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Sounds from the attic: The next chapter

Sounds from the attic: The next chapter

Billy and Shawna, ask Gillian a serious question
I was in a somewhat unfamiliar house, with two young adults in front of me, and one of them asked me a interesting question.

"Gillian, you look like you are about to explode," Shawna let me know.

They put their lips together for a moment, and I watched. My panties had become wet yet again, and they seemed to be getting off. I didn't know what to say to them, I just stood there pretty frozen for a minute. They continued to make out for a minute, but eventually they stopped.

"You know, Gillian. We've had sex in that attic many times, and we've only been caught twice. Both you, and my mom must have some good ears," Billy mentioned.

"I just heard some noise, I just had to find out what it was. I had no idea that I'd find you two in there," I let them know.

"Well, it's OK, Gillian. We actually get off on being watched. We wish you would have told us you were there. We would have liked you to tell us. We would have had you stand back, and watch. My mom actually liked watching," Billy explained.

"Really? That is really interesting, and a little weird too. I mean she watched her son and his girlfriend do it? It's kinky, but why are you telling me this?" I pondered.

They both grinned, and kissed each other once. They had devilish looks on their faces, and then they both got really close to me.

"What are you two doing?" I asked.

They both exchanged looks for a second, and told me something rather sexy.

"I know I love having Billy's dick inside me, but there is something else I love," Shawna said as she got behind me.

I felt shivers going down my spine, and my pussy was as wet as an ocean. She came right up to my left ear, and whispered something I'd never forget.

"And that is pussy," Shawna whispered.

I swear I had an orgasm right there and then.

"My hot girlfriend goes both ways, and we were wondering. Would you like to join us tonight?" Billy wondered.

My jaw nearly dropped, and I had never ever been more turned on before in my life.

"I think she likes the idea, Billy. What do you say we take this cougar upstairs?" Shawna asked.

I couldn't argue to save my life, I was hooked on them you could say. Both of them took one of my hands, and slowly brought me up to the attic. I wasn't sure if I was actually gonna go through with this. I just found myself not fighting this strange turn of events. We got up there, and we went in. Shawna brought me to the mattress, and Billy shut the door. I sat down on the mattress, and Shawna sat right next to me. She leaned towards me, and put her right hand on my chin. She slowly brought my face to hers, and just starred at me.

"Has a hot and sexy cougar like yourself, ever been with a younger woman?" Shawna wanted to know.

The answer was no, but they could tell what the answer was, by the look on my face. Billy sat on the other side of me, and they both got really close to me.

"Just try something new, Gillian. Satisfy those sexual demons you have in your soul, feed them a feast of sexual desires. Just see how it feels, and let us do all the work for you. Just make sure you enjoy the ride," Shawna explained.

That was a lot to take in, and I just couldn't comprehend it all. At the same time, I still just couldn't fight the temptation. Then Shawna brought my face to hers, and she kissed me for about ten seconds. She backed up a little bit, and starred at me again.

"How was that, life changing? Are your sexual desires coming to light now?" Shawna wondered.

I nodded very slowly once. She actually did satisfy some of my sexual desires. Although, she awoke some new ones too.

"Billy is gonna take off your dress now, but don't worry, we'll be gentle," Shawna let me know as she got up.

She pulled me up with her, and looked down towards my stomach. Then Billy slowly took my dress off me, leaving me in just my bra and panties.

"Wow, you are a bombshell, and you aren't even a blonde," Shawna mentioned.

Then I actually cracked a smile, and Shawna took off her own dress. Seeing her body up close was a lot better than seeing it ten feet away. She looked down at my cum soaked panties, and she grinned.

"Damn, Billy. We got her panties looking like they were just in a pool," Shawna mentioned.

Billy came over to the other side of me, and looked for himself. He seemed more than happy about that as well. They got close to each other, and eyeballed my body. I felt a little self cautious, but I quickly felt better by the minute. They seemed to love what they saw. Then they kissed each other passionately for over a minute.

"I love you more than anything or anyone on the planet," Billy told Shawna.

"I love you more, and yes, it is a fact," Shawna let him know.

They kissed one more time, and they came towards me. They both put one of their hands onto my c-cup boobs, and I took in a very deep breath.

"Don't worry, in a couple minutes, it'll feel better," Billy whispered.

They both leaned down towards my boobs, and moved my bra a little bit. They both helped themselves to my nipples, and I had another instant orgasm. Cum was flowing down my legs, and I felt as light as air. I just did my best not to scream at the top my lungs. It was just from pleasure, and no negative feelings, none whatsoever. I had no idea what the fuck honestly, but I was feeling good.

"Would you mind if we take your bra off?" Shawna wondered.

I just slowly nodded once again, and they took it off. They looked like they were boob struck, by my rack.

"Holy shit, I mean holy fucking shit, Gillian. How do you not have a guy motor boating the shit out of these?" Billy had to know.

