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Summer Days

Joe and Jess sending texts to each other:

Joe: “Hey, would you want to hang out today?”

Jess: Yea that sounds cool, what were you planning?

Joe: “Well we just opened the pool and it is kind of warm out, do you want to come over and swim?”

Jess: “I’d love to except I don’t have a bathing suit….”

Joe: “Well… my parents won’t be home all day so if you want to swim nude…. (ha ha) I’m just playing. Well I could grab a shirt from the mall for this college gig, do you want to go shopping first?”

Jess: “(Ha ha) Joe! Yea I’m not one to turn down shopping. Are you really going to want to wait for me to try them on though? You can help me pick one… ;)

Joe: “Yea that’s fine. (Ha ha) I don’t think they let guys into the women’s dressing rooms.”

Jess: “Well not into the room itself but I’ll come model them for you.”

Joe: “That sounds great! I’ll see you in half an hour.”

Jess: “OK, that gives me time for a quick shower. See you then =)”

Joe: “Hey, I’m outside.”

Jess: “Oh shit, I’ll be done soon. Come on in, the front door is open.”

Joe gets out of his car and heads up to the house. He let himself in; he’s greeted by the barking of Jess’ little Maltese. He didn’t want to walk back on her in the middle of changing so he yelled back “Hey Jess!”

She responded, “Hey, I’m getting dressed, give me a second please!” He saw her come out of the bedroom and said, “Wow you look adorable in that dress!” She blushed and responded, “Thanks, it’s one of my favorites.” He smiled back at her and replied, “I think it may be one of mine too on you, it looks good against your skin. And you have the shoulders to pull off strapless.” They hugged, his hands lingering on her bare shoulders, touching her pale smooth skin.

Jess patted her dog, Rosalie, goodbye and then prompted Joe toward the door. As he was walking past her onto the front porch, his hand accidentally grazed her butt. He blushed and stammered an apology. Jess laughed, saying, “It’s no problem. I mean I know you like this dress but geez!”

She locked the door behind her and followed him to his blue jeep. She rolled down her window, sticking her arm on the sill to enjoy the light breeze and warm sun on her skin. She turned to get her seat belt on but fumbled with it, catching it. Joe leaned over to try to fix it for her. Jess could feel the warmth coming off his body as he stretched over her.

She gave a small, involuntary shiver as he turned toward her to hand her the seat belt. He saw the small flush on her cheek and raised a hand to trace along her jaw line. However, he lost his balance and crashed, face first, into her lap. Embarrassed, he uttered a moan. Jess let out a giggle and patted his head.

He stayed there a second longer and then moved his face toward her. As he breathed out, she could feel his warm breath through her dress on her upper, inner thigh. He sat back up in his seat as she finally buckled herself into the seat. He turned on the radio and turned it up as Rihanna came on.

They began to sing along to the song, dancing as much as possible in a car. After the song ended, Joe turned the volume down again and asked Jess how her summer had been so far. She said, “Well, pretty boring. I’m still looking for a job, so my days are pretty much exercise, being lazy, and reading books.” He laughed and replied, “Yea nothing too great has happened yet. Things are starting to look up a bit more though.”

“Why?” Jess asked. “Well, I got you to finally hang out, alone, with me,” he said as a smile tugged on his lips. She replied, “Geez, you make me blush a lot. I was happy when you asked me to hang out today. I love spending time with you.” He said, “Aw thanks. You’re an amazing girl.”

She giggled saying, “Is this your way of saying you like me?” He looked down at his lap and replied, “Um…. maybe,” he said as a smile burst onto his face. She laughed and admitted to having feelings for him too. She put her hand on his knee and gave it a gentle squeeze. He grabbed her hand and squeezed back.

At that moment, a squirrel darted out in front of the car and he slammed on the brakes. They went flying forward and then back. Joe, still holding Jess’ hand, went flying back in his seat, his hand with Jess’ still in it, slamming back into his crotch. He gasped in pain and squealed in a high-pitched tone.

She could feel a bit of a bulge and, not really thinking, her hand moved around it and applied light pressure. She wasn’t expecting the low guttural moan that came out of his mouth. A bit surprised, she squeezed harder. He winced and, cupping her hand, moved it down his leg a bit more. He pulled off to the side of the road and turned to look at her.

She apologized for hurting him but continued to give him a quizzical look. He turned red and muttered, “Well, you look really beautiful with your hair damp, in a sundress that shows off your shoulders and back. And when I face-planted into your lap, I could smell your body wash, it was intoxicating.” She gave him a wistful look and leaned over to his lips.

