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Sex Money - Chapter Ten

Heidi collapsed down onto the bed in mock exhaustion as Jim looked on in amusement. The flight back from Las Vegas had been jam-packed due to the holiday season and the snow hadn’t made things much better. But here they were finally were, home at last.

“I just want to sleep forever.”

Jim sat down on the windowsill, “You enjoy yourself?”

“Yeah.” Heidi rolled over, looked across at him, “It was great.”

Jim smiled, “Good.”

Heidi lay down, stared up at the pristine white ceiling. It really had been brilliant. Ever since Jim had come back, she’d had the time of her life. First the awesome Christmas, then the week away. She brought her hand up, looked at the sparkling ring on her finger and smiled. After turning down Jim’s proposal, she thought he would have been angry but he’d taken it quite well considering how hopeful he’d been. But then again, it had been a crazy idea. And after agreeing that she was admittedly too young, and they hadn’t known each other long enough, he’d insisted that she keep the ring anyway as a ‘we-might-get-married-in-a-couple-of-years’ gesture. That had been Christmas night and then they’d spent hours just snuggling up together, talking and talking until they realised it had suddenly become Boxing Day and it was time to get up. That seemed to have happened a lot lately, Heidi thought with a small smile. They never seemed to actually sleep at night, just talk and have sex. Not that she was complaining. Jim was wonderful. Her ideal man she thought, before rolling her eyes as she realised how daft that sounded. But he was. He actually listened when she talked, really seemed to care about what she had to say. It had unnerved her at first, the way he’d watch, his intelligent brown eyes simply taking her in as she told him something but now she felt totally comfortable with him. Aside from the time in their hotel room, Las Vegas had been everything she’d ever dreamed of. Everything there was sophisticated; the city was simply dripping with luxury. Not a single thing had been a disappointment, from Mandalay Bay to the gorgeous views of the Strip from the floor-to-ceiling windows; Vegas was completely faultless. It really was the entertainment capital of the world. And being there with Jim? Well that was just the icing on the cake.

“What are you thinking?”

Jim’s warm voice cut into her thoughts and she propped herself up on one elbow, looked across at him. “How much more time have you got off? From work?”

He pulled a face, “About another week. Why?”

She shrugged, “Just wondering.” And then she lay back down.

Jim watched her with a smile. Heidi, lying there, on his bed, after he’d just spent the best part of four weeks with her. All in all, Christmas and New Year had been the best he’d ever had. And it was all because of her. He remembered how foolish he’d felt on Christmas night as she did her best to reject him gently but suddenly it didn’t matter anymore. Just being together was enough for him, just having the best time in the world. Like the beginning of the New Year, lying in their suite in THEhotel, gazing into each other’s eyes as the clock struck midnight. She was so beautiful, so innocent and so damn perfect.

“And what are you thinking?” Heidi dragged herself off the comfortable sheets and sat up.

Jim shook his head, “A lot of things.” He hesitated, “You have really enjoyed yourself, haven’t you?”

Heidi laughed, “Free first class flight to Vegas, free amazing hotel in Vegas, free food, what was there not to enjoy?”

Jim shrugged, “Me.”

Heidi laughed again, “Look at you and your insecurities! Seriously Jim, I’m the one who should be feeling that way.” She crossed the room, “If you hadn’t been there, it would have sucked, is that what you want to hear?”

Jim smiled, “Yes. Exactly.

“It would have.” Heidi said, “And I mean that.”

They looked at each other for a second before they both smiled.

“You are one hell of a girl Heidi.” Jim said, unable to stop grinning, “You really are.”

“Yep. I know.” She leaned forward, pressed her lips to his, “So, what are we doing today?”

“Today?” Jim smiled, “We are going out.”

“What? Where? When?”

He grinned, “Well tonight. A get together.”

Heidi frowned, “With who?”

Jim shrugged, “A bunch of people. Friends, friends of friends, you know what I mean. We usually get together around New Year, make a night of it. But this time, you’re coming.”

Me? Out with a bunch of old guys?”

Jim grinned, “Yep. And before you say anything, yes, you have to come. And no, we can’t avoid it. They’ve been texting me non-stop. And they want to meet you.”

Heidi scowled, “Great.”

“Yep, great.” Jim said, “So, if you’re tired, you might as well go to sleep. And for once, that is not an innuendo.” He smiled, “Unless you want to take it that way.”


Heidi smoothed the new dress down and examined herself in the mirror. The black silk had been one of Jim’s many extravagant purchases while they were away. She only had to look at something and he’d be urging her to try it on before insisting that she looked wonderful and saying that he’d be offended if she didn’t let him buy it for her. For the first time in her life, Heidi had actually found herself avoiding designer clothes shops. But despite her best efforts, her suitcase contained more than ten brand new, ridiculously expensive items of clothing, all neatly packaged up. And she had to admit; they were all stunning.

“I knew it’d be great.”

Jim was standing behind her, looking at her reflection. Their eyes met and she smiled, “It’s lovely.”

“Damn right.” They stood a moment longer, just looking at each other in the glass before Heidi sighed.

“I guess we’d better get a move on.”

Jim smiled, “Well you sound enthusiastic.” He paused, “You don’t mind coming, do you?”

Heidi shrugged, “They’re your kind of people. I don’t know anyone. I’m just going to stick out.”

Jim laughed, “No you’re not. Everyone brings dates; there’ll be loads of new people. And all the normal people are mostly nice.” He took her by the hand, “Besides, you’re there with me. It can’t be boring.”

Heidi smiled in spite of herself as they walked out to the car, a sense of nervous anticipation rising in her stomach, “I hope it’ll be good.”

Jim opened the passenger door for her, “When you look that hot, baby, it’s bound to be good.”


“And this is Xavier!” Jim finished with a grin.

The dark haired man grinned at him, “And are you going to bother telling me the name of your latest catch?”

Jim laughed, “Yeah, sorry. This is Heidi.”

Xavier smiled at her, “You look like you’re having the time of your life.”

“Really? You can tell?”

Xavier laughed and Heidi smiled one of the few genuine smiles she’d spared all evening. Jim and her had arrived at the party an hour ago and in that time she’d been introduced to way too many people. The names and faces spun around in her head, the odd noticeable person earning a memory in her overloaded brain. And Xavier was one of those people. Messy hair, face creased with laughter lines, dressed to impress and with five cups of fruit punch balanced in his arms, he wasn’t easily forgotten.

