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Spy Affair Mission: 4

Lyle's mission is on its last day and he heads home.
Lyle woke up on Amy’s bed surrounded by all the girls from last night, all of them asleep. He closes his eyes for about 15 minutes before he reopens them to the feeling of someone sucking his cock. He looks down and sees Alexis sucking his cock with Ashley fucking her from behind with Nicole’s strap on. Carmen leans over just a bit and starts making out with Lyle before she slides up putting her pussy up to his face. He starts licking her pussy fast.

“Ohhh yes Lyle, yes lick my pussy good.” Carmen moans.

On the other side of the bed, Becca is having her pussy eaten out by both Amy and Nicole.

“Oh yes, yes ohhh yes right there!” she moans loudly.

This goes on for 20 minutes before, Lyle, Carmen, Alexis and Becca all cum at the same time. The next thing Lyle knows Amy is making out with him.

“Amy quit hogging the stud jeez.” Becca says pulling Amy off of Lyle, “Come here you stud.”

Becca sits Lyle up and they start to make out. Becca then turns around so her ass was facing Lyle. Lyle got on his knees behind her and slid his cock into her pussy. Amy slides her pussy to Becca’s mouth and she starts eating out Amy’s pussy. Ashley leans down and starts to lick Becca’s asshole.

“Ohhh yea, yea, ohh yes.” Lyle starts to moan as he fucks Becca.

Just when things could not get any more interesting: Nicole slides a very small dildo into Lyle’s ass. Before Lyle could react, Nicole is making out with him. Lyle didn’t mind the small dildo in his ass, he barely felt it. Carmen this time has the strap on buried deep into Ashley’s pussy and Alexis is eating out Nicole’s pussy. This goes on for 10 more minutes before, Amy, Becca, Lyle, Ashley, and Nicole all cum.

“I…I..need a shower” Lyle says getting up and heading for the bathroom.

Once there Lyle hopped in the shower and had a nice relaxing shower. When he got out of the shower and into the hallway, where he is greeted by Ashley who hugs him.

“You are so handsome,” she says kissing him softly, “Fuck me hard just you and me no one else.”

Lyle kisses her hard lifting her leg up to her shoulder and slides his cock inside her pussy. He presses her against the wall. They keep fucking as the others just walk on by. A few minutes later Lyle pulls out and Ashley gets on her knees and starts sucking his cock just in time to have her mouth to be filled with his cum.

“Hey you two if you want breakfast come get it!” Amy yells.

Both arrive in the kitchen and eat breakfast with the rest. Just a normal breakfast, outside of the, everyone is naked, and what not. After breakfast and Amy cleans the kitchen they all gather in the living room for a bit as Lyle gets dressed to head back home.

“Thanks for stopping by Lyle.” Amy says kissing him.

“We’ll walk you home Lyle.” Ashley says as her and Alexis guide Lyle out of the house.

They walk Lyle till they get to the corner before his house. They hug and kiss him before leaving him. Lyle walks into his house seeing his mom in the kitchen.

“Hi mom, I’m home.” Lyle says hugging her, “I didn’t learn anything, sorry.”

“Oh it is okay, I’ll get over it.” She shrugs.

That night, Lyle is up in his room watching TV when Alexis climbs through his open window. Alexis kisses him softly sitting on top of him.

“Hey handsome.” She says giggling.

“Alexis what are you doing here?” Lyle asks shocked.

“Oh came by thinking I need your cock in me again.” Alexis says, “Oh I brought a friend.”

In through his window is his girlfriend Stacy. She smiles and climbs on the bed kissing Lyle softly on the lips before kissing Alexis.

“Hey there Lyle.” She says giggling.

Both then get off the bed and grab Lyle’s hands. They guide him down the hall till they were almost to the living room. There Stacy kisses Lyle pressing him up against the wall and grabbing his cock through his shorts.

“What are you doing my mom is around the corner.” He says softly.

“Don’t worry about it, your mom will never know.” Alexis says rubbing Stacy’s shoulders.

As they fool around there, around the corner on the couch, Becca and Nicole are fucking his mom, Francine. Nicole has her large strap-on dildo on pounding Francine’s pussy and Francine is eating out Becca’s pussy. Back around the corner, Lyle is now fucking Stacy from behind while she is eating out Alexis’ pussy. A few minutes later Alexis and Stacy switch spots. 15 minutes later on the couch, Francine cums all over Nicole as Becca cums all over her. Around the corner Stacy and Alexis are on their knees rubbing Lyle’s cock hard and fast before her cums all over their faces.

“See you later Lyle.” Alexis says after wiping her face off and leaving the way she came in.

“I am going to stay here with you for awhile longer.” Stacy says as her and Lyle make out on his bed, naked still.

An hour later, Francine goes to check on Lyle to make sure he didn’t hear or see what was going on, on the couch. When she gets to his room she sees Stacy riding his cock. As she watches, she slides her hand into her shorts and starts to finger herself. 15 minutes later, after Lyle cums in Stacy’s ass, Francine also cums. She leaves for her room for bed. Lyle and Stacy fall asleep right there on his bed.

-The final chapter soon to cum, so don’t cum yet, cum back soon-
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