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well that was odd
Angela was laying down on the bed to rest for a bit in hopes her headache would disappear. She heard the door creak open and saw the crack of light fall across the bed. A man’s voice whispered in, “Are you feeling any better, can I come in?”

She answered back yea, recognizing the voice as her friend, Joe. He closed the door behind him and walked slowly to the bed, his eyes not quite having adjusted to the darkness in the room. He felt around on the bed, brushing lightly against Angela’s ankle as he tried to find a place to sit.

 As Joe’s eyes adjusted, he realized that her dress had ridden up as she spread eagle legged across the bed on her belly. It covered only half her butt, revealing her white and black lace thong with a light pink ribbon sitting in the center just above her butt. He was transfixed by the intricate pattern of the lace lying across her delicate skin and the way it disappeared as his eyes followed the curve of her butt.

Angela looked back at him, a bit surprised by his silence, and saw his eyes on her body. She blushed a deep crimson and tugged her dress down. Joe jumped at this and looked embarrassed himself. He touched her shoulder gently and asked if her head felt any better.

“A little bit but honestly I’ve found medicine takes too long for me, I usually try to pump endorphins into my body and just kill it off naturally. Sadly I can’t go for a run now and Chris is a little busy with the guests so I’m just waiting it out.”

 Joe asked, “Why is it important that Chris is occupied? What can he do to help, hold your feet down as you do crunches?”

Angela blushed again, “Forget I said that part please.”

Joe replied, “No, seriously what does he do?” “Well,” Angela said, “usually if I have sex that will do it too.”

 “Oh, okay now that makes more sense. Darn and I was going to ask if it was something I could do.”

Angela laughed and said no to him. Joe kept rubbing her back and asked if it was anything special he did or just sex in general. She rolled over onto her back and sat up a bit, her head propped on her pillow. “Why do you care?”

Joe looked down at his lap and then back at her, “Well I always wondered why him and not me, what he did that was so special.”

Angela looked shocked, “I’m surprised you still feel that way, it’s been years since we were together. I’m not going to lie, the sex is amazing but it’s more than just that. He gets me in a way you never did. We just work better together. You and I had our chance and it just didn’t work.”

He reached out and put a hand on her knee, “I’m sorry to hear that. I never stopped wishing it could have worked between you and me.” He began to stroke her skin up to her thigh and he could see she liked it by the look on her face. She quickly composed herself though when she realized he was watching her face for her reaction and grabbed his hand to keep it from moving up further than where he had already gotten.

He twisted her hand in his and kissed the palm of it. She said, “Joe this isn’t appropriate, you’re my friend. This is Chris’ and my bed to share. I shouldn’t have let you in here. Please just leave before you make this not okay.” She rolled onto her stomach again, the dress once more twisting up, this time partially up her back.

He let out a quiet groan as he stood up and got a better view of between her legs. He stood there for a few minutes, dreaming about what he would do to her body if she would let him. She began to snore gently; she had assumed he already left.

 He could feel his pants bulge out even more as he thought of the feel of her skin against his lips. He shook his head and thought to himself, “I could never do that, she trusts me and I don’t want to take advantage of that. But God she is gorgeous and so damn sexy. I just want to make sweet love to her and make her feel better than ever before.”

He began to move his feet toward her, and he stopped, shocked that he was, some other part of his brain was taking over his body. He loosened his tie and slipped it over his head. He moved along side of her and kissed her softly on the cheek. She smiled in her sleep and let out another tiny snore.

Joe took off his dress shirt and pants, remaining in a beater and boxers. He knelt onto the bed and lowered his body down to the bed until he could reach her back. He began to kiss her lower back where her dress lay. He left a trail of kisses across the top of her thong and then with his teeth began to play with the ribbon. He traced his tongue down her crack, following the thong between her cheeks until he couldn’t reach it anymore.

 At this point Angela began to stir but kept her face down and moaned a little, assuming it was Chris. He spread her cheeks gently and moved her thong over with his tongue. He gently flicked his tongue over her butt hole. He could feel her shiver under his touch. He swirled his tongue around the hole and began to probe it gently, applying just a bit of pressure.

She finally looked back and saw Joe there rather than Chris. Joe moved up her body and whispered in her ear, “That’s right baby, I’m not Chris. I’m your secret lover who is going to make your body crave more. I won’t fuck you, at least not tonight, but I am going to make that headache disappear.”

