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Shazia; A tale of transformation From a Muslim girl to cock addict slut, part 4

Hindu / Muslim but Cocks.
When at home, Puja locked the door and held me in her arms kissing me passionately. “Shazia you are my Bhabi (sister in law). You were hiding this great news from me”. Said Puja. I was completely stunned. I never expected Manesh to tell his sister about what went between us. Puja smiled and said, “Shazia you just a novice in sex. When I came home last evening, my room smelled your sex”. She pulled down my trouser and licked my pussy for a minute or two and asked me to inhale her mouth. I did and found my sex smell over her lips and tongue. She then took off her own trouser and asked me to lick her pussy. I did and she asked me to inhale her pussy smell. It was surely different than mine. Puja told me that sex smell differs.

“The room smelled of your pussy and also the bed sheet had been replaced. I smelt fishy and asked Manesh as to what happened and he confessed about having sex with you”. Puja told me that she too has a boyfriend with whom she does have sexual relationship once a week and Manesh is aware of her relationship too. “We both sister and brother have vowed not to communicate each other’s secrets to either of the parents nor to anyone else. Puja assured me that my sexual relations with Manesh will always be a sacred secret with her. However she asked me not to use her room for sex because her mom can smell sex and it can lead to Hindu Muslim religious riot. Puja instructed me to immediately start on birth control pills which are freely available at nearby government family planning center. She gave me one pack of the pills she had with her. I told Puja about my obsession for cock in my pussy. I told that my pussy is constantly having an itch. The itch within pussy is satisfied if I masturbate with my fingers and best by Manesh’s cock. Puja smiled and gave me a big fat candle as a present. She told me to use this candle as sex toy to fuck myself and satisfy my sexual urges when Manesh’s cock was not available.

I learnt the proper use of candle as a cock from Puja who used it thoroughly on me. She rubbed the fat candle slowly on my nipples and then on my wide open pussy lips and clit. I withered and convulsed moaning loud. Puja slowly entered the pointed part of the fat candle into my wet pussy as a cock and gave me the candle to handle it myself. I started fucking myself slowly, squeezing my thighs close. This gave me a tighter pussy to fuck and my pussy walls enjoyed the slow waxed rubbing of candle. I played with myself as long as I could, pinching my nipples with the other hand. At last I shot a big load of my creamy cum over the candle. Puja was using her own candle and enjoying herself.

I left for home armed with a candle “cock” in my bag (I may inform my readers that my small town, Bhopal does not have a sex toy shop). Armed with a new sex toy and having learned the art of using it properly I was anticipating for the next day when I was scheduled to meet Manesh on a plea of going to College. That night, as soon as my brother went asleep, I covered myself with sheets, pulled my trouser down to my knees and the candle took its route into my already wet pussy. I did not sleep that night and kept slow fucking my itching pussy oozing juices. I must have cum at least 10 times during the night over the candle; result; my pussy lips, pussy walls and clit had swelled. It was rather difficult to walk in the morning but managed as I was to meet Manesh in next two hours for a real cock in my pussy.

I showered, changed, wore my Burqa and was off at the scheduled time set for the ‘College’. I had told Puja to provide me a cover in any emergency as she was aware of my scheduled meeting with Manesh. After a few minutes on way I saw Manesh who held my hand in his. I shivered as if someone could see him holding the hand of a Burqa clad girl, a big Hindu Muslim strife would be on its way. I politely asked Manesh to leave my hand and lead to the place we were scheduled to go as I will follow him at a distance. Soon we reached to a locked flat which Manesh told was of his friend. It was a one room flat usually provided to students from nearby areas. It had a double bed with attached bathroom.

Although we locked the room from inside, my heartbeat was so fast, I thought I would pass out. Manesh gave me a glass of water and assured me that we are safe and nothing to fear while at this one room flat. After being a little assured, I took off my Burqa and after a few hot, passionate kisses and hugs, off went my clothes, my bra and undergarments. Manesh too was naked and had me straddling his lap. We continued to hug and kiss as he mauled and rubbed my boobs licking and sucking my nipples. His cock had grown hard hitting and swaying at my ass. He asked me to hold his cock and then I saw the difference in uncircumcised cock of Manesh as I used to see circumcised cock of my younger brother.

I was enjoying rubbing of my nipples when Manesh asked me to suck his cock. I was surprised and told him never can I hold a cock in my mouth as it emits pee. How can I take that dirty piece in my mouth? Pussy was meant for cock penetration but not mouth. He tried to convince me that he too does lick my pussy which is also emitting pee; but I did not agree to his arguments. Manesh thereafter asked me to bend with my hands on the bed edge and my wide spread thighs and legs on floor and back to him. He started rubbing his cockhead over my swollen pussy lips from rear, which were already oozing juices. I started moaning slow. He opened my pussy lips and in one thrust, all his 8.5” long cock was deep in my pussy. This position felt strange as his cock was much deeper into me hitting me deep in. It did hurt me deep inside my pussy but this little pain itself was so pleasing. My boobs were dangling and swaying with each thrust into and out of my pussy and each thrust of his cock into me was sending me into heavens and my pussy started flowing juices much faster.

Manesh held my boobs in his hands squeezing them and pinching my nipples in between his thumbs and fingers. I was so enjoying the fucking that I started moving my hips back meeting his cock thrusting into my pussy. My juices were flowing down my thighs and calves as he continued to fuck me nonstop. I moaned loud and felt that I was losing strength as my pleasure was heightening. Suddenly my legs buckled and I slipped down on to the floor squirting, shooting large amount of cum. Manesh’s cock was out of my pussy as my legs buckled and I flooded the floor. My nipples were pulled hard as I fell and squirted. That too added to my squirting. Manesh surprised and after a few minutes pulled me up and pushed his cock again into my pussy, continuing to fuck me again from rear. My juices were all over his cock, my ass, my thighs, calves and floor, all covered with thick creamy cum flowing nonstop from my pussy.

