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Swim Coach (Chap 10)

A trip to the lingerie shop at the order of my lover.
I left Matt’s house that night feeling more emotions that I’d ever felt in my life. After the first time we’d made love I left Matt feeling nothing but a simple euphoria. When I left that night I felt some of that elation, but also a confusing mix of worry, happiness, desire, anxiety, and self-doubt. I think I was beginning to worry that Matt’s desires and the things he was asking of me were a bit too much for me. At the same time though it felt so wonderful to be wanted like that - to see Matt’s beautiful eyes lust for me, to feel his body next to mine, to hear his laugh. My confusion would grow in the future, but at that point I think I was far too infatuated with him to dwell on my mixed set of feelings.

When I left that night Matt gave me a business card and told me to go to the store advertised on the card and to buy myself something pretty and sexy. He had set up an account there and all I had to do was find a few things that I liked and wear them the next time I saw him, which he had told me would be Sunday evening.

The next morning I drove down to the store listed on the card. I wasn’t that surprised to find that it was a lingerie shop with a large selection of very sexy attire. I felt nervous entering the store - until that moment underwear shopping had always happened at places like Penny’s or another department store where my choices were considerably more tame than they were in this store. When I walked in I just kinda stood there, looking around the store and trying to figure out what it was that Matt had wanted me to get, as well as trying to figure out what I wanted. In one corner of the store there were a variety of black leather garments, in another there appeared to be a of different costumes. One section of the store had a bunch of vibrators and other toys on display. I felt completely out of my league.

An older woman, elegantly dressed and appearing as though she possessed all the sophistication available to a woman, approached me. She introduced herself as Giselle with a French accent and a smile. Something about her instantly made me want to be more like her, she was so poised. I think I mumbled my name out to her and held out the card that Matt had given me. She glanced at it and then looked me over a couple times as if she were fitting me with clothing. Of course I’d shown up at a store that sold such elegant clothing in a ratty pair of sweats and an old sweatshirt that revealed almost no information about my body. Giselle handed the card back to me and smiled, “Your lover has opened an account for you and provided me with several suggestions as to what he would like. He is certainly a man who knows what he wants. I see that his taste is women is just as good as his taste in clothing.” It was clear to me that she knew that I was only 17, that I was almost completely inexperienced, and utterly out of my element here. She gracefully led me back to an area of the store with bras, panties, and other mainstream garments.

She looked at my face and contemplated my coloring, and suggested that I look at dark greens and reds. We spent some time and I picked out several bra and panty sets that were all more lacy and sexy in their cuts than anything I’d ever had before, including a thong. When I’d tried that on and shown it to Giselle she’d sighed, and said “Enjoy your beauty while you are young Amy. Now why don’t we see to some of your lover’s requests?”

I smiled sheepishly and went along with her. She took me to the hosiery section’s back wall where a number of manikin torsos were adorned in various outfits. She scanned them briefly and glanced over at me again, and then gestured to a black, lacy corset with garters and a matching g-string panty. It was very feminine, very racy, and more than a bit intimidating. I looked at Giselle with what must have been a mixed expression of fear and innocence. She smiled back at me, “Don’t worry my dear, you would have any man eating from your hand when you wear this. I think that a medium should work nicely for you. Here why don’t you try the corset on and we’ll see if it works for you?”

I took the garment from her, surprised by how light it was, and how surprisingly soft the lacy material felt. In the dressing room I slipped out of the sweats and my old, ratty cotton bra and slid my way into the corset. I looked at myself in the mirror and was really quite taken by the image of myself in the lingerie. I’d never before really thought of myself as sexy, or sexual. Never considered that I might be the object of a man’s desire. Now wearing this lace which was designed for one purpose only I felt differently, even though it was matched with the old white cotton panties I’d worn that morning. I looked at the way the dark lace curved along the lines of my body, the way it accented my hips, breasts, and flat tummy. I continued to stare at myself letting my mind wander into thinking about what it would be like to stand in front of Matt in this, to feel this sexual and attractive under his powerful gaze.

“Amy, why don’t you come out in to the fitting room so that we can see if it fits?” Giselle’s request bumped me out of my reverie. I poked my head out the curtain of the dressing room, and bashfully looked around to make sure I was alone with Giselle. I stepped out for her, my hands and arms didn’t know what to do and began to try to cover me up. Giselle scanned me up and down, it was the first time she’d seen me without the sweats.

“He is certainly a man of good tastes, wouldn’t you say?” She stepped closer, adjusting the shoulder straps and pulling down on the garters that hung loosely from the garment.

“Yes, this is perfect, just wonderful. I think he will enjoy it, no?”

“Err... ummm...” I didn’t know what to say. I looked down at the garters, my hands fumbling for them and in desperation asked, “Ummm... how do these work? I’ve uhhh, never worn anything like this.” I was so worried that somebody would walk into the changing area.