He then kissed her, roughly with all the pent up passion he had felt for her over the years. He could feel the tension in her lips slip away as she responded to that desire.

He got up then and found her lingerie drawer; he pulled out a pair of her panties. He kissed her lips again and then put her panties in her mouth. He unzipped her dress and slipped it under her body to her hands. He then unhooked her black lace strapless bra and took it off.

He licked his finger, and began to play with her butt again. She automatically arched her back as she felt his finger pressing in on her hole. He grabbed her breast with his free hand and squeezed. He tugged gently on the nipple and she arched her back up even further. He kissed her neck and down her spine.

 He could feel the goose bumps under his touch as he trailed down her body. He stopped when he got to the top of her crack and began to lick downward until he felt the lace of her thong where it had shifted back. He moved it aside and could feel it tighten against her pussy. He kept licking her, now moving down away from her butt hole. He could taste her excitement through her thong.

He kissed the lace over her hole and then began to suck at it. He slipped his middle finger up until he found her clit and began to move his finger over it, just lightly rubbing it at first. As he could feel her get wetter under her thong, completely soaking the lace, he began to flick his finger over her clit. He felt it swell a bit more under his fingers and he shoved his mouth into her pussy, licking whatever he possibly could.

He moved her thong aside more, now tightening it against her tender butt hole. He felt her body jerk slightly at this sensation, which caused his tongue to go into her hole. She moved her pussy even further onto his face, making his tongue go in even deeper. He swirled it around inside and then began to move in and out.

 He could tell her breathing was getting heavier so he slipped his free hand under her and lifted her butt up off the bed a bit. He moved his mouth down to suck on her clit and slipped a finger inside her hole. Her body began to squirm a bit under him and he pulled his finger out and slipped two into her hole.

He moved his fingers around until she moaned and bucked against his hand, he had found her g-spot. He kept rubbing his fingers against it as he slid them slightly in and out of her. He flicked his tongue over her clit; she was beginning the squeeze against his fingers. He spread out the hand that was in her and began to gently rub against her butt hole as he caressed her spot.

The door to the bedroom opened slightly but the light was off in the hallway and neither Joe nor Angela noticed Chris standing in the doorway. He was about to scream when he noticed how her body was writhing against Joe’s hand, she was about to cum.

To his astonishment, his pants began to feel a bit tight in the crotch. He enjoyed watching Angela being pleasured by someone else but he knew this wasn’t acceptable, especially not in their bed. Joe pressed his finger on her butt a bit more until just the very tip of his finger slid into her hole. This sent her over the top and he could feel her pussy contracting around his fingers as the rest of her body shook and moved back against his hand and mouth.

He slipped his fingers out and licked them all one by one. He then licked her pussy, from her clit up to her hole, spreading her lips open and licking out any juice in her. He continued to move his tongue up her crack and swirled it again around her butt hole. He gently bit her butt cheek and moved up her body to straddle her back. He leaned over, took the panties out of her mouth, and leaned down to kiss her.

Chris had seen enough and shut the door loudly behind him. Joe jumped and Angela yelped as he plopped down on her back. She then realized that Chris was in the room and yelled at Joe to get off and untie her.

Joe reached up to untie her hands but Chris stopped him and said “No, leave them on. I came up to see how she was and if she needed a quickie to make her feel better. I didn’t expect to find another man enjoying her body. I think I need to show you how it’s actually done and Ange, I think I need to remind you of how much better I am than him. Luckily for me I stopped by our little toy store and picked you up a few things to enjoy when I’m away. I think I’ll try them out tonight instead with my own cock shoved deep inside you too. Joe, get the hell off my bed and go sit in a chair in front of the door so no one else walks in, we don’t need a damn orgy.”

He untied Angela’s hands and threw her dress to the floor. She sat up on her knees. Chris leaned over to her and kissed her even more passionately and she reciprocated, leaning as much of her entire body as she could into his. He bit her ear lobes and then kissed down her jaw line and under her chin down her neck to the hollows of her collarbone.

