Sexual Awakenings II: The Mistress -- Chapter 3

By John_Doe

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Mistress decides to watch and admire Eve as she loses control of her orgasmic state of mind
CHAPTER 3: The Female 'O'

I found myself living for the next six weeks, in a beautiful surroundings of a mansion of some wealthy, and domineering woman, named Katarina but I was forced to call upon her as 'Mistress', while she called me 'Adam', as well as being alongside a woman who I would call 'Eve'. Already, she had took control of my body, emotions and my masturbation, as she watched me jerk off to a point in which she forced me to stop before I could cum, then allowing me to cum later that evening just for her..... Next, she decided to call upon Eve for pleasure of admiring her beauty....

After I had jerked off and cum for my Mistress, and felt drained of not only sexual lust that evening, but also energy, my Mistress allowed me to retire to my room, to shower and seek sleep for the remained of the night and awake the next morning. Little did I know, that as I had got myself ready to settle down, back in the room my Mistress had dropped to her hands and knees and licked up all of my cum off the floor. She was hungry for something else though, in her strange and disturbed mind of control.....

She worked her way up the stairs, and found herself outside one of the rooms. As she opened the door and entered inside, across the room and laying under the covers was Eve. Still wide awake, and watching as Mistress entered the room, shutting the door behind her and slinking her way across towards her. She stood over the bed, at the side and looked down upon this pretty, young and innocent girl that looked up at her.

"Eve, did you like what you saw earlier? Did you like looking upon Adam's naked body, his heaving, slightly muscular chest and arms, and his cock that grew and pointed towards your naked body. You, the arousal that placed him in sexual desire to touch you and be with you?" Mistress asked Eve.

"Yes Mistress." Eve replied.

"Did it make you wet as you looked upon him?" Mistress continued her slight interrogation of her.

"Yes Mistress, it got me aroused looking at a naked guy!" Eve answered.

Mistress smiled, a wicked smile upon one corner of her lips. "Good. Are you still aroused, and slightly damp between your thighs as you think of him now?"

"Yes Mistress, I am!" Eve replied, with a slight blush of red that spread upon her cheeks.

"You do not need to be embarrassed my sweet young thing. Their is no shame in thoughts of a man that arouses you to a point of making you wet. But, I feel we should deal with such a matter while your body is still warm and glowing. Rise up from your bed!" Mistress demanded of her.

Eve pulled back the sheets, and slipped her legs around. She rose to stand at the side, as Mistress pulled her away to the open area part of the room. Eve stood there, a soft blue nightdress upon her body, that stretched down to her knees. Mistress looked upon her.

"Remove your nightdress for me Eve!" she instructed.

Eve pulled up the hem of her dress, and slipped it over her head and dropped it to the floor at the side. She stood there, completely naked. Her stunning, young and innocent body for her Mistress to admire. Her breasts, perky and her nipples slowly hardened at the cool air that reached them. The gentle, soft glistening of her pussy that shone out of how wet she still was at the thought of seeing Adam naked. Eve stood, silent and still, and yet still anxious a little inside that she was trying her best to overcome.

Mistress walked towards her, stood a foot in front. Her hand raised, as the back of her palm gently caressed down across the cheeks of Eve's face.

"You are so innocent in sexuality. You should never be afraid to express that of which you desire my sweet Eve. These feelings you have, like butterflies that flutter around inside your stomach and throughout your body are it's way of informing you that you need to be touched. You want to be caressed, and desired." Mistress told her.

Her hand slowly made it's way down across her cheek. It moved further, across her neck and towards her perky breasts. The edge of her fingertips, curled their way around the underside shape of her breasts upon her heaving chest. Before the tips of her fingers gently brushed in circles around the areola's and nipples upon her breast. Eve's breathing was becoming a little more deeper, heavier with this gentle touch upon her naked body. She had never allowed anyone to touch her, and especially not in such a sexual way to send more emotional turmoil inside of her already lustful desires of her body. Her eyes gently closed, losing herself in the sexual energy that was being rushed throughout her.

