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Tea and Strumpet, Chapter 11
Master_Jonathan & Poppet

Tea and Strumpet, Chapter 11

Contributing Authors: Poppet 
Chelsea gets a new the hotel maid!
A couple days into their trip, Chelsea and the Professor are enjoying an early morning romp. He had woken up with a raging hard-on and Chelsea was only too pleased to help him with it.

"Oooh Master, what have you got there?" Chelsea said, taking hold of his hard cock through his pajama bottoms. Chelsea wasn't allowed to wear anything to bed at home, but here she was allowed a big oversize t-shirt to wear which hung down just above mid thigh when she stood up.

He rolled her onto her back with him on top of her. "That, my amorous little slut, is for later. Right now..." he said he leaned down to her crushing his lips to hers in a deep, passionate kiss. She moaned softly and he slipped his tongue into her open, waiting mouth. She sucked on his tongue as if it was a tiny cock and his hand moved down her side stopping only briefly at her breast and then continuing on its way. He slipped his hand under the hem of the shirt and glided smoothly up her thigh. Finding her already wet, he thumbed her hard clit as she gasped into his mouth. She spread her legs and put a hand on his, encouraging him to continue. He broke the kiss, grabbing her wrists and putting them up over her head.

"Leave those hands up there," he commanded. Chelsea grabbed the bottom of the headboard to keep her hands busy. He then pulled her t-shirt up over her head and off her, pooling the fabric up on her outstretched arms. With her body spread, naked, and ready for him, he leaned over her and placed his hot mouth over her wet sex, his tongue finding her slit and diving in without hesitation.

"Oh god, Master! Oh yesss!" she moaned as she rolled her hips up to meet his mouth. He reached up to grab her breasts with both hands curling his fingers deep into her soft milky flesh. She groaned lustfully as the pain in her breasts mixed with the pleasure his mouth and tongue were giving her. She splayed her legs even wider offering herself up to him to devour. He licked up and down her slit from the bottom near her ass to her clit, flicking the little nub each time he got to it. He lapped at her with a broad, flat tongue and the sensations he produced were driving her crazy. She arched her back and moaned, her thighs trembling with effort.

Suddenly the air was split with a woman's shrill shriek.

"Ay Dios mio!" (translated Oh my God!)

Master looked up quickly to find one of the hotel maids had come into the room. He sat up and Chelsea quickly covered herself.

"Please excuse me, Sir! I, I knocked, but there was no answer. I didn't know you were in the room! I came to clean." she said with a heavy Mexican accent.

"It's ok...what is your name dear?"

"Isabella. Isabella Sanchez. Please don't tell my boss about this - I will get fired and I need this job!" she said, terrified of what this could mean.

"Isabella, that's a pretty name. Relax Isabella, no one is going to tell your boss." he said rising to stand. He took a couple steps to her and took her hand. "Come closer, please." She came over to him and he led her to the foot of the bed where Chelsea lay. He motioned to Chelsea who uncovered herself again, laying on the bed naked and exposed.

"She is very beautiful, isn't she, Isabella?" He whispered in a low growl in the maids ear as he held her shoulders.

"Y,yes, Sir."

"You are quite beautiful too, isn't she Chelsea?" he asked.

"Oh yes, Master. She is very lovely."

"Look Isabella. See how wet she is, laying there...she likes you. Do you like her?"

"Y, yes, Sir," Isabella said falteringly. He stood behind her, pressed up against the young Mexican girl as she softly swayed back and forth. Her head was reeling from what was happening to her. His hands roamed down her sides and wrapped around her waist

He softly kissed her earlobe and the girl moaned almost imperceptibly. He could feel her tremble though and he knew that she was becoming aroused. His hands moved slowly up her stomach and up to her rib cage. Isabella's breath quickened. He reached her breasts and her desire became audible to the whole room.

"Ohhhh," she moaned and closed her eyes.

"Master, may I play with your new friend?" Chelsea asked, knowing this was what he intended and playing along with him.

