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Sounds from the attic

Sounds from the attic

At a party, a woman hears something coming from the attic
I'm Gillian, and I'm 42. I'm a brunette with have c-cup boobs and I like to go to parties, it's just my thing I guess. I often go to house parties, and usually have a good time. Although, at one party, I had a really good time. There were drinks, and had music playing too. I certainly liked it, but there was one thing in particular I liked. I went upstairs to find a bathroom. It was a house I had never been to. It was a friend of a friend's party. I just never turn down an invitation to a party. Anyway, I went looking for the bathroom, and eventually found it. As I walked in, I heard a loud noise. I just assumed it was someone downstairs, so I dismissed it. As I was done, I came out, and I heard it again.

"What the hell was that?" I asked myself.

I had no idea, but then I heard it once again. It seemed to be coming from the third floor. I couldn't help myself, but to investigate. I slowly went up the stairs, and then I began to hear some voices.

"Cut it out, you know tickling me isn't fair," A female voice said.

Was it just someone hanging out up there? Well, I had to see. I went over to the door and put my head up against it.

"You know, it's just mean when you use my weakness against me," The female mentioned.

"But it's so funny, and you know you like it," A male voice said.

That voice sounded familiar, I was pretty sure that was the hosts' son, Billy. I met him and his girlfriend Shawna, briefly. They were both 18, with black hair and brown eyes. Then I heard some kissing, and all of the sudden, my pussy moistened. I loved the sound of that, so I just had to see it for myself. I saw them on a mattress, making out. They must have disappeared from the party at some point, I didn't even notice they were missing. They both wrapped their arms around each other for a minute, and then she began taking his shirt off. He took it off completely, and they both grinned just before they made out again. It was young love, I just loved that. I knew they loved each other by the looks on their faces. Also, the tickling thing, that was dead give away.

Then she took off her dress that she was wearing. She was also wearing a match set of bra and panties, and then my hand went in my panties. I only hoped no one would notice that I was missing. I actually had been a voyeur before, but this scene was much hotter. Then they both sat on their butts, on the mattress. They both got close, and he kissed her neck several times. Neither one of them seemed to be in a rush to get naked, they just enjoyed each other's bodies for a minute. I was enjoying my own body, more specifically, my pussy. I was rubbing it slowly, and getting off. I was getting sweaty and worked up just watching them. They may have liked touching each other like that, but they were still two horny young adults. So, she slowly laid down, and he got right over her B-cup boobs. He moved her bra just a little bit, and sucked on her right nipple.

"Oh, yeah. That's what I've been waiting for," Shawna mumbled.

He didn't say anything, he just kept helping himself to his girlfriend's sweet looking nipples. I wasn't really attracted to Shawna, I was pretty sure, that I was just attracted to the package. Two young adults having sex in the attic, while a party was going on downstairs. It was hot, and then they were about to crank it up a notch. As he put her hands behind her back and took her bra off completely. She threw it over towards the door, mere inches away from me. I was tempted to grab it, but obviously, that would give me away.

"Oh, every time I see your boobs, I feel like I'm seeing a live miracle," Billy said ever so sweetly.

"Well, aren't you just a sweetheart, that wants to get into my panties?" Shawna asked sweetly as well.

"Well, I do love you though," Billy mentioned.

"I love you too, but you still love getting into my panties too," Shawna mentioned back.

He slowly went down towards her panties, and he slowly took them off her. She had a very sexy landing strip, and I knew his dick had to be stiff. He leaned down, and kissed her upper legs numerous times. He was teasing her, and despite her jokes that he just wanted to have sex, she wanted it right then.

"OK, I'm sorry, would you eat my pussy already?" Shawna asked quickly.

"I knew you loved our sex life," Billy let her know.

He got right over her pussy, and leaned down towards it. He stuck his tongue out a little bit, and began licking it, going up and down.

"Oh yeah, that's why I love you," Shawna said jokingly, while giggling.

That got under his skin a little bit.

"I'm pretty sure if I said that when you began blowing me, you would slap me. Then give me the silent treatment for a week," Billy said in a stern voice.

She leaned up, and gave him a kiss.