“He’s an old friend.” Jim explained, “We’ve quite literally known each other since we were in diapers.”

Xavier laughed, “That’s embarrassing.” He looked at Heidi again, “You want a drink? Only, I’ve got too many.”

“Yeah, sure.” She took one of the proffered cups and sipped, trying to act like it was something she did every Saturday night.

“So, you guys up for a game of poker?” Xavier handed Jim one of the cups, “Shaun and Julian said someone had a pack of cards.”

Jim shrugged, “Yeah, in a bit. I’ve still got to show my face to a couple of people. So, how have you been?”

“Not bad. Can’t complain. How about you?”

Jim shrugged, “Same old.”

Xavier nodded, “So, when did you two meet?”

“A couple of months back.” Jim said vaguely. “Over in Andrejes actually.”

Xavier smiled, “Very romantic.” He winked at Heidi. “Right. Well, I’m gonna try and score with that Jenna. You guys come over to the bar in like half an hour, right?”


And they were alone again. Heidi smiled, “He was nice.”

Jim nodded, “Yeah, he’s great.” He looked down at her cup, “Here, finish that then I can show you some other guys.”

Heidi looked at the almost-overflowing paper cup, “All this?!”

Jim laughed, “Yeah. Go on.” He drained the contents of his own cup and set it down on a windowsill, watching as she swallowed. “Come on, hurry up.”

Heidi sighed, finally finished the alcoholic juice and took his hand, resuming the whole procedure of smiling and making polite conversation, until she felt like throttling the next person who asked her how old she was.

Jim appeared to feel the same way as ten minutes later, with a sigh of exasperation, he tugged her over to the far side of the room and leaned against the wall.

“God, this is getting annoying.”

Heidi didn’t say anything, watching as someone hit the music and the mingling crowd began dancing, absorbing the top hits of 2011 as they laughed at each others atrocious moves.

“You look so damn hot tonight.” Jim whispered, his lips brushing her hair as Bruno Mars’ voice echoed around the room.

Heidi sighed, “You think?” She turned, looked into his eyes, “Let’s go home then. If you want me so bad there’s no point in hanging around here is there?”

Jim chuckled, “Nice try baby. There are still a lot of people I want you to meet.”

“Aw, come on!” Heidi stretched up, kissed him softly on the neck, “I can see them some other time. It’s getting late.”

Jim shook his head, “We’ll be out of here by midnight.”

“That’s past my bedtime.” Heidi said teasingly, “I’ll be way too tired to do anything other than sleep.”

Jim watched as her fingers trailed down across his arm, her touch agonisingly light as her teasing brown eyes watched his expression. “What are you trying to do to me?”

Heidi raised an eyebrow, “Seduce you. Am I really that bad at it?”

Her hand left his arm, hovered uncertainly in front of his crotch. She was just about to drop it, drop the whole seductress act when Jim’s fingers grabbed her slender wrist, pulling it forward, pressing her hand to his pants.

“Oh fuck.” he muttered as Heidi’s eyes met his in alarm, “Fuck it Heidi, how do you do this to me?”

Heidi opened her mouth to respond but before she could say anything his mouth captured hers in a kiss burning with desire. She half-gasped as his fingers intertwined with hers and he spun around, pressed her up against the wall, kissing hard.

“Fuck.” He broke away, his face millimetres from hers as he stared searchingly into her eyes, breathing hard. “You have no idea what you do to me.” He whispered, “I just want you so bad.”

And then he was moving, his hand pushing on the small of her back as he wove through the mass of people, propelling her along without delay, straight out of the crowded hall. Heidi’s triumphant smile turned into one of confusion as he hurried her past the building’s exit, and further down the corridor.

“Jim, you’ve gone past….”

“I know.” They’d reached the end of the passageway now and he stuck his head around the door of the male restroom before ushering her in, pushing her towards the cubicle on the end.

“Oh god.” Heidi was breathing hard, stumbling backwards into the stall, Jim pressing urgently against her until suddenly they were in, the door banged shut and she found herself pressed up against it. Jim’s mouth was merciless on her own. Her head was spinning; the recent alcohol and lust messing with her senses, her brain trying to regain control as Jim’s hands roughly caressed her, making her even hotter, even more dangerously excited.

“Jim, stop it!” She hissed, “I was just messing about. I didn’t mean it. Please, baby, can’t you wait?”

“No.” Jim’s strong hands grasped hers, pinning them against the door, “What can I say Heidi? You successfully seduced me.” His mouth latched onto hers again, his tongue forking around her mouth, tasting the alcohol she’d barely finished drinking.

The audible sound of the restroom door opening made them pause in the middle of the frenzied make-out session and Heidi stared into Jim’s eyes, recognising the animal-like desire that flared inside him. She shut her eyes, not daring to speak as his mouth moved to her neck, his hands down to her chest.

Oh god, oh god. A toilet flushed, there was a brief waft of heavy aftershave, a man clearing his throat, a tap, and then a stomach-churning moment later they were alone again.

“Jim, we can’t do this!” Heidi pushed half-heartedly against his solid chest, as he bunched her silky dress up around her waist, his hands moving forcefully down over her ass, pressing hard.

“No, no, Jim, please.” She was torn between rationality and desire, desperate to feel her lover’s welcome touch but terrified of the risk, her mouth trembling as she felt herself get wetter and wetter.

“Jim, stop.” The command was barely a meaningless whisper, as she leaned her head back against the door, her body welcoming his, desperate to feel his hard muscle.

“Stop?” Jim’s voice, dripping with lust and a hint of amusement captured her attention and she opened her eyes, looked into his, “You want me to stop?” His fingers were suddenly teasingly gentle as he brushed the top of her thigh, earning a tiny moan from the back of her throat. Heidi gazed at him helplessly, let her eyes drop to the ridiculously hard bulge in his pants, and heard herself gasp as his fingers curled around the base of her panties. “Tell me baby.” Jim’s voice was huskily arrogant as his spare hand unbuckled his belt in a swift movement, “Tell me you don’t want this. Because I sure as hell do.” His finger moved softly along her pussy lips and she breathed in, hard,


He raised an eyebrow, “What is it baby?”

