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Sexual Awakenings II: The Mistress -- Chapter 2

Adam finds himself giving in to his Mistress who controls him jerking off for her pleasure
CHAPTER 2: Orgasmic Control

I had found myself in this wonderful home of a mysterious woman, who had taken control of my entire life for the next six weeks, and who had already forced me to strip naked and masturbate in front of her. Albeit, she stopped me from climaxing at that time, and I knew this was only going to be the start of her enjoyment of using me in such a way.....

As the time slowly passed, and I waited in my room. The evening soon drew closer and I prepared myself in the suit that had been placed out for me. It fit perfectly, and I felt more like James Bond than who I used to be. Smart, suave and a little dashing. As the door opened, the Butler - Geoffrey, informed me that the evening meal is ready and I followed him down stairs.

He opened the door as I entered a large dining hall, where upon the table was laid out with food that awaited me. At the head of the table, Katarina aka my now Mistress, sat. As I stepped around the table, a pretty, young and seemingly innocent and shy girl was sat on her left side of the position. She glanced up at me briefly as I made my way around and sat down. Her skin soft, and pale, and her dress she was wearing off a slight cleavage that caused a brief excitement below.

"Adam, I would like to introduce you to another of my choices I made. This is... Eve!" my Mistress informed me. Adam and Eve, her way I guess of introduction to what was to become of what she had planned for us in the long run.

"Hi!" I said as I looked across upon her.

She smiled, and replied in her own shy way "Hi!"

"Now, we shall eat. And we shall discuss other matters afterwards!" Mistress informed us both. We sat there, and were fed well, with lots of food at our disposal and wine to drink it down with. The time drifted away from us, as we stayed silent amongst the room before we had all finished, and found ourselves following Mistress into the living room area. A beautifully decorated, and exquisite setting place.

Mistress sat down upon the long, winding couch. Staring up at us as we stood several feet away, and awaiting her instructions.

"The two of you are much alike. Both of you are virgins, and never had any form of sexual experience!" Mistress informed us, and the two of us stood, a slight blush of red across our cheeks at what she was saying. "Over the next six weeks, I will show you the true meaning of sex, and more importantly the strongest word that bounds us together. Love. I can see that both of you are still quite shy around each other, but that will change. To begin with, and to explore this territory. To remove such distractions from you both. I command you both to undress before me" she instructed us. In a way, we both gulped at the same time. We knew we had both signed contracts, and both of us had to do whatever she said or walk away with nothing.

I began to undress, removing my jacket, shirt and trousers. Stripping down to my underwear, as I stood for a moment, whereas Eve was still a little shy in moving forward. Remembering her first visit to the home she found herself within .....


Eve, was once known as Maria, alike myself saw an advert placed in the same newspaper and replied. Just like my own situation, she was sent a questionnaire, asking personal questions like her body size, if she was a virgin, how often she masturbated etc. She was called to the home in a limousine, and arrived an hour before myself, as this was who the Mistress was dealing with before my arrival and await to be greeted by her.

Maria, signed the contract, and her whole life and control away for the next six weeks to Mistress, who then did the same as to my own situation. Wanted to reflect upon the beauty she had control of, as she stripped down to stand naked before her. Mistress walked around this young, innocent beauty and admired the sight before her own eyes, and the innocence of her inexperienced sexuality. She was then taken upstairs, naked, to a room to await the meal....

Back in the living room, I stood, stripped down to my boxers as Eve began to undress. I slipped my shorts down and stood naked, staring across at Mistress, and unsure if I should even look upon Eve who was undressing. Removing the dress from her body as it slipped down upon the ground and her feet. Before, she unclipped her bra and removed it and her panties that dropped to her ankles. She stood naked, several feet away at my side. The two of us together, as Mistress looked upon each of us with growing interest.

"I am pleased at the choices I made. Now, turn and look upon each other's bodies." Mistress informed us. We both turned, to face each other. Both, shy and scared still a little at what was happening. I looked upon her naked body, of her perfect form of figure. Her soft perky breasts that perched from her chest, and nipples that were erect upon each yet small. Further down, the small soft brush of hair that was positioned above her pussy, a small landing strip that was smoothly and well groomed and taken care of by her. She too, looked upon my own body. And, as much as I tried, I couldn't help but begin to become aroused at looking upon her body.

Mistress stepped across, as she looked upon both of us, and then stepped behind me. She placed her hands upon my shoulders, and leaned her face in to the side of my head. I could feel her hot breathe upon my neck, and her gentle whispering words that eased into my ear....