Her Mistress's hand moved further down, as she walked around Eve's position. Her fingertips brushing across her stomach, and around to her spine. Working their way down towards her soft, ample cheeks of her succulent ass. Brushing the back of her palm across her cheeks, as Eve opened her eyes and her deep, heavy breathing continued.

Mistress leaned in close from behind, her warm breathe erupting upon her ear and neck. She whispered, sexually in tone into her ear. "Are you thinking of him Eve?" she asked.

"Yes Mistress!" Eve replied, through deep breathes.

"Good. Is your pussy getting wetter and wetter, the more you think of his naked body stood in front of you. His cock, hard, thick and throbbing, wanting to be inside of you so badly!" she asked her.

"Yesssss....!" is all Eve could muster out of her lips.

"Do you want to touch yourself?" Mistress questioned her.

"Yes Mistress. I feel so hot here, I want to touch myself for you Mistress... please... let me...!" she cried out through desperate pleas.

"Your Mistress is happy that you ask her permission to please yourself for her. I want you to remember that. Now, go and lay upon the bed!" she told Eve.

Eve stepped across to the bed, and settled down upon it. Still naked, laying upon the bed sheets as she positioned herself still.

"Now, I want you to touch yourself Eve. Caress your naked body, feel that sexual energy glow inside of you. Your desires, your sexuality, allow it to be explored like never before." Mistress informed her, as she stood at the side, overlooking her.

Eve's hands began low, caressing across her thighs. Her smooth legs, soft as her palms slipped back and forth across them. Moving up, across her stomach and her belly button. Touching, caressing and exploring each and every inch of the front of her body. Delving further up, as her palms crossed over the perky mountain range of her breasts upon her heaving chest. Round and around, squeezing them together, and each other as she gripped upon each of them in her hands. Sexual moans of ecstasy being released from between her lips from touching herself.

Her finger and thumb, gently grasping upon the hardened nipples upon each breast. Pulling upon them, expanding her soft mounds of flesh above, before releasing them to slap back below to their original positions. The fingertip of one of her fingers rubbed around in mini circles across her areola's, and nipples. Making them harder, and her sexual pleasure more fulfilling. Her moans dripped from her lips of these touches upon herself.

She had masturbated many times before, but never had experienced such a sexual desire, and connection with her own naked body before. The soft tingling sensation inside that ripped through her stomach, and down between her thighs. She could feel her pussy growing wetter with sexual desires to be explored by her own fingers. She dipped her finger into her lips, and then rubbed it around her nipples. The cold, and wet sensation allowed her to release a soft grasp of moan from within.

"That's it Eve, you are doing so well. You please your Mistress with your touch of your own body. I can see you are getting wetter, and your sexual appetite is growing. I want to watch you touch yourself now, rub your pussy for me Eve. Please your Mistress!" she spoke to Eve, in her own sexually soft tone of voice.

One of Eve's hands lowered down, across her stomach. Her other, still caressed and squeezed upon her perky breasts, as well as pulling and rubbing and flicking across her hard nipples. The hand lowered, caressing her thighs and working their way slowly inwards. She slowly parted her thighs apart, spreading her legs to allow the opening to her pussy to be explored more.

Her fingers worked back up, and soon found themselves gently caressing up and down across her labia of her lips, rubbing up and down, over and over with soft caresses. Moans erupting from her lips above, as her other hand continued to enjoy playing with her own breasts upon her chest. Her lower hand rubbing the lips of her pussy, that were wet with her juices flowing from touching herself and becoming so aroused.

"You are doing well Eve. Your Mistress is pleased that you enjoy touching yourself in such a way. Do you like performing for me Eve?" Mistress asked of her.

Through deep breathes and groans of sexual lust, words escaped from her lips. "Yes Mistress.... I do!"

"Tell me what you like doing for me Eve, inform your Mistress!" she questioned her deeper.

"I like masturbating for you Mistress. I like touching myself... Ughhh... Fuck... I want to make you happy Mistress. I want to masturbate for you!" she told her.

