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Spy Affair Mission 5

Francine finds out if she gets the promotion
A few weeks later, Francine arrives at her desk for work. She is waiting nervously to find out if she got the promotion to superviser or not. She gets settled into her cubicle when Nicole walks up to her.

"Hey Francine." Nicole says resting her hand on her shoulder.

"Hey Nicole what is up?" Francine looks at her.

"Ms. Hendricks would like to see you in about an hour." Nicole says before walking away.

Francine smiles a bit thinking she is getting the promotion. Meanwhile in Ms. Hendricks' office, Kelly(Ms. Hendricks) is eating out Ashley's pussy on her desk. Ashley is making out with Alexis who is getting fucked from behind by Lyle. After a few minutes, Lyle and Kelly switch girls. Lyle pulls out of Ashley and Alexis latches her mouth around his cock and sucks him till he cums. Ashley squeals a bit as she cums in Kelly's mouth. All four get dressed and three 16 year olds leave through a another door in the back of the office. Kelly sits back on her chair wearing her red turtle neck and black slacks. Just in time for Francine to walk into the office.

"Ah Francine sit down." Kelly instructs.

Francine sits down. When she sits down her nose twitches to the smell of sex in the air. She quickly dismisses it.

"I've called you in here because I want to test on a few things before I can decide if you are worthy of the promotion." Kelly says smiling.

"Okay what is it I am being tested on?" Francine asks.

"First handling, flirty employees who try to make sexual advances on you." Kelly says pressing her little intercom, "Amy will you come in here please."

Amy walks in wearing a black tank top and blue jeans. Kelly just nods at Amy. Amy walks over to Francine smiling.

"Hey Francine, you know I need the day off tomorrow," she acts rubbing her hand along Francine's bare shoulder, "you think you can give it to me please?"

"Amy didn't you have your days off this week already." Franicine says playing along.

Amy slides her fingers into the strap of Francine's blue tank top, "Come on, I'll make it worth it for you."

"No Amy just get back to work." Francine says moving Amy's hand off of her.

Kelly just claps moving over now standing in front of Francine and Amy. Amy and her smile at each other then at Francine.

"Good job you know how to handle a major problem with most supervisors in this industry." Kelly says, "Now about we get a little sexual to celebrate?"

Francine eyes widen a bit and she looks over at Amy. Just as she turns her head to look at Amy, Amy kisses her deeply. Amy and her start to make out as Kelly strips out of her clothes. Amy and Francine look up at her and stand up latching their hands and lips around Kelly's 40C breasts. Ashley walks back in through the back having left her thong on the floor. When she sees this, she just smiles and slides up on the desk behind Kelly, pulling Kelly's head back some and they start making out. Ashley, Amy and Francine all strip, and Amy's tits are now the center of attention as Kelly and Francine start to suck and rub them. Ashley starts to lick Francine's pussy from behind as she rubs Kelly's pussy.

"Hey girls come on it is time." Nicole says to Becca, and Carmen as she watches from the main door of the office.

Carmen, Nicole, and Becca all walk into the office shutting the door carefully as they strip also. Becca quickly heads out the back door and comes back making out with Lyle with Alexis following behind both of them naked. Becca and Alexis lead Lyle over to the couch in the corner of the room where Carmen and Nicole were waiting for them. Lyle lies down on the couch and Nicole puts her pussy to his face where he starts eating her out. Carmen leans over and starts sucking his rock hard cock.

Over on the desk, Ashley is having her pussy being eaten out by Francine and Amy as Kelly and her make out. Ashley is then leaned back and Kelly puts her pussy to her mouth. Ashley starts munching away at her pussy. Francine moves up Ashley's body and starts licking Kelly's asshole. Amy adjusts Ashley and Francine's bodies so their pussys are grinding against each other. Amy slides under Kelly and Kelly starts eating out her pussy.

Back on the couch, Becca is riding Lyle's cock with her ass as Nicole is eating out her pussy. Carmen is having her pussy eaten out by Lyle as she finger fucks Alexis' pussy hard. After a few minutes, Becca takes Carmen's place, Nicole takes, Becca's place and Alexis is now being eaten out by Nicole.

After about an hour later, everyone in the room cums about the same time. Alexis and Lyle sneek away through the back door so Francine didn't see Lyle. Francine ended up with the promotion and some very close co-workers as well.

The End
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