Sperm Donation 7

By Scorpionicus

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Jack has some fun at home
Jack stopped dead in his tracks. As the girl drew closer he felt a bit of a dilemma because the rules he was given for the clinic seemed to limit the contact he was supposed to have with the clients. But thinking about it a bit more he realized that he had never been told anything about relations with clients away from the clinic, only what she should do inside. He relaxed as Lorie came to a stop right next to him.

Now that Lorie had brought Jack to a stop she was a bit at a loss for what to say or do next since normally she was not a forward girl at all. Jack started at the oriental girl quizzically for a moment as she pondered what she wanted to do or say next. She was really a very cute and attractive girl; Jack found himself thinking as he stood there waiting for her to tell him what she wanted.

"Ah… Jack, I really like you," Lorie finally said hesitantly. Lorie was actually quite shy and normally would never try to do anything like this. But her attraction to and infatuation for Jack had grown to the point where it was strong enough to overcome her shyness.

"Ah, OK. You're a pretty girl but what do you want me to do about it?" Jack replied.

"Anything you want, Jack. Really, I will do anything you want me to do," the girl replied, blushing.

"Anything I want?" Jack asked, remembering he had just fucked this girl a few minutes ago.

"Yes, anything you want Jack," Lorie replied.

"OK, then why don't you come home with me now," Jack suggested.

"Really?" the girl asked her face lighting up with happiness. "That sounds like a great idea."

"If you want to go home with me you can ride with me in my car," Jack told her.

"Oh, wonderful!" the girl exclaimed.

Jack turned and resumed walking toward his car with Lorie following happily along just behind him. Jack found himself wondering how far the girl was willing to go with him but so far she seemed happy to have been allowed to go home with him.

Jack opened the door on the passenger side of his car for Lorie and the girl slid into the seat with a happy smile on her face. Jack got into the driver's side and started the car. He pulled out of the parking lot onto the street, driving toward his house.

As he drove toward home Jack occasionally looked over at the girl sitting in the other seat beside him. She did not say anything as he drove but several times he caught her looking at him with a look of adoration on her face. This made Jack wonder how she had fallen for him so quickly, with only two meetings between them, neither of which had involved any talking, only sex.

After about fifteen minutes of travel Jack turned into his driveway and pulled into his garage, the door of which closed behind them. Jack got out of the car and came around to Lorie's side and opened the door for her to get out. The girl smiled at Jack and made no effort to hide anything as her mini-dress was pulled up exposing the fact she wasn't wearing any panties. Jack was again treated to the sight of her shaved pussy, which still seemed puffy with arousal.

Jack turned and walked to the door into the house and Lorie followed happily right behind him, so close she was almost touching him. Lorie could still vividly feel the way her pussy had been stretched open by Jack's cock just a short time before. The girl couldn't wait to feel his cock inside her again; her pussy was wet with anticipation of it.

As soon as the two were through the door into the house Lorie immediately pulled her dress off over her head. Since she wasn't wearing any underwear this left the oriental girl completely nude, except for her shoes. Lorie tossed the dress into a corner next to the door and embraced the feeling of excited freedom that rushed over her. Jack continued on further into the house, not yet realizing that the girl right behind him was now nude.

Jack walked through the kitchen and into his living room and then he turned to see the girl who he had sensed was following right behind him. Jack's eyes widened a bit in surprise as he saw Lorie was now nude, she had dropped her dress somewhere on the way. A thrill went through the girl when she saw Jack's eyes fall upon her again; she so much loved showing her body to him!

"Jack, please, can you fuck me again?" the little Asian girl asked him. "I really need your cock in me."

The girl's words sent a thrill through Jack all the way to his cock, which quickly began to grow hard. He could still vividly remember fucking this girl only a little more than an hour before, it would be even better to do it again here in his own home. This time Jack could take his time, enjoy himself, and fuck the girl right.

"If you want my cock get down on your hands and knees on the floor. I want to fuck you doggy style," Jack told the girl.

"Whatever you want, Jack," the girl said with a smile as she walked faster past Jack.

The girl walked up to Jack's couch and got down on her knees on the floor with her back and ass facing Jack. Jack quickly pulled off his clothes and tossed them aside and walked closer to the girl. She was on her hands and knees now, with her head resting on the seat of the couch. The Asian girl moved her knees apart, opening herself for Jack as he came up behind her.

As he knee walked the last couple of feet up to the girl's ass Jack had to stop for a moment to take in the view, which was exquisite. Jack could see the Lorie's crinkled anus between her spread buttocks and it was perfect and unblemished. The Asian girl's ass hole seemed to be beckoning for Jack to push his cock into it and fuck her there, but not this time. Below Lorie's anus was her shaved pussy and it was even more beautiful and inviting than her ass hole. Jack felt a surge of lust and his cock hardened until it was aimed right at the Asian girl's waiting, wet pussy.

Jack moved closer to the kneeling girl's ass until the tip of his cock was almost touching the lips of her pussy. Lorie, sensing his close approach, wiggled her ass in lustful invitation to Jack, letting him know she was ready for his cock to enter her pussy. Jack kneed forward until his cock passed under Lorie's body and he was almost touching her ass. He moved his hips back a little so the tip of his cock was again against the opening of the Asian girl's pussy. Jack swabbed the head around in Lorie's opening a little to pick up some moisture and then he started to push into her waiting vaginal canal.

