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Shazia; A tale of transformation From conservative Muslim girl to a cock addict slut, Part 2.

First tongue over my pussy

After Primary, I went to a high school specified for girls only and after completing my studies there; my father took the initiative in deciding that I should now go to College and complete my graduation. My father searched a girl’s only College which was far away from our house but as I was to wear burqa all the way and take my younger brother along to the College as my guardian, it was found to be workable. At the College I met my seatmate, Puja, a Hindu girl, who lived close to my place. She was my seatmate and we became good friends in a day. Her friendship helped me relieve my brother from my guardianship to and fro the College.

I may add here that a few decades ago, Muslims and Hindus could not sit together as their clothes should not be touching each other, they could never think of eating together nor could they drink water from the same utensil. There used to be Hindu water and Muslim water; nothing but two different utensils to drink. But time changed and now I used to drink water from the same cooler and glass which Puja used and we also ate our lunch together. She invited me to her house and with the permission of my family; I was allowed to go to her house too; of course on the pretext of joint studies.

Puja was a young girl of my age, with 5’ 5” as height, wheatish brown skin color, developed breast of 34 C, big eyes, smiley face and a beautiful jawline with dimples. I have not described myself as I never looked upon me as a girl; one who could be aspired or desired as a beautiful. I, as a Muslim girl was brought up without ever considering myself as girl, one who could be appreciated, liked or praised as beautiful, pretty or charming. I was not allowed to use any makeup. I was a commodity or at best a chattel who would at appropriate time be handed over to a male for procreation. After meeting Puja, who used little makeup for the College, I started having weird thoughts, comparing my own self with Puja.

I was not Caucasian white but have much fairer color than Puja, my height was about 5’ 7”, my breast were upright, firm, round and more developed, my jawline and eyes were much better than hers; yet I was always fully covered in a Burqa, could not be looked at by any male other than my father and my brother. I was allowed to meet only my female teachers, my female friends at College or my mother. No one was there to pass a word of appreciation about my charm or beauty. Puja, on the other hand was appreciated by the boys on the roads who did whistle at her. Even her own mother and brother, Manesh praised her charms and beauty but my own mother never said a word of praise for my charms or beauty. After all I was a young girl and did feel a desire to be appreciated as beautiful as Puja was.

Manesh was 2 years elder to Puja and was studying at University for a Math’s degree. He was well versed in Math’s and used to give us some coaching in mathematics at times. He was about 5’ 9’ in height, well built, broad shoulders, clean shaved, nicely dressed with some cologne or perfume. I used to be in Burqa while Puja sat next to him during coaching. I, just after my periods used to feel a bit jealous with Puja as I felt a desire to be seated beside Manesh. This was the first time in life that I felt some attraction about a young man. And maybe it was due to weird thought I got. But these coachings were short as it was just one of our subjects. Rest of the time, I used to be in the room of Puja (yes, she had her own room, with a computer and a TV too) where I could take my Burqa off and lie down on bed with her. We used to chat freely and even about sex too; although I used to be on the learning side.

I went to Puja’s house for joint study and saw Puja alone at home. She took me to her room and after I got rid of the Burqa we lay down on bed. Puja locked her room and told me to watch something very special on computer screen. She fed a CD and turned the play button on. I was simply bewildered and astounded. I had by now known about sex but had no idea that there could be sex shown on CD too. Wow: My eye balls rolled up as on shame I covered my eyes with my hands though peeping at the screen through my fingers. I felt as if I need to tear apart my clothes, my whole body was on fire, my nipples were hard as pebbles and a tingle felt at the pussy.

Puja smiled looking at me beet red. She took off my shirt slowly and my bra too. My hands and arms were stoned, unable to move while Puja was taking my clothes off. She took off my Shalwar (trouser) too, making me totally naked. That was the first time ever I was naked in the presence of another person. Puja hurried to take her clothes off too. Once we both naked, Puja took my nipples into her mouth and sucked them. This was a completely new sensation. My body felt as if fire was emitting from my boobs as she sucked my nipples alternatively. My hands and arms were still unable to move. Puja licked my nipples and kissed me. This was the first ever kiss on my lips. I felt as if my lips were no more part of my body. Fire is no word to convey the sensations I felt. I felt as if molten lava is flowing down my veins to my entire body and especially to my pussy. Kissing, licking, sucking nipples and then she started nibbling and biting my nipples. I can’t describe how I felt. She placed her hand over my pussy mound and rubbed her palm slowly. Instantly it was fire there too. She placed her finger on my pussy opening, as I felt shameful and closed my eyes. But her finger at my pussy opening felt as if a hot burning coal was placed. She slowly inserted her finger into and I felt my pussy was wet; not wet but dripping. I did not know about pussy juices. Puja continued rubbing her finger into my pussy and slowly played a lesbian porn movie on the computer screen. I believe she wanted me to learn about girly sex being played on screen and experience it too.

Puja played with my body sending me to fire for God knows how long. I could not calculate the time as I had lost all comprehension of time and space. All I was aware were Puja’s lips working on my nipples and lips. Finally, Puja spread my legs wide and placed her mouth on my pussy. I tried to shun it; but she did not let me. She started licking my clit and my pussy. Involuntarily I was pushing my hips upwards as she licked my clit. I was oozing tons of juices and she was lapping and slurping all of it as if it was elixir for her. I suddenly shivered, convulsed and each and every muscle of my body trembled. I screamed aloud as I shot a whole lot of ton of juices. I had lost my mind. I believe I passed out for a few minutes too. Puja’s bed sheet was all soaked with my juices and when I regained consciousness, I felt so ashamed that I had peed over her bed. Apologized her about it but she smiled and told me that I should be proud of myself as I am a squirter. Puja told me it was not pee but my pussy juices. I asked her if she too was a squirter. She said she is sorry for not being one. She explained me that men really like squirting girls. We hurriedly changed the bed sheet, dressed ourselves and unlocked the room as Puja’s brother was due home.

I could not concentrate on anything now. The joint studies were just hard even to think. That was the first ever time that I felt a hand and or tongue on my boobs, nipples and pussy. I had my first ever experience of any type of sex. Could I focus on anything as my mind and body was still feeling the sensations of first ever sex experience? NAY, never. I wore my Burqa and rushed back home, not waiting for Manesh to arrive and to have my mathematics lessons.

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