I didn't know. I guess I was just a woman, that let things come to her. Well, it just happened that they came to me.

"Billy, motor boat the shit out of these tits. While I stripped our cougar completely," Shawna said sweetly.

Shawna got down on her knees, and Billy leaned forward to my boobs. He began motor boating them, and I just had to laugh.

"Fuck, that tickles," I said as I laughed.

A second later, Shawna pulled down my panties. She saw my completely shaved pussy, and she drooled a little bit.

"Nice, this is one hell of a pussy you have here, Gillian," Shawna let out.

"Oh, I gotta see this one," Billy mentioned.

He got down there with her, and they both seemed to be impressed. I just felt so good, that I began to faint slightly. I fell onto the mattress, and they both got right over my throbbing pussy. Never in my wildest dreams, had I thought I'd be in a threesome with two young adults. I never had my pussy eaten by a woman, but yet, I had an eighteen year old female licking it. Along with her boyfriend, they both had me loving it.

"Shit, that's good. I barely know you two, but you are making me feel so damn good," I mumbled.

I didn't think they heard me, because they were having too much fun. I never heard of a young couple into threesomes with a cougar. Although, I had such a couple right between my legs. They both put their pointer, and middle fingers, from on hand into my pussy. They spread out my pussy lips, and inserted their tongues in there. I was in heaven, and I put my hands on both of their heads. Both of them were licking my pussy, and showed no signs of slowing down.

"Oh, Gillian, you have such a nice and sexy pussy. I just love older pussy," Shawna said slowly.

Well, if she loved older pussy, then obviously she must have tried it before. I had to ponder that, as they both kept their tongues right on my wet pussy. I leaned my head up just slightly, so I could see the tops of their heads. I could just imagine their faces, they would be all wet, and be satisfied too. I knew I had a nice pussy. I mean they thought I was a cougar, but I didn't try and go out with younger guys though. Although, when this opportunity came across my lap, I wasn't about to walk away.

"Well, Gillian, you are a close second. Only to one woman, but you are still a very strong number two," Billy let me know.

I had no idea who number one was, but then they were about to make me cum.

"Oh, shit. I fucking love you two," I yelled out loud.

Just then, I sprayed both of their faces. I had never had such a satisfying orgasm before in my life. As both of their faces were drenched, they both stood up. They looked at each other for a couple seconds, and she began to undress him. She took off his shirts, and shorts too. Then they were both just in their undergarments.

"Fuck, you are ravishing," Billy mentioned.

"You are not as ravishing, but you have a big dick though," Shawna let him now.

They both smiled at each yet again, and put their lips together. As they made out, he took off her bra, and I took off their underwear. After they finished tonguing each other, Shawna leaned down, and got on top of me. Obviously, my boobs were a lot bigger then hers, but she didn't seem to mind. She put her lips on mine, and for the first time in my life, I made out with a woman. She put her arms underneath me, and I put my hands onto her back. We kept our lips together for about three minutes straight, until she abruptly took her lips off mine. Billy stuck his cock inside her pussy, and she was a little startled.

"Oh fuck yes, I love it when you put your cock inside me, Billy. Now shove it in there deep," Shawna moaned.

He began thrusting his cock in and out of her pussy. That distracted her from kissing me. So, I slowly crawled down a little bit, and got right under her boobs. They were going back and forth, and I was mesmerized. I had no idea why I had gotten so turned on, more specifically by her. I just saw her boobs flopping around a little bit, and I couldn't resist them. They were calling to me, and they wanted me to play with them. I took both of them in my hands, and gave them a very firm squeeze. They were small, but ever so sexy though. I found myself adoring them, and I had to now what they tasted like. So, I leaned up a little bit, and began licking her nipples really slowly. I titillated her, and made her moan too.

"Gillian, dare I ask, do you have nipple licking experience?" Shawna asked.

She looked down at me, and I just shook my head no. I continued licking her small nipples, and she just took her double dose of pleasure the best she could. I still wondered about the woman I was second to. Although, I wanted to do whatever the hell I had to, for her to make me number one. I began sucking on her nipples ever so slowly, and making her scream in the process.

"Son of a bitch, Gillian. You fucking cougar, don't you dare fucking stop!" Shawna yelled.

I was sure that someone must have heard us, or just finally noticed that we were gone. I mean someone besides Erin. Although, for the next few minutes, nothing happen. I just kept my tongue on her nipples, and Billy kept his cock in her pussy. Eventually, they both just reached their limits though.

"Shit, I'm gonna pop. You want some cum, Gillian?" Billy asked quickly.

I didn't answer, and then Shawna got right over my face. She unloaded a shit load of her juices on my face, as Billy unleashed his cum onto my rack. That was one of the most intense sex sessions of my life. They both laid down with me, and we cuddled. I had no idea where all that came from, but I didn't care. About ten minutes later, we got a visitor. It was Erin, and she just walked in. She looked at all of us, and just smiled.

"Got room for one more?" Erin asked.
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