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The Alchemist's Path Ch1

This is my first story. I hope you enjoy.

(in no way is any of this true.)

A lone professor scribbled mixed notes and complex formulas on a chalk board. A child outside yelled about today’s news and what it entailed, which he cared little for. In the professor’s line of work politics and history mattered little. Only numbers and theories, some mixed idea that something else could be discovered just a throw stone away. And with so many scientists throwing stones, someone has to break glass at some point.

The year was 1898, spring had just arrived and the flowers were on bloom around the area Professor Mustang had purchased barely two years ago. A busy corner in London, full of noise and people, with a zest of life that is rarely seen elsewhere. Most professors stick to quiet, tame areas. But Mustang was as wild as his name, barely 21 when making his reach at wealth he followed his passion, science and discovery. Around him were three walls of library full of books of all kinds from philosophy to alchemy. The fourth was the chalkboard he wrote on. Etched into the book shelves were windows that looked outside. Across the room was the door into another study and then a hallway to the rest of the manor. He paused for a second and wiped the white chalk powder on his suit; being black it showed the chalk quite well. He thought silently glairing at the board as if it were something foreign he had yet to name. He spun around and picked up a tattered journal under several loose papers on a desk, which was in turn quite cluttered with notes and journal entries on several of his greatest works.

“This shall be my Magnus Opus, my greatest work.” He looked through the tattered journal as if it were a treasure. To a normal man the book looked worthless, only 21 pages that were in alchemical symbols and several languages that would need several translations to decipher. He skipped two pages and secured the book in his inner jacket pocket as if it were unimportant and just random notes when there was a knock at the door. “You may enter.” A young maid walked in. she had golden hair like his, and had blue eyes differing from his green eyes, which both locked for a few seconds. She was 18 and very small, shy, and had a way about the world as if Mustang was the only thing in the world.

She bowed politely and spoke softly. “There is a visitor sir, a Sir Germain Antal is here to see you.”

Mustang looked at her for a few seconds then nodded. “Send him in, I have a few questions for him.” She looked at the Alchemical symbols on the floors and board before meeting his eyes again.

“Yes Sir.” The girl bowed again and left the room quietly, Mustang looked at his board again intrigued by how much has changed in the last few days, it seemed amazing that one 21 page book would break so many windows that were so out of reach by the stones he was throwing.

The visitor came in, “Professor Eric Mustang, your speech about Perpetual Motion was amazing.” He glanced around the room. “I knew your true motives were in alchemy.” He smiled as if he was over confident, almost sure of himself even. But none the less the visitor was correct. His smile was wide and he showed gold capped incisors. Sleek and pale in an amazing suit that seemed to be more modern than the three piece suit Mustang preferred. The man seemed aged but had some kind of admiring youth with his years.

“The book you sent me, how did you know?”

“It’s something I’ve known for a long time.” The visitor said, still smiling. “It is a book Nicolas Flamel had made his life’s work. It is the same thing Newton studied more than his physics.”

The Maid walked in again with fresh tea, Mustang moved across the room quickly as the room went quiet. He removed papers from the table neatly and fast to make room for the tea. The maid set down the tea quietly for them and started to leave politely, as she did she tripped, Mustang caught her quickly. “Sir, i…”

“I had plenty of lessons in swordplay and dancing to catch you. Be more careful next time.” He patted her on the head and returned his focus on his guest. The maid left flustered.

“I would prefer whiskey.” The visitor smiled again, those lupine fangs. They seemed strange to Mustang, it was eerie and strange. Mustang lead his guest to the guest room. A wide fireplace with several chairs encircling it was the bulk of the room, a liquor cabinet and several other things to brighten the room for talk stood about in common fashions that were the usual for who owned such things. He got out whiskey and tumblers for Sir Antal. They sat down calmly, Mustang poured the glasses for the both of them.

Mustang noticed the chalk on his suit and chuckled, finally warming up to his visitor. “Back to the book Sir Antal, What was the purpose of giving me such a treasure, it shows so much alchemical knowledge and more that I would have laughed if someone sold it to me. It almost seems like a joke.”

