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Sperm Donation 3

Jack returns to the clinic for another adventure
Two days later Jack received another
call to return to the clinic. Again he
returned to the non-descript building
in the industrial park. He went inside
and was told to wait once again.

After a few minutes of sitting reading a
magazine Jack noticed a woman approaching.
He immediately noticed it was not Mei this
time but someone different. This woman was
white and maybe about 30 but still very
attractive. Once he was sure she was coming
to him Jack set down his magazine and stood

"Hello, I'm Karen. You must be Jack," she
said, introducing herself.

"Yes," he replied.

"Please come with me," Karen said. She
turned and led Jack into the same
corridor he had entered on previous visits,
but into a different room.

Inside the room was the same as the others
Jack had been in. There was the paper
covered examination table in the center
of the room and the small desk to one side
with the wheeled, armless office chair.

"Please remove your clothes and have a
seat on the table," Karen instructed.
She turned to her desk and worked for
a few minutes in some papers.

Jack removed his clothes and sat down on
the exam table. The paper crackled as he
put his weight on it. His cock was already
starting to respond to the exposure. He
was curious what was going to come next,
each visit to the clinic seemed to bring
something new.

After leaving Jack sitting naked on the
table for a couple minutes Karen turned
back toward him.

"In addition to our fertility work we
also have a number of other programs
we offer to our clients where we use
semen from our donors. Would you be
interested in participating, Jack?"
Karen asked. "We would also like you
to continue with our fertility program
so it would mean you would be making
much more frequent donations."

Realizing this would mean a lot more
fun and frequent orgasms for him Jack
was immediately interested. "Sure! Can
you tell me more about what you would
like me to do?"

"We have a client here today who we can
use you for. We have found semen to be
a very effective treatment for female
facial skin. Do you wish to participate
in this program today, Jack?"

"Sure!" Jack answered with a smile. He
knew he would get to cum at least once
in an interesting and different situation.

"Good. We have also found that exciting
the male as much as possible while delaying
his orgasm improves the quality of his
semen. It is important that you delay your
orgasm as much as possible no matter how
stimulating the situation is."

"OK, I'll try to hold out as long as I can.
But keep in mind I'm only human." Jack

"Just do your best to delay as long as

"All right. I'm ready to get started now."
Jack told her.

"Yes, I can see you are." Karen said, eyeing
Jacks hard, erect cock. "We have our client
ready already so please follow me." She stood
up and went to the door.

Jack got up from his seat on the table and
followed the woman to the door, nude. His hard
penis stood out proudly as he followed Karen,
pointing toward her barely covered ass as she
walked in front of him. Karen led him across
the hall and into another treatment room.

Inside the new room Jack found the same table
and small desk as before, it seemed all the
treatment rooms were laid out in the same way.
Jack smiled when he saw Mei sitting at the
desk, he had been wondering if he would see
her this time.  And sitting on the paper
covered exam table Jack saw another woman
who was just as nude as he was.

The woman on the table was older, maybe
about 45 but still quite attractive. The
woman on the table had brown hair, blue
eyes, and was slender. She must work out
a lot to keep that, Jack thought to himself.

"Everything is ready so let's get started.
Our client is here for a facial treatment
which will consist of Jack's seminal fluid.
In the course of our work here we have
learned that the penis makes the perfect
applicator." Karen explained.

"Jack, don't forget to do your best to
keep yourself from reaching orgasm for
as long as you can. It may become
difficult after a time but please
do your best to delay as long as
you can." she continued.

"OK," replied Jack.

"Mei, please remove your clothes now."
Karen instructed the Asian woman.

Mei stood up and unbuttoned her
short white skirt and let it drop to the
floor, leaving herself dressed in only her
blouse and thong panties. She bent down and
picked up her skirt and set it on the small
table. Then she unbuttoned her blouse
and set it on the table to join her
skirt, leaving herself dressed now only
in her thong panties as she wore no
bra. Then she pushed her panties down
off her hips until they too fell to
the floor. Nude now, the Asian woman
bent down, picked up her panties,
and set them with the rest of her
clothes on the table. Mei sat back
down in the chair she had been

"And now I will remove my own
clothes," Karen said. She unbuttoned
her own short white skirt which was
exactly like the one Mei had worn.
When it dropped to the floor Karen
bent, picked it up, and placed it on
the same table where Mei had placed
hers. Then she started unbuttoning
her blouse and soon took it off, too,
placing it with the skirt. This left
Karen dressed in bra and thong panties.
Karen had worn a bra because her
breasts were much larger than Mei's.
Karen unclipped her bra where it
was hooked between the cups. Once
unclipped the two halves of her bra
fell away from her breasts and Karen
slipped it the rest of the way off
and set it on the table with the rest
of her clothes. This left Karen now
only wearing her thong panties which
she pushed down off her hips until
they fell to the floor. She picked
them up and placed them on the table
with the rest of her clothes. Now
all of the people in the room were
completely naked.

