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Sex Money - Chapter Six

Heidi stared at Jim in disbelief. “Are you serious?”


“You want me to move in with you after five days?!”

Jim looked at her. He didn’t like the way this conversation was going.

“Well, only if you want to.”

Heidi put the ridiculously oversized Batman t-shirt back on. “Jim, my whole life is in Atlantic City. I work there, my apartments there, my friends are there. I can’t just pack up and move here. What is this place anyway?”

“It’s Linwood.” Jim replied, ‘It’s close enough.”

Heidi sighed, “No it isn’t. I’m not trying to be rude Jim but this is a crazy idea. I barely know you.” She pulled the shorts on. “We see each other enough anyway.”

Jim groaned, lifted his weary self up from the floor. ‘But I want to be closer. I hate breaking into your flat to see you. Why don’t you quit your job?”

“Why would I do that?” Heidi asked in shock. “It took me ages to get it and I love working there. Most of my friends work with me. I can’t quit!”

Jim held his hands up in surrender. “Fine. I knew it was a dumb idea. I guess we can spend weekends together.”

Heidi walked over to him. “It wasn’t a dumb idea,” she said, “It’s just unpractical. Maybe in the future.” She reached up on her tiptoes and kissed his sulky mouth.

He smiled, “Yeah OK. I guess I have to work too.”

He finished dressing, “So you want me to take you back home?”


Jim sighed as Heidi went to get her shoes. Damn it, why did they have to be so far apart? He picked up his keys as she came downstairs and they walked out to the car.

They chatted as they drove along until the conversation faded and the radio took over. Hours later, as Jim pulled into the apartment block car park, Heidi sighed, taking in the concrete building.

“What’s up?” Jim asked.


He followed her up to her apartment and hovered in the doorway, taking in the orchids that were still scattered around.

“Do you want a drink?” Heidi asked, as she closed the curtains and flicked on the light.

“No, it’s alright, I’d better get back.” He kissed her and half turned before stopping, “Hang on, I need your number.” Heidi nodded, picked up her bag and pulled out a business card. She scribbled on the back before handing it to him.

“There’s my work number.” She flipped the card over, “And there’s my landline and cell. What about you?”

Jim fumbled in his pocket, brought out a scrunched up gas receipt and a pencil and scrawled his details on the back before handing it to her.

“Right. Guess I’d better get going.”

Heidi nodded, “Sure.”

They paused, awkwardly, and then Jim leaned down, kissed her again before walking out, closing the door behind him.

Heidi sighed, took off his clothes and walked into the bathroom. After a long shower she decided to go straight to bed. Lying in her small bedroom, wrapped up in the duvet, she felt an odd sort of emptiness inside her. She already missed him.


The following evening, Heidi arrived home after work. She hadn’t heard from Jim but wasn’t really surprised. It had only been a day. She ate her dinner, put on an Eminem CD and settled down to read a magazine. It was a few minutes later as she sang along to ‘No Apologies’, that her buzzer sounded. She went over to the speaker.

“Who is it?”


“Oh, hey. Come on up.”

She pushed the button, unlocked her door and in a few seconds Leon was in front of her.

“Hey kid, how are you doing?”

“Great. How about you?”

“Yeah, not so bad.” He listened to the music for a minute.

“You still into this?”

Heidi shrugged, “Yeah. Don’t you like it?”

“Nah, it’s great. No apologies, no suckers, I’m not sorry, you can all sue me, y’all could be the cause of me.

Heidi laughed, “Shut up! Your singing’s worse than mine!”

Leon scowled, “Whatever. Anyway, turn it off.”

Heidi pushed the pause button. “Hey, sit down. What’s up?”

Leon sat down in the armchair, “You were gonna check out my CV, remember?”

“Oh yeah. Where is it?”

He handed her a folded piece of paper. Heidi scanned it. “Looks good. Where are you wanting to work?”

Leon shrugged, “Got a few addresses. I don’t want to say in case it goes wrong, you know.”

Heidi smiled, “Yeah, I….” She was cut off by her cell sounding in her bag.

Leon looked at the clock, it was almost 10. “Who’s that?”

Heidi shrugged, hit the green button.


“Hey baby it’s me.”

“Oh, hi! How are you?”

“Alright, I guess. Bored though. Missing you.”

Heidi laughed, secretly pleased, “Well, we’ll see each other in a couple of days. You can hold out that long can’t you?”

“Yeah I guess. I just get annoyed, thinking how we’re both alone when we could just be with each other.”

“Yeah, me too.” Heidi noticed Leon’s green eyes watching her. “So, see you soon then?”

“Yeah, course. OK, bye then.”


Heidi put the phone down.

“Was that Jim?”

She looked up, “Yeah, You two are cool now, right?”

“Yeah, guess so. Is he treating you properly?”

