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Swim Coach (Chapter 9)

My relationship with Matt takes a bit of a turn.
I honestly don’t remember much more about that wonderful day. I do remember being really sore for a few days and I do remember phoning Beth to talk about what had happened. She was as curious about my first experience as I had been about hers. She was, and is to this day, such an amazing friend. She never questioned my judgment about being with Matt and only offered support to me during this time. In fact her acceptance of our relationship and my deep longing to be with Matt led me to want to tell others about our new found love.

Yes, love. I was so very sure that I’d fallen in love with Matt, the emotions I felt then were so completely overwhelming that I didn’t really think it could have been anything else. Thankfully, I never did tell anyone. But my love or puppy love or infatuation or whatever would get me into trouble in other ways.

My feelings for Matt were the strongest emotions I’d felt in my life to that point. He’d awakened in my not only an emotional response but a physical one as well. I realized after our first encounter that I was craving sex. To this day I’m not sure that this was normal for a girl of my age, nor am I absolutely sure if it was sex or being with and pleasing Matt. Regardless of the reasons for what was happening the result was an incredible learning experience for both of us.

School was ending soon and with end of the year parties and other commitments I wasn’t able to see much of Matt beyond stopping by his office a few times. These meetings weren’t exactly what I’d hoped for - Matt wouldn’t open up to me, let alone display any physical affection. He told me that he couldn’t risk any displays at school, emotional or physical. While I understood his reasons I would still walk out of his office disappointed every time. To his credit Matt did write me a couple of letters that he’d slip in to my backpack when I visited him. The letters weren’t too revealing - I think he was worried that somebody might find them, although he didn’t sign them with anything but an ‘M’. The thing I remember most about those letters was the longing for my touch that he’d write about and a promise to spend as much time as he could with me during the summer.

I realized that letters would probably be the best way to communicate until we could get together in the summer. I ended up writing several letters to Matt, each grew progressively more intimate and revealing as I built up our relationship in my head while it pretty much stayed still in the real world. The last letter I wrote to Matt before the summer began was really something special for me - I revealed a lot of myself to Matt. I went through several drafts of the letter and actually kept one of them all of these years. Given how much I’ve revealed about this time in my life I see no reason why I shouldn’t place a copy of it in this story of mine.

Dear Matt,

How are you? It was good to see you the other day. When I walked into your office I wanted to sit in your lap and kiss you, then have you kiss me back like you did before. I guess you know how hard its been to not be able to be t o gether. At least I hope you think its been hard.

I was thinking about that Sunday morning, how good it felt to be able to be with you and not feel embarrassed or like I was hiding something. You’ve always been so honest and fair with me - I guess it just makes me trust you more and more. I know that you are in a vulnerable spot with me and I want you to trust me too. I’m not the kind of person who would try to hurt you. I really respect you and hope that if you decide to break things off with me that you’ll do so respectfully and be fair. ughhh... I’m sorry, I’m not trying to tell you to break up with me. Please don’t. :-) I guess I’m just trying to let you know that I know that there are a million reasons for us to not be together and only a few really good ones for us to stay together.

I wanted to ask you something and I really hope that it doesn’t sound too corny. You know that I’m not very experienced - you were my first and I haven’t had any others in the weeks since then, ha ha. Anyway, I really liked what we did and want to learn more. I don’t know if you are an expert in that (like you are in swimming) but you sure do know more than me! I guess I really trust you too so I’d like it if would be really open and honest with me regarding sex. If I do something wrong would you let me know? If I do something really I guess I’d like to know that too. I liked seeing you be happy so much that I really want to do anything I can for you to be that happy again.

I suppose I should let you know that I told Beth about us. Not everything, but she knows enough. Please don’t freak out about me telling her. I totally trust her and know that she would never do anything to hurt me so she will keep our s e cret safe. I just needed somebody to talk about all of this with and she’s been my best friend for forever.

Anyway, let me know when I can see you again. I miss you.