He grabbed her breasts and kissed each nipple, sucking hard on them and then nibbling a bit on the nipple and then breast itself. He kissed down her stomach to her belly button. She grabbed his head and brought his face up to kiss her mouth again. He stood up and got off the bed, stripping completely out of his clothes. He went to the foot of the bed and untied her feet to slip off her thong. He took it in his hand and began to stroke his hard cock with it. Angela stayed kneeling on the bed and began to finger herself as she watched Chris play with himself.

Joe let out a moan from his chair and they turned to look at him. He was sitting on his hands but his cock was straining against his boxers. Angela looked at Chris and said, “Just pull it out but don’t blow your load all over our room please, hit the trash can or the toilet in the next room. Or just cum on yourself and then clean up afterward.”

Joe grinned a little sheepishly, muttered “Thanks” and pulled his cock out. He began to stroke it gently so it wouldn’t explode as quickly. Chris went back over to the bed and gently pushed Angela down onto her hands and knees. He then spread her legs and tied her ankles again to the base of the bed.

She looked back at him and said, “Ahem, haven’t I been tied up enough hon? Although I do miss when you do it.”

 He answered, “Not with me baby, and I want full control over you right now. I’m going to make you feel so good you can’t take anymore. But you will take more until I think you learned your lesson.”

She groaned a little as he said this and he stuck his face into her pussy from the back and licked her. He then moved onto the bed and lay down on his back, moving down on the bed until his face was under her pussy and her mouth was over his cock. She began to suck him, taking all of him into her mouth.

He pulled her down so her body was resting on his and began to lick her clit. She was already tender from Joe but Chris began to bite at her pussy. She jumped and he grabbed her butt and pulled her back toward his face. She began to suck harder at his cock, and then just began to suck the tip. She could feel him moan against her clit and stop as he enjoyed her doing him.

He then started back up again, even more than before flicking his tongue over her swollen clit. He stuck two of his fingers in her and moved them rapidly in and out. She could feel herself getting close but then he stopped and switched, licking her hole and playing with her clit with his fingers. She continued to suck his cock and could feel him getting close, as he would swell in her mouth.

She could hear Joe in the background watching them and getting close to finishing himself. Chris was tonguing the rim of her hole, just teasing her. He then shoved his tongue in her and began to fuck her with his mouth. He pulled out and bit the lips of her pussy as he kept rubbing her clit. He could feel her begin to move into his hand, he knew she was close again. This thought alone made him explode in her mouth and she came as soon as his warm load hit the back of her throat. She sucked him clean while he ate out her pussy.

Chris climbed out from under her and knelt on the bed, shoving his cock in her mouth. She sucked him more as he grew hard again against her tongue. He got off the bed and knelt behind her on the bed. He slipped inside her pussy and began to slam his cock in and out of her. She gasped as he kept up the rhythm, she could feel the friction alone drying her out a bit and making each thrust that much more powerful.

His breathing turned shallower and he began to let out little moans, she knew he was close. She orgasmed again, the contracting muscles around his cock made him cum. He climbed off the bed and shoved his face into her pussy, eating his cum out of her hole. He continued after he had gotten all that he could out, just to try to make her cum again on his tongue. Her body couldn’t handle it again but he kept at it.

As she reared away from him, he grabbed her hips and held her pussy on his face. He kept going until she came again, panting this time from the power of it. He untied her feet but grabbed the leather belt from his pants and tied her wrists together. He flipped her over and climbed on top of her, kissing her again with ferocious passion.

He lifted her legs up and slipped into her swollen hole, feeling how tight she was against him. He moaned as she gasped and he leaned down between her legs to kiss her again. He then grabbed the belt and held her arms above her head as he moved his cock in and out of her. He let her arms go and grabbed onto the backs of her thighs to get better leverage as he tried to pick up the speed. She came again as he was still fucking her, but he stayed in her until he came. She came again as he shot his load in her again. He cleaned her out once more but not as thoroughly this time. He glanced back at Joe, slipped a finger in her, and then licked it off. Joe moaned and came again in his hand.

Angela just stayed still on the bed as Chris got off and went to his drawer with his boxers in it. He dug around a bit and then found the bag he was looking for from Love Craft. In it, he had two vibrating dildos, one small and one large, and a simple vibrator. Angela propped herself up on her elbows as he showed everything to her.

She grinned and asked “Are you sure that these are all for me. I think you’d enjoy the small one in you.”

Chris laughed and said, “Well that’s why I have cleaning solution too dear.” She laughed and then looked apprehensive as he turned on the vibrator.

