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Tea and Strumpet, Chapter 5
Master_Jonathan & Poppet

Tea and Strumpet, Chapter 5

Contributing Authors: Poppet 
The Professor takes his assistant finally!
"Go upstairs slut and get cleaned up. Put on that surprise outfit you bought today and get yourself prepared. I will have you tonight and I want you looking your best," he told her.

"Yes, Master," she said smiling broadly, and she got up from where she had been resting after her previous orgasm. She had been trying to give him a blowjob, pleasuring him with her mouth. However, he had turned the tables on her and it was her now that was recovering from an intense orgasm. She walked into the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror. What she saw reflected back at her was a frazzled, sweat-soaked girl with matted stringy hair, and makeup that looked like a watercolor painting that was left out in the rain. She would have to get cleaned up and presentable again! He said there was more to come and this look would not do if she was to show off her new outfit to him. She quickly stripped out of her sweaty, sticky clothes and jumped into the shower. A quick shower to rinse off the funk and get fresh again. She checked her pubic area, it was still smooth, thank goodness!

After her shower, she got her outfit ready. She looked at it draped over the chair and smiled. She hoped the clerk at the boutique was right. Chelsea so wanted to impress him tonight. It would be the first time they actually made love and she wanted everything to be perfect. She put on her makeup carefully, the mascara, eye shadow and lipstick. She powdered her tits and put on a dab of her favorite perfume behind each ear, then with a sly smile into the mirror, she put a few drops between her tits and just above her mound. With her makeup perfection and fresh and clean from the shower, she got dressed and prepared to present herself to him.

Professor Diederich, her Master, was in the bedroom waiting for her. Sitting on the edge of the bed, he had prepared the room while Chelsea was in the bathroom. He heard the water running in the bathroom and knew when she had gotten out of the shower. He knew she would still be a few minutes so he had time. He finished his preparations and was sitting there waiting for her when he heard the bathroom door open. He heard her walking across the wood floor of the hallway; she was wearing heels.

Chelsea opened the door and stepped inside the bedroom. She smiled at what her Master had done. The light in the room was dimmed down, with candles on the nightstands, the dresser, and the chest of drawers adding a romantic ambience to the room. The bed had been stripped of the blankets and pillows, an obvious indication that sleep was not the priority at the moment!

"My God, Chelsea!" she heard from the corner of the room. She turned to see her Master sitting in the armchair, watching her as she came in the room. "Come closer." Chelsea, seeing her Master's reaction to her, began a slow seductive walk across the room, showing off to him and teasing him as she approached. She came up and stood before him as he looked her over, admiring her.

"Chelsea, you look...spectacular!" he said, holding her arms out. Chelsea had picked out a stunning red sheer baby-doll set, with a ruffled, off-the-shoulder neckline and lacy scalloped edges, held together in front with a solid red ribbon tie. She wore matching sheer thong panties and red stiletto pumps. Her makeup was flawless, dramatic, with a subtle sluttiness to it and glossy red lipstick. Her whole appearance and attitude said "fuck me now!" and he was just about to do that very thing.

He stood up and took her hand, leading her to the bed. Standing there in front of her, he slowly and teasingly pulled the red ribbon tie on her baby-doll and the front fell open. He slipped his hands inside. Chelsea moaned as she felt his hands on her bare flesh. He wrapped his hands around her sides and slid them up from her waist to her ribs, stopping at the sides of her tits. Her nipples hardened and caught the edges of the sheer fabric, poking at the material as if they wanted to poke holes in it. He pulled the fabric across those stiff hard nubs and Chelsea moaned again, feeling the electric sparks as the material rubbed her sensitive tips. Free of anything holding it on her, the baby-doll fell to the floor, making a red puddle at her feet. Standing in her heels and red sheer panties, He pulled her close, kissing her deeply and passionately, wrapping an arm around her waist to pull her into him further. He leaned his head and bit her neck softly, as Chelsea tipped her head back offering him her throat and moaning. Chelsea was an odaxelagniac - she loved being bitten and got turned on from it. And having his teeth on her at this moment was making her pussy so wet she was afraid it would ruin her new panties.

