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Spy Affair: Mission 1

Francine sends her son to spy on a co-worker.
Francine works at Envision Cable outside of Chagrin Falls, Ohio. She knows she is in line for a promotion from a sales rep to supervisor. She is sitting in little cubicle almost done for the day when she witnesses what she did not want to see.

“Congratulations Amy on being highly considered for the supervisor position.” A co-worker says to the busty blonde.

A few minutes later that same co-worker walks past Francine.

“Excuse me, what were you talking to Amy about?” she asks.

“Oh, she is the only candidate for the supervisor position.” He says shrugging as he leaves.

Francine heads home with this on her mind. She gets home where only her 16-year-old son, Lyle lives with her. Lyle’s father was never around but left them plenty of money to care for Lyle.

“What the hell is going on there? Something has to be going on behind the scenes for that bimbo to be considered over me. Hmmm” Francine thinks to herself, “What if I spy on her? No she’ll no it is me, maybe I should send Lyle.”

“Hey mom, how was work?” Lyle comes in the living room hugging his mom.

“Hey Lyle, you want do me a huge favor?” Francine asks.

“Sure, what do you need?” He asks as Francine moves her hand through his short brown hair.

“I need to spy on a co-worker of mine,” she says looking down at him.

“Wait what?” He asks confused, “You want me to spy on a co-worker but isn’t that illegal?”

“Don’t worry about it hunny. You can’t get into too much trouble, your only 16.” Francine says smiling, “Consider this a mission that will help you stay entertained during the summer. Do you accept?”

“Well since you put it that way,” Lyle pauses, “I accept this mission, mom!”

“Great you are to gather what you know about Ms. Cross possibly getting a promotion that I was wanting.”

“Oh, Alexis’ mom.” Lyle says talking about a classmate of his.

“Perfect you know her daughter and if she gets in the way just do what James Bond would do with a pretty lady.” Francine says winking, “I would like every once in a while to hear back from you.”

Lyle grabs a small notepad and a few pens and heads towards the “targets” house. When he arrives there, his friend Alexis is outside in a tiny pink bikini. Lyle stops a bit by some bushes and admires the sight of his tan blonde friend laying there with her 34 C breasts contained so nicely in the pink bikini top. He finally walks up to her smiling.

“Hey, they're cutie.” He says smirking.

“Hey Lyle. What brings you around here?” Alexis asks sitting up unaware her top came untied.

“My mom is having one of her freak out moments so I have decided to just leave the house to herself for a while and stay at friends’ houses.” Lyle shrugs.

“Why don’t you stay here with me? My mom won’t mind at all.” She says smiling as she sits up more and her top falls all the way off.

“Alexis, your top fell,” Lyle says, “And I would love to stay here.”

Alexis blushes a bit and puts her top back on and both head inside. Alexis walks into the kitchen where her mom, Amy was. Lyle walks in and starts feeling a bit nervous since that is the “target” mom set for him.

“Hey mom. This is my friend Lyle. He needs a place to stay while his mom is going through a ‘freak out’. Is it alright if he stays here?” Alexis asks.

Amy looks long and hard at Lyle, “Sure he can stay I don’t mind. Hey, I have to run to the store and do a few other things. I’ll be right back.”

Amy leaves the house for the store. Alexis goes to the back yard for dip in the pool and Lyle quickly starts to snoop around a bit for any clues. He heads into Amy’s office and starts looking through stuff. He hears someone walking closer and puts and papers back. He turns around and Alexis is standing there dripping wet looking at him.

“Roaming around the house are we?” Alexis asks, “Want to see my room?”

“Sure.” Lyle shrugs.

Alexis leads Lyle into her room. There Lyle “looks” around. He turns around to say something to Alexis and she is naked. Lyle is speechless. Alexis smiles at him.

“Where you just curious what is in mom’s office?” Alexis asks.

Lyle did not know what to say so he just walks up to her and kisses her. He keeps kissing her and then Alexis starts kissing back. Alexis helps Lyle out of his blue shirt and then slides off his red shorts with his boxers. Lyle’s hard 7-inch cock pokes right out. Alexis sits Lyle down and then starts sucking his cock. Lyle closes his eyes resting his hand on the back of her head. After a few minutes Lyle pulls Alexis up and lays her on her back. He then slides between her legs and starts licking her smooth pussy.

“Ohhh yeees, Lyle. Oh yes yes.” She moans squeezing her breasts.

After 5 minutes of that, Lyle moves up Alexis’ body. He then slides his cock into her wet pussy. They start grunting and moaning together as they fuck. Then they start making out as they fuck. Lyle then pulls out and Alexis sits up as he stands and slides his cock into her mouth and sucks faster and then he cums in her mouth. She swallows it all as they get dressed just in time because Amy returned home. After dinner, the three sit on the couch to watch T.V. Alexis goes to bed and Amy goes to take a shower while Lyle remains on the couch to watch T.V.

“Hey mom, nothing known yet but I’ll try and learn more.” Lyle quickly texts his mom just Amy walks back in the living room in a small robe that barely makes it past her hips.

Lyle’s eyes widen a bit at the site. Amy smiles as she moves a bit closer looking at the teen on her couch.

“Why don’t you get comfortable, I don’t mind.” She says going to the kitchen real quick.

Lyle strips down to just his green boxer shorts trying to hide his obvious erection. He moves his long hard member over along his leg as he relaxes. Amy walks back in with a bowl of popcorn. The two continue to watch T.V eating popcorn. Their hands meet in the bowl and they look at each other.

Amy leans over and plants a hard kiss on Lyle’s lips. She moves the bowl of popcorn to the coffee table as she continues to kiss Lyle. Lyle places his hand on Amy’s robe. Amy stands up and removes her robe. Her 20 DD breasts fall out, she then straddles Lyle’s legs and Lyle leans forward and starts sucking on her half-inch long nipples. After a few minutes, Amy moves away and pulls off Lyle’s boxers and moves back over, sliding his cock into her pussy and starts riding him. As she rides him, both moan in pleasure, Amy looks down at the hallway entrance and sees Alexis standing there watching for a bit before going back to bed. Amy gets off of Lyle and starts sucking his cock. She keeps sucking until he cums down her throat.

“Good night, Lyle.” Amy says walking down the hall grabbing her robe.

Lyle grabs his notebook out of his pants pocket and pen and writes the following notes:

“Day 1: not much to say than Ms. Cross and Alexis are very friendly. I couldn’t get enough time to look around but I guess I have to establish trust with them first. I hope tomorrow will bring more results.”

-more to cum-
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