I left the note on his desk, taped closed and hoped that it would encourage Matt to set up a date for us. Luckily it did - he called me into his office on the last day of school getting me out of ‘desk cleaning’ day in my english class. I walked into his office and immediately noticed a bit of a change in Matt. He was more relaxed and looked at me differently than he had at any other time except for when I’d been with him in his bedroom. I loved that look, the way it made me feel, the tingle that I felt zip through my blood, the memory it evoked of feeling his powerful body between my thighs.

“Hi coach, you wanted to see me?” I straightened the miniskirt I was wearing, wanting to feel his hands under it, but always was on my guard to keep any hint of our relationship out of conversations with Matt at school.

“Did I ever.” He stood and much to my surprise pushed the door closed then pulled me into him and kissed me. I mean he really kissed me, with a passion that I’d not even considered he might have here in his school office. This kiss lingered and I felt myself flush as his hands pressed into my lower back. As the kiss progressed and his tongue began to explore my lips and mouth I actually felt my knees go weak and felt myself go slightly limp in his arms. His hands slipped under the skirt. Oh those hands… those hands cupping my ass.

After what seemed like five minutes he stopped the kiss and loosened his hug, allowing me to come up for air that I hadn’t really noticed needing at the time. “Did you ever, huh coach? And I thought you were going to discuss locker assignments for next year.” I smiled at him, kinda amazed that I felt at ease enough with him to joke around.

His eyes lingered on me - we were so close I could see the variations of color in his blue eyes. Sometimes he could smile without moving his lips at all and this was one of those times and it was at those times, feeling beautiful and wanted by this man that I was so drawn to, that I would have done almost anything for him.

His lingering gaze continued for a beat longer, his arms wrapped around my waist, his hands on my ass. “Well I do have an assignment for you, Amy. But it doesn’t have anything to do with school, is that ok?” He looked at me like he already knew it was ok, but wanted me to be cool with it.

“Nothing to do with school Coach? I’m sure that would be ok as this is the last day. But something tells me that I am going to learn something doing this little assignment.” I raised a brow questioning him.

“I think its safe to say that you’ll learn something.” He stepped back and sat in his wooden office chair, leaning back and kicking his feet up onto the desk while I stood there tingling and longing. He looked up at me, a look of lust and something I hadn’t seen before. Something I wouldn’t have expected from Matt, being as naïve as I was then I didn’t even consider that any many would have that look of power that was mixing with the lust on his face and sending a shiver down my back. This was the first time I ever had a doubt about being with Matt. I felt naked before his gaze, a bit intimidated and vulnerable.

He waited for a long time before saying anything. He just sat there, motionless, his eyes scanning me, savoring me, wanting me. If you had asked me a month before if I’d have wanted him to look at me like that I’d have practically begged for it. It did feel good now that it was happening, but it also left me feeling distant from Matt, like a possession or an object. He leaned forward, just an inch or so and looked into my eyes. “Take off your panties.” The slow sensuousness of his voice made my heart ache even as surprise at his order registered in my head.

I paused for a moment, unsure about what to do - were we going to make love in his office or did he have something else in mind? I remained frozen for a few moments longer until I heard him almost bark out my name, like he would sometimes when we were practicing and somebody had made a mistake, “ Amy . Now.”

This time I reacted without thinking, as though he was controlling my body. I reached under the mini and wiggled out of the very unsexy pink cotton that I’d worn. I let them drop to the floor then bent over to pick them up. I looked up at Matt as I stood, the panties in my hand, my heart in my throat. Was he mad?

Apparently he was at least a bit crazy today. He pushed back from his desk and nodded me to stand in front of him. I moved to stand between him and his desk, awkward and nervous. “Why don’t you have a seat on the desk Amy.”

I sat on his desk, my knees pressed tightly together and my panties still in my hand. He rolled forward, placed his hands on my knees and put just enough pressure on me to know that he wanted me to open up. I spread my legs for him not remembering where we were and frankly not really caring. He looked up at my face, his handsome cheeks and delicious lips filling my vision. His rough hands massaged their way up my thighs and I squirmed a bit under his touch. I felt my skirt hike up as his hands got closer to their destination. “You know Amy, I really loved to watch you come. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything more beautiful than that.”