Her eyes moved down to his boxers again and he planted a soft kiss on her trembling mouth, “Just let it happen Heidi. No-one’s gonna know.” His finger pushed between her lips and his mouth curved into a smile as he felt the pool of warm liquid, felt how much she wanted him.

Heidi breathed in sharply, felt herself press hard against Jim’s invading forefinger and knew she couldn’t fight her own desire. She leaned forward, kissed him hard on the mouth, heard his groan of longing and loved him for it. Her hands moved cautiously underneath his black t-shirt, marvelling at the hard muscle, spurred on by his gentle encouragement as their lips locked and his finger moved faster, in and out of her passage.

“Oh God!” his scent was heavy in her nostrils, clouding her brain as she felt his hand adjust, another finger joining the previous inside her as his thumb found its place on her clit. “Jim!” She was gasping against his hard mouth as his fingers slicked rapidly in and out, his thumb moving at the same pace and then another finger, (or was it two?), stretching her, making her cry out loud in the silence of the restroom as his free hand softly stroked her hair.

“Shhh…” And then, just as she felt she couldn’t take it anymore, just as her sweaty hands gripped hard to his biceps, he stopped. There was a frantic fumbling of fabric and then his hands moved behind her, cupped her firm ass, lifted her up to his level and she felt the head of his cock, poised at her slippery folds, ready to enter.

“Jim…!” Her mind was still reeling from the unexpected absence of orgasm and the change in position did nothing to ease the confusion until Jim slammed hard into her, burying himself with one meaningful thrust. Heidi cried out, stared into his determined eyes before their lips impulsively locked as one again, bodies pressed hard together.

They broke apart, gasping, and then Jim began moving, in and out of her, hard and fast. “Fuck….fuck….” his hands held tight to her slim waist, fingers digging in as he concentrated on his merciless thrusts, “So….tight…” He clenched his teeth, paused for a second as he adjusted his position before plunging again, with renewed force and determination.

“Oh god!” Heidi threw her head back, leaned it against the door as she tried to absorb Jim’s frantic pounding. He was so big, and he was going so deep, spearing right inside her, grunting louder and louder. She momentarily forgot where they were as her entire body shook, she heard Jim’s exclamations of pleasure as he thrust with such ridiculous force, pulsing inside her as he held her body to his. She cried out again, buried her face in his neck, clenching around him, as his hands held her in place, forcing her to ride out the orgasm until he slammed for the final time, eventually shooting his load deep inside her.

“Fuck.” His hands slackened their grip on her waist and she sank down unsteadily onto the floor, her dress falling smoothly back into place.

That was insane.” Jim murmured, his brown eyes passing over her, “So damn good.”

Heidi was too breathlessly amazed to respond.


Nobody seemed to have notice how long they’d been gone, Heidi thought distractedly as she sipped the Bacardi and Coke, the welcoming coolness soothing her. Suddenly, she didn’t mind so much about having to be introduced to all these people, she could ignore the daft remarks and the barely concealed nudges as Jim said how long they’d been together. None of it really seemed to matter. The people were polite enough (or drunk enough) not to ask how old she was, and all in all, everyone she was introduced to was bearable. It was all good.

They joined Xavier and a couple of other people at the bar after a while and it was from there that the evening took a turn for the worse. The light-hearted game of poker was in full flow; Heidi was looking at her cards, trying to decide whether or not to discard that damn ace when Xavier groaned out loud. Everyone looked up in concern.

“What’s wrong?”

He sighed, “We’re being invaded.”

Heidi turned, looked over her shoulder to see a blonde girl approaching them. She frowned, “What’s so bad about her?”

Xavier shook his head, “Wait and see.”


Everyone’s smiles seemed to have faded by now, even Jim’s, in fact, he was looking decidedly peaky.

“I don’t get it. She’s just a girl.”

Heidi tossed the ace face down onto the bar and drew another card, just as the woman reached her side.

“Hi, guys!”

Heidi winced. Man that was a loud voice.

“Hey Gemma.” That was Xavier, pointedly not making eye contact with the woman, instead staring at his cards with a bizarre intensity.

“Hey Jim!”

Jim half-squirmed as Gemma ran her scarlet-nailed fingers through his hair, ruffling it. “How have you been?”

He sighed, pushed her hand away, “Fine.”

Gemma seemed to notice Heidi for the first time, “Who are you?”


Jim straightened up, “Yeah, Heidi’s here with me. She’s my girlfriend.”

“Your girlfriend?” She looked at Heidi again, “Her?”

“Yes.” Jim said shortly, “Is there anything you actually wanted?”

Gemma paused, “Some guy over there was looking for you.”

“Huh?” Jim looked in the direction she pointed, “Who?”

“Adam.” Gemma finally said, “Yeah, Adam. He sounded kind of urgent.”

Jim’s stool scraped backwards and he looked at Heidi apologetically, “I’ll be back in a minute.”

Xavier rolled his eyes, “Great. How are we meant to play without you?”

Gemma sat in the now vacant seat, “Don’t worry, I’ll play for him. You don’t mind, do you Jim?”

“Well, actually, I do.” He let out an exasperated sigh as she looked at his cards, “Oh, fine.” And he was gone.

The game suddenly seemed a lot less fun than it had been before and before long it was over, a guy called Shaun bought everyone drinks with his winnings and Xavier and the others began talking about baseball.

Gemma turned to Heidi, “I used to date Jim. We went out for ages. He was totally into me.”

Heidi smiled, “Really? That’s….nice.”

“Yeah.” Gemma picked up Jim’s glass and sipped from it, “He moves around a lot you know. With girls I mean.” Her blue eyes ran over Heidi in an almost superior fashion, “So, why’s he going out with you?”

Heidi frowned, “What do you mean?”

Gemma laughed, an artificially fake laugh, “Well, no offence but you’re not the best looking if you know what I mean. Jim usually goes for girls like….well, like…me.”

Heidi didn’t know what to say, so she just sipped distractedly from her glass.

Gemma continued. “Jim’s such a nice guy though.”

“Yeah.” Heidi noticed Xavier watching them and sipped at her drink again.

“He’s so good-looking. He deserves better.”

Heidi swallowed, “Uh….what do you mean?”