"You know you love me, now eat your girlfriend's pussy," Shawna told him.

She leaned down quite quickly onto the mattress, and he dove right in face first. In no time at all, he had her moaning, and moving around. I wished I had a guy to do that for me, but sadly, I did not. He made her feel good, and after a minute, he leaned his face up. He inserted his pointer, and middle finger from his right hand right into her pussy. He began thrusting his fingers in and out at a decent speed. Not too slowly, or too quickly. I saw her lean her head all the way back, and she closed her eyes. She put her hands onto her boobs, and opened her mouth.

"Hell, this is heaven," Shawna moaned.

I knew exactly what she meant. When a man knows what he is doing, his tongue can be a deadly, yet pleasurable weapon. She was enjoying that like chocolate, and she had a big sweet tooth. She put her hands onto his neck, as she leaned up just slightly. I got a decent look at her boobs right then, and she a solid B-cup rack. I found it to be very sexy, and I certainly hoped he was attracted to her boobs. I saw guys get hung up with big boobs. Ladies with smaller ones, don't always get guys to do it with hot guys. Anyway, Billy was hot, and knew what he was doing down there. She began moaning a little loudly, and then she exploded all over his face.

"Fuck yes!" Shawna screamed.

Then he climbed up on her, and undid his pants. She pushed them, and his boxers down a bit, and let his dick make an appearance. I couldn't get a good look, but I saw it. I saw it, until he slowly inserted it into her pussy.

"If anyone says they heard moaning and screaming in here, I'm blaming you," Billy mentioned.

"I think by doing that, you'll be buying a month supply of 'Silent treatment', and having no sex too. Are you sure you wanna tell them that?" Shawna inquired.

"You know you love me," Billy let her know.

They made out for a minute, and they both wrapped their arms around each other rather tightly. He kept a continuous, but slow pace, as he was thrusting his cock. They were both were eyeballing each other, and they kissed each other a few times, while maintaining eye contact. By then, I was nearing a huge orgasm. My fingers never actually left my panties, and I was sticking my fingers up in there deep. I became really sweaty myself, so if anyone came up to me, I'd have to explain myself. Luckily, no one noticed I was gone. So, I could just enjoy the free show. They both turned over, and let me see her butt. It looked to be smooth, and cute too. He put both of his hands onto her butt, and kept his thrusts consistent in the process.

"I love it, when you make love to me," Shawna said sweetly.

"Not half as much as I do," Billy let her now.

"How big is your cock now?" Shawna pondered.

"I'm not sure, I haven't measured it lately," Billy told her.

"Well, it feels a hell of a lot bigger now. Have you been having sex with someone else?" Shawna wondered.

"No, of course not. You know I would never cheat on you," Billy replied to her stupid question.

"I know, I just like hearing it," Shawna said just as Billy began moaning.

She knew what that face meant, they were having sex without a condom. So, he felt extra good, with her pussy on his cock.

"Shoot it inside me, and try to get me pregnant," Shawna said in the moment.

He didn't argue, he just did it. I certainly wanted to see his cum, but at least it went in there for a good cause. As he did it, I came a bit myself. I was certainly glad that I came to that party. As I was enjoying a good orgasm, I slowly shut the door. Then I turned around, and immediately saw Billy's mom, Erin, standing not too far away from me.

"Were they having sex again?" Erin pondered.

I was stunned, I didn't know to say, but my face said it for me.

"You must be a kinky woman to watch two strangers having sex. We're having another party next weekend, feel free to drop by," Erin let me now.

She left, and went back downstairs. In the moment, I completely forgot about them trying to get pregnant. Although, I wasn't too sure I would tell her anyway. A minute later, I went back downstairs. I just got a sexy look from Erin, but that was it. About twenty minutes after that, Billy and Shawna came back down. I saw them talking to Erin, and I wondered what about. I worried for a minute, that she told them that I watched. I just didn't think she would though. That next weekend, I took Erin up on her offer, and went over there for another party. It was pleasant, just like the first. I went to the bathroom, and shut the door. Little did I know, that when I opened it, there would be two people waiting on the other side. It was Billy and Shawna.

"Did you like what you saw, Gillian?" Shawna asked as I opened the door.
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