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Teaching The Class

Teacher and her black student are caught, then joined by another sexy student.
She had always wanted to be a teacher. Maybe it was all the great experiences she had with teachers as a kid. But Jessica Anderson had always wanted to be a teacher. People would always say she was too beautiful to be a teacher though, too sexy. They also thought she was too wild, and they were probably right. She became a teacher though, and she taught for almost a whole year until something happened.

She taught two classes, math, and health. A little out of the ordinary, but she was a great math teacher, and she had a minor in health Ed, which probably got her the job. The previous health and math teachers had quit recently.

It was near the end of the year, and everyone was starting to slack off, except in Miss Anderson's classes She was actually becoming a very good teacher, but maybe it was her looks that kept all of the boys (and some of the girls) at attention.

She was beautiful. Curves in all the right places. A shapely round bottom, perky, medium sized breasts that when she didn't wear a bra, her tits showed through the fabric. Her face was no side show either. A very angular face, high cheekbones and large eyes. Long, straight blond hair was always done up in some way on her head. She was lean, but not too skinny like some of the self conscious skeletons she taught. And she had great fashion sense. Even though she wore glasses, she was always dressed in a very subtle but sexy way.

Jessica could tell that she was a favorite with her students. They might think they were smart with the way they whispered, but she could hear the voices of the young men in her class say things like, "Dude, did you see Miss Anderson today? I just wanted to fuck her brains out when she bent over to get her pen!"

One guy in particular always stood out to Jessica. Alex Powers, an African American student, the class president, the top of his class, the football and track star, the junior who had already signed to a college with a full ride. Strong, handsome, 18 and the boy that got every girl in the school wet, even Miss Anderson. He wasn't one of those cocky jocks who walked around like they owned the place, he was a very kind boy, and he would stand up to his own friends if they were bullying younger kids. This really caught Jessica's eye.

But another student, a girl, as a matter of fact, also made her feel weak in the knees from time to time. Kari Matthews, also a junior but only sixteen years old was a little different from everyone else. She hung out with the punks, the skaters, but she was very hot. Small breasts and a round face and brunette hair with a great smile (if you were lucky enough to see it) and a small but beautiful behind. She was bisexual, and everyone thought she was sort of a slut, but she was the opposite. She just dressed and acted that way.

These two students were in both of Jessica's classes. Math for second period and Health for the last class of the day. Alex passed both with flying colors, while Kari did well in math while she struggled with health. She came in from time to time, and Alex would actually tutor her every now and then. They weren't real close, but they were friends. Here is where the story gets more interesting. Kari and Alex both secretly wanted to fuck their teacher.

So it's near the end of the year, and as the temperature rises, people start wearing less. The girls don their short-short and loose shirts, while the guys wear basket ball shirts and tees. Jessica also took this opportunity to dress a little sexier too. She always got horny when she exposed skin, especially for her students.

With about a month and a half left, health class had to start Sex Ed. Everyone was unsure how Miss Anderson would teach this segment. Would she teach it like she had the previous segments, where she let everyone speak how they wanted and would she get in very in depth, sometimes using explicit material to demonstrate? Or would she be more serious, like the previous teacher?

Jessica decided to let her kids choose. "Well class, it's finally here. That one dreaded, always awkward segment. Now we have a couple questions to answer here, and I would like you to answer truthfully. It could be serious. All you have to do is raise your hands, and we will vote. Now, how many of you want this to be taught co-ed?"

All the boys raised their hands, and most of the girls did too. Only the nerdier, socially awkward kids didn't raise their hands.

"With that vote, it will be co-ed. Next, how many of you would like me to teach the sane way I did with all the other segments? And so, I guess it will be taught where you can all cuss, we will use naughty words, and we might even see some interesting pictures. Now before we can move on to my last two questions, I need you kids to promise that this class will swear to secrecy, that you wont tell anyone what happens in here. I give you guys lots of privileges, I Just need this."

All of the kids agreed, Alex and Kari got turned on imagining what their teacher was going to say.

"Well, it looks like none of us are going to ruin the fun, so lets move on. Question three, to really find out what this sex looks like, how many of you would like me to show a triple-X rated film?"

Kari and Alex's hands shot up like rockets, as did most of the other kids in class. Even some of the nerdy kids decided they wanted to see the movie.

"OK class, last question. I'm going to ask this last question. Who's ready for our Sex-Ed unit?"

All the kids groaned but raised their hands. Jessica just laughed as she had the kids take out their notebooks. She then handed out a pre quiz to find out what her kids knew about sex and the sex organs. She looked around the room to see if anyone was cheating, but the only thing she saw out of the ordinary was Alex. He was staring straight at her breasts and he had a gigantic hard on. 'Oh my god, he is huge' Jessica thought to herself.