Gemma laughed again, sparking an emotion of pure annoyance which Heidi did her best to control, “Better than girls like you.” Gemma said thoughtfully, “He dates way too many gold diggers.”

Heidi stared, “Are you saying….?”

“No, of course not! I’m just…’re what, eighteen?”

“Next month.”

Gemma looked stunned, “Seventeen? Are you even allowed to drink?”

Xavier cut in, “I’ve been drinking since I was fifteen and nothing happened to me.” He took a gulp of beer as if to prove his point. “Besides Gemma, it’s none of your business how much she drinks.”

“I don’t even drink much.” Heidi said, wary of giving the wrong impression, “Just occasionally.”

“Yeah, sure.” Gemma looked at Xavier with disapproval, “So what happened to that girl you were dating? Didn’t she decide she was a lesbian?”

Xavier laughed, “Yeah, so? At least she wasn’t going after other girls boyfriends.”

Gemma scowled, “You turned her off men for life Xavier. How crap a boyfriend were you?”

Xavier looked at her for a second, “At least I don’t try to be something I’m not.”

“What do you mean?”

Xavier laughed out loud, “What do I mean?! What I mean is that you are a piece of pure plastic, girl. Seriously, how many new noses have you had? How much did your latest boob job cost?”

Heidi looked at him astounded.

Gemma opened and closed her mouth as he continued. “I suppose you don’t even know how much all your silicone parts cost because point is, the only gold digger in this place is you. Your latest boyfriend foots the bill, doesn’t he?”

Gemma finally responded, “That’s really not nice Xavier.”

Xavier laughed, “Don’t make me out to be the bad guy here! You’re the bitch, pouring poison into that poor girl’s ear as if you’ve got half a chance of getting back with Jim! Guess what Gemma, you’re over this time, because he knows what kinda girl you are and he’s found the person he wants to be with. So maybe it’s time to find a new millionaire to get your claws into.”

And with that, he turned around and resumed his conversation on the Middle East with Shaun.

Gemma looked stunned. Heidi couldn’t help feeling a slight bit of remorse for her.

“He didn’t mean all that.” she said as nicely as she could, “I’m sorry.”

Gemma looked appalled as she turned to look at her companion, “Don’t you dare feel sorry for me!”

Heidi swallowed, “I…uh….I just thought….”

Gemma laughed, “You just thought you’d scored didn’t you?” She shook her head in contempt, “You’re nothing you stupid bitch, you got that? Jim’s not gonna stick it out with a kid like you! Look at you! You’re nothing! Don’t for a second think you’ve got one over on me by acting like this sweet angelic little thing because I swear, within a couple of weeks, you’re going to be over. And you know why? Because you’re rubbish! You’re a cheap little slut!”

Heidi’s mouth dropped open, “I was trying to make you feel better.” She said as civilly as possible, “You don’t have to pour out all this…mean stuff.”

Gemma scoffed with derision, “You know why I’m saying all this? You want to know?” She didn’t pause for a response, “Because you think you can get everything you want by sleeping with a rich man. But you can’t!” She glared at Heidi venomously, “And you can drop the wounded princess act, cos no matter how hard you try, you and Jim are soon gonna be over. You’re no good for him! You’re just like this stupid little bitch that he plays around with and when -”

“Shut up!” Xavier turned in surprise as Heidi rounded on Gemma, “I don’t care about anything you’re saying, OK? Just leave me alone!”

And now people were turning, looking at what had caused the outburst. Heidi felt momentarily ashamed for not having kept quiet but her embarrassment was short lived when Gemma slapped her across the face. Hard.

Heidi couldn’t believe her sensory receptors. “Did you just…slap me?!”

“Yeah.” Gemma was loving every minute of the confrontation, “Why, didn’t you feel it?”

And she slapped her again.

“Go on then.” She goaded as Heidi raised a hand to her stinging cheek in disbelief, “Hit me back. Or are you too ladylike? Too stuck up to give the bitch a taste of her own medicine?”

Bloody cow. Heidi was too pissed off to be rational as she picked up her glass of alcohol and tossed the contents over Gemma.

“Oh my god!”

Before the girl could retaliate, Heidi snatched Xavier’s glass of beer and emptied that over the shocked blonde’s head as well.

Oh my god!”

Xavier hid his smirk as Gemma turned to him, “Do something then!”

Heidi placed the glass down on the bar, feeling slightly ashamed of herself, but pleased nevertheless. God, that bitch was annoying!

“Right.” She heard Jim’s voice before she felt his fingers on her arm, “We’re going. Move it.”

Heidi looked up at him, “Huh?”

“I said it’s time to go.”

Heidi stared at him, shocked at his quietly controlled tone, “Jim, it was her, didn’t you see? She hit me!”

“Get your coat.”

She swallowed, looked at Gemma who was trying to dry her hair with tissue paper, looked at Xavier who couldn’t stop laughing and then she allowed Jim to lead her out of the room, out into the parking lot.

She took a sideways glance at his expressionless face and felt her heart sink to her stomach. He didn’t look at her, didn’t even say anything as he unlocked the car and jerked his head, motioning for her to get in. She slid onto the smooth leather seat and looked across at him.

“I’m sorry Jim. She was such a bloody cow, she wouldn’t shut up! I know I overreacted but I swear I’ll make it up to you.”

Jim didn’t reply as he pulled out onto the road.

“Jim, please. I’m sorry. I didn’t…”

He reached forward, hit the button on the radio and turned the volume up until all she could hear was the sound of David Guetta drumming through her thoughts. Fuck. She didn’t dare try and talk again, knowing she’d screwed up all the friends he’d wanted to meet, single-handedly ruined everything. He was driving fast, speeding along the deserted Saturday-night roads, suburban houses whizzing by as he floored the accelerator, eyes fixed on the road ahead.

“Where are we going?” Heidi couldn’t remember the road they were riding along. The music was either too loud, or Jim was purposefully ignoring her because he didn’t even glance her way as he carried on the journey. And then he swerved, pulled up on the kerb of a deserted side street and switched the engine off. The sudden silence was deafening, the beat of the music replaced by Jim’s controlled breathing as he turned to look at her.

“Get in the back.”

“What? Why?”

“Just do it.”

Heidi frowned, looked into his eyes, tried to read what he was thinking before she shook her head, and did as he requested.