Chris said “It’s toy time honey, let’s see how big of an orgasm you can have.” Chris began to run the vibrator up her spine and he could feel her shivering under him. Chris motioned for Joe to get up and come over.

He did and Angela look surprised, a bit disoriented at first as to what was going on but before she could protest Chris slipped to vibrator between the lips of her pussy and all she could do was moan. She spread her legs apart a bit more and Chris began to move it up and down the length of her pussy. She began to slowly grind into his hand to move the vibrations around more.

Joe remained at the bottom of the bed, watching with fascination. Chris moved the vibrator out of her pussy and ran it up her butt crack. He paused at her hole, waiting to see what she would do to the sensation. She sighed deeply and pushed her butt up against it, getting on her knees and spreading her cheeks open wider. Chris leaned down and began to lick her butt hole again, this time keeping the vibrator on it too.

She moaned again and said “Please just shove your hard cock in me, I want you so bad!”

 Chris grinned and said, “You want me to fuck your ass you naughty girl?”

 She replied, “Yes please, shoot your load in my ass.” Chris climbed onto the bed and after licking her a bit more slid his pounding cock into her butt. She gasped and jerked upwards but then moved closer to him so he would move in more. Joe was still watching this from the back, jacking himself off again, as he watched Chris pound into her ass.

 After a few minutes, Chris whispered back to Joe, “Get under here and lick her pussy and hold the vibrator to her clit.”

 Joe whispered back, “Are you sure?”

Chris replied, “Just do it before I change my mind.” Joe moved around onto the bed and laid down under Angela. Chris rammed his cock into her again. Joe reached up and began to suck on her clit.

She let out the deepest moan yet and said in a low voice, “Oh God yes!” He moved the vibrator over to her clit and began to lick her pussy. He then switched and slipped the vibrator slightly into the hole and licked her clit. Chris felt the vibration and came immediately. Angela shouted as she felt his load fill her ass, “Oh fuck yes!” as she came too. Joe, not to be left out, shot his load too all over himself and some hitting her face.

Joe moved out from under her and Chris grabbed a towel to wipe off her face. His cum was dripping out of her; Joe moved around and began to lick it out of her. Chris told him to go sit again and began to lick her hole. He then slipped the smaller dildo into her butt. He met resistance from her sore hole but kept moving it in gently.

He grabbed the larger dildo and sucked it until it was wet. She watched him and started playing with her pussy again. He moved behind her and slipped the second dildo into her pussy. Her face looked like she was about to scream again but no sound came out. Chris began to move the larger dildo in and out of her as he placed the vibrator against her clit. She bit down on the leather belt holding her wrists together.

 Joe came over and began to gently move the dildo in her butt. Within seconds she came, this time so powerful that she pushed the dildos out of her. She collapsed on the bed, still having an orgasm as Chris leaned down and gently kissed her pussy. He untied her wrists and climbed on top of her, straddling her crotch but leaning over to kiss her lips. She responded with the most passionate kiss he had ever gotten from her. She grabbed his hands, placed them on her breasts, and kissed him again. They would have to stop for now, but later tonight, they would continue again until she couldn't take any more.

She looked down at herself and around the room and shook her head at the mess they had made. She was covered in cum. The bed was a mess and the room looked like an orgy had occurred with clothes flung everywhere and the smell of sex heavy in the air.

Chris and Angela decided to take a quick shower together to get clean. As Chris was washing his penis off, Angela leaned down and kissed it. She took it in her mouth and began sucking on it. Chris began to shampoo her hair as she continued to suck at his hard cock. He grabbed her hair as he came closer to finishing. She reached around and began to squeeze his butt, and then moved her fingers to his crack. She found his hole and began to stroke it.

Chris moaned and pulled her head further onto his cock. She kept sucking him and playing with his hole until he came in her mouth. They finished showering, soaping each other up and rinsing each other off until they were clean. She got out and started doing her hair in the mirror, just throwing it up into a simple bun. Chris came behind her and kissed her neck. He started to comb his hair out looking in the mirror over her shoulder.

Joe knocked on the door and asked if he could shower too. He went into the bathroom and stripped down then hopped in the shower as Chris and Angela still stood there naked getting ready. Angela went out into the bedroom to find panties to put on and there she found Chris’ mom standing there. Angela let out a small shriek and turned back around to grab her robe from the bathroom. Chris came out too, naked, wondering what was wrong.

