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Tea and Strumpet, Chapter 9
Master_Jonathan & Poppet

Tea and Strumpet, Chapter 9

Contributing Authors: Poppet 
Chelsea and Master go on a picnic...
Chelsea couldn't be happier. She had finally summoned up the courage to confess her feelings for her Master and found that he returned them in kind. In addition, she had passed all her classes with flying colors, which meant she was set for the following year, her tuition grant still firmly intact. But for now, next years classes were the last thing on her mind. It was springtime in Chicago and she was looking forward to summertime fun and activities. She didn't have the money to join the other college students on "Spring Break", but that was fine with her - she had spent 5 wonderful days with her Master! While the other kids were out partying and getting drunk, she had been with the man she loved and who now had confessed that He loved her as well.

She had been living with her Master, Professor Diederich, full time for a couple of months now and with school out, she didn't have the hassles that the other students did of finding somewhere to rent for the summer and moving her stuff out of the dorm. Then, once school started back up in the fall, moving it all back and setting up again.

One bright and sunny Saturday morning, Master was up earlier than usual. Chelsea was still asleep as he showered and got ready for the day.

"Wake up you sleepy little slut," he said coming into the bedroom and throwing open the drapes. She groaned her displeasure of being wakened so abruptly and tried to roll over. But in doing so, she exposed her naked ass; he had made it a rule she was to always sleep naked. Seeing an opportunity and not wanting to waste it, he swatted her hard with the flat of his hand, leaving a bright red hand print and causing the half-awake girl to yelp in shock and surprise!

"Yeeow! Master!" Chelsea said turning over and sitting up.

"Get that lazy slut ass out of bed, then!" he said. Chelsea got up quickly, not wanting another swat or to anger her Master.

"What do you have for me to do today, Master?"

"Well it looks like a lovely day outside. I though we'd go for a nice drive and maybe a picnic. How does that sound to you, my little slut?"

"Oh Master! That sounds lovely! Oh yes, let's do that please!" Chelsea said barely able to contain herself.

"Very well. I want you to go upstairs and put on a nice picnic-worthy sundress and then come down and pack us a good lunch. I'll load up the car and we can be off."

"Yes, Master! I won't be long," she said scampering up the stairs like a child. She went to her closet and went through her clothes. She found a flirty peach colored, mid-thigh length dress, with thin spaghetti straps that tied behind her back, halter-top style. The dress plunged a bit in front, teasingly exposing the top of her tits and it gathered at the bustline, further emphasizing them. She wore a pair of matching strappy 6" heels and thigh-top nylons held up by a white garter belt. She didn't wear panties as Master had forbidden her to wear them except during what she called her "woman times". She had her makeup done to perfection; she had gotten very good at doing her makeup just the way he liked to see her. She was a vision and his eyes sparkled when he saw her come around the corner of the living room.

"Do you approve, Master?" she said, slowly spinning for his viewing.

"Yes, very much. You look lovely, my slut," he said smiling.

"Thank you, Master. I'm glad you like my outfit," Chelsea said, kissing him.

"You aren't wearing any panties under there are you?"

"No Master, you have forbidden me from wearing them except during my...'woman times', and I'm not there yet."

"Show me," he said. Chelsea hiked up her dress showing him her naked, bare pussy as she blushed a bit. "Very good. Now go fix us up a suitable picnic lunch. I have to put a few things into the trunk of the car and we'll be ready to go. So while Chelsea went into the kitchen to prepare and pack a good picnic lunch, Master went to gather a few things he would need on their outing. Master had more in mind for their outing than just a nice day and a romantic setting. Like always, he enjoyed turning the most ordinary and mundane things into opportunities for sexual adventures. And while Chelsea had begun to realize this, she was still caught off-guard by how his creative mind twisted day to day things! Once he had pulled the car to the front of the house and put his things in the trunk, he went inside. Chelsea was just finishing up the picnic basket and had it on the table as she put the last things into it.

"So are you ready to go, slut?" he said as he went to look in the basket.

"Oh no you don't, Master! No peeking until we get there!" she said smiling broadly.

He looked up at her and chuckled himself. "Ok, ok! Are you ready to go, my little slut?"

"Yes, Master," she said and she went to pick up the basket.