Jim turned, and Heidi didn’t quite comprehend what was happening. One minute she was thinking of some way to cheer him up and the next minute she found herself squashed up against the seat by just under 200 pounds of pure man. She gasped as his mouth covered hers, his lips rough and hard, his hands tearing at her dress, pulling it away from her body before doing the same with her panties. He released her from his furious kiss, and stared into her eyes with an intensity she’d never seen before. For some strange reason she felt almost afraid as he gazed at her.

“Heidi, I want to taste you.” The request was abrupt, tinkering on the edge of arrogant, and Heidi felt a shiver of fear run through her, but somehow, instead of pulling away, she nestled closer to him, the spark of terror descending to her clit, arousing her.

Nobody spoke and then,

“OK.” The reply was barely a whisper.

Jim grasped hold of her chin, tilted her face to look into his, “You sure?”

Heidi hesitated and then nodded, not trusting herself to speak.


And then he was kissing her again, as hungrily as before, his mouth on her neck, moving down over her shoulder as he pushed her onto her back, looming over her.

“Oh god!” Heidi’s fingers dug into the leather seat as he reached her breasts, his tongue coming out, licking the hardened nipples, making her feel exquisitely aroused. His teeth closed around one peak, and he pulled, heard her soft cry before he released it, moved to the opposite one and repeated. Further down he travelled, lips moving over the smooth, flat skin of her stomach, tongue dipping into her navel before he reached her pussy and paused. His hands came down, held tight onto her slim thighs as he lifted her legs up, leaning forward slightly.

“You ready?” The question was a rough gasp.

Heidi didn’t reply and his tongue came out, brushed wetly across her smooth slit. She gasped, forced herself to stay in the same position as her clit screamed for attention.

Jim pushed his tongue between her pussy lips, brought it to her tight hole and held it there, soaking up the moisture. She smelt so good, so fresh, so innocent. His eyes flicked to her tensed up face, her anxious eyes: god she was beautiful. He slid his tongue up into her passage and she gasped as he began pulling it in and out rapidly, his fingers digging into her ass.

Heidi moaned, felt the rush of moisture pour from within, the exquisite sensations produced by Jim’s tongue motion coursing through her. “Ohh fuck!”

Jim pulled his tongue away at the exclamation, looked directly into her eyes, making her stomach flip and squirm inside her. She couldn’t look away from his almost angry determination as he resumed work on her tight hole, thrusting his tongue in and out in frenzy before pausing, parting her lips with his fingers and looking at her throbbing clit. He breathed out purposefully, watched as she stiffened momentarily, expectant of his mouth on her.

She gasped, moaned, and then he descended, licked her hard button gently as she pushed up to him, practically begging for more. Her thighs twitched either side of him but she controlled herself, stopped them from wrapping tight around his head as he licked and sucked alternately, drawing her closer and closer to her inevitable orgasm.

“Yes Jim. Oh thank you. Thanks you so much.”

Her gasps of gratitude were barely audible but Jim heard and gave it to her hard, his experienced tongue flicking and pressing until her body shuddered and she let herself moan out loud, out into the privacy of the car. She writhed, squirmed under Jim’s mouth, the folds of her pussy pressing harder into his face until the graze of his teeth across her clitoris sent her flying over the edge, into utter heavenly bliss.

“Oh god Jim!” Her limbs felt like they were on fire, her body finally releasing itself for the fist time in what felt like ages, her pussy flowing rapturously. Jim watched her in appreciation, her slim form twisting on the seats, her breasts sweating as she screamed, bucked wildly against his mouth as he moved back to her hole.

She pulled away instinctively, suddenly a bundle of delicious sensitivity but he didn’t let go that easily, repeatedly licking until she cried out again, pulled desperately away from his hungry mouth and rolled onto her side, pressed her legs hard together, withdrawing the last volcanic tremors from inside her body. She lay there for a good few minutes, sweating all over, feeling her juices travel across her outer pussy lips as she gasped, unable to believe what her lover had just done to her.

“Good, huh?” Jim’s hand dropped between his legs, fingers soothing his hardening bulge, “That’s just the start baby; I’m going to give you so much more.”

Heidi didn’t know what to say. “Jim, I thought you were mad at me.”

He laughed hoarsely, “Mad at you? For standing up for yourself? For telling that bitch where to go? Baby, I was proud of you. And it turned me on.” He hesitated, ran his fingers gently down her cheek, “She didn’t hurt you that bad, did she?”

Heidi smiled in relief, “No, it’s fine. I thought you were really annoyed.”

“No.” The sound of his zipper opening seemed incredibly loud and Heidi swallowed hard as she looked into his eyes.

“No Heidi. Not annoyed. Just turned on. I can’t believe what you do to me. I’m going to fuck you, so damn hard.”

“What, here?” Heidi laughed nervously, “You sure?”

A car drove past, its headlights lighting up the awkward scene.

“Shit!” Heidi gasped, wrapping her dress around her body, “No, Jim, we can’t. Not here.”

Jim was about to protest when another car drove by, “Fuck. You’re right.” He climbed back into the driver’s seat, “We’ll hit your place. That’s OK, right?”

“Yeah, yeah, sure.”

She jumped as the car reversed jerkily back out onto the main road and Jim began speeding along, glancing at her in the rear view mirror as she did her best to dress in the back seat.

“Leave it.”

Heidi rolled her eyes, “And walk into the block naked? I do have neighbours.”

She ran a hand through her messy hair and sighed. “What a night.”

Jim chuckled hoarsely, “It’s not over yet baby. Nowhere near.”

Their eyes met in the rear-view mirror, and she bit her lip, “Really?”

“Yeah. We’ve got hours.” Jim’s hand dropped to his erection, “We’ve got hours.”


Thirty minutes later, the car pulled up outside Heidi’s apartment block. Jim switched the engine off.

“C’mon then.”

Heidi sighed, fumbling in her purse for her keys as she stepped onto the concrete paving slabs. She walked over to the building, opened the entrance door and waited, holding it ajar for him. “Some time today would be nice.”

Jim smiled, hurried across the parking lot but with a mischievous grin Heidi let go of the door so he had to sprint in order to catch it.