"Look upon her. Sweet and innocent, like yourself. Never has a man touched her, or been inside of her. You can smell the sweetness of her from here. Those pert breasts upon her chest. Those nipples, growing harder from the soft cold air that flows upon them, making them more erect to the sensitivity around her. Those soft wet lips upon her face, waiting to be kissed, softly caressed by someone's lips to match her own, and a tongue to caress and lick across her naked, soft skin. That hour glass figure, and her waist, her stomach. Leading further below. Look upon her Adam, her beauty that stares back upon you. Those tender thighs, waiting to be parted, to be pulled apart by your strong arms. And the wetness of what awaits between her thighs. That sweet strawberry tasting pussy that has never been touched by man, or been entered by a cock. You will be her first Adam.... not yet, but soon, she will desire you to be inside of her. She will beg of you to fuck her, hard and fast.... she will demand you to take her in many positions that you could only dream of!" Mistress spoke to me, as I looked down to see my cock, standing proud and erect, almost like a magnet pointing towards Eve several feet away from me. Her words of encouragement had brought upon total arousal to a stage I just wanted to take her and fuck her nonstop, but forced myself to hold back. "Do you want her Adam?" she asked.

"Yes Mistress." I said, as she smiled and I could feel her hot breathe blow across my neck and ear.

Mistress stepped around me and walked towards Eve, as she stared upon her naked body and walked around back. She positioned herself, arms upon her shoulder and whispered gently into her ear.....

"Look upon him Eve. He has never had a woman ever touch his body before. He has never had his cock caressed, teased or sucked on by any girl in his life. He is as innocence as yourself Eve. Those muscular arms, and his heaving chest that awaits you. Those strong hands, to hold you, caress you and carry you in his arms. His mouth, waiting to kiss your soft wet lips, and his tongue. His tongue that will guide it's way across your smooth body, licking every inch of your naked beauty. Caressing you with his soft wet tongue upon you, tasting you. Licking down and spreading your thighs where his tongue will guide it's way inside of your pussy. Eating you out, enjoying the sweet innocent taste of your sexual desires. His hands, gripped upon your perky breasts, squeezing them in his own grasp. Rubbing and playing with your erect nipples. And his cock, look at his cock Eve.... look upon it with hunger inside. You want it, I know you do. You want that first feeling of cock thrust inside of your pussy, to be fucked, passionately, softly and hard. His cock wants you, look upon it and the way it moves, it's attraction towards you. He said he wants you Eve... he wants to take you so badly it hurts inside.... do you feel like you want him?" she finished whispering to Eve.

"Yes... Mistress... I want him!" Eve gently informed her. Mistress smiled, a pleasure of her control over both of us etched upon her face. She stepped around and stood in front.

"Turn, and look at me!" she instructed both of us. Both of us were aroused, to a state of burning desire within. "You both have done well. Both of you have a growing desire for each other. But now is not the time for this to begin. Eve... you will return to your room. Sleep for tonight, and do not touch yourself. Now, you may leave us!" Mistress informed Eve as she grabbed her clothes and departed the room.

I stood, alone with Mistress who stared upon me, and my still aroused cock now pointing towards her. She moved back, and sat back down upon the couch. She looked upon my naked body with admiration, and sexual desire in her eyes.

"Adam, earlier today I took you to a limit of which left your desires and hunger for more. Now is the time to fulfill your sexual appetite. Jerk your cock for me... Masturbate for me... I want to see you enjoy yourself. Think of Eve, think of her naked body, her perky breasts, and that sweet strawberry tasting pussy that awaits you, a prize that you will gather in time." Mistress told me.

My cock was twitching, and I could feel my burning desire within. I was so horny, and needed to cum so badly. I reached down, and wrapped my fingers around the long length of my shaft. I gripped tightly, and held on as I began to stroke my hand back and forth, over and over. My foreskin pulling back, revealing the swelling head of my cock that protruded from within, and the eye staring upon Mistress from a distance. I stroked it hard, as it throbbed between my fingers. Hey eyes wide open as she watched me performing for her, her tongue guiding it's way around the wetness of her lips. Her own sexual slave, to do with as she pleases, whenever she desired me to.

She spoke to me, encouraging me to jerk off for her. "Stroke your cock Adam, pound it between those fingers of yours. Imagine you are fucking her, your hands all over her naked, soft glistening skin. Her moans of sexual fulfillment aired around the room. Close your eyes...." she said, as I did as she asked. The images of Eve's naked body flashed before my eyes, her perky breasts, and her small patch of hair above her pussy. Her skin, her figure all helping me growing more aroused with each moment.

"Imagine she is here with you. She is on her hands and knees, begging you to fuck her Adam. She wants you. She needs you inside of her. Thrust your cock deep into her wet cunt. Fuck her... fuck her harder.... faster!" Mistress moaned out to me. I could feel myself losing control. I could feel the build-up inside of my body preparing itself to blow. Mistress watched me, and could sense I was almost there when.... "Stop!" she called out as I ground to an immediate halt. My cock still throbbing in my grasp.

