down on the bed.

‘Come on sweetheart. Don’t be afraid.’ he said softly, ‘I won’t do anything you don’t want.’

Heidi didn’t move standing in her heels and dress, clutching her purse. Jim got up, walked to her and tilted her head up to his so their eyes met. Then he kissed her again, slowly, sensually until she responded, allowing him to probe inside her mouth with his tongue. He broke away and whispered, ‘Take off your heels; they must be giving your feet hell.’ She obliged, tossed her purse onto the chair and reaching down, pulling the shoes off and placing them carefully on the floor before straightening up again. Jim gently took off her jewellery and laid it on the windowsill before turning back to her.

He bent slightly and kissed her neck, his hands slipping round to the zipper on the back of her dress. She stiffened as he began pulling the zip down, her hands gripping his biceps but she didn’t stop him and in a few moments the dress was on the floor around her feet and she was in her underwear before him. He picked up the dress and put it on the chair with his things and her purse.

He stood back for a second and just looked at her. She was so perfect. Even better than he’d imagined. She was slim, her waist narrow, stomach flat, her thighs smooth and slender. Her breasts were smaller than average but perfect for her slim frame; they were full and round, standing pert with soft, dark coloured nipples.

She was wearing white cotton panties, so beautifully innocent. Jim felt a warmth like he’d never felt before, as he began unbuckling his belt, his eyes feasting on Heidi as he anticipated how good this night was going to be.

Heidi watched him, her heart pounding. It was quite clear what they were about to do, yet she felt….out of her depth. Maybe she should tell Jim this was her first time. But she didn’t want to embarrass herself. She was worried. She had no idea how to have sex. What was she meant to do? Would it hurt, like it said in books or would it be OK? Heidi stood, shivering slightly, thoughts running around her head as Jim pulled down his fly and dropped his pants to the floor.

His erection was almost painful, contained in his tight boxer shorts. He looked down and could see the shape of his cock, protruding, bulging, and trying to break free. He looked up at Heidi and smiled reassuringly as she looked at his cock as if it were some dangerous animal, her hands clenched tight at her sides. Jim took a step forward and she stiffened, stepping back, as if she were afraid. What is she scared of? Jim thought to himself, hasn’t she seen a cock before?

Heidi kept stepping back until she was bumped up against the wardrobe. What was he going to do to her with that monster? He came closer, his hand cupping his swollen hardness until he was centimetres away. He kissed her again, and again, his hands going behind her, cupping her round ass, lifting her up so his engorged dick pressed against her little white panties. He heard her cry out slightly, as he pressed harder, the heat from his groin warming her. His mouth against hers he whispered,

‘I’m not going to hurt you Heidi.’ their eyes met. ‘You can tell me to stop anytime; I won’t do anything you don’t want.’

He kissed her once more and she responded, her lips moving with his. He pressed harder against her, his chest pressing against her breasts, as her hands went around his neck. Slowly, he carried her over to the bed, their lips still locked. He laid her down breaking away from her mouth and kissed her neck, down her throat to one of her breasts which he kissed softly before moving down to her stomach, down her thigh and then up again, pausing between her legs.

Oh God, Heidi thought as Jim paused there, his breathing hoarse with lust. He pushed his mouth up against her panties, and she gasped,

‘No Jim, don’t.’ He paused for the second time, inhaling the scent of her cunt.

‘Why not?’

‘It’s dirty.’ Heidi said shamefully, her eyes squeezed tight shut.

‘You smell so good,’ Jim muttered, pulling away, moving back up her body and kissing her hard on the mouth, his hands pulling frantically at her panties until they tore.

‘Jim!’ Heidi gasped as she realised what he’d done

‘Who cares?’ Jim grunted as he pulled at his own boxers, kicking them off, finally releasing his erection. His mouth was at her ear now, his solid chest against her hard nipples,

‘Spread your legs.’ He whispered, his fingers finding the place he needed to go. He positioned his cock at her opening and began to push, his breathing all over the place, as he forced his way into her tight hole.

‘Fuck, Heidi, you’re so tight.’ He gasped as he pushed harder. Heidi’s eyes were shut tight, her yelps of pain almost agreeing with him. Jim gave a sudden hard ram and Heidi screamed out loud as he broke her hymen and filled her suddenly with his eight inches of hard cock. She threw her head back at this enormous intrusion into her tight passage and gasped in pain as he paused there.