When the bell rang, all the kids poured out of the class room, and Jessica kept a close eye on Alex as he left. Once the last student had left and she had locked the door, she collapsed and pulled her skirt up and her panties aside. Her pussy was dripping wet, and she began rubbing her pussy. She was drenched, and it was all because of Alex, the boy of her nighttime fantasies. On the first day of school when he walked into her classroom, she had found him to be extremely sexy.

Her two fingers sank into her pussy as she moaned and unbuttoned her shirt. She reached up and caressed her tits over her bra, a sexy sheer black thing from Victoria's secret. Jessica thought of the size of Alex's cock and she pushed a third finger into her pussy. Then she remember Kari, the girl that she thought of while playing with herself. She imagined it was her fingers massaging her slit between her thighs. This made her go over the edge, and she started bucking and she arched her back as she came all over the floor and her hands.

Somewhere across town, Alex was having a similar experience. He was in the shower, beating his dick as fast and as hard as he could. He was thinking of his sexy teacher, and how much he wanted to fuck her. He imagined it was his teacher rubbing his dick. He imagined her saying "Oh Alex, what a naughty boy, I'll just have to take care of this for you."

Next door to him, Kari was in a similar situation. She was thinking about her teacher, but she was also thinking of Alex. "Ohmigod he had such a huge dick. Oh man she was hot today," she gasped while pulling on her love button and rubbing her pussy. They all got off at about the same time. All of them relieving tension and releasing juices.

A week or to later it got hot. It was the record for the state, and even worse, the AC broke down after lunch. This was good news and bad news. Bad news, people were overheating like crazy. The good news, everyone's clothes were clinging to their bodies. Any girls who had thought of wearing white now looked like they weren't wearing a shirt at all. The boys had a similar problem. This did make Sex-Ed, well, sexier. And Miss Anderson had dressed for the weather. 

She had put her hair up in a loose bun, with a few strands of hair loose out of the bun and some hair was hanging long. She clothed herself in a very peculiar way on this hot day. She wore an orange shirt with a high collar, no sleeves, and a zipper. It didn't show much cleavage, but the as far down as she had the zipper, it did show skin and the zipper stopped at her belly button, showing her flat stomach. She had worn a tight, orange mini skirt to go with her shirt. The skirt hung roughly three inches above her knees. Underneath it all, she wore no panties and no bra. Her nipples showed through the sweaty, thin fabric of her shirt, and pussy juice dripped freely down her leg. She had also put on a black garter belt with pink bows on it that held up black stockings. Oddly, she had also put on long black gloves, that stopped above her elbows.

She was very horny today, and quite adventurous too. Every now and then, she would flash her pussy to her students. She would sit at the front of the room and open her legs for a second. She would drop a pen and bend way over so that her pussy could be visible under her skirt. Like everyone else in the school, she was drenched in sweat, so all of her clothes stuck to her body, leaving nothing up to the imagination.

"Well class, it's too horny, whoops, I mean it's too hot today to do any work, so I thought I might show a porno today. It's a threesome movie that takes place in a school, if you could imagine that. It's between two students, a boy and a girl, and their sexy teacher."

Alex and Kari's heads popped up and they started paying a little bit more attention.

"I will pause the video from time to time to explain what is happening and to give insight. First, let me lock the door so no one stumbles upon our private viewing."

Jessica walked over to the door and as she fumbled with her keys she thought for a moment. 'The class can never know the real reason for showing this film. I want to give Alex or Kari ideas, I want them so bad... But lets give them a little more to think about.'

As she pulled the keys out of the lock, she dropped them to the floor. "Clumsy me! Let me get those"

She bent far over, keeping her legs straight, and she gave the whole class- or whoever was watching her- a show. She knew her pussy was visible for all to see, and she purposely let the keys slip through her fingers a couple times. Without picking them up, she stood up. "I just can't seem to get them from this angle!"

She turned around to face the class, then bent back again and let her tits dangle inside her loose shirt. Those were on display for a good amount of time before she decided to bend her knees so she could show off her pussy again. She let her skirt ride up as she knelt down and spread her legs. If the class couldn't see her dripping cunt, they were blind. She finally picked them up and locked the door. "Well now we can start our fuck flick!"

She walked over to the DVD player, put the DVD in and pressed play. She then turned on the projector so the movie was projected onto the wall, 5 times bigger than the TV. "Now I don't want to see any masturbation going on. If you really need to relieve tension, get up and go to the rest room. You can let yourself go there."

Alex, Kari, and two other boys immediately stood up and walked away. The movie started playing.

David, one of the three boys that left the room came back, sweaty and out of breath. One of the other students had let him in. Miss Anderson had just stopped the movie for the first time.

"Now kids, I picked a porno that would be realistic. In most adult films, the girls will look like complete tramps, but here, they look OK. They are smart though. See how the teacher slowly unbuttons her shirt to seduce the boy?"