“You little…”

“Crap!” Heidi ducked as he made a grab for her and raced up the stairs, jamming her key into the door as Jim gained on her. Just as her key clicked home, his hands grabbed her waist,


Heidi squirmed, “Fuck!”

They stumbled through the apartment door and it shut behind them with a resounding bang. Heidi stopped, looked up into Jim’s eyes before he bent, kissed her softly, his eyes twinkling.

“It’s late.” She whispered as he broke away.

He laughed, “Past your bedtime?”

“Yeah.” Heidi pushed past him and went into the kitchen, “You want some coffee?”

“Sure.” Jim said, picking up the heap of mail on the floor, “But aren’t we meant to be…y’know…all over each other?”

Heidi laughed as she put the kettle on, “Yeah. But there’s always time for coffee.”

“Right.” Jim said, “I guess I am kinda thirsty. Here. “He handed her the stack of letters.

Heidi sighed, “Great. An enormous pile of bills to welcome me home.”

Jim laughed, “It’s weird how bills never get lost in the post, isn’t it?” He walked across the small kitchen and looked in the refrigerator before emerging in disgust, “Do you eat anything other than apples?”

Heidi laughed, “Course.” She crossed the kitchen and peered past him, “See? Carrots, orange juice.” She paused as she pulled out the bottle of milk, “Crap, this must be off by now.”

Jim sighed, “I’m starving. And all you’ve got is rabbit food. No wonder you’re so thin.”

Heidi smirked as she dropped the milk into the bin, “Rabbit food? Since when do rabbits drink orange juice?”

“Juice is a beverage, not a food.” Jim closed the door in annoyance.

“Alright Mr. Smart-Arse.” Heidi opened the freezer, “If you’re hungry, I have ice-cream. Lots of ice-cream.”

Jim smiled, “Now we’re talking.”

He caught the tub she tossed at him, “I knew you were an ice-cream kinda girl.”

Heidi snorted, “Yeah, sure. How did you know that?”

“I just did. The same way I knew you were a chocolate kind of girl.”

Heidi snorted again, “All girls love chocolate. And that is a shameless hint.” She laughed, “Check the side cupboard.”

Jim smiled, “So which order are we doing this in? Coffee first? Ice cream first? Chocolate first? Sex first? Or all at the same time?”

Heidi laughed, “God, imagine that!” She shook her head, “We’ll go ice-cream, coffee, chocolate and then sex. That way I get to keep tasting the chocolate when we make out.”

Jim smiled, “I couldn’t have put it better myself. That is if you’re sure you don’t want to do it all simultaneously…?”

“I’m sure.” Heidi said with a grin. “Absolutely sure.”

“Fair enough.” Jim glanced at the ice cream, “Vanilla? You really are my kinda girl.” He peeled back the lid and tasted, before sighing in appreciation. “Mmm. Well, we’re sorted. Where are the spoons? Or do I eat with my hands?”

“With your hands.” Heidi paused, “Do you mind having black coffee?”

“No, it’ll do. Where are we eating? Here? Sitting room?” He glanced around, “Or…your room?”

Heidi picked up the mugs of coffee, “No.” She said firmly, “Not my room. I’m telling you Jim, food and sex is a total no-go zone. Especially since I’ll be the one cleaning up.”

“I’ll clean up.” Jim said hopefully, as Heidi picked up a couple of spoons, “I promise.”

Heidi shook her head, “Maybe some other time. Sitting room.”

She led the way, set the coffee down on the table, and dropped herself onto the couch as Jim followed. And they went from there. Sharing the perfectly flavoured ice-cream, talking about which people had been nice, which ones had been boring, skating around the topic of Gemma, concentrating on the more positive aspects of the party. The drinks, the games, the friendly people. Soon enough, the ice-cream tubs were empty, and they moved on to the now lukewarm coffee as the conversation somehow turned to shoes, Jim talking about teenage years and Converse, Heidi about Jimmy Choo’s and other ridiculously expensive accessories. It was brilliant, Jim thought to himself, as he listened to her opinion on abstract art, it was brilliant how they could just enjoy themselves doing normal things. Eating together, talking. He’d never had a better conversation over coffee. And as they moved on to the chocolate, the chat never fading, he let himself relax, stopped thinking about saying the right thing, just said whatever came into his mind. Heidi was doing it too, he noticed, she was letting her guard down, saying how she really felt about current affairs, her legs draped over his, her beautiful brown eyes drawing him in as she gave her view on the euro zone crisis. So smart, Jim thought admiringly, as she told him what her solution would be, had she been head of the IMF. So wise for her years, yet so innocently oblivious as to how damn sexy she was. Eventually, the talk faded and they were left staring into each other’s eyes, the emotions pure and unadulterated in the air as Jim pulled her to him, kissed her hard, his hands stroking her bare arms.

“I can taste the chocolate.” Heidi whispered mischievously, as she pulled away, “My plan worked perfectly.”

“Course it did.” Jim’s eyes were dark with desire as she licked a smear away from the corner of his mouth and he shook his head, tried to stop himself from going too fast.

“Right.” He scrunched up the foil from the chocolate and stood up.

Heidi frowned, “Where are you going?”

Jim shrugged, “Shower. Don’t want to put you off with the sweat from earlier.”

Heidi smirked, “Good idea.”

She smiled to herself as he disappeared out of the room before glancing down at the cups and wrappers on the table. On a normal night she wouldn’t have been able to sleep with a mess like that, but tonight, she just couldn’t be bothered. Jim was here, and that just brought everything into context. Why tidy up when you had the most beautifully intellectual man in the world in your shower? And he wanted her. It was crazy, she thought to herself, as she went into her room and changed, he actually wanted her. She pulled on a t shirt and hit the answer-phone button, sitting on the edge of the bed, listening to the various amusing messages from her friends and sister. She made a mental note to call them all back, Mary especially, as the machine beeped again and the room fell silent.

Jim appeared in the doorway and cleared his throat. Heidi looked up; he was naked. She swallowed, not knowing why the sight of his totally free body unnerved her but then she smiled.

He crossed the room in an almost overconfident fashion, his brown eyes flicking over her t-shirt and panties with constrained amusement, his hard skin still wet from the shower. He didn’t speak, just looked at her and then he was drawing her firmly to her feet, reaching down, pulling her shirt off in a single fluid motion.