“Obviously! Why wouldn’t he?”

“Just making sure. He’ll have me to answer to if things screw up.”

Heidi sighed, “Chill out Leon. He’s nice, you’re nice, just get along. He’s a good guy.”

Leon smiled, “Sure, whatever makes you happy, kid. I guess I’d better get going.”

“Already? Don’t you want a drink?”

“No. I’m sobering up, remember?”

“I meant coffee.”

Leon chuckled, “No, I’ve got stuff to do. See you soon, yeah?”


Heidi saw him out and locked the door. Walking over to the CD player, she hit ‘play’. The sound of Eminem’s crazy attitude, soothed her, made her feel less alone. Was she in love? What was love? How could she be in love with a guy she’d met under a week ago? She sighed, listened to a couple more tracks before heading to the bathroom. Time for another lonely night.


Jim called again, the next day. Heidi was at work, sifting through a mountain of paperwork, her desk cluttered, when the phone rang.

“Who is it?” she asked the receptionist

“A Jim Mitchell.”

“Oh great, put him through.”

She waited a while and then heard Jim’s voice.


“Hi, What’s up?”

“I just had this great idea.”

“Oh yeah? What’s that?”

“I have this friend. He has a house in AC but he moved a few months ago. It’s pretty big, close enough to where you work, close enough to your friends, it’s great. He says he’ll let me have it at a discount. And we can move in, in like a week. It’s not so good on the inside but we can….”

“Whoa, Jim.” Heidi stopped him, “What are you doing? We’ve known each other for just 6 days! You can’t buy a bloody house for us!”

There was a short silence, and then, “Well I’m sorry for trying to make us both happy. You don’t have to shoot me down so quick you know.”

“But for God’s sake Jim! You’re rushing things. We can’t move in together! I know I said it was about the distance but I’m not ready. I don’t want to be dependant on somebody else. I like having my own place; I like the fact that I do things on my own. Yeah, I want to be with you, but not 24/7. Will you please stop being so intense?! I can’t handle it!”

She slammed the phone down before he could respond and shook her head. What the hell?! She resumed working on the paperwork, the anger inside her subsiding.

It was after lunch that she began to feel guilty. He was just trying to make her happy, wasn’t he? She should have let him down gently at least. Damn it. She was preoccupied for the entire afternoon, not even understanding half the routine tasks she was doing, and was glad when the clock ticked around to 5.30.

She arrived home in a bad mood, annoyed at herself, annoyed at the world in general. Walking through her apartment door she was barely surprised to see Jim sitting there, waiting.

“I’m sorry.” They both said simultaneously.

“No really, Jim. I shouldn’t have been such a bitch. I didn’t think properly. I didn’t realise how much effort you were putting into this.”

Jim smiled, “You know, I can wait. A couple of weeks, maybe even months. I figured that if we rush things and it goes pear shaped, I’ll only have myself to blame. Might as well go slow; make sure everything’s perfect, right?”

Heidi smiled, “Right.”

She leaned down above him and kissed him gently on the mouth. “You’re so sweet Jim. I’m sorry.”

She felt his hands pulling her down onto him, “It’s OK, baby. You can make it up to me.”

Their lips met again, over and over, until they were kissing passionately, gasping, as their lips twisted each others. Jim’s hands were all over her, running down her back, on her legs, up under her shirt, along her arms, in her hair. She could feel his emotion as he fiddled with his pants, his spare hand on the back of her neck, drawing her closer to him.

He lifted his butt off the armchair as he pushed his pants down, holding on to Heidi as he guided her trousers off her so they were around her knees, her legs either side of his.

Heidi’s lips dropped to his neck, she could feel the rough stubble, could smell his familiar scent, wanted him so badly,

“Oh Jim,” she moaned, “You’re so good.”

Jim was stroking her hair, feeling her flat stomach, holding her tight as he began pushing into her. He felt the resistance of her tight walls and he moaned, his face buried in her neck as her hands found their way under his shirt, tentatively feeling the hard muscle, the flawless skin.

“Yeah, touch me Heidi. I want you to feel me.”

He slowly pushed further and further into her tight passage until he was buried to the hilt, Heidi’s whimpers over. He pulled out, his hands moving round to her butt, holding her tightly as he pushed in and out repeatedly, his teeth biting playfully at her neck, then her earlobe.

She moaned in pleasure as he slammed into her, pausing every so often, so he could change angle, his breathing gruff in her ear. She kissed him over and over, loving him, loving how he was making her feel, loving his rough mouth, his half whispers.

“Oh, yes baby, move with me.” Their hips connected at each thrust, Heidi was sweating under her blouse and she pulled it off, Jim’s eyes immediately taking in her body, his hands leaving her butt to caress her chest, feeling every millimetre of her. The sight of her made him feel even more passionate and he upped his tempo, pushing into her fast and furiously.