I opened my eyes, and looked upon her. A wicked, temptation of a smile upon her lips as she looked upon me. "You are close to cumming aren't you Adam?" she asked me.

"Yes Mistress!" I replied.

"Good. I want to own you, I want you to do as I say, when I say. My control over you and your actions is all you need to remember. I want you to let me own you though, not by force, but by your own submission to my words. My desires. My control" she informed me. My cock throbbed, and my head was swelling hard, glowing almost in it's purple color in need of exploding soon. "What do you want from me Adam?" she asked.

"I want you to allow me to cum Mistress. Please... let me cum for you!" I told her. The sense of desperation in my voice as I spoke out. The sweat glistening of my naked body, and my legs almost shaking in desire to finish what I started.

"Good. Continue what you started... stroke your cock for me. Jerk that big, hard, thick cock in your hand. You want to do that to please your Mistress don't you?" she said.

"Yes Mistress... I want to please you so much. I need to cum for you.... I want... to cum for you!" I cried out, as I went back to stroking my cock. My fingers grasped around the shaft as my Mistress watched on. My breathing grew heavier, as my cock throbbed more between my fingers. I jerked, faster.... harder in my grip.

"Faster.... stroke it faster for me Adam. Hold it tight in your hand and squeeze it.... imagine you are fucking Eve for me. Imagine you are pounding her tight wet cunt, and allowing me to watch you, instruct you how to fuck her. She wants you Adam.... she wants your cock to be inside of her, to be her first. She needs to be fucked hard and deep inside of her wet cunt. Do you want it Adam... do you want to fuck her cunt and be her first?" she spoke, in her sexually explicit language that added to my sexual arousal.

"Yes... I want to fuck her cunt.... I want to be her first Mistress. Please... let me fuck her!" I called out. My hand still stroking at speed, as my cock thrashed it's way in and out of my grip. My own hips moving in motion with the action of fucking someone, as I pounded my cock between the whole between my hand, as my fingers wrapped firmly around the shaft.

I groaned, as moans of sexual energy erupted from my lips. "ooohh... fuck... I'm close Mistress... please let me cum for you!" I called out, as I closed my eyes. The image of Eve's naked body thrust across my eyes, looking upon her naked form.

"I want you to Adam..... and now is your time to give in to me fully. You allow me to control when you climax. And I allow you to. Cum for me.... CUM FOR ME NOW!" she called out to me.

I could feel my cock throbbing harder than ever, and knew this was it. I couldn't hold on anymore, as I opened my mouth and released a loud groan. "UGHHHHHHHH!" I screamed out, as I thrust my hips forward. My cock pounded it's way through the tightness of my fingers around it, and my swollen head upon my cock shone through the other end. The eye opened, as a wave of thick, white cum splashed out across the way. "Ughhhhhh!" I continued moaning, as I could feel the sexual appetite exploding from within. All around my body, filled with the feeling of fireworks being released inside. My legs quivering beneath me, yet still, barely able to stay upright.

My breathing slowly grew more shallow, more normal as the sweat poured from my face and body. My cock still throbbing gently inside my hand below. The stringy length of cum that had splashed out, visible upon the floor below. Drips of the last remainder still falling from the eye of the swelling cock head. I gently stroked it, as I grasped the last few drops that remained free from within. Falling down upon the floor below.

I opened my eyes, and looked upon my Mistress who looked back, with a sense of accomplishment and smile upon her face. "You have made me proud Adam. Did you like me controlling you in such a way?" she inquired about me.

"Yes Mistress. It helped me cum even deeper within!" I informed her.

"Good. Then, you are learning. And you please your Mistress that you wanted me to help you cum. Allowing your actions to be put in my hands. That is all I sought from you today. Now, you must be tired. And if your legs allow it, you may retire to your room now. Go. Rest for tonight. Your Mistress shall speak to you tomorrow." she informed me.

I grabbed my clothes, and walked away as I made my way upstairs and into my room. Where, I showered and retired to bed for the night where I slept comfortably and peacefully.

Back in the living room below, after I had left. My Mistress stepped forward, as she dropped to her knees upon the floor. Stared upon the stringy cum I had dispatched upon her call, and dipped her finger upon it. A piece wrapped upon her fingertip, as she raised it up and slipped it between her lips. She tasted it, and seemed to enjoy the taste of it. She looked down, and within moments she arched herself forward. Her tongue protruded from her mouth and it guided it's way across the floor, licking up every drop of cum she could find. Slipping it all back into her mouth, and swallowing every drop of it. Licking her lips in return upon cleaning up after me....

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