His eyes roved across her naked chest as the air hardened her nipples into tender points and then his hands came out, cupped the firm flesh, squeezed gently, as she let out a ragged breath. He paused before his hands travelled south, his forefinger tracing around the top of her panties until with a sudden rough movement he tore them off, barely acknowledging Heidi’s slightly fearful gasp. He dropped the ruined underwear onto the floor and took hold of her hand, placing it forcefully onto his dick, wrapping her fingers around it and holding them there. He closed his eyes for a moment, calmed himself, told himself to take it easy as he began guiding her touch up and down his hard length.

“Are you scared?” Heidi looked up as he pushed her hair back, his eyes looking into hers, “You’re not scared of me are you?”

“No.” Her trembling fingers gave her away and she looked down at his erection before swallowing, “Maybe a little.”

“Oh? Why’s that?”

Heidi shrugged, watching her hand move along his silky skin, “I’m not usually scared of you. Just sometimes.” She paused, looked up at his dark expression.

“Keep doing that.” He nodded at her immobile hand and she resumed running it up and down. “Sometimes? Like when I’m rough with you?” His hand let go of hers. “Or do you enjoy that?”

“I don’t know.” Heidi’s voice was barely a whisper, “I get scared before we do it but during, and after, it….it feels great.”

“Good.” Jim let out a soft groan, encouraging her to move her hand faster. “Baby, you think girls like Gemma are a threat?” He held his breath as she contemplated for a second.


“What? You do?” Jim was shocked.

Heidi shrugged, “Well she was gorgeous.”

Jim snorted, “Looks aren’t everything. Personality’s what counts. Besides, you’re the most beautiful girl in the world. She’s well….cold hard plastic.”

“So why did you date her in the first place?” Heidi bit her lip as Jim’s eyes darkened.

There was a long pause, accentuated by the sound of his heavy breathing. And then, “I was killing time. Here, move your hand faster.”

Heidi stared up at his uncompromising expression, her hand absorbing the heat from his cock. She gasped as he reached forward, pushed his forefinger between her pussy lips and paused, his eyes daring her to pull away as he lightly stimulated her clit before withdrawing his finger, bringing it to his mouth and licking as she watched.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, “You think I’m dirty?”

“No. No.” Heidi swallowed hard, “No, not really.”

Jim breathed in hard as her fingers tightened around his length, “Well you’re wrong.” He whispered huskily, “I am dirty.”

Heidi felt a delicious shiver of delight course through her body, as he pulled her to him in a sudden rush of desire.

“I’m going to fuck you so hard.” He murmured into her ear, “You forget everything else, you hear me? It’s us. Only us.”

He pushed his skilled fingers between her legs, and watched her strained expression as they drifted tantalisingly over her pulsating clitoris.

“This isn’t even the start Heidi.” His breath was warm and heavy, “Oh god, I’m gonna give you everything I’ve got.”

Heidi shivered as her stomach cart-wheeled inside her, Jim’s words and touch arousing her infinitely as she continued pumping his dick. Experienced fingers pushed into her dripping passage, stretching her before he pushed her hand away from him, pulled her down onto the carpet and guided her to all fours. And then his hands were manhandling her breasts from behind, he was pressing on the small of her back, encouraging her to present herself to him as he pushed her legs almost painfully wide apart and slotted his fingers neatly back up into her snatch.

“Oh God!” the word was a mixture of pleasure and harassed confusion as Jim’s hands moved so quickly, leaving no part of her body untouched before they rested on her waist and he sank his blazing cock deep into her tight hole.

“Oh GOD!” he felt bigger than ever as he stretched her, gripped her narrow waist with his rough hands and began thrusting in and out of her as if they were on a time limit.

“You like that?” he panted the words out between thrusts, one hand moving up to caress her breast, to pinch at the hard nipple, to squeeze it until it was almost painful.

Heidi yelped in response, felt his relentless hammering increase in pace as he demanded an answer to his question.

“Is it good? Tell me!”

Heidi gasped, “So good, ohh God! Ohh fuck!”

“Right.” His voice came out as a hoarse gasp, his hand moved from her breast to her clitoris and she cried out as he made contact with it.

“Shhh. It’s OK.” His thighs crashed repeatedly into her ass and she loved the solid bulk, the contrast between their bodies. He was so hard, so firm, and so big, all over.

“Harder.” He muttered coarsely and she bit back a scream as his cock slammed into her even more forcefully than before, crashing into her resisting walls, his hand holding her waist in place as he fucked the life out of her.

“Oh god….” She could hear someone wailing, screaming, moaning and begging for more and then she realised it was her, she’d lost control of her body; it was Jim’s to do with as he pleased. And he was fucking it unrestrainedly, banging her tight pussy, his fingers digging into her soft flesh, frigging her sensitive clit.

“Oh God…..Jim….god….” She was almost sobbing with sheer pleasure and then, unbelievably, she felt him change position, thrusting into her even harder, even faster than he’d been doing before. She felt her arms were going to give out from beneath her, they couldn’t support the weight, couldn’t support the violent fucking she was receiving. Jim seemed to realise it too and he moved his hand and wrapped his entire arm around her waist, making sure she wouldn’t collapse as he continued his barrage of mind-blowing thrusts.

His thumb pressed hard against her engorged clit and she screamed even louder, not caring that it was past midnight, not caring that her neighbours would be able to hear every last moan and grunt.

Jim’s mouth was on her ear, “That’s right baby. Let it out, all of it.” His teeth bit teasingly at the lobe, loving every tiny part of her. He was feeling light-headed as he fucked this girl so damn hard on her bedroom floor. And it wasn’t the fact that he was having hard sex, it was the fact that it was Heidi; it was her cries that made him go faster, it was her body he was holding in his arms. Not some silicone doll, but a real girl, a girl with personality, a girl who he honestly loved. Being with her was a real relationship and this, he thought, as he speared into her, this; was real sex. And it was damn well incredible sex. His guttural moans combined fluently with her yelps as he felt her body shudder, writhe, as he slammed repeatedly in up to his balls, continually hitting her sweet spot and then he felt the inevitable shaking spasm. Heidi’s slender body jerked, almost violently, before she slumped, moaned a long drawn out cry of pleasure that tore through the quiet of the still apartment, her abused pussy compressing hard down on her lover’s penis until he finally shot his thick load straight up inside her. They orgasmed simultaneously, let their pleasure and emotions boil to the surface, releasing all the crazy emotions of the night. It was here that they were united, as two passionate lovers with eyes for only each other and not another damn care in the universe. Jim breathed in the scent of perfume and sweat, allowed it to fill his nostrils and pool in his mind before he collapsed on top of her. He pressed against her, sweating, gasping, pushing her slender form hard into the carpet, before finding her breathless mouth and kissing it passionately. He rolled off her and they both stared at each other.