"Jack, Mei will provide the stimulation
to your penis to make you reach orgasm.
When you reach orgasm she will direct
your ejaculations onto the face of our
client," Karen continued with the
instructions. The words Karen was using
were designed to both inform and
excite and were having the desired effect
on Jack's cock. It was rock hard and
he could already feel the tingling
of the pre-orgasmic feeling. But in
obedience to Karen's instructions he
fought the feeling in order to avoid
cumming too soon.

"You may touch Mei or myself as much
as you like but please don't touch
or client except as Mei directs you
to," Karen continued. "I will observe
and provide any directions that are
necessary. Mei, please take Jack to
our client now and begin your stimulation
of his penis."

Mei stood up and walked to Jack. She
took his penis in one hand and with
the other pushed him on his ass toward
the table where the client waited.
As Jack and Mei approached the table
Karen took the remote control and
lowered the table until it was almost
at floor level. This caused the client's
face to be at the level of Jack's cock.
Mei position Jack so that the head of
his cock was only an inch away from
the older woman's face. When Jack
reached orgasm every drop of semen that
he ejaculated would splash onto the
client's face.

Mei began to stroke Jack's penis with
Her hand, moving slowly and steadily.
This almost immediately pushed Jack
up toward orgasm but Mei seemed to have
a sixth sense that allowed her to know
when he was about to cum. As soon as
the Asian woman sensed he was about to
cum she eased off her movements. After
a few moments to allow his excitement
to ease she began to move her hand
again. This kept Jack right on the
edge of orgasm.

Karen came up to stand next to Jack on
the opposite side from Mei. This left
Mei on Jack's right working his cock
with her right hand and Karen on his
left. The client was sitting with her
face an inch away from Jack's cock and
looking down Jack noticed her right hand
was now rubbing her clit. Karen noticed
the direction of Jack's glance.

"We encourage our clients to masturbate
during treatment sessions. We have found
the result to be more beneficial if the
client reaches orgasm at the moment the
semen is applied." Karen explained.

It was becoming very difficult now for
Jack to hold off his orgasm. This forced
Mei to slow her pace even more and mostly
she was limited to just holding his cock
in her hand. A bead of pre-cum began to
grow from the slit at the end of his cock
and Karen noticed this.

"I can see some pre-orgasmic fluid, Mei.
You should apply this to our client's face
and spread it as evenly as possible. Use
Jack's penis as the applicator," Karen

With one hand on his cock and the other
pushing gently forward on his ass Mei
brought the head of Jack's penis against
the older woman's face. She rubbed the
tip around leaving a trail of sticky
moisture on the client's skin. The feel
of her smooth, soft skin on the head of
his cock was exquisite for Jack and it
was all he could do to avoid orgasm.

A couple of minutes of this was all Jack
could take and he felt the buildup to an
unavoidable orgasm start in his cock. With
her usual sensitivity Mei sensed this and
pushed Jack back just a little from the
client's face.

Finally Jack just couldn't hold it back
anymore. Mei felt Jack's cock jump in her
hand as a powerful jet of semen blasted
out of the hole at the tip and splashed
onto the older woman's face. As Jack orgasmed
jet after jet of white, hot cum blasted
out of his cock and onto the woman's face.
As Jack ejaculated Mei directed his cock
around to distribute the white lines of
his cum around the client's face.

As Jack's orgasmic contractions began to
subside Mei brought the tip of his cock
back to the older woman's face. She began
to use the head of his cock to distribute
the semen evenly over the client's face
until finally the entire area of the woman's
face was covered with Jack's cum. Finally
when all of the semen had been distributed
as evenly as possible over the woman's face
Mei pushed Jack gently away from the table
and released his penis.

"Thank you Jack, you did very well," Karen
said. "Mei, please take Jack back to the
other room while I finish with our client."