"You are making your Mistress happy Eve. Your Mistress is very happy that you are giving in to her, and that you wish to please her by performing for her in such a way. Rub your clitoris for your Mistress now Eve, rub it slowly and caress it. I want to hear you enjoy yourself." Mistress told her.

Eve's finger began to gently flick upon the clitoris that had hardened and slipped free from it's hood, exposing itself to the wetness of her pussy. Her finger flicked, slowly across it. Moans erupting from Eve's lips above, "Oooooh.... Ughhhh... fuck yes.... fuck Mistress... I want to please you so much Mistress... I want to make you happy Mistress!" Eve called out.

"You are Eve, you are making Mistress very happy. Are you enjoying touching yourself?" Mistress continued to ask.

"Yes Mistress... fuck.... mmmm... Ughhhhhh.... It feels so good to please you Mistress!" Eve called out. Her finger still working hard upon her clitoris. Her juices were oozing from her pussy, to the sheets below her thighs. Her hand above pulling hard upon her own nipples and squeezing her breasts. Her hips began to gently rock in motion, as her finger continued to caress and flick upon her clitoris. Her moans and deep breathing growing heavier, harder with each gentle thrust of her hips into her palm.

"Mmmm... fuck.... oh please Mistress... I want to please you.... make you happy.... Ughhhh... I'm close Mistress....!" Eve called out.

"Good, you make your Mistress extremely happy performing for her. Opening up your body and mind to her control. Now, your Mistress wants you ... to CUM.... CUM FOR YOUR MISTRESS NOW EVE... CUM LIKE NEVER BEFORE!" Mistress called out to her, demanding in her tone of voice.

Eve began to flick away upon her clitoris, harder, deeper with fast thrusts of her fingertip that brushed over the glowing, glistening clit beneath her. Her own pelvis rocked off the mattress, thrusting her body up towards her fingers and palm that rubbed her pussy and clit hard. Her face, showed the total sexual ecstasy that was expressed upon her sweaty face. Her eyes closed tight, her mouth open wide, as her head raised itself off the pillow below.

She groaned, harder through gritted teeth. "UGHHHHHh..... I'm cumming for you Mistress... fuck yes.... I'm cumming Mistress just for you!" she screamed out to her. He hand throbbing hard and fast upon her pussy and clit, until she exploded into a sexual orgasmic rage of energy that ripped through her body.

"UGHHHHHHH!" as her whole body shook, and convulsed. Several times, over and over as she stopped rubbing her pussy, as her other hand gripped firmly and tight upon one of her breasts. "Ughhhhh.... fuck yes.... fuck Mistress....!" she called out, as a wave of orgasms shot through her whole body. Her deep heavy breathing slowly settling down, as she collapsed back onto the bed, laying flat. Her hand resting upon her dripping wet pussy. Her other hand, gripped upon her breast.

Mistress's leaned over her position as one of her hands dipped between her thighs, and her fingertips slipped upon some of the juices that Eve had slipped from her wet cunt, and upon the sheets. She dipped upon them, and then slipped them into her own mouth to taste the sweet, strawberry juices she had provided for her. She licked her lips as Eve opened her eyes to look out upon her Mistress over her, looking upon her with a wicked, sense of accomplishment on her face.

"You have done well Eve. You pleased your Mistress with your performance." Mistress informed her. Eve smiled in response.

"I only wish to please you Mistress. I have never experienced such a rush of orgasm like that before. Thank you Mistress for helping me." Eve told her.

"You are welcome. Now, you must rest. Go to sleep, and we shall speak again tomorrow my sweet Eve." as she leaned in, and kissed Eve upon the forehead. She pulled a sheet up and across Eve's naked body, covering her as she turned on her side and closed her eyes. Exhausted at the orgasm she just experienced and growing weary as the night was settling in.

Mistress stepped away as she stopped at the door, and looked back upon her. A soft smile breaks upon her face, before she exits the room and closes the door behind her. Leaving Eve to finally get some sleep and rest for the night. Mistress walked down the corridor, stopping at another door as she carefully opened it and peeked inside. In the distance, Adam laid asleep under the sheets as she watched from afar, before closing the door once again.....