He saw his mother and said “Oh, well shit this is embarrassing. Mom, give us a few seconds please and we’ll be right down.”

She replied, “We all just figured you’d sneak off for a quickie but you’ve been gone now for almost an hour.” The shower then stopped and Joe came to the door drying off his hair, also naked, to make sure everything was okay.

Chris’ mom just looked thunderstruck at him, then Chris, then Angela. “Well shit, do you really need two guys to get you feeling better? I’d be happy with just one. Actually, I’m going to go and try to forget that my son has sex with another man in the room doing stuff I don’t want to know, that my future daughter in law has a landing strip and that I now know the size of my son’s penis. Thankfully, it is bigger than his father’s was. But please just hurry down.”

Angela just stood there looking at Chris, Joe was the first to speak, “We may actually want to listen to her and hurry up. And then we may want to go apologize profusely.” Angela nodded and went to her drawer to get out panties. She slipped on another thong and put on her bra.

There was another knock on the door and Chris’ mother opened it a crack, “Can I come in?”

Angela answered, “Well I’m not in my dress yet but you won’t see anything more than what you did before.”

 “Well what about Chris and the other guy?”

 Angela answered, “Well Chris is now in pants in the bathroom brushing his teeth and Joe is still drying off in there."

 Mom poked her head around, “Ok. I just wanted to apologize for not waiting for an answer before I knocked, and honestly, I couldn’t go face everyone after that especially since I don’t know what the hell happened. Please just tell me the other guy was up here for you!”

Angela responded, “Yes he was with me, but I don’t want you to think I’d ever cheat on your son. I love Chris dearly. Joe evoked the old desires I felt toward him and then …, well things just happened.”

Mom asked, “I hate to ask but what happened?”

“Joe had to sit and watch Chris and me, and then he eventually joined in doing stuff to me. They never touched each other, Chris is straight, don’t worry.”

His mom responded, “Well thank God for that, I mean I’m open to all relationships but I’d be a little weirded out by my gay son wanting to marry a straight woman.”

Angela replied, “Well I’m not exactly straight, I’m bi, but Chris is whom I love and nothing could change that.”

His mom just looked at her, “Wait, you’re bi? Huh well that explains why you were always checking out the women we passed. Can I tell you a secret?”

 Angela replied, “Yea sure.” “I’m a bit bi myself, that’s part of why his father left because I had an affair with a woman. Although I would’ve kicked him out soon even if that wouldn’t have happened.”

Chris walked out of the bathroom and just looked at his mom, his jaw dropped slightly. “Mom, you’re gay? Why didn’t you ever tell me? And you thought I was?”

His mom looked behind her and saw him, she blushed bright red and stammered, “Y-y-ye-yea. I am, well no, I’m bi-sexual. I like men and women. I was attracted to your daddy, given that we had you, but I was much more attracted to women. They’re beautiful with all their curves.”

Chris nodded in agreement but then realized what was going on, “This is just a lot to process Mom.”

His mother responded, “Yea I know, but so is that my son has sex in the room with another man. And based on the smells in here, either your girl likes things really kinky or there really was some man on man action happening in this room.” Angela blushed an even darker red and looked away to find her dress to slip on so she wouldn’t continue to sit there in her thong and bra.

Chris’ mom saw her and said, “Ahh, well based on the lovely natural blush to her cheeks she does like it a bit rougher. That’s fine, each to their own. At least my boys still sticking it in you and not him, given that it was him delivering to that hole.” Chris now blushed and mumbled that no other man has stuck himself in her before, that pleasure is all his.

His mom looked surprised and then nodded, well that clarifies a lot actually.” She turned to Angela, “So my son took your virginity? I hope it was special for you.”

Angela nodded and said, “Yes he did, but I took his too. It was more of a mutual gift.”

She looked shocked again but then just nodded. “Well I’m glad you two can say that you’ve each only had the other, but where do third parties come in? Do you count them in that number?”

Angela thought for a few seconds and looked at Chris when responding, “Honestly, no. And I’m not saying what just happened doesn’t mean something. However, like you said no other man has stuck something, well his something, in me, so in that sense you are my one and only and always will be. I don’t know what to consider oral or using toys on someone, I guess sexual acts? So in that sense you aren’t my only…?”