Jack turned and followed the Asian woman
out the door and across the hall. Jack watched
with pleasure the cheeks of her ass as Mei
walked ahead of him. She led him back to
the room where he had first gone and
where he had left his clothes.

"Do you want to stay for a while longer?"
Mei asked as Jack sat down on the table once
again and she took her usual place at the
desk. "If you can wait a little bit we
will have something more for you to do."

"It's been a lot of fun so far," Jack
replied. "I would like to stay a while
and see what else you have for me."

"Good. Because what I want you to do
when Karen gets here is fuck me while
she watches us. I really liked it the last
time and I would like to do it again. Do
you want to fuck me?" Mei asked.

"Oh yeah! I would love to!" Jack replied.

"I want your sperm, Jack. I want you to
make a baby in me. I want you to fuck
me, cum in me, and make me pregnant. And
I want Karen to watch you do it to me."
Mei told him.

Jack's cock which had subsided after his
ejaculation onto the client's face was
starting to return to life. Mei noticed this
and smiled. It looked like when Karen got
back in a few minutes Jack would be ready
to give her what she wanted. Watching the
treatment session had made her horny as hell
and now Mei wanted to scratch that itch.

The truth was that as Jack was beginning to
appreciate all the women who worked at the
clinic, as well as their clients, got off
sexually on what they were doing there.

Just then the door opened and Karen walked
into the room. She was still naked and had
left her clothes in the other room. The client
had left with Jack's semen still coating her
face. Mei had already talked with Karen about
what she wanted from Jack and Karen was happy
to help the other woman get what she wanted.

"Jack, Mei wishes to have a natural
insemination from you today," Karen
said. "I can see you already have a
good erection so that means
you are recovered and ready to proceed.
I will observe and direct the procedure."

"Mei, please get on the table on your
hands and knees. Jack, please get up
on the table behind her. For today's
insemination procedure we will use the
intercourse position commonly known as
'doggy style". Jack, when you are ready
please insert your penis into Mei's vagina
and begin intercourse."

Jack moved up behind the Asian woman. He
saw Mei's pussy and ass hole open and waiting
for him. He moved the head of his hard
cock to Mei's waiting pussy and started
to push inward. He felt the head of his
penis spread open Mei's pussy as he pushed
inward and then the warm wet walls closed
over the head. Jack paused for a moment
and then pushed forward again. He felt the
walls of Mei's hole glide again across the
head of his cock as he pushed inward once
again, sinking deeper into her pussy. Jack
paused again and then pushed forward a final
time which caused his cock to sink the
rest of the way into the Asian woman's
pussy. His hips hit Mei's ass as he
penetrated her pussy fully.

Jack withdrew his penis until only the
head was inside Mei's pussy and then he
pushed inward to fill her with his cock
once again. His hips met her buttocks
with a quiet smacking sound. He repeated
it several times until his cock was
gliding smoothly and effortlessly in
and out of the Asian woman's pussy.

Jack grabbed Mei's hips and used them
hold to aid his movements as he fucked
her. He was soon lost in the passion of
the moment and barely noticed Karen getting
up on the table so she could get a closer
look. Looking down she could see Jack's
cock spreading Mei's pussy lips on his
out stroke and push them in slightly
with each in stroke of his cock.

Jack began to move faster and his hips
started hitting the Asian woman's ass with
loud slapping sounds. Mei reached back
under herself and started to gently
fondle Jack's hanging, swinging balls
with each in thrust Jack made into her
pussy. She would gently catch the
testicles that were making the sperm
soon to impregnate her, and cup them
for a moment before releasing them for
Jack's out movement. This sent a new
surge of excitement into Jack and he
began to move even  faster and harder.

"Fuck me, Jack!" Mei gasped. "Fuck me
and cum in me! Make your baby in me!"

This was too much for Jack and he began
to cum. Mei felt the warm feeling as
his sperm jetted into her pussy.

"Yeah! Cum in me, Jack!" the Asian
woman said as he filled her with his
sperm. "Oh, I'm cumming too!" she added
she her own orgasm hit.

Finally their orgasms faded and Jack
pulled out of Mei and sat down on the
table, exhausted. Mei remained kneeling
on the table with her forearms flat
and her ass high, in order to keep Jack's
semen inside her for as long as possible.

"Thank you, Jack, that is all for today."
Karen told him after he sat down on the
table. "We will call you again when we
need you."

Jack rested for a few minutes more,
got dressed, and then left.

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