"I'll carry that," he said taking it from her. They went to the car and after he seated her and put the basket in the back seat, they were off on their day's adventure. He had a little park in mind that he wanted to take her to and it would take a little over an hour to get there. So once he got on the highway he decided to get things started at little early!

"Reach down between your legs slut and get that pussy primed. I will be using it soon and I want it wet and hungry for me," he said.

Chelsea smiled and then pulled up her dress and got to work. She parted her thighs and brushed her fingers across her clit. She moaned softly and adjusted her position in her seat, getting more comfortable.

"Now remember, slut, you are only to get yourself wet and ready. Don't you cum!"

"Yes, Master," she said. She began fingering her clit as the nub grew hard and throbbing. She moaned again as her fingers strummed her clit and her fires were lit. Chelsea parted her fingers, trapping the sensitive bud between them as she ran her hand up and down her slit. Her pussy began getting moist, then wet as she continued toying with her sex. Her breathing became ragged and she started to pant as she grew more and more aroused. Her moans became pleas to her Master. Pleas to allow her to cum. But he would have none of it.

"Please, Master," Chelsea whined, panting.

"No, slut. keep playing with that pussy but don't you cum."

Chelsea whimpered as she was denied once again. But she continued toying with her now soaked pussy. She had no choice; even if her Master had told her to stop, Chelsea was beyond the ability to. She had to continue, she had to complete her journey. Her body commanded it, and she had to obey. Chelsea strummed her clit and fingered her swollen pussy lips, moaning and shaking with desire.

"Now, slut, fuck yourself with that hand. Shove those fingers deep into that wet pussy," he growled.

Chelsea groaned loudly at his words and slipped two fingers deep into her wet, hungry hole. She brought her knees up higher and put her feet on the dashboard to give her greater access to her screaming pussy. Master reached over and held her leg wide apart, his touch only fueling the fire as he held her leg in position.

"Oh fuck, Master! Oh please let me cum! I can't stand it! Please..."

"Open the glove compartment," he said. Chelsea looked in the compartment. Inside there was a small silver egg vibrator with a long cord leading to a remote speed controller.

"No Master, please!" Chelsea pleaded. But he had a plan and was not to be dissuaded.

"Give me the remote and put the egg where it belongs," he commanded. With a childlike whimper she obeyed, knowing she had little choice in the matter. She set the remote on the center console for him and then put the egg up against her soaked and dripping pussy. He took the remote and turned it to a medium setting. The vibrations instantly brought her closer still to her orgasm.

"Ohhhh Master! Oh please, Oh please, Oh please," Chelsea begged. She was beside herself, shaking and trembling with need, her eyes glazed over in pure lust, sweat dripping off her forehead and running down between her tits as she tried valiantly to hold back the inevitable. She bit her lip so hard she almost drew blood hoping the pain might ease the screaming ache in her loins.

Master knew she was close. So close. And he was enjoying seeing her struggle against it. But he also knew that she had to finish. He could not hold her back for much longer. He would be merciful. With one twist of his fingers on the dial it was over. He brought the device to full power and she howled.

"OHHHMYGODDDD!!" Chelsea screamed as the intensity overwhelmed her. She stiffened as if electrocuted and raised her ass up off the seat as her orgasm collided with her senses and the train wreck that was her mind consumed her. Chelsea bucked and twisted and humped the air as her rapture took control of her and she went over the edge of sanity. Finally after several minutes it was over and the poor submissive girl sat in a heap on the seat, panting and sweat-drenched, trying to regain some ability to function as an intelligent being.

About the time she had regained herself, calming her pounding heart and her breathing, they arrived at the park he had set out for. Pulling into the parking lot, she noticed they were alone - no other cars or people were around.

"Good, it would seem we are alone today," he said with satisfaction.

"Yes, Master. We must have the park to ourselves," she said shyly. She knew what that meant...

He got the picnic basket out of the back seat and the two walked into the park a short distance until they came to a large oak tree. "This looks like a good spot, don't you think, slut?"

"Oh yes, Master, it is lovely," she said.

He spread out the blanket that he brought along and then sat the picnic basket down on one corner while using a couple large rocks and an old dead branch to hold down the other corners. "You get things set up and I will be right back. I have some other things to get in the car," he said.

"Yes, Master," Chelsea said and got to work up packing the basket and serving up the lunch she had made.