Chris thought about it and then agreed, “Yea, we need to talk about what actually happened before I walked in and if I need to kill him but I agree that if no other cock enters your body then I still am your one and only.”

His mom looked at Angela, “Wait that other guy was up here before you were? Why?” Joe poked his head out, and clothed in nothing but a towel, walked out of the bathroom and sat down next to Chris’ mom. “I’ve had feelings for Angela for years but above that she is my friend. I came up here to check on her, when I did, her dress had shifted up showing off her butt. I got a raging boner and honestly couldn’t help myself from wanting to pleasure her so I tried to give her pleasure. I ate her out until she came on my hand. Your son walked in and then took over, making me just sit and watch while..”

Angela cleared her throat loudly, hoping Joe would take the hint to shut up but he didn’t, “while he ran a vibrator along her sweet pussy and ass. And then he asked me to give her oral while he fucked that sweet ass.”Angela just shook her head and looked at her lap while Chris looked like he wanted to kill Joe but was preoccupied zipping up her dress.

His mom laughed and said, “Well that’s still a bit better than what I figured so okay. I mean it’s still more than I ever wanted to know, especially that there are constraints already on the bed, but I guess it’s good to share…”

Chris’ mom looked down at Joe and let out a small giggle, “Honey, you may want to put that boner away now, and at least cover your privates. I’d rather see your hip and thigh than those nasty hairy man balls.” Joe stood up and apologized, then rearranged his towel so he was covering everything.

Chris said, “Will you please get some clothes on, I’m not leaving you alone again with Angie, you’ve already proven you can’t control yourself. You’re lucky seeing her cum made me horny enough to not kill you right then and there.”

Joe replied, “I would but my boxers are currently covered in my own cum, I’d rather not put them back on after I cleaned.”

Angela sighed and went digging through her drawer, she pulled out a pair of her own boxers she wore as shorts and threw them at him. “Here, just take these and keep them. Now hurry up and get on some damned clothes before I decide to kill you myself. Actually, Chris, honey, would you mind giving us a few minutes alone. I need to talk to him now. If I need anything, I’ll shout. Make sure your mom doesn’t have any more questions, okay?” He paused, then nodded and left, grabbing his shirt to put on in the hallway.

Angela turned to Joe and said, “I don’t care how much I enjoyed that earlier, what you did cannot happen again. You took advantage of my friendship with you. I am annoyed with you, and please watch what you say to Chris because he will hurt you if you say the wrong thing about this. And if you ever attempt this again to anyone, I will personally come and chop off a testicle, okay?”

He grabbed his nuts and nodded in agreement, “I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me. You just looked so sexy and I wanted to make you feel so good you’d leave him for me.”

She looked him in the eye and said, “Joe, hon, no matter what you do I’m not going to leave him. I love him too much for that. And that was a nice thought, but he knows what I like more and how to make me go crazy. You only got a small glimpse of it. That wasn’t even enough to tire out my sex drive. We’re going to continue tonight until he can’t go anymore. This isn’t something new; we’ve had more sex marathons than I can count. You can’t outdo him in the bedroom. But more importantly, I don’t want you to because I chose to be with him. Can you respect that?”

Joe responded, “Yea I can. Just promise me one thing, if you ever want another sex partner in the bed with you two, you’ll think of calling me up.”

Angela laughed and nodded okay.

She put on her shoes and swept on some quick makeup so she could go join the party downstairs with Chris. She looked over at him; he was staring at the boxers she gave him to wear. She went over to him, wrapped her arms around his bare stomach and whispered in his ear, “Yea, those are the ones from the night you and I hung out at that lake when we were together and went skinny dipping.” She then let go and walked out of the bedroom, looking back at him with a sad smile on her face.

 She walked down the hall and saw Chris; she broke out into a bigger smile and ran to him. He picked her up and swung her around, then kissed her while she was still in his arms. They went back down to the party together. The rest of their guests looked knowingly at them and smiled. Angela blushed a light pink and pointed everyone in the direction of the food.

 Joe came down about five minutes later and followed the crowd to go get food. As he passed Angela, he stopped and whispered in her ear, “I decided I’d just go commando, I want you to keep that pair of boxers. They look well worn, which is strange since I only wore them once before that night.”She smiled at him and then walked away to go talk to a few other people.