"Master, please let me get out of these panties," she moaned, as he lightly bit her again. He knelt down and hooked his fingers under the skimpy waistband of the tiny sheer panties and pulled them slowly down over her hips and past her now wobbly knees. She placed a hand on his shoulder as he helped her out of the miniscule underwear and then out of her heels as well. He reached his hands up to her hips and pulled her to him, placing his face close to her sopping pussy and inhaling her musky aroma. Chelsea was so turned on she about came right then and there, moaning loudly as her Master breathed her in. He kissed her mound and then her clit, flicking it lightly with his tongue.

Chelsea spread her legs, "Please Master, please," she whined, the need and urgency in her voice apparent. He scooped her up in his powerful arms, lifting her with ease as he stood up and placed her in the middle of the bed. She lay there open and inviting, and watched as he undressed. He kept his eyes on the beauty in front of him as well, not wanting to take his eyes off of her and drinking in all that he could as he peeled his own clothes off. Finally the two of them were naked and he climbed into bed next to her.

"My beautiful slut, I have waited for this moment for some time. But I wanted the time to be perfect for you. I wanted everything perfect for you," he said, softly stroking her skin. He traced a finger around her areolas and down between her tits, working his way down her belly to just above her clit and then back up again. He barely touched her, the feather-like touch driving her mad as it set her skin on fire.

"Master please, please take me, please, I need you so bad," she said, almost in tears. Chelsea had waited for this moment too and being so close to him now, feeling the tenderness in his touch, was breaking her heart. She was his completely, and she wanted to give herself wholly to him.

He moved around and positioned himself between her spread legs. He bent down and pushed his face into her waiting, hungry pussy, licking it a few times and savoring her taste. Chelsea groaned and spread her legs further apart, holding her pussy lips apart for him. He licked and lapped at her pink wetness and ran his tongue hard and flat against her throbbing clit, while she arched her back and shook with anticipation.

Satisfied she was wet enough, he raised up from his meal and moved higher up on her. Hovering over her, he reached down with one hand and positioned his hard stiff cock at her entrance. "Are you ready, slut, are you ready for this cock?"

"Yes, Master, Oh please, please fuck me!" she cried.

He pressed his cock into her slowly, until the head popped inside her. He held it there for a moment and then pushed in deeper. He watched his beauty's eyes widen as he continued into her, deeper and deeper. Chelsea could feel him opening her wider and deeper as he pressed into her pussy. He kept burrowing into her past the point where any man had ever been and still kept going. Chelsea moaned louder as new territory felt his cock and she began to think his manhood had no limit when he bottomed out inside her, the head of his cock pressing firmly against her cervix.

As far inside her as he could get, he still had about an inch more cock before he was fully inside her, but he laid down on top of her taking her face in his hands.

"Are you ok, Chelsea?" he asked, concerned.

"Oh yess, I feel so wonderfully full," she said, deliriously happy. He smiled and kissed her softly, then he began pulling out of her just as slowly. She could feel the rim of his cock head scraping along the warm wet walls of her pussy. She felt every vein, every ridge and bump on his cock. She whimpered as she emptied and wanted him back in her again. He pressed forward, faster this time and began pumping in and out of her. Chelsea reached up, holding onto his neck as he pumped in and out of her hungry pussy. This is what she had been waiting for and she wrapped her legs around his waist, not wanting to let him go.

He thrust into her over and over, each time she felt he would split her like kindling. But each time he pulled back, she wanted him again. Her passions rising, her moans became louder and more desperate.

"Ohhh, Master! Yes! Oh god!" she cried, as he pounded into her. He began thrusting harder, becoming more savage and brutal as she writhed and twisted so he could reach every inch of her aching pussy. She reached down and began playing with her clit as his cock churned her insides into soft butter. With her other hand, she grabbed her tit and mauled it, sinking her fingers into the fleshy globe.

Chelsea could feel herself getting close to another orgasm. She held him tightly in preparation for the fireworks when suddenly he stopped and pulled completely out of her, his cock throbbing inches above her.

"Master! Why did you stop?" she asked incredulously.

"Because I am about to cum and you must beg for my seed, slut!" he growled.

"Master please! Please give me you cum, Please cum in my pussy I want to feel your hot cum in me!" she cried.

"Well let's see, should I cum in your pussy, or should I cum in your mouth? Maybe I should just shoot it all over your tits?"

"Anywhere, Master! Anywhere you want to, just please give me you sweet cum, please!" she begged.