"What do you say Isabella, would you like to play with us?" He said growling again. He could feel she wanted to, all she needs was a little coaxing. He turned her around and pressed his hard cock against her. She felt the stiff shaft and he hooked his finger under her chin, lifting her face to his.

"We both want you to play," he said.

"Yesss," Isabella moaned.

Chelsea got up and began helping Isabella out of her maids uniform, while he went to make sure the door was locked so they wouldn't be disturbed. He took a quick peek out into the hallway to make sure the coast was clear, but there was no one in the hallway. He shut and locked the door, leaving the Do Not Disturb sign on the doorknob.

Returning to the bed, he found Chelsea finishing undressing the maid. Isabella was a very pretty 22 year old Mexican girl, five foot two inches tall, with shoulder-length brown hair brown eyes and a very pleasing 34DD-22-32 figure. He looked over the girl admiringly and noticed her navel piercing as well as her pierced nipples. While Chelsea had neither a navel or nipple piercings, she seemed fascinated by them - a fact that he took particular note of. Chelsea was sitting on the edge of the bed and Isabella was standing in front of her. Chelsea was touching her nipples and playing with the piercings and Isabella was enjoying her touch. He came up behind the young girl and put his hands on her hips. She gasped slightly at his touch, then melted into him. Chelsea, seeing this took one of Isabella's now erect nipples into her mouth, tonguing and toying with the stiff bud.

"Ohhhh" Isabella moaned, tilting her head back as Chelsea chewed on the maids stiff hard nipples.

"Do you like that, Isabella, do you like the way her hot mouth feels on your hard nipples?" he asked.

"Ohh yes, sir," she moaned again.

"Call me Master," he told her.

"OHHH, FUCK!" she moaned loudly, her body quaking now with desire.

He grabbed her throat firmly, but not choking her. "Lay on the bed," he commanded. Isabella obeyed quickly she laid on the bed and he pulled her down until her ass just sat at the edge of the bed. Chelsea moved around to the girls head, taking her arms and putting them up over her head and holding them there.

While Chelsea kept the maids hand busy, Master got down between the girls legs. Spreading them, he gazed at the girls exposed, wet pussy. She wasn't shaved like Chelsea was, but she was trimmed with a nice neat triangular patch of short brown hair above her large clit.

"So, slut, do you like your pussy licked and eaten?" he asked the maid.

"Oh yes!" she moaned loudly trying to hump the air in anticipation.

"Yes, what?"

"Yes, Master. Oh please," she moaned. Saying the word made her even hotter and she wiggled and writhed helplessly as Chelsea held her firmly.

He leaned forward and ran his finger up and down her slit as the girl struggled to get him to enter her. He toyed with her large throbbing clit as she gasped. Then he placed his mouth over her sex and his tongue dived between her soft folds.

"Yessss," she hissed as his tongue explored her. She arched her back and thrust her breasts up at Chelsea. Chelsea obliged her, pinching her nipples and pulling at them, then slapping at her breasts as he continued eating her pussy. Isabella had never experienced anything like this before and was extremely turned on.

He continued working on her pussy, alternating licking her slit and toying with it with his thumb or fingers. She was rolling her hips up and down as if fucking an invisible cock, her legs spread wide as she relished in what he was doing to her. Chelsea was herself, licking and playing with the girls breasts and aching nipples. Isabella was in heaven!

"Ohhh God! Oh I'm going to cum!" she cried as she neared her peak.

"Not until you beg, slut! You better not cum unless you beg permission!" he warned.

"Oh please Master! Oh fuck, I need to cum! Please, please, please!" she begged.

"I don't know. Chelsea do you think she was sincere?" he asked.

"No, Master. I think she needs to beg better than that!" Chelsea said grinning. She was just glad to see someone else begging for a change!

"You heard her. Try again, slut!" he said to the desperate girl.

"OH MASTER PLEASE! Please let me cum! Oh please I'll do anything, anything you want! Just please, let me cum!"

"Very well then, But I'm going to hold you to that promise my little slut!" he said.

