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Shazia; A tale of transformation From a Muslim girl to cock addict slut, Part 3

Hindu Cock, my first.
How did I get to my home, I am still unable to comprehend. My hands were time and again moving either to my nipples or to my pussy (under the burqa) till I got home. At home, I lay down on my bed. Neither my brother nor my mother was at home. I locked myself in a room, threw off my clothes and lay naked playing with my nipples and pussy. I wished I had more than two hands to work simultaneously on pussy and both the nipples. But I just had two hands and merely ten fingers to help. I moaned loud enough and did cum again and again till my bed sheet was soaked.

That night I could not sleep and once my brother was asleep; my hand was inside my trouser working on my pussy and clit. My two fingers, I believe stayed all night inside my pussy and my pussy kept oozing juices. By the morning my clit and pussy had become sore and swollen. But my hunger for sex remained insatiable.

I and Puja had no classes today and so instead of going to College I went to Puja’s home early. When I reached there Manesh was leaving for University. I went to Puja’s room and locked the door myself. Puja, asleep awoke by my arrival. It was strange for her that I was at her home so early but instead of responding her query, I placed the sex CD on play. Puja smiled but I jumped upon her and almost tore her clothes off. She did the same to me too. As the CD started playing, we too were playing with each other. Yesterday Puja played with me; today I jumped on her and started to kiss. She taught me how to suck each other’s tongue and enjoy swirling my tongue over hers. Soon we were licking, sucking and biting each other’s boobs. She taught me how to slowly grind my teeth over her boob and take nipple into my mouth. I first learned how to enjoy being nibbled and bitten at nipples. We were both screaming with pleasure.

We were soon licking each other’s pussies and Puja instructed me how to please a girl by sucking her clit. I had soon mastered the technique and started sucking her clit and play my tongue over her hard erect clit in circles. She screamed and did the same to my pussy and clit. I made her cum almost volcanically as she too made me cum many a times. She asked me to swallow her cum and share the taste of her cum by kissing her at lips and tongue. She did the same to me. I tasted her salty cum with pleasure and kissed her to share as she swallowed mine and let me taste my own cum. It was such a pleasure to taste my own cum at her mouth and tongue. The house was with us, the two naked girls playing sex CD and replaying it many a times till my pussy lips were swollen and sore so bad that even touching them would make me scream and cum. Puja too was not much different. We both were exhausted and hungry too. I rushed home to eat (being a Muslim, my mother would not allow me to eat at a Hindu home). After the meals and some rest, I thought I should revisit Puja’s home.

It was almost 5 pm in the evening when I arrived at her home. I knocked and Manesh (Puja’s elder brother) responded. He told me Puja was not at home but if I wanted I could wait for her in her room. I had never stayed at Puja’s place in her absence but the sex urges made me shed all inhibitions. I went to Puja’s room and started playing the video. Perhaps in my overzealousness I did not lock the door. I soon saw Manesh at the door. I believe the high volume of video sound brought him. I had removed not only my burqa but also my trouse, shirt and bra and was playing with my pussy, my thighs spread wide. Manesh was completely stunned. He saw my face along with my boobs and pussy for the first time.

Before I could cover myself, Manesh moved quick, held my face in his hands and planted a kiss on my forehead. I felt as if two burning coals have been placed over my forehead. He next kissed my lips and though my lips had enjoyed kisses from Puja yet this was something absolutely different. I felt as if my lips are on fire and yet have been cooled off by something highly intoxicating. I was unable to move my head or my lips. I was under a trance; the trance of first ever male lips over mine.

He moved on to suck my nipples alternatively while pinching the other. I felt his hand doing magic to me. His tongue was playing with my nipples but it was absolutely a different feel than that of Puja’s. My thighs were spread wide and my pussy was flooding as Manesh was playing with my nipples. He moved on to lick and lap my pussy. Involuntarily I spread my thighs still wider to accommodate his face. He sucked, licked and tongue fucked my pussy and sucked my clit with his tongue working over it in circles. I held his head tight over my pussy, not to let him move away. I was on fire, screaming. Manesh had meanwhile taken off his shirt and his shorts and started rubbing his hard cockhead over my pussy entrance. My religion, my culture, my training of years had all evaporated before this uncircumcised cock; all I wanted at that time was his cock into my swollen flooding warm pussy. He was hard as stone and in just a thrust he pushed his 8” cock deep into my virgin pussy. I screamed aloud but there was no one at home except him and me and we both wanted it.

My hymen was burst in that thrust and my pussy oozed blood. I was in tears due to pain but strangely enough my pussy felt a certain sense of fulfillment. I had his cock deep into my pussy as he was lying over me. I was lying on the edge of the bed with my legs dangling down. He started pumping his rock hard cock and I started feeling a new pleasure; a pleasure that even two days of girly sex with Puja could not match. He was sucking my nipples, kissing my bottom lip sucking it into his mouth and fucking me slow and easy. How long did we fuck, I don’t remember; all I do remember is that I must have cummed over his rock hard cock at least four to six times. Every time I cummed, I screamed and shivered with every muscle of my body rocking in hitherto unknown pleasure. He kept playing with my clit as my legs were around his waist. He suddenly started moving fast and hard into my pussy and I felt his cock swelling further. My pussy too squeezed his swollen cock. He jerked and spurt his semen deep into my womb. I had almost passed out with pleasure of the fucking. My first cock was thus a Hindu cock, uncircumcised, not permitted by my religion. But how can one differentiate between Muslim or Hindu cock when its hard and fucking a flooding pussy.

Soon after his cock was soft, he withdrew it from my pussy. He then hurried to change the blood stained bed sheet and I started covering myself. Puja had not arrived back nor had Puja’s parents. He advised me not to share all that has gone between us with Puja or anyone else. He asked me to go back home as he will not divulge Puja about my coming this evening. He asked me to meet him to continue our sex relationship. I was too willing to agree. We fixed to meet the day I had no classes at the College. Manesh suggested that I should leave home in Burqa and he will come to take me to a friend’s place where we can enjoy all day long.

With that agreement, I left Puja’s place and went back home. My pussy was sore and swollen yet so satisfied and a feeling of fulfillment. I went home and had the soundest sleep I could imagine. However early morning, when I went to pee I again felt the urge to masturbate and did enjoy myself relieving first thing in the morning. I was off to College soon but there too could not concentrate on any of the subjects taught. My clit felt the tingling and my pussy was wet. I had to resort to my fingers twice at the toilets during the College. Puja invited me to her home for another round of girly sex. I did not need a second invitation. My pussy was constantly having an itch; itch to have a cock in to fuck.

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