He went back to the car and opening the trunk, grabbed a black gym bag out of it and brought it back to the picnic site. Chelsea looked at it curiously but didn't feel she should ask about it. But she was an inquisitive sort and couldn't let it go. She looked at the bag several times while they got ready to eat. As they began having lunch, the suspense finally got the better of her.

"Master, may I ask what you have in the bag?" she said sweetly.

"Dessert, my nosey little slut," he replied with a knowing smirk. Chelsea grinned broadly, she knew she would find out what he had planned soon enough and it was no use trying to get a clue from him. Her Master was very good at keeping secrets! So she settled back and enjoyed her picnic lunch with Master, happy just to be with him on such a lovely day.

Finished with their lunch He sat back and heaved a heavy sigh. "That was an excellent lunch, little one. You did well. Now I think I will lay down for a bit and let My food settle. Come."

Chelsea smiled proudly and crawled across the blanket to him. She laid down in front of him with her back towards him and her head on his arm. He pulled her in tight to him, spooning her as they lay together on the blanket enjoying each other's warmth and comfort. They lay there like that for about 30 minutes before he felt like he was ready for the next phase of his plan.

Chelsea had gotten drowsy laying in the warm sun with her Master's arm around her. She barely noticed when that arm moved down her body and is hand slipped up under her sundress. That is until he found what he was looking for!

He heard a soft, almost imperceptible, moan come from Chelsea as his hand slipped between her thighs and caressed the insides of her legs. He traced his fingertips ever so lightly across her tender white flesh as she rolled onto her back semi-consciously and parted her legs a bit. She wasn't fully awake, but she was responsive to him and he smiled - he had trained her well. His fingers knew just where they were headed and they didn't take long getting there. He found her soft puffy lips and parted them very gently; he didn't want to wake her fully just yet. His plan called for her to stay in this dreamy, languid state until he had her more aroused. His fingers found her clit and he toyed with it, drawing little circles around it and grazing over the tip of the growing bud. Chelsea moaned again and spread her legs wider. He watched her closely, gauging his movements to her reactions. She began getting damp at his ministrations and her breathing increased. He toyed with her clit more, rubbing his fingers over it and running his fingers up and down her slit on either side. Chelsea was stirring now but He had gotten her where he wanted her. She was waking up wet and horny, just the way he had planned. Chelsea moaned again, louder this time and she arched her back slightly as his fingers now increased their work on her sopping pussy.

"Ohh, Master," Chelsea moaned, now awake. She reached up and mauled her tits through the material of her dress as he continued fingering her clit and pussy lips. He slipped two fingers inside her warm wet hole and began churning her pussy as her moans became more passionate and her tit-grabbing grew harder. She reached behind her neck and yanked at the spaghetti strap halter to release it, pulling it down and freeing her tits completely. Chelsea's nipples were stiff and hard, like little pencil erasers, and very sensitive. She pinched and pulled at them as he turned her insides into soft warm butter. Chelsea's legs were widespread and she was moaning and writhing on the blanket, completely in Master's control!

Suddenly, without warning he stopped and Chelsea sat up partially up, propped up on her elbows, astonished. "Wh, what did you stop for, Master? I, I was almost there!" she protested.

"Ah, but I was not ready for you to get 'there' just yet, my frustrated little slut! I have other things in mind for you still," he said. he moved off the blanket a bit and opened up the mysterious black gym bag. He pulled out four wooden stakes and a rubber mallet. Pounding them into the ground at just the right spots, he went back and got some lengths of rope, putting one bundle at each stake. Then he laid a small plastic tarp on the ground between the stakes. "Come," he said motioning for her to join him on the tarp. Chelsea knew now what he was up to and she came quickly to him, laying down in position as he directed. He tied her wrists and ankles to the stakes immobilizing her completely.

"Now, slut, we are going to do something a little different. You have never wore a gag yet but today you are going to get a chance. This is a standard ball gag, which I am sure you have seen in the bondage movies we have watched. Now you get to experience it. But before I put this on you and silence that slutty little mouth, I want to give you this little bell. If it gets too intense and you need to stop, just ring the bell. This will be your safe signal for today's games, do you understand?"

"Yes, Master, I understand. I am to ring this bell if I need to stop," she repeated.