Chris’ mom went to stand beside Joe, “So you like my boy’s girl? Were you trying to split them up?”

 He answered back, “Nope that happened years ago. I just haven’t gotten past the idiocy of me giving her up.”

“She really is a mystery isn’t she?”

He answered, “Oh yea, I’m still learning new things about her every time I see her. She even finally has a tattoo, although I have no idea what it means. It’s on her hip; I think her thong covered most of it though.”

She nodded, “Yea I saw it the first time I popped in, I plan on asking her about it later. I’m not entirely sure I can handle much more today though. You threw me for quite the surprise today. I knew that they’d been having sex for ages. I used to pass his room and I’d see him inside her. He’d freeze as soon as he saw me but by then it was too late. I found it amusing, I didn’t care so much as long as they were protected. It reminded me of the days of my youth when I tried to sneak around.”

He answered, “I’m pretty sure my mother would have killed me if she knew I was having sex under her roof. She’s very religious; hah, she’d probably kill me if she knew what happened today. I still can’t quite believe it. Although I finally see what she meant years ago by I couldn’t handle her in bed. She never stops!”

Angela walked over to them and sat down beside them. “I’m starving but for some reason I don’t want anything in there. I’m not in the mood for meat.”

Joe looked at her and laughed, “That may be because you already got your fill of that, I don’t know how you didn’t choke on his meat earlier.”

Angela just stared at him and said, “Really Joe, how was that appropriate? I kind of just want a snowball, with lots of marshmallow topping, mmm!”

Both of them looked at her and burst out laughing, she took a second and then giggled too.

“Okay I should have my fill of that too but I guess not yet. So what have you two been yapping about?”

 Joe answered, “Well actually we were wondering about your tattoo on your hip.”

She blushed and swatted at him, “Did you really have to broadcast that?”

Chris’ mom laughed and said, “Honey I saw it myself, it was one of the first things I noticed beyond your nudity.”

She responded, “Oh, well it’s something I think would be best to hear from both Chris and I together. I promise we will tell you at some point though, but when the time is right.”

His mom looked at her but then shrugged her shoulders and said okay.

Angela got back up to go find Chris; he was talking with their neighbor about their new dog. She chimed in about Sam until she could pull Chris off to the side to talk to him. “Babe, your mom noticed the tattoo on my hip. She was asking me what it was. When should we tell them?”

He answered, “Well that was kind of the point of the party hon, maybe she should know first before everyone else. Go find her and meet me around back on the patio in five minutes.” She went off to find her again; she was still sitting by Joe.

She asked Mom to follow her around back and she does, with Joe following about 20 feet behind them. He wanted to know the big secret too, he thought he knew what it was but he wasn’t positive. He only got a brief glance at the tattoo on her hip and it was rather hard to read. Angela and Chris’ mom went out through the kitchen door and Joe tried to follow but Angela shut the door in his face.

Chris had pulled out a bottle of champagne and three glasses. “Mom, we decided to have this party today to tell everyone that while we were in Ireland for that business trip, we got married. The tattoo on her hip is the day we officially became one and my last name. It’s done in Irish font so it is a bit harder to read from far away. We decided we didn’t want to wait though because…”

Angela cut in at this point, “We didn’t want to wait because I was sick. I had cancer but they caught it early on and I’m free of it now. This party is to announce we are renewing our vows, we want to invite everyone to join us for that happy occasion.”

His mom looked at both of them, his arm around her waist and her arm around his. She hugged them both and kissed their cheeks. She took one step back, a hand on each of their arms and gave them her blessing. Chris was the first to start to cry, but the two women weren’t far behind. They opened up the champagne bottle and poured out a glass for each of them. They toasted to their future together as a family.

His mom asked to see the tattoo and Angela looked down at her dress and said,” Later I promise I will but right now I’d rather not flash you in front of the crowd of people currently in our kitchen trying to figure out why we’re all crying and toasting.” His mom laughed and then opened the door for them to go back into the house. Angela and Chris tell everyone else the good news that they are renewing their vows.

Most did look amazed at this news, but others guessed that they were already married. They take a second to share a deep sweet kiss and then went around talking to everyone again. Joe was the only one who looks saddened by this news.

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