Positioning himself beside her, he slipped his two middle fingers into Isabelle's dripping pussy and used his two outer fingers to hold her pussy lips open. He laid his other hand on her mound and holding her down, he began using short jerky movements rapidly up and down while his fingertips massaged her g-spot. In no time the girl screamed out her orgasm.

"OHHHFUUUCK! Oh my God, Master! Oh I'm cumming!" she said and sure enough she flooded his hand and the sheets of the bed with her pussy juices. She bucked and twisted as he kept the motion going making her cum over and over. He removed his hand and she continued to buck, fucking the air and her spasms continued. He inserted his fingers again and a few more short jerks sent her into another rolling orgasm.

"Please stop!" she cried "Please, I can't breathe!"

"First you beg me to cum, now you beg me to stop!" he said, mercifully relenting and allowing her to catch her breath. Once she calmed and regained her composure he called in her promise.

"Chelsea lay down. It's our guests turn to return the favor," he said. Chelsea laid back grabbing onto the headboard and spreading her legs wide. Isabelle looked at him questioning. "Get busy slut," he told the young maid.

"Master, I, I've never..."

"You said you 'would do anything', did you not? Now you will do anything, slut."

"Yes, Master," she said knowing that she wasn't going to get out of what she was to do. Isabelle got between Chelsea's spread legs and leaned forward. She tentatively licked at Chelsea's wet slit, but when Chelsea responded with a lustful moan, Isabella was encouraged and began putting some effort into the task. As she bent to her work, He took advantage of her upturned ass and began playing with her pussy as she devoured Chelsea. He pushed two fingers into her pussy and used his thumb to toy with her tight asshole. Isabella moaned and spread her legs wider. He began sawing his hand into her wet slit and then with his free hand he slapped her ass cheek, leaving a nice red handprint where it landed.

Isabella squealed into Chelsea's pussy at the slap and wriggled her ass. She evidently liked spankings so he gave her another one on the other cheek. Again the maid squealed and burrowed deeper into Chelsea. Chelsea was loving the enthusiasm that her playmate now had and she wrapped a leg around the back of her head holding her closer to her hungry pussy.

Isabella raised her hips higher letting him have better access to her. She was drooling now and her whole sex was on fire. She moaned and writhed rocking her hips in time to his fingering her. She reached up to pinch and play with her nipples like Chelsea was doing a little earlier and that made her even hotter.

The sounds of both girls moaning was make each of them more and more aroused. Each girl was reaching her peak and it was a competition as to who was going to fall off the cliff first!

"Oh, Master! I'm cumming!" Chelsea spoke first and as the words passed her lips, she exploded into Isabella's mouth, coating her tongue with her sweet honey. This in turn pushed Isabella over the edge and she poured out her own juices onto his furious hand. When the two girls finished cumming and were able to form words once again Isabella turned to Master.

"Please, Master, please fuck us! Please, I need you inside me!" Isabella whimpered.

"Yes, Master please? Please fuck us?" Chelsea added. He couldn't refuse two such lovely offers and so he pulled Chelsea to the edge of the bed and placed Isabella on top of her straddling her with their two dripping pussies only inches apart. He pointed his hard cock at Chelsea's hole and shoved in, burying himself fully into her. He pulled out and thrust himself into Isabella. He alternated thrusting into each girl - Chelsea, Isabella, Chelsea, Isabella over and over. Each time he entered, the girls would gasp and moan. Chelsea reached up and pulled Isabella down and they began kissing and fondling each other as he alternated fucking them. With Isabella's ass so tempting, he swatted it a couple times just for added measure, eliciting moans of lust from her each time.

But all the moaning and playing had also gotten to Master and as he finally reached his peak he announced his impending orgasm.

"Girls, I'm about to cum!" he growled. Quickly the two girls got on their knees on the floor, Isabella taking her cues from Chelsea. Both knelt there with their mouths open like a couple of baby birds. He jacked himself off with a couple quick strokes and shot thick wads of sticky cum into both of their waiting open mouths. He shot spurt after spurt into their mouths, sharing his seed between them. When he had finished he put his cock into Isabella's mouth to have her clean him, which she gratefully did. The girls wiped their faces clean and happily laid down with him between them for awhile.