Manesh soon pulled his cock from my pussy and started rubbing his cockhead over my asshole. I was in greatest ecstasy I could imagine. Though no one had even touched my asshole, I still enjoyed and backed my asshole onto his cock. He slowly inserted one finger into my ass and then two and I enjoyed it as our sex play. My ecstasy was heightening with each movement of his. He twisted his fingers into my asshole and then pulled out. Suddenly I felt his hard fat cock entering my asshole. I cried in pain but he held my hips with all his strength and did not let me move away or sway my hips. Once his cockhead had entered my sphincter in my ass, the pain evaporated and I enjoyed a new pleasure. He asked me to thrust back my hips to have his entire cock length into my asshole. I did till his balls started hitting my ass cheeks. He started moving slowly and I was enjoying the pleasure of ass fucking. (Let me inform my readers that anal sex is a crime in India). Soon I started squirting again while he fucked me in the ass, he kept rubbing my clit. He held me over the bed now so that I may not slip down on floor. The bed was flooded with my squirting cum again. I felt as if we continued fucking for hours nonstop and when Manesh shot his cum in my asshole, I was so exhausted that I passed out over the soaked bed.

Manesh went out to bring something to eat. When he returned, he had food and two of his friends too. I was shocked and stunned as I hardly expected any one to come to the room while we were there. He introduced one as Salim (a Muslim name) who was the owner of the flat and Akash (A Hindu name) who was a paying guest of Salim. I had not covered myself as I never expected anyone else coming in except Manesh with some food. Lying naked over the bed I could do little to cover myself. All three started to play with me. They started kissing, hugging; sucking my nipples and Akash started licking my pussy by pulling my thighs wide apart. I could hardly protest or even complain as all this was sending me over the moon. I was enjoying as three pairs of hands and three mouths licking, sucking and pinching my nipples, pussy and even teasing my ass bud. Next half an hour saw three boys and me all naked on bed with sex foreplay.

Salim then sat on the bed edge and had me straddling him with his cock in my pussy (this was a circumcised cock and I could feel the difference) and Akash had opened my asshole fucking me there in. My itching pussy and body was in heavens. Every muscle and cell of my body felt as if I am in heavens although my pussy, clit and asshole were sore. I had two cocks working simultaneously in my pussy and my asshole yet it was much more pleasing than any of the earlier sex I had. Six hands were actively involved in squeezing, pinching and rubbing my boobs and other parts of my body. It was a slow fucking and I wished it could continue forever. Salim would pull his cock out till his cockhead and rim was within my pussy while Akash pushed his cock into my asshole all the way in. At times both cocks worked simultaneously in and out movement and I felt two cocks rubbing within me hitting and rubbing my g-spot and cervix. Pleasure was indescribable, even feeling in heaven cannot describe it. Sexual intimacy was at its height.

Manesh came up with his hard cock, opening my mouth and thrust his cock into. I had never even thought of having a cock in my mouth but the sexual ecstasy that I was in, I could hardly deny any sexual advance. He had thrust merely 3” or so of his fat cock within my mouth when I felt a gag. But I did not repulse his cock from my mouth; rather I had a new enjoyment. Slowly he started fucking my mouth while two cocks were working into my swollen pussy and tender asshole. I felt much better now with Manesh’s cock in my mouth. I started licking his cock and played with his shaft with my tongue. I licked the undershaft slowly and then the slit of his cock. His precum was salty yet so enjoying. I was enjoying as I swallowed his precum while the two other cocks were working wonders on my pussy and asshole. I started rubbing my clit slowly. Now I had three cocks in all the three openings of my body. Manesh by now was able to push more than 4” of his hard fat cock in my mouth, Salim’s cock was hitting my cervix mouth as I was bent forward onto him and Akash had his cock balls deep in my ass. Akash’s ball sac hitting my ass checks with each thrust was sending me over the moon while two cocks in my pussy and asshole were almost rubbing with each other within me with just a 5mm thin wall separating them. I could feel the two cocks moving and rubbing and each move of either of the cock was giving me unbelievable sexual pleasure. I could never imagine that I as a girl could ever get that much of sexual pleasure. I must have been flooding juices perpetually as the two cocks were working so close sending me to incredible feelings. I wished it could continue forever; nonstop.

First was Manesh to shoot his cum into the back of my throat. Some of his cum did go down to my stomach but the rest overflowed from my mouth on to my chin and boobs. Almost simultaneously did Salim and Akash cum into my pussy and asshole. I asked both not to pull out their cocks and stay within my holes as long as they could. I was filled by cum beyond expectations. When the two cocks softened and were out of my two holes I felt myself so empty as if something inseparable of me has been torn out. This was a strange sensation I was having. I felt myself complete only with cocks in my holes. Either real cocks or something that could replacing cocks instead, but filling my holes. Otherwise unexplainable itches, giving me a feel of emptiness and incomplete I felt. I was now prepared to lick and suck a cock which I abhorred a few hours earlier. How sexual ecstasy can have transforming effects on a conservative shy Muslim girl, did I come to understand now. Sex which was a taboo for me changed me into a cock addict slut in a matter of 4 days.

I did not feel myself in love for Manesh, Salim or Akash; I was in love with a cock from any one of them or all of them. Just a hard long thick fat cock fucking any of my holes as they pleased. Before leaving that evening, I asked Salim if I could visit his room again and he was too pleased to welcome me.

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