Jack had a perfect view as his cock slowly sank into the girl's pussy and that combined with the feeling of it to excite him to the point where he felt almost like cumming. It was even better this time than the last as he slowly filled Lorie's pussy with his hard cock. Soon Jack's abdomen touched the oriental girl's ass and his cock was completely buried in her warm, wet pussy. Then Jack slowly withdrew his cock until just the head was inside Lorie's vaginal canal, enjoying the feel of it as his cock slid out of her. Then Jack pushed in again and buried his cock deep inside the girl.

Jack began to fuck the Asian girl with long deep stroked of his cock, holding her hips with his hands as he fucked her. Looking down Jack could see how Lorie's pussy was stretched around his cock as he moved it in and out of her and it turned him on even more.  Jack sped up his thrusting into Lorie and the girl started moving her ass back to meet him. Soon Jack was slamming his cock into the girl's pussy as hard as he could and the little Asian girl loved every bit of it.

"Oh Jack, it feels so good! Fuck me!" Lorie gasped as Jack continued pounding into her. He held the girl's hips tightly as he rammed his hard cock into her as deep as he could.

Lorie reached back with one of her hands and started playing with Jack's balls as they swung back and forth as he fucked her. This excited Jack even more and he felt the tingling in his cock that meant he was about to cum. Jack started fucking the oriental girl even harder as his cock tensed up getting ready for his orgasm.

"Ahh... Lorie, I'm going to cum!" Jack exclaimed as the pleasure in his cock swelled to bursting.

"Do it! Cum in me!" the girl exclaimed, almost ready to orgasm herself.

Lorie's words were all it took to push Jack over the edge and he began to cum, shooting his hot semen into the oriental girl's unprotected pussy. Lorie squealed as the warm feeling of Jack's cum splashing the interior of her vaginal canal pushed her over into her own orgasm. The oriental girl’s pussy milked Jack’s cock as it squirted jet after jet of hot semen into it.

Lorie was in ecstasy as her orgasm thrilled through her and Jack filled her pussy with his cum. It was even better than the last time, especially the feeling of Jack’s semen shooting into her. If anything the Asian girl had an even greater fixation on semen than the women at the clinic, and especially she loved that it was Jack’s sperm filling her pussy.

Finally, his energy and orgasm spent, let his cock slip out of the girl’s pussy, and he crawled up onto the couch and sat on it heavily. After a moment the girl shakily rose and then quickly put her hand down to her pussy to stop the flow of semen that dripped out. Jack handed her a box of tissue from the table beside the couch and Lorie wiped herself so she could sit on the couch without leaving too big of a wet spot. Lorie sat down right next to Jack and then cuddled up to him.

Jack and Lorie sat in silence on the couch for several minutes while each got their breath back. For Jack the orgasm he had just experienced had been one of the most intense he’d had for a while, even considering the interesting experiences at the clinic. He found himself starting to really warm to this girl and he hoped she was intending to stay around for more than a quick fucking.

“Lorie, do you want to stay for dinner?” Jack asked once his breathing was back to normal.

“Oh yes, please, I would love to!” Lorie replied. “Actually, I would really like to stay the night, too. Can I do that Jack?”

“I would like that if you want to spend the night. For dinner how about I just order a pizza?”

“Anything you want to do is alright with me,” the girl replied.

“When should I order it then?” Jack asked.

“Now, please. I am feeling hungry,” Lorie answered.

“OK,” Jack said, standing up. He moved over to the disordered piled of his clothes and started putting them on again. Then he moved over, took the cordless phone, and called in the order for an extra large combo pizza.

Jack looked back over at Lorie and the girl was still sitting on the couch, naked, with her legs spread wide exposing her pussy. When she noticed Jack looking her way Lorie smiled and spread her legs a little further to improve his view of her charms. Lorie was quickly learning that she loved showing off her shaved pussy and especially to Jack.

Jack puttered around for the few minutes they had to wait until the pizza arrived. He set out paper plates and cups on the table ready for the food which would soon arrive. Lorie continued to sit on the couch with her legs opened to provide Jack with a nice view whenever he happened to look her way.

The doorbell rang and Jack went to the front door to pay for and take delivery of the pizza. When he returned he sat the pizza and bottle of soda he had gotten along with it on the table. He found that while he had been to the door Lorie had gotten up from the couch and pulled her dress on, which still left her naked under it.

The two ate a quiet dinner with surprisingly little conversation considering the wild sex they had had not half an hour before. Jack discovered that Lorie was actually quite shy when she wasn’t sexually excited and she did not seem to talk very much, preferring to remain quiet most of the time.

After eating Jack and Lorie took a shower together. Lorie’s hands quickly started playing with Jack’s cock and soon she replaced her hands with her lips. Lorie sucked Jack’s penis enthusiastically and licked the sensitive head repeatedly. It wasn’t long before Jack came in her mouth and Lorie swallowed his sperm greedily.

After that the two went to the bedroom and Jack returned the favor. He moved between Lorie’s legs and licked her to 5 powerful orgasms, until she was unable to go any further. After that they soon fell asleep in each others arms.