Right before she touched them, she whispered, “Are you sure it was my body wash?” She kissed him them, unsure and timid but quickly moved into a deep passionate kiss. He raised his hand to her hair, stroking the back of her neck gently but pulling her farther toward him.

Drivers honked while driving past, making them jump apart. Jess laughed and leaned back into her seat. Grinning, she pulled one leg under her as he began to drive again toward the Avenue. He drove around until he found an empty parking spot. He pulled in and turned off the engine but the music kept playing.

She unbuckled and turned toward him in her seat, her head leaning against the headrest as looked into his bright blue eyes. He mirrored her position and began to talk, saying, “Jess, I really like you, as more than a friend, but I don’t want to do anything that could possibly mess up our friendship.” She reached out and grabbed his hand, “Yea I know, but I don’t think he would.”

He leaned over and kissed her again. This time it was sweet but still deep with a hint of longing to it. He ran his hand down her back until he reached her dress. He ran his hand gently over the fabric and then grabber her as he ran his further down her back. He could feel the contours of her body and they kissed.

He stopped when he felt the outline of her thong and once more let out a groan. Jess grinned and kissed him again, harder as she ran her hands under his tee and his back. He traced the thong down until it disappeared and then grabbed her butt as she rose slightly in the seat in response to his touch. He moved his hand to her knee and began to run it up her leg.

He hesitated toward the hem of her dress and slipped under it, still following her silky smooth leg. He could feel the warmth of her pussy, as he got higher up her thigh. He began to trace where her leg met her crotch, he could hear her breathing getting heavier. He started to run his fingers over the front of her thong, tracing the length of what he could reach. He could feel her thong getting wet with excitement. He slipped a finger under the thong, feeling a small tuft of trimmed hair.

Jess could feel him getting harder against her hand as she stroked him through his pants. He slipped a finger onto her clit, gently rolling over it with his finger, slowly increasing pressure. As her breathing got heavier and the kissing more longing, he slipped two fingers inside her. She unzipped his pants, pulling him out of his blue-checkered boxers; they were already soaked with pre-cum. She stroked him harder as he increased the speed of his fingers in and out.

She whispered for him to stop for a few seconds and climbed over to his lap. She straddled his legs, kissing him again. She moved her thong over and lowered her body onto his erect cock. He moaned more as he slipped further into her. They began to move together up and down.

Jess began to move quicker until she could feel him getting close. He grabbed her butt and supported her as he lifted her up and down even quicker and further down until her butt grazed his balls. He exploded inside her, cum dripping out of her as she kissed him again. She shifted him out of her and just sat on his lap as she looked into his eyes saying, “Wow, I wasn’t quite expecting that to happen so soon. That was amazing though.”

She kissed his lips again as she moved her thong back into place. He gently squeezed her butt again, just enjoying the touch of her skin. She climbed back into her seat and grabbed tissues from her purse to clean herself off. She hiked her dress up and wiped her crotch and legs clean. When she looked back up, Joe was stroking his once-more hard cock.

Jess laughed and leaned over, head level to his cock and began to lick the head. He was tender still from just cumming but she grabbed him and began to suck, hard, at the tip. He gasped and grabbed a handful of her hair in his hands. She took more of him into her mouth and sucked more of him. She continued until he came again in her mouth.

She immediately kissed him, sharing his cum with him. She licked his cock and balls clean and zipped up his pants. Joe looked at her and grinned. She laughed and said, “What?” He let out a giggle and repeated her previous sentiment, “Wow, I wasn’t expecting that so soon but that was amazing!” She laughed and said, “OK, well good, but we should probably start leaving before someone notices us… (ha ha).”

They walked into Old Navy, Jess went to look at bathing suits while Joe tried to find a shirt. Jess picked out a few suits and went back to the fitting rooms. Joe was already in line to try on his clothes. He finished before her and since no worker was in the area, he waved her back to his room to try on her stuff.

She laughed and told him to turn around as she slipped off her dress. She took her bra off too and slipped on a one-piece suit. Joe turned around and whistled; there was a cutout on her side in the shape of a sun. She smiled and agreed it was cute.

She then switched into a bikini. The bottoms tied on one side and the top was like a corset bra. She had to admit she loved the top but she was worried the bottoms would fall off. Joe tugged at the knot on the side, loosening but not completely undoing the suit. She gently moved his hand away and shook her head at him. After trying on a few more, she decided on a tube top, the corset bra, a pair of short style bottoms and the tie bottoms.

After checking out, they went to get a smoothie to share. The sat by a fountain and talked as they enjoyed the refreshing drink. They talked about college and their future careers. He wanted to work as a nurse while she wanted to be a children’s psychologist. Around 1pm, they left to go back to Nick’s house.