His fingers were combing through my thatchy hair. My heart began to beat more rapidly, my breath quickened as I anticipated the next few moments with Matt. His finger now danced along the sensitive edges of my lips. I grew wet. I began to grow dizzy looking into his eyes. “You’ll do what I tell you to do. You’ll be safe. Happy. You’ll learn.” I nodded, breathless.

His fingers found my clit, expertly they moved in a rhythm. My head began to spin. I spread my legs apart further, inviting him in for more. He quickly slipped his hands around my ass and pulled me forward to edge of his desk. He propped my feet up the arms of his chair, then pointed a finger into my chest, between my breasts, and pushed me back so that I my arms were now grasping the far edge of his desk and propping me up at an angle, open to him. In an instant his hands were back on my sex.

As I felt his finger slip into me he quietly said “Not a peep. Understood?” I nodded biting my lip in an attempt to comply with his command. He leaned forward and took his eyes off me for the first time since we’d started. His finger worked its way inside me, its slippery wiggle making me tingle and contract. Matt combed back my hair and pressed his lips to my now completely wet pussy. His tongue quickly found my clit and began circling and flicking across me faster that I could have ever imagined. I began to whimper softly, felt my nipples grow almost painfully hard against the fabric of my bra. I didn’t last long. Within a couple minutes I felt the wave of tingling ecstasy that proceeded my orgasm. When I came I reflexively clamped Matt’s head between my thighs as I sat up and grasped his head, pulling it into my sex.

I expected that he would stop. He didn’t. Instead he pushed another finger into my sex, and began to work my clit even more thoroughly than he had been. I spread my legs and eased up the pressure on his head so that he could breathe. I briefly wondered what he was doing - after all I’d already come - but before I could really contemplate the reasons for his continued efforts I realized that I didn’t stop feeling good after my orgasm. In fact as I was mentally beginning to come down from the high of my orgasm my body was continuing to respond to Matt’s touch. My breasts were tingling, the skin of my thighs was exquisitely sensitive, and needless to say my pussy felt unlike it had ever felt before. Matt was creating the most wonderful state of pleasure in me.

Within a another minute or so I felt another orgasm beginning. This time the sensations rolled through me much more softly than the first orgasm. The second time I came the pleasure didn’t peak quite as high or abruptly but it felt even better than the first time. It was warmer, more complex, more tender than anything I’d felt. I learned that day that I could come many times in one encounter and that after my first orgasms each subsequent climax would be progressively more gentle and more intense in a different way.

Matt stopped after I came a second time. I looked down and was surprised by how wet I’d become. My pubic hair was a damp mess and there was a large wet spot on the edge of the desk. My labia were dark dark red and very swollen. I could smell my scent on Matts face as I kissed him. I tried to hug him but he pushed himself away from the desk.

He leaned back in the chair, a playful smile on his face. “Give ‘em to me.” I tossed him my undies, as confused as ever. He caught them in the air, then held them out as if he were considering buying them. “Very nice, but a little girlish Amy. You are a woman now, my woman. From now on if there is any chance that you’re going to see me you will not wear this kinda girly stuff. Do you understand?”

I got the feeling that he was serious, but wasn’t so serious that I felt uncomfortable. I wanted so much to please him. “Ok. Did ummmm, you have anything in mind Coach?” I smiled at him suddenly aware of the draft I felt under my skirt.

“Oh, I don’t know... dark colors, lacy or satiny. I’m sure you’ll do well. If you want these back you’ll need to come over to my place tonight.”

“Tonight, huh coach? I think I can get away for a few hours, no homework for awhile.” I tried to look calm but inside everything was racing. I was thinking about him wanting me, holding me, the warmth of his skin, the urgency in his thrusts. I tried to draw my attention away from the memories that were pushing into my mind.

“Good. I’ll be around and I’ll even make us some dinner. Now why don’t you run along before somebody wonders why my door is closed? And don’t forget Amy, you aren’t wearing any panties.” He winked at me.

