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Tea and Strumpet, Chapter 6
Master_Jonathan & Poppet

Tea and Strumpet, Chapter 6

Contributing Authors: Poppet 
Chelsea goes to her first BDSM play party!
"What is this?" Chelsea asked as they entered the dark, cavernous building. Once her eyes adjusted to the rooms' dim light, she was able to make out a bar area at one end of the building, several small square tables with white table cloths, a few bigger tables with white tablecloths for larger parties, and a large stage at the other end of the building. Along one wall, next to the stage, was a long wooden bench. There were about a dozen people sitting on the wooden bench, mostly women, but all sitting quietly with their heads down. Chelsea noticed they seemed to be waiting for something, although she had no idea what. There was quite a crowd gathered, men and women, and some of them wore some rather shocking outfits!

He didn't answer her question at first. Instead, he walked her to an unoccupied table and seated her, pulling her chair out then pushing it back in after she sat down, just like he had done at the restaurant. A minute or so after they sat down, a young girl came up to the table. She had a nice figure and blond shoulder-length hair. But what shocked Chelsea was that the girl wore nothing but a collar and a very tiny thong panty!

"How may I help you, Sir?" she said with her head down.

"We will take a Jack and coke, and a Mojito."

"Very good, Sir. I shall be back with your drinks right away," she said, padding off to fetch the drinks.

"Master, what is this? What is going on?" Chelsea asked again.

"This is a BDSM party, slut. I wanted you to see how others in 'The Life' interact. Just watch and learn."

Chelsea looked around, fascinated. She saw Masters and Mistresses in various types of outfits of leather and latex. She saw submissives, sluts, and slaves. Some were waiting on tables like the girl who had approached their table. Some were walking around asking the Doms in the room if they could be of service to them. Others were busy doing just that - Chelsea saw several girls orally servicing the Masters and Mistresses right at the table, or bent over their knees getting spanked just for the Doms' pleasure. All of the submissives were scantily dressed if dressed at all. It really was a sight that Chelsea had never in her wildest imaginations envisioned!

"Attention ladies and gentlemen!" Chelsea turned to see a man standing on the side of the stage next to a microphone stand. "Thank you all for coming tonight to our little gathering. I see we have quite a nice crowd and that pleases me very much. My name is Master Kincaid and I will be your Master of Ceremonies for the evening. We have several performances to entertain you tonight thanks to some of our gracious members, so let's get started shall we? There will be a short break in between performances, so please be kind and refrain from getting up and leaving during the performances and distracting both the performers and the audience trying to watch them. Our service slaves will bring you any drink or other refreshments you may wish. Simply motion for them and they will be happy to serve you. Our first performance for the evening is courtesy of Mistress Diana and her slave jewel."

From out of the dark, a tall woman with jet black straight hair in a ponytail came towards the stage. She was dressed in a leather catsuit and held the leash of another girl, a smallish blonde who was naked and who walked with her head down and her hands behind her back. Mistress Diana led her girl to a pillory up on the stage. Turning it to face the audience she placed the girl into the pillory locking her wrists and neck in the device.

"My slave here loves to be fucked with my strap-on. Since she has been such a good girl lately, I promised her a good fucking. I just didn't tell her she would have such an audience for it!" she said laughing. Diana put the strap-on dildo on and came up behind the girl. Without any lube or preparation at all, she grabbed the girls hips and lunged forward impaling her fully on the large plastic cock. Jewel screamed at the shock of suddenly being stuffed full of the cock, but as the Mistress began pumping hard and fast into her, jewel's screams turned to moans of desire and her face went from shocked surprise to one of lustful passion and need. The Mistress pounded into her again and again as jewel shook in the pillory from the force of the Mistress's thrusts.

It was only a matter of a few minutes before the bound slave was moaning her need "Please Mistress, please may I cum?" she whimpered. But Diana refused and kept plunging into her tender pussy. A couple of moments later, jewel repeated her plea. Again she was denied and even Chelsea could feel the disappointment in the girl as she was made to withhold her orgasm.

"Please, Oh Mistress please may I cum?" jewel begged once more. Mistress Diana reached under the girl with one hand and grabbed the girl's tit, digging her talon-like fingernails into the soft flesh. The girl squealed painfully and then came all over the Mistress's fake cock. As the poor captured submissive came, her Mistress increased her savage thrusting, intent on prolonging the girls orgasm. She pinched the girl's nipple and slapped her tits hard. She shoved the plastic cock deep into her pussy over and over as the girl squealed and moaned and whimpered. Finally exhausted and sore, the Mistress relented and pulled out, spinning the pillory and the girl so she was sideways to the crowd and walked in front of her. She grabbed the girl's sweat-soaked hair and hauled her head up, only to shove the fake cock into her mouth.