While they were driving, he asked her to change into the string bikini. Jess smiled and said sure, as long as his parents really wouldn’t be home for some time. They drove back to his house, sex still on their minds but they knew they had to behave in the car. He pulled the car up into the driveway of his house.

His mom’s car was gone from sight. Jess asked, “Is your sister home?” He answered, “Nope she’s gone shopping for the day with her boyfriend. I guess we’re here alone.” A blush slowly crept onto his face.

He reached over and undid her seat belt for her, his hand gently brushing her hip under the sheer fabric of the dress as she felt a tiny shiver up her spine. They got out of the car and walked up to the door of the house. There were beautiful sunflowers along the sides of the sidewalk. Butterflies and bees danced an intricate pattern through the petals. The house looked incredible and a bit daunting.

Joe slopped a hand around her back and gently nudged her forward. The door led into a family room with beautiful furniture. Off to the side was a spiral staircase that led to his bedroom. He grabbed her hand and led her through each room on the base level of his house. The rooms were luxurious but yet simplistic.

He grabbed two bottled-waters from the fridge and turned to her asking, “So what do you want to do?” She answered, “Let’s go swimming, duh!” Jess plopped down on the ground and gave the dog a belly rub as Joe went to plug in the pool and get it ready. When he came back in, he grabbed his swimming trunks and told her to feel free to change in there while he changed in the connecting bathroom.

She took off her clothes and slipped into the bathing suit. She was finishing tying the side knot on the bottoms as Joe walked back into the room. He handed her a beach towel and flung his down on the bed. He wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her as he rubbed her mainly bare back. She kissed him and grabbed his hand, leading him outside.

She climbed up onto the wooden deck surrounding the pool. She looked back and saw Joe looking up at her; he had simply watched her walk up the steps. She laughed and spread her towel out on the edge of the deck. She plopped down and dangled her feet in the water. Joe sat down behind her and straddled her back, hugging her waist.

He ran his hands over her shoulders and down her back. He then began to massage her shoulders. She leaned back farther into him, as he rubbed deeper. She let out a content sigh. He lowered his lips to her neck while continuing to massage her back. He left a trail of kisses from her jaw-line to her collarbone and across her back.

Jess grabbed his hands and wrapped them back around her stomach. She rested her torso back onto his left shoulder, gently snuggling into his neck. She reached up to kiss him. It quickly got steamy between them. He ran one hand to her breast and the other between her legs. She could feel herself growing wet under his touch.

He slipped off the deck into the pool and turned to face her. He told her to lay back and just relax under his touch. She did as he asked and he began to untie her bottoms. She helped him slip them off and threw them into the pool. He began to kiss the inside of her leg and moved up until he reached her crotch.

He spread her lips apart and began to lick her pussy. She let out a deep moan. He moved his tongue up a bit and began to lick her clit. As he found her spot, she began to squirm and let out an even deeper moan. He moved back over and gently bit her thighs.

Jess grabbed her breasts and began to fondle her nipples as he stuck his face in her pussy, licking her hole. He tongue fucked her, soft at first and then much harder. As she started to say, “Oh God yes,” he slipped back up to her clit. He bit down gently on it and slipped a finger into her hole, curling upward to find her g-spot. As she writhed under his touch, she kept squeezing her nipples. He could see her getting closer to an orgasm as she moaned louder.

Joe’s older brother had come home to pick up a change of clothes. He heard noises outside and went to say hi. When he saw his brother eating out a strange girl, he felt himself getting a bit hard. He took his phone out and began to videotape them. He began slowly to rub his crotch through his pants as he watched this girl arch her back into his brother’s mouth.

Joe could feel Jess’ pussy getting even more wet and shaking more under his touch. He slipped another finger in her hole and finger fucked her even harder. Just as she was on the edge, he took his last finger and reached back to touch her butt hole, applying the slightest pressure on the edge. She exploded, screaming out his name, her body rocking as she came on his tongue.

He continued to lick and kiss her crotch as she tried to gain control over her body again. He kissed her thighs down to her knees, lifting her leg out of the water and kissing her skin until her reached the tattoo on her foot. She sat up and looked at Joe, smiling. She pulled her feet up under her and looked down again.

She saw movement in her peripheral vision and shrieked, covering her body quickly the best she could. Joe whipped out and let out a scream of his own. “Danny, what the hell are you doing? Can we have some privacy please?!” He walked across the pool until he reached Jess’ bottoms, snatched them up and quickly waded back. He stood between her legs, his head blocking her pussy from view.

She leaned against his back and he could still feel her wetness against his warmed skin. She slipped into the water, leaving a trail down his back. She tied her bottoms back on and grabbed Joe’s hand to stop him from going after his brother.