I giggled as I opened the door. I looked out into the hall and seeing nobody I flipped the back of my skirt up, mooning coach as I walked off to class. During the rest of the day I was constantly distracted - constantly aware of my less-than-appropriately dressed state, and constantly aware of how it made me long for him.

I showed up at his house around 6 that evening. I didn’t change or anything, thinking that he wanted to see me show up in that mini without my panties. I must have been right.

Matt was a complete gentleman during dinner. He’d grilled some nice steaks and served them with baked potatoes and a green salad. He opened a bottle of red wine and while I didn’t really like it that much it made me feel so mature to be drinking it with him at dinner. After we were done eating I helped him put away the dishes then he opened another bottle of wine and we moved into the living room.

We sat on the couch next to each other, me working to make sure my skirt didn’t ride up too high, Matt seeming very relaxed and at ease with the situation. I immediately wanted to reach out and touch him, kiss him, hold him. But Matt didn’t respond to the signals that I thought I was sending. Instead he began to talk.

“So Amy, I’ve been thinking a lot about you. I really like you and it was really cool when you wrote me that last letter. So I wanted to tell you something more about me, to make sure that you are happy with things and know where I’m coming from.” He seemed really serious which kinda killed the buzz from the wine and my desire to be held.

“Matt, are you breaking up with me?” I blurted it out, not even aware that I was worried about it until it was out.

“No... hell no.” He reached out and grasped my hand. “I want to be with you Amy. But I need to be honest with you, so just let me finish.” I nodded, expectant, wondering, a bit frightened. “Amy I know what I want from a woman when she is my girl. I guess that I’m a coach for a reason - I really like to be in charge of things in my life. When I’m not in control, I’m really not happy. That’s true for my personal life too. I only date women who understand that I’m the boss and that what I say goes.” He looked so serious now, so sure of himself.

“Ummm... ok.” I paused for a moment, contemplating this. “I guess I maybe don’t really understand what you are saying Matt.”

“If we continue on, and I want to be with you Amy, you would need to understand that what I say goes. When I ask you to do something you will do it. You’ve got to trust that I’ll never hurt you, or do anything to embarrass you. In fact I want you to be happy and satisfied. If you don’t do what you are told to do I’ll be unhappy with you, and I know you don’t want that. I’ll be good to you, but expect you to be completely obedient to me. Do you understand?”

I thought about this for awhile. Since I’d never really had a boyfriend before I really had no idea about whether or not I could do what I thought Matt was asking me to do. In all honesty I’ve never had a very forceful personality and even before I’d met Matt had always found that pleasing others always left me feeling much better than pleasing myself.

“Matt, I’m ... I guess I’m really new to this... you know an adult relationship. You know? I guess I don’t know much about what I want, or what I can do. But I do know that I really want to be with you and if you tell me what it is you want I’ll try really hard to do it.” He was so confident, I couldn’t believe that he wanted to spend time with me.

“I’m really glad to hear that Amy. I think that we can be really happy together. Why don’t you come over here?” He had that grin on his face again and even chains couldn’t have held me back. I leaned into his body and felt his hands grasp my arms as we kissed. I was more aware than ever of his power. I’d felt the strength in his body the first time I kissed him in the pool, now I was becoming more aware of the power of his personality, of his being. Moreover I was beginning to realize just how much I was responding to his power and how it made me feel sexy and wanted.

He broke off the kiss. “Stand up.” I was caught off guard by his sudden switch from kissing to talking. It took me a moment to process the request. “AMY, stand up now.” Again, before I could think any more about what was happening I found myself on my feet.

“Good girl. Take off your shirt.” I looked deep into his eyes and again felt my pussy tingle. I reached down and began to unbutton the blouse I was wearing. His eyes left mine and looked down as I unfastened each button. I dropped the shirt to the floor, standing in front of him in my pink cotton bra that perfectly matched the unsexy panties I’d worn earlier in the day.

“Did you miss your panties today?” He smiled at me playfully.