“These hold up your stockings. When you dress you will put on your corset and panties first, ok? Make sure you slide the garters under your panties or it will take too long to get out of things when you need to.” She cupped her hand to my face when she said ‘need’ and smiled a very knowing smile at me.

“Don’t put on your stockings until the last minute - they run easily you know. They work like this.” She took demonstrated how the garters grabbed onto the stockings and locked down. She adjusted the garters, “Well, I think he will be most pleased with this. You will need to get some nice heels and a dress for this. Mr. Matt...”she smiled again, “He has set up another account for you next door at the dress shop. Why don’t you give me this, I’ll put your things in a bag and you can go next door and finish your errands.”

I left the shop excited about my new sexy underthings. I knew Matt would like them and I couldn’t wait to show them off. I was looking forward to our date tomorrow night and was hoping that Matt would take me someplace nice. I wanted to be out with him... to show off my cute man and to see him look at me when others were around. I’d begun to realize that part of wanting to have a boyfriend was wanting to go out with him.

Things at the dress shop went well too. I got a very nice, dark blue dress that was simple and sexy, feminine and elegant. The woman at the dress store, who easily could have been Giselle’s sister, helped me pick out a nice pair of 3-inch stiletto heels that matched the dress perfectly and still left me able to walk. I tried on a much taller pair while I was there but looked so off balance that she told me she wouldn’t sell them to me, which was probably just as well as I didn’t feel very sexy in them as I teetered along. Even in the shorter 3-inch heels I measured in over 6 feet tall - still shorter than Matt but at least a bit closer.

On a lark, I stopped by a nail place on my way home and got my nails done and got another waxing. This time when they asked what kind of waxing I’d like I went out on a limb... I asked for the Brazilian wax thinking that Matt would enjoy the sexy, racy look. I left the salon almost in tears after the unexpected pain of the that experience but proud of myself that I’d done something that Matt would love and not be expecting at all. My nails were a dark shade of red that matched the blue of my dress and I was as smooth as the silk of the g-string panties that I’d just bought. I walked around the downtown shopping area for a little while longer, just daydreaming mostly, thinking about Matt and how pleased he would be with me, and how nice it would be to have him hold me again. By the time I got home my panties were soaked with my daydream fantasies.

The rest of my weekend went by quickly. Beth and I swam on Sunday morning - though neither of our hearts were in it. We ended up gossiping more than swimming. Beth told me more about her adventures with Mike. She said that they were sleeping together often now and that she had told him that she loved him. It was a big step for her and I could tell by the joyous expression on her face that things had gone well for her when she’d told him. Beth told me that she’d just blurted it out to him, unexpectedly, one morning when they’d woken up at his place. She said he’d hesitated at first, then looked at her and told her that he felt the same way. She was positively beaming as she told me this.

I have to admit that I felt more than a little envious that Mike had told Beth that he loved her. I knew, at least at a very superficial level, that Matt and I hadn’t been together long enough to be in love. At the deeper levels though, I desperately wanted him to love me and I wanted to love him. I’m not even sure that I didn’t already think that I was in love with him - it was so hard for me to identify my feelings and separate love from adoration. I knew that I was far too unsure of myself (and perhaps a bit intimidated as well) to just come out and ask him about his feelings or even to tell him about mine.

So I just listened to Beth and was genuinely happy for her. I asked her some questions about their sex together and what they were doing. She told me that they pretty much just had sex in the missionary position and that they mostly did the same thing. She told me that they would start making out, then gradually they would start removing clothes. She said that she had given Mike head a few times but had never let him come in her mouth. When I asked her if he had gone down on her, Beth’s face seemed almost shocked, as though she had never thought that such a thing could happen. As she went on I also realized that she had never had an orgasm with Mike. It basically sounded like he would rub her a bit and then whether she was ready or not he would climb on top and start. She said he would go for a minute or two and after he finished he’d roll off and either fall asleep or start talking about swimming or something totally unrelated to what had just happened. Beth never seemed to think that she was missing out on anything, she talked about her experience like it was magical to her.

Thinking back I’m sure that it was magical for her, but it was also magical for me in a way - neither Beth nor I had any point of reference for our experiences together. So when I heard about Beth’s experiences it really opened my eyes to how amazing things were with Matt and I.

When Beth asked me about my experiences with Matt, I initially balked. I wasn’t at all sure that she would want to hear about what we had been doing (I wasn’t even sure I wanted to tell her). So I quickly decided to give her a watered-down version of our experiences. I told her about the first time, about how I felt with him, about going down on him, and importantly about when he had gone down on me. I thought it was important for Beth to know that there were things that they could be doing beyond their seemingly limited experiences. Beth listened to me in awe at my story, commenting occasionally about this or that. By the time we finished she seemed quite impressed with my adventures, stating that she was going to be having a ‘talk’ with Mike. We finished our ‘workout’ and went to lunch. I spent the rest of the afternoon at home, napping before my big date that night.

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