"Now, slut, clean up my cock!" she said. The girl gratefully did as her Mistress commanded, licking the plastic phallus until it was spotless. To the applause of the audience, Mistress Diana released her submissive and the two of them went back to their seats, Mistress Diana helping the wobbly jewel down the steps carefully.

Professor Diederich turned to Chelsea. "I want you to go to the bathroom and get out of that dress. Come back here with dress in hand, wearing only your panties and your heels," he told her.

"Master?" she looked at him in disbelief.

"You heard me. Now go."

"Master! I, I can't!" she protested.

"You heard what I said, slut. Now move it or you'll be sorry!" he said, his voice turning cross.

Not wanting to make him any madder, she resigned herself, and got up and went into the bathroom. Returning a couple of minutes later and several shades redder, she sat down with the dress in her lap trying to cover her shameless lack of clothing.

"Now for your entertainment, ladies and gentlemen, I present Master Andrew and his submissive little c."

The Professor stood and put his hand out for Chelsea. "No Master! Please!" she said horrified.

"Come, slut," he said.

"Master! Please, I beg of you!" she said, drawing back.

He leaned down and growled "Why do you think I brought you to a BDSM play party? Now come with me and do not embarrass me further!"

Turning crimson red, she rose and followed him onto the stage. He led her over to a tall wooden post with four flat arms that stuck out forming a stable stand. Two of the legs had ankle cuffs attached and the post had a pair of cuffs on a chain. In the middle of the post was a leather-covered pad on a short metal rod. The Professor positioned her with her back to the post. He cuffed her ankles at the base of the device and then reached up to cuff her wrists to the chain. Then he adjusted the pad in the middle so it held her still at the small of her back. With her stretched and bound, she was ready.

"This is a new submissive, ladies and gentlemen. She has never been to one of our play parties before so this will be all new for her. Lets see how she does, shall we?" he spoke to the crowd. Everyone gave her their full attention - fresh meat was always a treat for them!

He turned to Chelsea "Just trust me, slut. Just relax and enjoy this. You are with me," he said in a low whisper. She felt a lot better knowing that he was there beside her. Chelsea wasn't sure of all of this, but she trusted him and knew he would not let anything happen to her.

Turning back to the audience he spoke. "I have seen this submissive in action. She cums so wonderfully, I wanted you all to see her cum as well!"

With that, he began rubbing her pussy through her pink thong panties. At first her embarrassment and the idea she was on display like this prevented her from reacting to his actions, but it wasn't long before her fear gave way to arousal as he continued massaging and petting her. She started softly moaning and spread her legs a bit wider. He smiled as she began to get into it more. Within a few minutes, she was moaning louder and grinding against his hand trembling and making her chains rattle.

He paused for a moment going over to the table to retrieve something when he returned to her he had a Hitachi Magic Wand in his hand. When she saw it, she immediately recognized and remembered what the device had done for her the last time. She moaned and trembled even more as he came closer with the tool. He held it up so she could see it and clicked it on, and Chelsea about came right there. When she heard the buzzing from the device, she instantly got wet and closed her eyes, knowing that the torture was about to get serious.

She couldn't have been more right. The instant the Wand touched her panties her eyes flew open and her mouth dropped as her brain suddenly flashed over with the incredible sensations coming in from her pussy and clit. her whole body jolted in reaction but held as she was she could not escape. seconds later she found her voice and her moans began to fill the room. She shook and twisted in her bonds to try to avoid the vibrator but she had little wiggle room and he kept the devious tool pressed firmly into her crotch. She began humping against it, even though she didn't want to cum here in public, her body was betraying her wishes. She spread her legs and rolled her hips into the device, fucking herself against the incessant buzzing of the Wand.

"Ohhhh, Master! May I cum?" she asked him.

"Not yet, slut," he said. The vibrator continued its evil work. Chelsea squirmed and wriggled, sweat forming on her forehead as the stress of holding back her orgasm increased. Her legs trembled and she spread them wider.

"Master, please! Please let me cum!" she pleaded. He pulled the front of her panties away from her belly and shoved the vibrator down into her panties, making sure the head contacted her wet slit pussy. He let the panties hold it in place while his attentions went up to her hard throbbing nipples.

"So you want to cum, do you, slut?" he said as he pinched both her nipples with his fingers. Chelsea arched and moaned as she tried to process this new input.

"Yes, Master!" she whined.

"Then cum! Cum now!" he growled loud enough for the whole room to hear. Chelsea exploded as she released her pent-up sexual energy.