Sir Antal drank his whiskey absentmindedly; he made a face as if in pain and shifted a little. He stared blankly as if he were thinking of the best approach to a good joke or some bad news. “I wouldn’t think so. I have learned that it is real.”

“Then why don’t you use some of the alchemy this book has, why not publish it.”

Sir Antal paused again as if uncomfortable about the subject of the book. “The book is why I am here, I have used it already fully, when I sought to published I was criticized. To each person the book seems different; I never knew why letters seemed to dance across the pages. At first I thought it was the drink taking hold of me, the book is powerful and unique to each person.”

This was true, Mustang noticed several times that paragraphs would change on him, in the back of his mind he thought it was just his excitement and lack of sleep. But it continued rapidly. “Where did it come from?”

“They say it is a copy of the book of Abraham the mage. A powerful book. A dangerous book.”

“They?” the conversation went quiet again when the butler went into the room and into the next.

“A change of subject, the maid.” Now Mustang seemed nervous. “Does she mean anything to you?”

“What does it matter what I do with my maid? If you have no business surely you have things to do Sir.”

Sir Antal smiled, those golden teeth. “Yes, you are right, and I will only give you a warning now. Do not tell anyone about the book, keep it to yourself. It’s worth more than your wealth and life.” With that the visitor left in a calm manor as if he had a great talk of politics with a good friend of his. The maid came in shortly after showing Sir Antal out of the manor.

Mustang sat lazily in his chair, the book felt warm against his chest through his winter coat pocket. He preferred the warmth even though he was over dressed. He looked up to his maid. “What is it Emily?” she looked at him with her blue eyes. The visitor saw right through them, he was having a love relationship with his maid. He originally took her in as a favor to a friend, now she had a mission to pay him back when he was troubled.

“You drew on your floor again.”

He laughed heartily and looked up at her, he smiled brightly as she smiled back. “Can you light the fireplace? You know I like to be warm.” He felt at peace receiving the message. But it was also frightening, the book is that valuable. Looks like his Magnum opus was within reach after all.

He looked at her finish with the fire and walk over to him, he stood up and kissed her firmly on the lips, she melted in his arms and as she did he fell back onto the chair to have her sit on his lap. He missed her taste after the long days in the study deciphering the book. She started to remove his coat.

“I thought I said I wanted to be warm.” He smiled at her playfully as she reached into his shirt to feel his solid stomach. He worked out plenty every day, a strong mind and a strong body leads to a strong soul was his motto, he showed it well.

The day was starting to disappear as the sun did. He picked her up and set her on her feet. They went to the master bedroom and he laid her down on the bed. He nibbled at the back of her hand. “How long has it been?”

“Three days.” He whispered through teasing her fingers. He kissed her hand softly as she brushed it across his three day old hairs on his face. His hair was messy and his eyes looked strained. But she admired his strength. She knew he barely slept a couple of hours if not less a day. But after this he would sleep well. He lifted her dress enough to move her clothing. She gasped as the cool air tickled her core. He made his way to his prize slowly, teasing her as he went. His fingers touched her and she cooed in delight.

He inserted his middle finger into her center slowly, the ring at the end of it touched her, and it was cold and made her wetter for him.

“hmm, you have been waiting for this haven’t you. He nibbled her breasts through the fabric as he tickled her clit with his fingers.

There was a sudden knock at the door. It was his butler. “Sir Mustang, your dinner is ready.” Mustang grumbled in disapproval, food was not the thing on his mind he was eager to eat. He sighed but smiled none the less. Emily wrapped her arms around his chest, feeling the muscles that were hidden by a three piece suit. She felt across the chalk stain and he placed his hand on hers. “I’ll summon you after dinner.” She nodded and left the room without him, preparing for his rest tonight, she still had chores to do. He left to his dinner, he was hoping to get a lot of stress off of his mind. At least the foreplay made most of it go away, if he was to sleep tonight it would be soundly.

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