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Sexless Future

A future without sex is impossible.
It's 200 years from today in a utopian future. Mankind is living in peace and has been for more than 150 years. All diseases have vanished and people are generally happy. Things changed massively after the third world war, way back in 2023. All government and religions amazingly came together to fix the damage we had done. Humanity now lives under huge domes to stay safe from radiation.

But all of that came at a huge price. The sex drive of every single human was erased in order to remove aggression and violence from society. Children are born in test-tubes and people run around naked on the streets. Without sex drive there is nothing to hide anymore.

Since no one ever experiences sexual urges, no one misses it. It is more common for people to not even know about it at all or even consider it a fairytale. Only your husband knows more about it. Through his family, he learned about it and is obsessed with finding a way to repair what he sees as a major flaw. Although you are unsure about his work, you support him in any way you can.

And then one day it happens. You come home and he comes rushing to you. Screaming and yelling, "I've found it! I've done it!"

You are skeptical but there is a shiver of hope in your eyes.

"Come with me," he tells you.

You have just arrived in his workshop and he is already trying to place electric pads on your head.

"Now, I only need to give you this injection and start stimulating your primal brain functions," he says.

You are too overwhelmed by his enthusiasm to even recognize that the injection was given to you in an instant. The next thing you feel is a minor tickling on your head. You go with it, since it actually feels pretty nice.

Suddenly you feel your breathing quickening and your body getting warmer. As you look down your body, you recognize that your nipples seem bigger and harder than usual. As you still wonder why, your hand is automatically drawn to them. The moment you touch it, you feel a rush through your whole body and a prickle in your breast.

You start massaging your breast and feel your body getting warmer and warmer. Your breathing is getting even heavier. All thoughts disappear and you can only concentrate on the feelings inside your body.

Your husband asks, "Does it work?"

"I... I think so," you mumble, as you realize what an astonishing body he's got.

While you watch every part of his body closely, your hand moves towards your already soaking pussy. As you reach it and touch it, you feel an enormous rush inside your body.
You feel an explosion building up and your mind going numb from the arousal.

Your hand moves away from your pussy, because you suddenly become afraid of what might happen.

Your husband also took the injection while you started touching your pussy again. The rush appears again and your eyes focus on his cock. You see it pulsing and growing. Getting harder and harder as you keep fondling your pussy. The heat and arousal is expanding into every part of your body. Getting closer and closer towards exploding.

It is just a matter of time.

Your breathing gets heavier and heavier as you start shaking uncontrollably.

Shivers are going down your spine while your head goes numb.

All you can feel of is this sensational feeling inside your body.

Arousal blending with satisfaction. Pure bliss.

When you finally calm down, you watch your man coming towards you. Wild animalistic fire is in his eyes. He picks you up and carries you into the living room. Throwing you on the couch, bending you over and taking a look at your pussy.

You heart is beating faster, "Is this violence?"

How can it be said to be so bad in the fairytales when it feels so amazing?

You want to devote your body to him. You wouldn't have a chance against his strength anyway.

You just let it happen. You want it to happen.

The anticipation is rising and when you finally can't wait anymore, he pushes his magnificent cock in. You let out a load moan as he starts pounding you. Your hips start to move on their own, your mind is filled only with arousal and pleasure.

Your man is forcing his cock deeper and deeper into you. The sexual sensation is taking you over.

Each breath makes your body feel hotter. This pleasure is changing you. Giving you feelings you've never felt before. As strong as a human could possibly bear. It's incredible how every thrust is making you moan in bliss. How your body is moving on its own and you just let it happen as another explosion is coming closer. Your head has gone numb already. Your whole body is shivering with pure joy.

Uncontrollable moaning.

Heart rate beyond anything you've felt before.

Eyes are twitching and every single part of you is filled with arousal.

Quivering and spasm in each nerve.

Your whole body is erupting as you feel liquid being poured into your pussy.

Just lying there with your man on top of you. Unable to move. Overwhelmed. Satisfied. Fulfilled.

And as your awareness is coming back, you decide that no one should ever miss out on experiencing these feelings.

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