"Ohh, Master! Fuck!" she screamed, the sounds of her orgasm reverberating off the warehouse walls. With her orgasm crashing around her, He pressed the vibrator hard into her pussy forcing her orgasm to greater heights and prolonging it maddeningly. Chelsea twisted and shook in her bonds, tossing her head back and forth as her eyes glazed over with lust. She clenched her hands as her mind left her and she became lost in the whirlwind of her own impassioned desires.

At last, after an agonizingly long time, the Professor relented and allowed her orgasm to pass. Chelsea stood there, chained and bound to the apparatus, her chest heaving as she panted for breath, little rivulets of sweat running down her body, between her tits and down over her belly. Pussy juice mixed with sweat dripped onto the stage floor as she trembled and quaked from the exertion.

After an all-to-short break, she was stunned when he shoved his hand into her cum sticky panties. He stuck his middle two fingers into her pussy and laid the outer fingers in the crease of her thighs. He started using short fast strokes curling his fingers and rubbing her spongy g-spot. Her pussy still quivering and sensitized from her first orgasm, it wasn't long at all before she was begging again for release.

"Oh, Fuck! Oh, shit, Master!" she said as he worked her pussy to the brink of another orgasm. Then he stopped, massaging her mound and inner thighs. He resumed and again brought her to the edge.

"Oh, Master, please don't! Don't tease!" she whimpered.

He smiled. Then he resumed fingerfucking her, but this time he took her over the edge.

"Ohh, fuck! Oh God, Master!" she screamed, as once again she exploded, her pussy juices pouring out of her like emptying a bucket. She laid her head back, not caring anymore who was watching or what was going on around her, totally engrossed in her own selfish need. Her Master once again artfully prolonged the orgasms intensity until she could hardly breathe before letting her finish. Chelsea hung by her wrists now, her legs unable to support her any longer. She was totally and completely drained, unable to speak or even hold her head up. He grabbed her hair and raised her head, Chelsea couldn't recognize him, her face was a blank mask and drool ran from the corner of her mouth. He released her hair and her head fell back down. She was done. He smiled and turned to the audience to receive his applause before releasing Chelsea catching her just as she started to fall off the apparatus. He swooped under her and picked her up to carry her in his arms off the stage. He carried her back to the table and with the assistance of one of the floor submissives, sat down in his seat, holding her in his arms until she was able to sit in her seat herself.

"Did I please you up on stage, Master?" she asked as soon as she regained her senses enough.

"Yes, slut, you did just fine. I am pleased with your performance tonight," he said, petting her still damp hair and caressing her cheek. Chelsea smiled and looked lovingly at the man beside her. One of the floor submissives came over and they ordered another drink, enjoying another performance

As the night progressed the two of them enjoyed their drinks while watching the demonstration of a Master and His slave on stage. One of the service girls came up to the Professor. "Sir, is there any service this girl can provide for You?" she asked. He then told her to dance for him since the song playing at that time was a good strip dancing song. The service girl began a slow, teasing lap dance for him as Chelsea watched carefully. She knew she may be called upon someday to perform similarly for her Master or for another. The girl, wearing nothing but her "fuck me" heels, sat in His lap, grinding her bare ass against his hard cock, straining against his leather pants to get out. He reached around her to pinch and pull on her nipples as she moved, and she tossed her head back and moaned softly as he toyed with her. He ran his hand down her belly to her wet slit, fingering her a bit and flicking her clit, causing her to moan and squirm all the more.

"Sir, may this girl cum for you?" she whimpered, as she spread her legs further apart.

"Yes, cum, girl," he growled in her ear.

The girl did as ordered, cumming in his lap as he plunged two fingers into her. She gripped the arms of the chair as she poured out onto his lap and the floor under them. He bit into her neck as she orgasmed and then held her until she was able to stand again.

When the dance was over, the girl asked if there was anything else she could do. He pulled her forward by the collar and kissed her.

"Slut, thank our performer for her work." he told Chelsea. She kissed the service girl passionately on the lips, adding a 'tip' by cupping her breasts and kissing each nipple as well. The girl moved off to another guest, smiling, after that.

The night was well under way and everyone seemed to be having a good time when it happened. One of the Mistresses in the room caused an uproar that made the whole room stop what they were doing.

"You clumsy fucking bitch!" The Mistress said. Look what you did to My dress!"

"I am sorry Mistress! I will clean it up right away!" she said dropping to her knees.

"I'm going to beat your ass and THEN you will clean this mess up, you fucking whore!" She screamed. She picked up her riding crop and began beating the poor slave. The Professor watched this for a second or two but when the Mistress started to get too far, he stepped in grabbing her wrist just before she landed another blow to the cringing, crying girl.