"Good. Now open up," he said. Chelsea opened her mouth and he seated the ball gag in place, buckling it behind her head. With her gagged and bound, he was ready to begin. He positioned himself kneeling between her spread and bound thighs. He rocked forward slightly, running his hand up the top of each thigh and then as he rocked back, he dragged his hands down the tender insides of her thighs. Each time he passed by her wet and glistening mound, he ran his hands over her pussy lips and on either side of her throbbing clit. After a couple passes like this, Chelsea knew what to expect and raised her hips to meet his hands. After a few passes, his hands stayed at her pussy and he used his thumbs to play with her clit. This drove the girl crazy and she moaned and twisted in her bonds as her pussy ignited.

"Mmm, mmph! Chelsea groaned around the gag.

He smiled, knowing that she was building up to an explosive orgasm. He moved a little closer and took his hard cock in hand. Rubbing it up and down her drooling slit he teased her. He let the head of his cock part her puffy, sensitive lips and slip in just deep enough so that she could feel him at the very entrance to her womanhood. Then he pulled out, leaving her whimpering her need. He rubbed his cock across her clit and then slipped back to her entrance again.

"Do you want this cock, slut?" he asked teasing her.

"Mmmumph!" she said, wide-eyed.

"Show me. Show me how much you want it," he said, pulling back slightly. Chelsea spread her legs wider and raised her hips as high as she could, fucking the air in a desperate attempt to beg him to fuck her.

"Such a nasty little slut! All right, then since you beg for cock so pretty," he said. He moved over her pointing his cock at her wet slippery hole. In one hard savage thrust he buried himself fully into her. Chelsea screamed past her gag as he plowed into her. She arched her back and threw her head back and she made fists with her hands. Bottoming out in her, he began pistoning in and out of her rapidly as if he was trying to punch a hole through her. Chelsea didn't even have a chance to catch her breath. Every time she was about to suck a precious breath in, he pounded down onto her knocking it back out again.

He fucked her hard and fast, not letting up a bit. If she wanted cock he was going to give her all she could stand and then some! Chelsea grunted and moaned and whimpered as he pounded into her, turning her insides to jelly as his hard cock punished her pussy. She spread her legs inviting him deeper - she wanted all he could give her.

He obliged her too, he pummeled her pussy as she moaned and groaned and pulled at the blanket, her passions rising to a crescendo. He thrust in and out of her as she neared her breaking point. Chelsea arched once more, her eyes rolling back and her legs trembling.

"MMMMUMPHHHH!" she screamed into the gag as she erupted. Her pussy gushed its sweet honey onto his cock and out onto the tarp running down the crack of her ass and puddling under her. He continued fucking her though, not ready just yet to give up his own seed to her. She began almost immediately climbing back up Orgasm Mountain and as he thrust in and out mercilessly she could feel it building again. He was going to make her cum again and there was nothing she could do but hang on and try to make it through to the other side!

"MMMM, MMMUPH!!" she screamed once more shaking her head violently back and forth. She burst forth in a second flood of pussy juice, larger than the first making the puddle under her grow and she shook, and stiffened like an epileptic in a seizure. Her thighs quaked and her pussy clenched his cock as if trying to strangle it for causing all this. But he continued.

However, the Master was not impervious either. He had been building all this while himself and he could feel himself getting close. After the second giant orgasm he was almost ready himself. He pulled out of her and moved quickly around to her head, pulling the gag out of her mouth he shoved his cock into the now vacant hole and she greedily began sucking him. Within a few moments she felt his cock swell and with a groan he unleashed his load of hot sticky cum down her throat. Chelsea, being the good subslut she was swallowed quickly, not wanting a single drop to go to waste. She swallowed and swallowed as he filled her mouth with jets of his love juice. Just as he was finishing he pulled out of her mouth and the last couple drops hit her lips. He rubbed his cock over her lips and her cheeks smearing a thin coat of his cum across her face.

"There, my slut. You look so beautiful with My cock cream on your face!" he said smiling.

"Thank you, Master. I shall wear it proudly because it's yours," she said with a grin. He leaned forward and kissed her tenderly on the forehead. Then he released her from her bonds and laid down next to her still panting body, tracing his fingers across her stiff throbbing nipples as they lay together relaxing in the afternoon sun.

The above story is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places and events in it are products of the author’s imagination and are used as fantasy. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

This story is a collaborative effort with the invaluable help of Poppet, without whose help this story would not be possible. Thank you Poppet for your help, your input, and your assistance with this project. It was a real pleasure working with you! :)

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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All names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over sixteen (16) years of age.

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