Alex walked back into the room.

"Do you see how the teacher pulls down his pants and massages his duck through his boxers?"

Alex's head popped up and he saw. Kari was let in back into the room, and she heard Miss Anderson say, "Girls, this is a very seductive technique. It's good for guys and girls. It's called a striptease. I would be happy to demonstrate some other time. But once again, if you are ever in need of an eye-catcher, try a striptease."

Some of the girls in class actually started taking notes. The bodies on screen soon lost their clothes, and the student girl lost her virginity.

"Girls, loosing your virginity will hurt a little, but it will feel great eventually."

As the movie progressed, Jessica started to get really horny. Hornier than she usually was, watching this video. She decided, "What's a little rubbing going to do? My sounds will blend in with the movie's anyways. I have to. I'm too horny, I might fuck the class otherwise. It's for the best"

She slipped her hand under her skirt and began rubbing her shaved pussy. The fabric of the glove on her hand felt so good to her, and it was soon drenched in her pussy juice. As the teacher in the movie climbed onto the face of the girl, and as she lowered her mouth onto the dick of the boy, Jessica pretended she was doing that with Kari and Alex, she began moaning, and she slipped three fingers into her soaked pussy.

Alex began feeling the urge to masturbate again. "This is so hot, and so was Miss Anderson earlier. Did she know all the guys were staring at her pussy? That was fucking hot. Wait, what is that noise? I don't remember this room having surround sound..." Alex turned around. Sitting behind him was Kari. Her eyes were glued to the movie, and as Alex looked down, her hand was glued to her crotch. But that wasn't the source of the sound. He looked beyond her and back at his teacher, who was sitting in the back of the room. She had a hand in her pussy! She was bucking her hips and moaning loudly. Alex looked around the room to see if anyone else had seen this, and Kari stopped him.

"What are you looking at?" she asked. He pointed. They both stared. Miss Anderson came hard. On the chair, on her hand, and some pussy juice even dribbled to the floor. She opened her eyes and looked right at Alex. For some reason, she didn't even notice Kari.

"OK class! The bell is about to ring. I'm sure we've all learned and seen a lot today. You can start packing up. Alex, I want to fuck you, oh I'm sorry, I want to SEE you after class."

The bell rang, and everyone poured out of the room. Kari looked at Alex and mouthed 'sorry'. He couldn't move.

Miss Anderson sat him down in a chair, and she took the chair she was sitting in and she sat across from him. She did not cross her legs.

"Alex, I want you to tell me exactly what you saw in class today."

"We saw a porno. It was... educational and interesting."

"Your not going to get in trouble, just tell me what you saw."

"I saw you sitting in that chair at the back of the room rubbing your vagina."

"Very good! And I'm sure that you seeing me masturbate gave you an erection."

"Yes it did. To tell you the truth Miss Anderson, just being near you can give me an erection. You are very beautiful."

"Thank you Alex. You turn me on all the time. In fact, I think we are turning each other on now. I cab see your big black flaccid cock is getting hard again. This is a result of excitement. Blood is flowing into your penis right now. And my pussy is dripping again. I want you Alex, I want you inside me..."

She trailed off as she closed the gap between them and straddled him on his lap. She weaker her arms around him, and brought her face to his. She kissed him, and he kissed back. She began grinding her pussy against his shorts, and he grabbed her ass. He stood up and walked her over to her desk. He set her down and took her high heels off, set them next to her, and took her gloved hand into his own. He moaned, "I've wanted this for a long time"

She placed her right foot on the desk, and dangled the other off the edge. She moved her right leg outwards, exposing her pussy. Alex unzipped her orange shirt, and her pert tits spilled out. She began to rub her left nipple with a gloved hand as Alex pulled down his shorts and boxers. His hard, 11 inch black dick sprung out and he slipped into her hot, wet velvet curtains. "Oh my god, you are so big," Jessica moaned as he pushed the base of his dick into her.

Just then the door opened and Jessica screamed as she wrapped her arms and legs around Alex. Kari walked in and immediately shielded her eyes with one hand. "Oh my god I'm so sorry, I forgot to ask you a question, I'll leave now!"

"Kari wait! Don't go, shut the door. Come here." Miss Anderson gasped as Alex pulled out of her.

Kari walked tentatively over to where they were. Jessica opened her mouth to talk "We want you to join us. I want you to join us. I secretly have wanted to fuck you two since I came to teach here. And I really want to, like, I'm actually aching to jump back on Alex's monster-cock, but we can't do this here. It would be dangerous."

"What did you have in mind?" Jason asked, hoping he could still pound his teacher.

"I'll rent a motel room tonight. Motel 7? 9 o'clock? OK kids, I'll be waiting"


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