Despite myself I giggled. “You know, Coach , I actually did for a little while after I left your office. I was worried that I might leave a spot on my skirt.” I grasped my hands together, as I talked, nervous but in a good way. I unconsciously danced about a bit on my feet, and then blushed a bit when I finished.

“Is that so. Do you think anybody noticed? And... take off your skirt.” This time I was expecting it and my hands went to the zipper even as he was telling me to strip.

“I don’t think that anybody noticed, but this guy, Chuck, was trying to flirt with me after school as we walked home.” The skirt fell the the floor and the tingle of the fabric across my electrified skin seemed to turn on a slow drip of moisture in my sex.

“Oh yeah, I’ve seen that guy before. You are still a bit over dressed I think.” His eyes now didn’t even glance at my face... they just kept looking up and down my body. He shifted on the couch, his legs spreading a bit, revealing the thick shape of his cock in the crotch of his pants. I reached behind me and unfastened the bra, letting it fall to the floor on top of my skirt. My nipples could have cut glass they felt so hard. I stepped out of my shoes to complete his request. I didn’t know what to do and actually began to feel a bit feisty as he continued to ogle me. I cocked a narrow hip to one side and placed my hand on it, attitude expressed.

“Turn around.” I did so, slowly, looking away from him but trying to retain my little bit of defiance as I did so. “You’ve got the most perfect ass Amy. I can honestly say I’ve never seen anything quite so perfect.” I glowed inside at his praise. Looking over my shoulder I looked at him.

“Judging by the little tent in your pants I guess you actually must like something you are seeing.”

He cleared his throat... “Little tent, Amy?” He reached down, stroking himself thought the denim.

I almost lost it and would have laughed out loud had I not been standing there naked in front of him. “Oh... I’m sooo sorry. I meant the HUMONGUS, ummm... circus-sized tent in your pants.” My best coy smile beating a path across my lips.

Matt actually did laugh. “Yes, thats exactly right Amy. Humongus. You look like you could use some desert. On your knees.”

I had been thinking that he was going to do that. He’d been eyeing my lips earlier in the evening in much the same way he’d eyed me the first time I’d given him head. So I turned to face him and dropped to my knees in the middle of his living room. He quickly stood up, pulled off his shoes, then his pants, and finally his underwear, never looking away from me for a moment. As his shorts dropped his cock sprang out, the pinkish flesh jutting out from the flat plane of his belly like a warrior’s spear. He grasped his cock as he walked the few steps to stand in front of me.

I looked up into his face, aware of my position on the floor in front of him, realizing that he was expressing his power over me again. I didn’t mind it. He’d always been an authority figure for me, as any coach is to an athlete. I was also completely ignorant about how such power could be abused. I reached up and placed my hand over his, and just looked up at him. He began to stroke along his length and I just let me hand ride along for a moment. Then I decided to move closer, and positioned myself so that I could rub the spongy head across my lips and cheeks. I could feel the slick precum seep from his tip, the gel coating my lips and cheeks. He moaned a bit and released his grasp, leaving my hand at the base of his spear.

Matt grasped the sides of my head in his hands then whispered, “Suck me Amy.” I opened my mouth to take him in and in a much more determined motion he simply pushed himself into my mouth. That panicy feeling that I’d experienced the first time I’d given Matt head returned and without thinking I placed my hands against the front of his hips trying to push him away from me. He reacted instantly. “Amy. Drop your hands. You are safe.” And I did. And I was. He began to fuck my face, there is really no other way that I can think of to describe it. I felt his cock push into my throat, my nose pressed into the thatch of his pubic hair, a noseful of Matt’s musk driving my libido. As much as the repeated thrusts, my inability to breath, and his control of my head and, in reality the entire situation, frightened me, his power over me and my adrenaline-fueled response to it left me wanting only more.

I felt his balls move against my chin at the end of each thrust. Felt the few rough hairs on the underside of his cock slide along my tongue. Felt my nipples brush against the tight, bundled muscles of his legs. Felt my heart racing at all the new sensations flooding into my awareness.