‘Heidi?’ he asked in surprise. ‘You’re a virgin?!’

She didn’t reply, her eyes closed tight, gasping as the sharp pain began to subside,

‘Heidi?’ Jim enquired again.

She opened her eyes, ‘Not any more.’ She whispered, as they kissed again.

‘Does it still hurt?’ Jim murmured his brow furrowed.

It did but Heidi shook her head; she didn’t really care. ‘No it doesn’t.’

‘Wrap your legs around my waist.’ He whispered and she did so.

Jim pulled almost the full way out and then pushed back in, his cock pulsating. Long, slow strokes, in and out, in and out he said to himself, as he slid from her tight passage. Her eyes were closed again, her mouth issuing little gasps of pain or surprise, Jim didn’t know which. He began thrusting faster, slamming back into her, making the bed shake slightly. Her hands came up and gripped his hard biceps, her nails digging in slightly as she clung to him. Jim could feel her legs sweating against him and he could see the light sheen of sweat over her beautiful face. He pulled up, supporting himself on his hands, her fingers still clinging to him and began to go even harder, grunting like an animal.

‘Yes,’ he gasped, ‘God, Heidi, you’re so hot.’

Heidi wrapped her legs tighter round his waist, the feelings of his cock making her gasp, as she breathed erratically.

‘Open your eyes.’ Jim instructed, ‘Watch me as I fuck you, honey.’

Heidi forced her eyes open, meeting his intense brown stare, his face a picture of concentration. He was sweating profusely, grunting but always gazing into her eyes, the perspiration on his handsome face shining in the moonlight. Heidi felt drugged, stars in her head as Jim fucked her hard and fast. She could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter, and she knew what was about to happen. She felt her hips begin to move with his, lifting up from the bed; every time his cock disappeared into her, their hips touched. They were both slick, sliding against each other in ecstasy: It was amazing.

Jim loved the sensations. He’d never felt such passion when fucking anyone else, had never enjoyed it so much. Heidi’s pussy began to clench around his cock and he knew she was about to orgasm. His eyes continued to stare into hers.

‘Don’t look away.’ He gasped, ‘I want to see your face as you cum.’

He was moving at top speed now and it was just seconds before she screamed, her orgasm tearing through her, her pussy compressing down onto his hard dick as she shook, moaning in pleasure, her eyes rolling back. Jim came simultaneously, his cum shooting up into her pussy, his cock spasming deep inside her, his balls emptying as he roared triumphantly.

‘Yes, oh, fuck….’

He thrust in a couple more times before slumping down on top of her, their sweat mingling. After a few minutes of silence he began slowly pulling his cock out of her.

‘That was fucking amazing.’ He whispered, rolling off her. They lay there a few more minutes, until their breathing became regular and then Heidi slowly stood up.

‘Where are you going?’ Jim asked looking at her in surprise.

‘I seriously need a shower.’ she said, running her fingers through her hair.

‘Yeah, me too.’ Jim agreed, forcing himself out of bed.

Heidi followed him into the bathroom. He turned the light on and they blinked in the fluorescent brightness. Jim looked down at his cock. It was covered in blood and cum; the same liquids that were drying on Heidi’s legs. He turned on the water and they stepped into the shower, the warm stream cascading down onto them, washing away the sweat and other residues on their bodies.

Jim began soaping Heidi, running his hands down her shoulders, over her breasts, down her thighs. She sighed, leaned back against him and he dropped the soap, hugging her from behind. The small of her back was pressing against his dick and he began to get hard again, his breathing rough. Heidi straightened up and he touched her pussy, stooping, running his hands along her slit, fitting his cock between her ass cheeks. She sighed, continued washing and he began prising her ass apart, rubbing his dick along the crack. Heidi jumped as he made contact with her anus and pulled away,

‘No Jim, not there, please, I can’t…..’

He pulled her back to him

‘Don’t worry sweetheart. Remember what I promised. I’m just touching.’

She leaned back against him in relief, the water cleansing them both for a few more minutes and then they stepped out, drying off with the towels on the radiator. Heidi pulled her long black hair into a ponytail with an elastic band and walked back into the bedroom.

She looked around for her clothes.

‘What are you doing?’ Jim asked, watching her, his cock still hard from the feel of her in the shower.

‘I should probably go home.’ Heidi said, picking up her dress.

‘No, not yet.’ Jim said, ‘Stay a bit longer.’