After a few precious moment enjoying herself though Isabella remembered what she was.

"I'm sorry Master but I need to get back to work. I am sure that I am missed and I will be lucky if I don't get fired for this!" she said.

"Well you let me take care of that. You won't be fired my little slut. But you will be required to come by again for another round of fun before we leave the day after tomorrow. So tomorrow on your rounds, be prepared for a little extra "cleaning" in this room!" he said with a wink.

"Yes, Master. I look forward to it," she said smiling.

"And here, I want you to take this. I am not paying for sex, that would make you a prostitute. Consider it a gratuity for doing such a good job cleaning up in here. I want you to go out and have a nice dinner or something. Treat yourself, understand?" and he pushed a bill into her pocket.

"Thank you, Master. For everything." Isabella said smiling. He kissed her softly on the forehead and she left the room. Once the door closed behind her and she was alone in the hallway, she reached into her pocket and pulled out what he had given her. To her amazement it was a crisp $100.00 bill! She smiled and looked back at the door. She would definitely be back.

"That was a very nice thing you did, Master," Chelsea said after the maid left. She smiled at him and kissed him softly.

"Well I don't want her to get in trouble on our account."

"Yes, of course, Master. But I meant about the money too."

"Well I know that they don't pay housekeepers very well in these hotels. Especially if they aren't legal and I have a feeling she wasn't by the way she was worried about losing her job."

"Well it was still a nice gesture, Master. You are a kind and caring man," she said kissing him again.

They decided to get cleaned up and go out to see some of the sights, since it was still relatively early in the day. He drove their rental car up to the Griffith Observatory to show her the famous Hollywood sign. They walked to the edge of the sidewalk and Chelsea leaned up against the railing along the sidewalk. Master looked around and the nearest people were a little distance away and engrossed in watching the sign themselves.

He came up behind her and pressed himself to her. She could feel his hard cock pressing against her ass and she wiggled her ass in response to him. He hiked up her little sundress to expose her bare ass while he unzipped his fly deftly with the other hand. "Shhh, be quiet slut," he said as he took his cock in his hand and slipped into her pussy. She was wet as she should always be and he slid into her easily. He moved slowly in and out of her as Chelsea bit her lip to keep her moans silent. He pushed deep into her and she closed her eyes concentrating very hard to stay quiet. He wrapped his arms around her pretending to hold her, but secretly he slipped a hand in and was fondling her breast, pinching her nipples and mauling her soft firm breasts.

"Ohhh, it's so beautiful!" she said, commenting on the sign, but in reality she simply had to moan as he thrust into her yet again.

"Yes, it is quite lovely," he said and Chelsea knew what he meant as well. He continued thrusting into her for a few moments more before leaning closer.

"I'm going to cum in your pussy now, slut and I want you to cum too. But I don't want to hear a peep, you hear me or there will be hell to pay!"

Chelsea groaned almost imperceptibly at his words, knowing that he meant every one. She felt his cock swell and he pushed deep one final time.

"Nnnnnughhh!" he growled still in her ear. Chelsea felt his hot cum shoot out and splash against the walls of her pussy and that was all she needed as well. She gripped the handrail so tightly her knuckles turned white. She bit down on her lip and moaned silently her body shaking as she fought to control the hurricane orgasm that was exploding within her. She quaked and trembled and her knees went weak, Master holding her up as the waves of her orgasm threatened to wash her over the rail to the rocks below. Finally it was over and she stood there supported by her Master, as she panted to regain her breathing again. He spun her around and crushed his lips to hers in a deep, passionate kiss.

"Master," she whispered quietly as their kiss broke, "that was...incredible."

"You're welcome, my little slut. Now we had better be going - we have other sights to see and more fun to be had," he said.

Chelsea knew just what he meant.

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This story is a collaborative effort with the invaluable help of Poppet, without whose help this story would not be possible. Thank you Poppet for your help, your input, and your assistance with this project. It was a real pleasure working with you! :)
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