Matt pressed in as deep as he could go. I couldn’t breathe, all stuffed full of his flesh. He just held me there like that for a few moments. I thought he was going to cum. I pushed down the panicy feeling, trusting him. I let my tongue move slowly, against the underside of his shaft, pressing up against the pulsing veins in the warm meaty slab. I heard him moan softly “Amy, that is so good.” I looked up at Matt, feeling the need for air beginning to panic me. He looked down at me, “God, you are such a beautiful woman.” He pulled his hips away from my face and I gasped in a deep breath of cool air. His hands, still on my head, pulled me gently up and into a hug, his cock pressed against my navel.

“You feel so good Matt. I liked that.” His cheek was pressed to mine, his breathe coming fast and hot in my ear.

“I liked it too.” He bit my neck a bit and I felt my knees go weak. He held me tighter in our hug. “I want you. Now. I want to feel your tight pussy on my cock.”

“Yes.” He could have told me that he wanted a cheese fondue and I’d have said yes. Before I realized it he had moved us over to the couch. He set me so I was on my knees, facing the back of the couch. He pushed me against the back of the couch so I was bent over the back of it, then I felt him push my legs apart enough to kneel between my legs. My ass and pussy were open to him and being bent over the couch like I was, with his hands on my hips, I felt very much under his control. My pussy, wet since the end of dinner, seemed to twitch in anticipation.

I didn’t have to wait long. I felt Matt nudge my legs further apart with his knees, then felt him slide his head across my wet lips. His hands moved to my ass, kneading the muscles like dough. He pressed his cock in hard and sure in his movements. The angle was different from the other times we’d made love and the sensations were amazing. He pressed himself deep into me and once again stopped, allowing us to both enjoy the pressures placed on our sensitive organs. His hands still playing with my butt, I felt him run fingers across my ass, nobody had touched me there since I was a baby and it made me shiver and tingle.

“Do you like that?”

“I don’t know... it made me tingle.” He pressed against the clenched opening. The pressure feels enticing, not at all unwanted. I moan a bit. He thrust into my pussy hard, his hands moving to my hips. He began to move faster, hammering his hips into my ass, driving his rod into me with complete ... authority. I held onto the couch, bracing myself to take his thrusts. My breasts flattened against the couch.

“Matt... oh... Matt...” It felt almost surreal to be in that moment with him. Have sex for only the second time, with my coach, in his house, bent over his couch, his hands on my ass. I focused my attention on the feeling of his shaft as it slid into me, the full feeling when he was all the way inside, the heat from the friction between us, the ways his balls would press up against my clit when he would pause.

I felt his fingers on my ass again, pressing, this time with more purpose. His thrusts slowed and I was able to relax a bit from the near assault he had been waging on me. “God you feel good.” He croaked this out, it sounded like he was almost in pain. His cock was pulsing. His finger pressed harder and slipped its way inside me.

“Uhhh.... Matt!” I exclaimed, completely unsure about this. He pressed his finger in deeper. I felt full beyond belief, more than a bit uncomfortable, but still wanting only to please him. He withdrew it a bit, then pushed it in deeper, fucking me with it, keeping pace with the thrusts of his cock in pussy. I bit my lip - I was desperately trying not to freak out. It wasn’t as though I was in pain with what he was doing, but I wasn’t sure I liked it either. I guess I was overwhelmed.

His hips lurched forward and stopped, his cock tickling my cervix, his finger seemingly all the way in my ass. “Uhhhhh... God Damn....” I felt his cock twitching in me, and soon after felt his warm slick cum leak out and begin to slide down my thigh. He pulled his finger out, the relief I felt was real - I was beginning to think that I really hadn’t enjoyed it there. He grabbed the hair on the back of my head, pulled me off the couch and up to him. Twisting my head around he kissed me hard, his tongue fucking my mouth like his cock had fucked my pussy, like his finger had fucked my ass. I kissed him back, moaning in delight of his pleasure with me. I knew I was pleasing him.

“Did you like that?” I whispered to him, our bodies pressed together. His soft, slick cock pressed to my thigh now. I trembled in his arms, wanting so desperately to please him

“You know I did girl. God, you fuck like you’ve been doing it for years.”

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