“Oh Jim!” she moaned, “Yes, oh god yes.”

Her pulse was racing at the exertion, she felt her heart might beat right out her chest but she didn’t care, she just wanted the release she could feel creeping up on her. She wanted to be happy, united, wanted to make Jim happy.

Jim’s lips had moved down to her shoulder, he kissed it, his lips trailing over the smooth skin, his hands dropping to her thighs as he felt them surrender around his own.

“Come on baby.” He muttered gutturally, “Come for me. I want you to come around my dick. Come on.”

Heidi moaned at his words, trying desperately to keep control but then she felt her orgasm bursting out from within her, making her moan and whimper, her legs going limp, sweat breaking out all over her, her pussy clenching down over the invasion in her hole.

Jim grabbed her waist, his hands slippery with sweat as he felt his balls clench, tighten, ready for his own pinnacle.

“Oh fuck, Damn, Heidi, oh fuck this.”

He came inside her, hard and fast, his hot cum shooting up into her waiting body, his lips finding hers, kissing them gently, her arms holding him tight. Heidi pulled away, tried to put into words what she was feeling but she couldn’t. Jim smiled,

“I know baby. I feel the same.”

He kissed her again and then released her, pulling his dick out as she got up slowly, pulling her pants back up. Jim just sat there, immobile, before he dragged himself up and dressed. Heidi turned, looked up at him and their eyes met. They didn’t move, just stood there, gazing at each other, as if each knew what the other was thinking. The phone rang, disturbing the heavy emotions in the air, bringing the two of them back down to reality. Heidi dragged her eyes away from Jim’s and crossed the room.

She picked up the phone, “Hello?” her voice was hoarse and she cleared her throat.

“Heidi sweetie, it’s me Nana.”

Heidi smiled, she hadn’t heard from her grandma since her last birthday. She shook her head, concentrating on the warm voice, “Oh Nana! It’s so nice to hear from you. How are you? How’s Mary?” Mary was her younger sister.

“Oh, she’s fine. She’s in bed right now or I’d let her talk to you. How are you dear?”

“Oh, I’m fine. Everything’s going great. Work’s great. I’d call you if anything was up, you know that. How are you?”

“I’m fine sweetheart. I just wanted to remind you of Mary’s birthday. She’s eleven next week and I think she’d really love it if you came over for a weekend or so.”

Heidi groaned, “Oh man! I’d completely forgotten! It’s the 17th isn’t it? So you want me around on the 17 th and the 18 th right?” She asked, looking at the calendar on the wall.

“Yes dear, if you can make it. We’re just having a little party. Cake, presents, a few of her friends are sleeping over.”

Heidi noticed Jim watching her intently and turned her back to him, lowering her voice, “Are Mom and Pete going to be there?”

Her grandma sighed on the other end of the line, “Not that I know of. They haven’t called once. Every time I try to call, Pete picks up and says he wants nothing to do with any of us.”

“He said that to you?!” Heidi hated that son of a bitch.

“Well, words to that effect. Don’t worry about it dear, the three of us and some of Mary’s friends will be enough, OK?”

“Yeah, I guess so. They’d ruin it anyway. OK, see you Nana. Oh, hang on, what should I get her?”

Her grandmother laughed, “Well, she’s fallen in love with that actor, you know the Twilight one.”

Heidi rolled her eyes, “Oh man, not her as well! I was thinking more of a dolls house!”

“She’s eleven, Heidi! I’m sure you’ll find something perfect. OK, I love you darling, see you then.”

“Tell Mary I love her. Bye Nana, love you.”

The line went dead. Heidi sighed, ran a hand through her hair, how could she have forgotten Mary’s birthday? She turned and was shocked to see Jim still standing there, his scruffy brown hair accentuating his stubble.

“Who was that?” he asked.

“My grandma.” Heidi said, “It’s my sister’s birthday next week.”

“So are you going to go and see her?”


Jim looked directly at her, “Who’s Pete?”

Heidi shrugged, “My Mom’s husband.”

“What, you mean your stepdad?”

“I don’t call him that.” Heidi said shortly.

Jim frowned, “What, so are your parents divorced? When did it happen?”

Heidi looked away, “I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Why not?”

“Because there’s no reason to.” Heidi’s voice was neutral, her body stiff.

“So where does your real dad live?”

“Can you just let it go?”

“It’s only a question.”

“I don’t know. I don’t like to talk about my family.” She looked around the flat. Looking at everything but him. “I’m going to go and buy some milk.”

“What at this time?”


“I’ll come with you.”

“No! Can’t you take a hint?! I want to be alone!”

She turned, picked up her jacket, her bag, put on her shoes and walked out. The sound of the door slamming echoed through the small apartment. Jim sat down, bewildered.

Why wouldn’t she just talk to him?

To be continued

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