He took the dress away from her and put it back on the chair, kissing her, pulling gently on her damp ponytail.

‘What do you want to go home for?’

He pulled her back over to the bed and pushed her down, kissing her furiously, drops of water falling onto her from his hair.

‘We’ve got plenty of time Heidi. Why don’t we have a little more fun?’

He moved around, nibbled at her ear, licking it, his cock getting harder by the second.

He wanted her again and again and again.

‘Let’s go once more.’ He whispered, ‘In a different position.’

Heidi looked at him uneasily. ‘What position?’

‘Don’t look so scared.’ Jim whispered, ‘Get on all fours. You’ll enjoy it, I promise.’

He straightened up and pulled her up. She clambered onto the bed on her hands and knees and looked around at Jim who had moved behind her.

‘Like this?’ she asked.

‘Yes, exactly like that.’

He looked at her from behind, her knees bent, ass in the air, tits beneath her and groaned in utter pleasure. This was the best night of his life.

He ran his hands down her back and over her ass, feeling her warmth; he slid a finger down her slit and felt the wetness. She was ready for him. He rubbed up and down her slit until she was all wet and then slid a finger into her tight entrance. She shifted slightly at the intrusion and he added a second finger making her gasp. He pulled them out, satisfied and began stroking his dick until it was rock hard. Without warning, he thrust it, with one heave, up into her hot little pussy, grabbing her tiny waist to stop her form moving. She screamed, more out of shock than pain, and then gasped as the feeling of fullness set in again, her tits heaving beneath her.

Jim smiled to himself as he began fucking her with slow steady strokes, calming her down.

‘How do you feel babes?’ he asked, his hips connecting with her ass every time he went deep inside her. ‘You OK?’

‘Yeah,’ Heidi gasped, between moans, ‘I’m fine.’

‘You mind if we pick up the pace a little?’

She shook her head and Jim began thrusting harder, faster, clinging to her hips.

Heidi’s fingers were gripping the bedspread, as Jim hammered her from behind. It felt so wonderful, she thought, as she gasped, her heart pounding away inside her. Jim was enjoying it thoroughly. He reached around and touched Heidi’s engorged clit.

He began rubbing it, making her gasp even louder. He was running his fingers along, and pinching every so often, still fucking her hard and fast. He looked down at his cock drilling into her pussy and thrust even faster. He could feel another orgasm building inside him and he wanted to cum with her again. He rubbed her clit, harder, faster, until she was moaning.

‘Yes, Jim!’ she cried out, ‘Oh yes!’

Jim was caught up in his own pleasure.

‘Come on,’ he muttered, urging his orgasm on. He could feel the sensations beginning deep inside him, ‘Come on!’ he growled to himself as he fucked harder and faster his hips slapping into her ass cheeks every other second.

He could feel Heidi’s orgasm descending on her, could tell by her strangled moans, as she tried to push his fingers away from her throbbing clit.

‘Jim!’ she screamed, her body sweating furiously, ‘Oh God, Jim! Please!’

Her fingers were scrabbling at his hand, trying to pull it away from her but he was too strong and he fingered her until she bucked, screaming, her pussy clenching around his dick as she came hard and fast, almost crying with the force of her orgasm, her body shuddering uncontrollably. Jim groaned as he felt his own pinnacle coming and he gripped her waist again as he slammed into her, spurting his cum inside her, one, two, three, four times until his balls were empty and his cock slowly softening. Gently, he pulled out of her and crawled onto the bed slumping next to her as she collapsed.

Heidi couldn’t believe what had just happened as she lay there, exhausted. Jim groaned, put his arm around her bare shoulders and kissed her tenderly on the lips, his fingers stroking her skin softly, his leg draped over hers. Heidi kissed him back, limbs heavy with weariness. She opened her eyes slowly to see him gazing at her, his warm brown irises fixated on her own. She broke the kiss and smiled at him as his hand fell to her waist, snuggling her in close, warming every element in her body. Her eyes began to shut uncontrollably but just as she was about to drift off, a harsh sound begun.

‘What…?’ she muttered as she propped herself up on one elbow.

Jim got up slowly and walked round to the chair, picked up her purse and handed it to her. He sat down, pushed her hair out of her eyes.

‘Who is it?’

She pulled the phone out and pressed the green button.


‘Heidi, where the hell are you?’

Heidi’s mouth dropped open.

It was Leon.

To be continued

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