"Ok, Mistress, That's enough. I think you may have had a bit too much to drink. Perhaps you should go home and take care of this issue in the morning when you have a clearer head." he said in low tones so the whole room wouldn't hear. The Mistress glared at him for a second and then with a growl she jerked her hand away and staggered out of the room and went home.

"Chelsea, take this girl to the bathroom and clean her up a bit." the Professor said. She escorted the girl to the bathroom and after a few minutes they came back.

"Thank you Sir for your kindness, but I had better go see if my Mistress needs anything." she said kneeling before him with her head down.

"I suggest that you give her the night to sober up first." he said.

"Yes, Sir. Thank you again." she said, and then she left the party herself.

Once the disruption was over, the room returned to its activities and the evening went on as usual. The Professor and Chelsea stayed for a couple more hours and then made their exit and went home. On the way home, Chelsea asked about the evening.

"Master, I am glad you stepped in on that Mistress and her slave."

"Yes, it was getting too serious. No one should Dom or sub while they are intoxicated. It's just too risky - such a lack of judgement can cause serious problems."

"I am glad you do not do that. She frightened me. I have seen abuse like that back in England on occasion and I felt so sorry for the woman. The submissive tonight reminded me that not everyone treats their loved ones as well as you treat me."

"No they certainly don't. Some Masters and Mistresses can be quite cruel."

They finished the ride home quietly, each lost in their own thoughts. It was late when they finally got home and both were tired. "I'm going to take a shower before bed," the Professor announced.

"Yes, Master. May I turn on the water for you?" she said. With a smile of approval, she got the water running and adjusted to the proper temperature. Once everything was ready, she stepped into the shower and beckoned her Master in with her. Chelsea got the soap in her hand and began soaping him up. She started on his back and then when he was all lathered up, she turned him around.

"Oh, you poor dear Master! Here you went and took me to this party and gave me such wonderful orgasms and you are still wearing that uncomfortable old hard-on! What a bad slave I am for not taking care of that sooner! Well, no worries, I'll just fix that injustice right now, with your permission of course," she said.

With a nod from him, she knelt down on the floor in front of him and gently holding his shaft, she placed it lovingly on her lips. She nuzzled the head of his cock, feeling the satiny softness of his skin and touching the tip of it with her tongue before opening her hot mouth to take him into its velvety warmth. She eased his length down her throat, deeper and deeper she took his cock, careful not to gag but wanting to show him that she could handle it. Before long he was fully in her mouth, his balls slapping at her chin. Then she drew him slowly out, with her lips pursed tightly around the shaft as if squeezing the cum out like toothpaste from the tube. Now that he knew she could take him fully into her mouth, she began pumping his cock into her warm mouth slowly at first, then faster. She ran a hand under his balls to cup them, then as she pulled him from her mouth, she began licking his ball sack and drawing each of his nuts tenderly into her mouth. She ran her tongue from the base of his cock between his nuts to the crack of his ass, tonguing his asshole before working her way back to his cock. It wasn't long before her expert technique got Master to the brink of an orgasm. Feeling his cock swell, she knew he was about to cum.

"Master do you want to cum on my face and tits or do you wish me to swallow it?" she asked, pumping his cock with her hand.

"Since we are in the shower, cumming on your face and tits would only wash it away. I want you to swallow it and don't spill a drop!" he said.

"Yes, Master." she said and resumed her work. A moment later she heard him groan and felt his hot seed shoot down her throat. She swallowed greedily and just as her Master had ordered, not a single drop fell on the shower floor. She swallowed ever bit of his hot cum and then sucked the last drops from the tip. Licking the shaft and head to insure not a morsel of his precious cum would be wasted. Finally she sat there on the shower floor nuzzling the softening cock and kissing his balls and thanking them for allowing her to possess their prized load.

They both went to bed that night completely happy and satiated.

* *

The next week was the last week before Christmas vacation and it was also the end of the semester Chelsea studied for her midterms and the Professor prepared for the upcoming break.

"Chelsea what do you have planned for your Christmas break?" the Professor asked one day.

"I was going to go back to England to see My folks. I miss them and want to see them again for a bit," she said. "But I will miss you as well, Professor."

"Well I will miss you as well, Chelsea, but it is good for you to go back home for a bit," he said.

"Yes, Sir."

So Chelsea made arrangements to return to Farnborough and home for the Christmas break. It would be two weeks until she saw her Master again but she was excited to see her parents and tell them about her adventures in the States.

Little did she know it would be the last time she would see her parents again.

The above story is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places and events in it are products of the author’s imagination and are used as fantasy. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


This story is a collaborative effort with the invaluable help of Poppet, without whose help this story would not be possible. Thank you Poppet for your help, your input, and your assistance with this project. It was a real pleasure working with you! :)
This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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