He shoved back into her warm slippery depths again, brutally pounding her pussy as she arched her back and spread her legs, she wanted all of him, every inch she could possibly take, she didn't even care if it hurt anymore, it would be a good pain and worth it just to please this man she called Master.

A couple minutes more and he could feel his balls tighten, he was so close! He was about to cum and he wanted her to cum with him.

"I'm going to cum, slut and you will cum with me. Now beg me for it!"

"OHHHH MASTERRR PLEAAAASE! OHHH FUUUCKK!" she screamed as she raked her fingernails across his back. He grabbed her throat and growled.

"NNNNGGGGHHHH!" his cock burst inside the thrashing woman. His white hot cum coated her pussy walls and mixed with her own before spilling out around his still pistoning cock to stain the sheet below them. Chelsea grabbed the sides of the bed and clung as if she was about to spin off into space, and for her that's exactly what was happening. He spurted wad after wad of sticky white cum into her belly and Chelsea came twice, then three times in rapid-fire orgasms as each load hit her deepest recesses. Finally exhausted and spent, he collapsed on top of her and she lay there gasping for breath, but unwilling to let him go so he could get off of her.

The two of them lay there together for several minutes, gasping, then panting before he heard another sound. He raised his head to see Chelsea sobbing.

"What's wrong, Chelsea?" he asked, sitting up now.

"Nothing, Master. It's just, just so beautiful. All of this. All that you have done here, it's so beautiful." she said between sobs.

He took her in his arms and held her as she sobbed even harder. He rocked her back and forth until she got herself back together. "It's all right, my sweet slut. I wanted it to be special for you. I wanted everything to be perfect."

"It was, Master. More perfect than I could ever have hoped for. Thank you so much," she said, kissing him softly.

They laid together on the bed, him holding her and stroking her hair as she relaxed in his warmth and care. After a few minutes he turned to her.

"I'm glad you enjoyed yourself my slut, because I won't always be so soft and gentle. Sometime it may be considerably more difficult for you. But everything I do has a purpose to instruct, correct, or expand your boundaries. Everything I ask you to do will be aimed at making you a better submissive."

"Yes, Master I understand. I want to become the best submissive I can. I want to learn all I can from you, and learn to please you in every way," she said, snuggling closer.

"Well, I just want you to know that there will be times when you may not understand why I make you do something, but you must trust that whatever I call on you to do is only to make you more pleasing to me."

"I trust you, Master. I know you would only do what is needed to make me a better submissive."

"I am glad to hear you say that," he said. "Because tomorrow is Sunday, the end of our weekend. And I have plans for you, my little slut."

"Plans, Master?" she asked cautiously.

"Yes, tomorrow is going to be a busy day for you, so we should probably get to bed. You will need a good night's sleep."

"Yes, Master," she said smiling. As long as he was in bed next to her, she would sleep soundly.

* *

The next morning, Chelsea woke up to an empty bed; her Master was not next to her. She got up, slipping on the warm robe he had bought her the other day, and went downstairs to find him. She went into the living room but he wasn't there. Puzzled, she began searching the house for him. She looked in the kitchen, the dining room, and the study. But she couldn't find him. Shrugging her shoulders, she decided to take a shower and then wait for him to return. She went back upstairs and into the bathroom, and there on the mirror was a note addressed "My slut" taped to the glass. Chelsea smiled, she loved it when he called her that. She loved being his slut. She pulled the note off the mirror glass and opened it.


I had to run to the store and pick up some things I needed. I left you asleep because you will need your rest today. When you get this note, I want you to shower and get yourself prepared for the day. Wear your hot pink strapless dress (you know the one I like), and your matching pink stiletto pumps. Make sure you are as you should be and then be downstairs in the living room waiting for Me.