“That was….” Heidi couldn’t describe how she felt as she melted under Jim’s gaze.

He shook his head slowly, “That’s how much you mean to me baby. I swear to god I won’t let anyone get in our way, you hear me?”

Heidi nodded, basking in the post-coital tenderness as they dragged themselves up off the floor and lay on the small bed, arms wrapping around each other.

“I mean it baby. People hate the fact that we’re happy but I don’t give a crap. As long as I’ve got you Heidi, my life’s good.”

Heidi pressed a finger to his lips, “Shh. I know Jim.” She traced the tip of her finger around his mouth, “I know because I feel exactly the same way. You don’t need to make excuses. You’re too good for that. You’re too good for any of the bitching and jealousy. Just be yourself.”

Unable to conjure up an equally loving response, Jim closed his eyes, pressed his mouth to hers, showing what he felt through the meaningfully slow kiss. He wrapped her tighter in his arms, pulled her into a solid embrace as they both drifted away, their subconscious dreams negligible on the real wishes already granted.


“I never knew Sleeping Beauty snored.” Jim ducked as Heidi threw a pillow at him.

“I don’t snore.” She mumbled, scratching her nose, “Do I?”

“That’s the thing.” Jim said, opening the curtains, “You’ll never know.”

Heidi lay back down, “I don’t snore.” She yawned, “What time is it?”

“Just gone nine.” Jim was searching her wardrobe. “You got any man’s clothes?”

Heidi sniggered, “Yeah sure. The shirts are on the top shelf and the cufflinks are next to them.”

“Huh?” Jim turned to look at her before realising she was joking, “I’m serious.”

Heidi sat up, “I think I have one of your t-shirts.”

Jim had already found the Batman shirt and accompanying shorts. “Well, they’ll have to do.” He dressed hurriedly.

Heidi frowned, “Why are you in such a rush? You’re not going anywhere are you?”

“Well, you have no food in this place and I’m starving.” Jim ran a hand though his hair, “I’m gonna go pick up some milk and bread. You got any change?”

Heidi smirked, “I guess the convenience store doesn’t accept hundred dollar bills does it?” She dragged herself out of bed, “My purse is somewhere in the hall. And there’s money in the kitchen drawer.”

“Right. I’ll be back in like ten minutes.” And he disappeared.

Five minutes later, Heidi had just finished showering and putting her bathrobe on, when the buzzer sounded. She smiled, hit the button and waited at the door.

But it wasn’t Jim. She felt her heart drop to her stomach as Leon reached her floor and grinned.

“Hey! How are you doing?”

Heidi stared before swallowing hard, doing her best to regain he composure as his green eyes took in her outfit. “Hi Leon. I….just….overslept.”

Leon grinned, “That’s OK. You been having a good holiday?”

“Yeah, yeah, great.” Heidi paused, “You want to come in?”

Leon frowned, “Well, if it’s not a problem….?”

“No, no, course not!” Heidi stepped aside, “No problem.”

Leon smiled as he stepped past, “You’re looking good.” He remarked, “Much better than the last time I saw you.”

“Yeah.” Heidi shut the door and followed him into the sitting room, “Well, I guess it’s been a while.”

She watched as he looked around the room. It was with a terrible sinking feel that she noticed Jim’s jacket, thrown so casually onto the armchair. Shit, shit, shit. Leon sat down on the couch,

“What’s up? You’re looking kinda nervous.”

“Nervous?” Heidi gave the most anxiously fake laugh of her life, “No, I’m good. So, did you want to say something?”

She crossed the room and sat in the armchair, hiding Jim’s jacket from view. She winced as the keys in the pocket poked her.

“And now you’re looking constipated.” Leon shook his head and laughed, “You sure everything’s OK?”

“Yeah. So how’s work going? You get that promotion?”

Leon shrugged, “I don’t know yet. Hopefully.” He sighed, “I haven’t seen you in ages. I thought you might still be away with your family.”

“No. So, how was your Christmas?”

And he was off. Telling her about his homosexual second cousin, his awkward encounters under the mistletoe, how the pudding burnt and so on. Heidi tried to concentrate, murmuring and nodding in all the right places, laughing when he paused, her eyes flicking between him and the clock until he asked her a question.

“So, you think I should go for it?”

Heidi didn’t miss a beat, “Yeah, course! Why wouldn’t you?”

Leon leaned back, “Well, she’s my sister’s friend. If it goes wrong, they might fall out.”

“Wait.” He had her attention now, “A girl? What’s her name again?”

Leon sighed impatiently, “Hilary. I knew you weren’t listening.”

“I was, I swear! What, so you kissed her?”

Leon looked vaguely embarrassed, “Well, kind of. She kissed me, actually.”

Heidi looked thrilled, “Wow! Is she pretty?”

Leon rolled his eyes, “Obviously. I’m kinda shallow you know.” he laughed, “No, she’s alright. And she’s really smart and I was trying to tell….”

He trailed off as a muffled ringtone blared out from Heidi’s direction. “Is that your cell?”

Heidi felt slightly sick as she stood up, fumbled in Jim’s jacket pocket and pulled out the offending Blackberry.

Leon looked puzzled, “I thought you didn’t like those things.”

“I don’t.” Heidi let out a sigh as Leon’s eyes took in the two empty mugs on the table, the empty ice cream tubs, the man’s jacket in her hand.

“Heidi, whose is that thing?”

“It’s mine.” Heidi spun around to see Jim in the doorway, a resigned look on his face, a bag of groceries in his hand. “Leave it Heidi. It’s probably Xavier.”

The device went onto answer-phone and Heidi dropped it back into the jacket, her hand shaking slightly as she sensed Leon’s confusion.

Him?” Leon stood up, “Heidi, what the hell is he doing here?”

To be continued.

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