Danny raised his hands in defense and said, “Whoa I’ll erase the video and never speak of this again. In fact, I’ll leave now and come back later so we can have a proper greeting.” Joe replied, “Fine, just send me that video before you delete it. Is anyone else home yet?” Danny answered back no and turned away to go back into the house.

Jess turned to Joe and asked, “How about we just chill and watch a movie for awhile?” He said, “OK, that sounds relaxing to me. The best TV in the house is actually in my bedroom.” She laughed and agreed to go upstairs. Jess walked up the spiral staircase; he followed a few steps behind sizing up her butt in the bottoms.

He led her to his room; it really was impressive in size. It had a futon against one wall, a lazy-boy by the window, a big screen TV and a mini-fridge in the corner. He walked over to the futon and straightened the blanket that was covering it.

He then stripped out of his bathing suit bottoms and threw on some shorts. Jess laughed, watching him strip playfully and then did the same, stepping out of the wet clothes and walked naked over to her dress.

He pointed out his stack of DVDs and told her to pick one. She pulled out the movie Chloe. It was an odd movie but the storyline is great, especially the sex scenes. Jess put the movie into the DVD player while Joe spread pillows along his futon and the wall. She sat down on the futon, grabbed the blanket, and curled up under it.

He grabbed the remote and sat next to her. He started the movie and draped his arm around her neck. She leaned into his shoulder and draped some of the blanket across his lap. About halfway through the movie she looked over at his face and saw him staring down my dress at her chest. She reached for the remote by his leg and ran her hand along his thigh but as she got higher, she felt his pants bulging out. She began to run my hand along the bulge until she felt him moan softly in her hair.

She stopped, her hand staying on his leg, and looked up at him again. The look on his face wasn’t one she’d really seen before, it was animalistic but his eyes were gentle as they met hers. He leaned in toward her lips and kissed her roughly. She squeezed a bit more and he moaned into her mouth.

He (finally) put the movie on pause. He slipped a hand onto her leg under the cover and moved slightly up her inner thigh. He trailed his fingers up her panties, bringing another wave of warmth through her. She ran a finger up his leg; she could feel him getting harder under her touch as he fingered the lace covering her.

She began to stroke him through his pants as he continued to trace the lace as though he was a blind man. She could feel herself getting wet as he gently teased her lips, already tender from the moments by the pool. He moved her thong aside and slipped his finger into her pussy again. He stroked her hole gently then moved up back up to her clit.

Her thong had tightened over this area, making it even more sensitive. He stroked her through the lace then moved it aside. She pressed harder on his leg, and then reached for the band of his shorts. He stopped and slipped his finger off her, as he pulled his shorts down. He began to stroke himself with his left hand while moving his right hand back onto her clit.

After about a minute, she slipped the blanket off his cock and took him in her mouth. She began to suck his tip until he bucked a bit under her; she slipped her mouth down the length of his shaft, pulling him deep into her throat. She felt him move his fingers back into her hole. He found her g-spot and she began to hump his hand.

He slid his body back, lying down across the bed; he moved her pussy over his face as she continued to suck him off. She felt his tongue moving over her from one hole to another. He began to move his tongue over her clit, alternating between circling it and flicking it.

She could feel herself getting closer to an orgasm when he moved his tongue down to her butt hole. He began to flick his tongue over the rim. She slipped her mouth deeper on his cock as he plunged his tongue into her hole. As he moved in and out, she swirled the head of his penis around on her tongue and sucked harder at his tip.

He moved another finger into her pussy as she began to take more of him into her mouth. She began to cum on his hand, bucking wildly against his mouth. He exploded in her mouth. She swallowed some and then twisted her body around, kissing him with a mouthful full of himself.

She took off her thong and laid it on the bed so she could have more freedom. They both stood up, rearranging their clothes when we heard a knock on his door. Joe jumped up and opened the door, his sister was outside. She looked quizzically at him and then she saw Jess on the bed, once more covered with his blanket.

She said she heard moans and wanted to make sure he was okay. She smiled then and said, “I see now you’re more than OK. Please pull your pants up all the way. So who is she?” Joe blushed a deep crimson and turned to Jess saying, “My family really needs to stop meeting you like this!” He turned back to his sister and told her Jess’ name.

The sister then left, and Joe walked back over to the bed. He apologized again, but his phone went off. His brother had just text him to say their sister was home. He then sent the video. Joe opened it and leaned over to Jess to watch it with her. As she saw herself under his control, she moved the phone aside and started to kiss him passionately again. She looked in his eyes and she knew they would keep having sex that night until they were both too sore to move.

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