Chelsea did as the note said. She started the shower and stepped inside. As she washed herself, she got to thinking about what her Master might have planned for her. She knew that whatever it was, it would be sexy and end up with her begging him to allow her to cum! Since becoming his "assistant" Chelsea has not had to worry about being lonely or frustrated. He had kept her sex life roaring and hadn't let her go long between their meetings. Professor Diederich was a very skilled and compassionate lover and Master. Chelsea smiled as she thought about the last few weeks with him, and as she went back to the day they met, her hands slowly went down her body and gently brushed her soft, puffy pussy lips. She moaned quietly as she touched herself and even though she knew it was wrong, she couldn't stop herself. Her thoughts about the past times with him and what he had showed her about herself began flooding her mind and her hands took on a life of their own. As she showered, she began to get more and more turned on. She spread her legs and fingered herself faster and deeper as her passion built. She was building to a huge orgasm and knew that if she didn't stop now, she would slip past the point of no return. Master would be very cross with her for cumming without permission. So summoning all her resolve, she stopped herself, whimpering her disappointment as she did. But she knew that her Master would not let her go unfulfilled for long. That was the only thing that gave her the strength to resist completely giving in to her selfish pleasure.

She got out of the shower before she got herself into trouble and dried off. She brushed out her hair and put on her makeup just the way he liked it. Then she slipped on her robe and went into the bedroom to get dressed. She found the dress he spoke of and set it out with the specified shoes. She struggled a bit to get into the dress, it was a tight fit but she was determined to be ready and she managed to squeeze into it. She looked at herself in the mirror. Yes, the dress looked like it was painted on her and she thought to herself "I hope it isn't cold where we are going - I don't have room for goosebumps in this dress!" She slipped on her shoes and took one last critical look at herself in the full length mirror.

Going downstairs to the living room, she sat down in his chair and waited for him to come home. She softly stroked the suede of his chair, smiling as she did knowing it was HIS chair. She tried to stifle the growing excitement as she waited impatiently for him.

It was only a few minutes before she heard his car pull up, but it felt like he had been gone for hours. She felt herself getting wet as she heard the garage door open and then close. She wriggled in her seat as she waited for him to come through the door, her nipples hardening with growing excitement. She was very nervous, she so wanted to have done things right. He stepped in the door and smiled. She had followed his directions perfectly. There before him Chelsea looked like a vision, sitting on his chair in her pink dress and heels, her knees slightly spread, her back straight, and her head down. Such a perfect picture of submission.

"I am pleased with your obedience, my slut," he said, stroking her strawberry hair as he stood in front of her.

"Thank you, Master," she said, keeping her head bowed. But inside her heart soared; she had pleased her Master.

He reached down and took her hand, pulling her to her feet, then quickly pinning her hands behind her. He pulled her close to him and kissed her deeply. She sighed into his mouth as their tongues met for play and his other hand reached behind her head to grab a handful of her hair to pull her even harder onto his lips.

"Shall we go?" he said, finally breaking the kiss.

"Yes, Master," she said happily. She wondered where it was they were going. She would soon find out.

They arrived at the restaurant and he helped her out of the car before handing the keys to the parking attendant.

"Oh Master," she whispered softly, "this is a very nice restaurant!"

"I'm glad you like it," he said.

They went inside and were seated. After the waiter came and he placed their dinner order they talked for a bit.

"After dinner I have another surprise for you, my dear."

"Really, Sir? What is it?" she asked excitedly.

"Now if I told you that, it wouldn't be a surprise, would it?"

"Master, that's not fair!" she said, pretending to pout.

"That little pout doesn't work with me, young lady and it only serves to mess up that pretty face. You will find out soon enough where we are going. Meantime, I want to see that smile," he said, with a smile of his own.

"Yes, Master," she said, smiling again. She knew he wasn't going to tell her anything and she was just happy to be in such a nice place with him. She couldn't possibly be anything less than completely happy.

The pair ate their dinner and once they finished, Chelsea thought she would try again.

"Master, now that we have finished, won't you PLEASE tell me where we are going next?"

"No, I won't tell you, but I will show you. Come on it's time. Let's go, my curious little slut!"

They walked to the front and the parking attendant brought the car up. They got in and drove to a nondescript warehouse that looked like it hadn't been used in some time.

"Master? What are we doing here?"

"You will see," he said, pulling into the warehouses' fenced in parking area. There were several other cars in the parking lot as well, which Chelsea found strange since the building looked so abandoned. They parked and he got out, opening the door for her.

"Come," he said. Chelsea got out and followed him inside...

The above story is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places and events in it are products of the author’s imagination and are used as fantasy. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

This story is a collaborative effort with the invaluable help of Poppet, without whose help this story would not be possible. Thank you Poppet for your help, your input, and your assistance with this project. It was a real pleasure working with you! :)
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