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The Boss's Daughter - Pt. 1

Circumstances lead the boss's daughter and employee to share housing
~ Clint ~

I'm on the phone with a high-end client. The business part of our conversation is over and now we are just bull shitting back and forth. I've switched the call to speaker so that I can talk to him while standing near my huge office window and watch the city below. He has invited me to join him and some friends this weekend to do some fishing on his boat. I have a very charismatic personality, receiving these types of offers is a frequent occurrence, and normally I try to accept. The closer I am to my clients the more money they spend and the more I take home each month. This time, however, my boss has walked into my office, has heard the conversation and starts waving his hands at me.I turn fully around to face my boss who is now pointing at the speaker and violently shaking his head 'no'.

“Thanks Phil, but I'll have to decline this time,” my boss smiles and nods and I continue, “My boss is a real hard ass, has me working this weekend.”

My boss, Jim, rolls his eyes but takes the jab. He sits his fat, lumpy ass on the edge of my desk and starts picking at his finger nails as I wrap up the phone call.

As soon as I end the call Jim is on his feet. I sit behind my desk, eying the spot his ass has desecrated. I'll have to clean it as soon as he leaves. Jim places his sweaty, pudgy hands on the desk and leans over to talk to me. Make that two places to clean.

“Hey, Clint. Listen, how would you like a bonus?”
“I always like a bonus, Jim. What trouble are you in now?”

Just this past Christmas I had to bail him out of trouble while at the company party. He brought a slutty looking woman as his date. I had no doubt she was a hooker, a well put together hooker, but a hooker none the less. After much drinking on his part, and her supplying him with nose candy, he was a total mess. Completely disheveled, he moved around the party like a shark, looking for the best possible way to ruin the company. Before he got the chance to make us all jobless I was able to intercept and lead him out of a back door and into a taxi. His hooker came running out and I shoved her in the cab as well. They made it back to his place safely, the party was a success, and the following Monday I had a nice ten-grand check waiting on my desk when I got to the office.

“No trouble,” he laughed; it sounded like a cat choking on a hair ball.

“That's good. So what do you need?”

“Well, me and Savannah are going on that cruise?”

“Right,” apparently the hooker was dating material.

“Right. Well, my sister is out of town and my daughter can't come with me.”

“Emily? So what are asking, Jim? Want me to find her a place to stay?”

“Emily, yeah. I need you to watch her, let her stay with you.”

“No way, Jim,” it was my turn to laugh.

I lived alone for a reason, I can't tolerate other people's uncleanliness. I deal with it while in public, but my home is my sanctuary; everything always clean, always organized, no dirty dishes, no finger prints, everything in its proper place. Every relationship I did have ended very quickly when she wasn't up to my standards. I was content to live alone. When I needed release I went through a very reputable company, ordered a woman of my choosing, fucked her for a few hours then sent her on her way while I then obsessively cleaned my apartment. There was no way a kid – especially this slob's kid! - was going to stay in my home for two weeks.

“Come on, Clint. I'm desperate here. I can't reschedule the cruise and I can't leave Emily alone."

“What about her friends? Surely she can stay at one of their houses."

“She's kind of a loner. And I've met her best friend's family and no way she is staying there."

“Jim, look, I just can't. I know nothing about kids. I loathe them, in fact."

“She's 17. She takes care of herself. She can cook and clean and all that. All you have to do is make sure she gets to school in the morning and make sure she gets home at night. You don't have to go out of your way for anything. Just give her a place to sleep and when I get back you get a big bonus!”

So now, here I am in my apartment waiting for Jim to show up and drop his spawn off. He should have been here at seven, but of course he's late. I don't know why I'm doing this; it's not like a need the money. Sure, its nice to get more, but I'm not hurting for anything either. Jim wouldn't fire me if I had said no, he knows I'm the backbone of the company; without me he would be broke. I should just call him and tell him I changed my mind. I reach for my phone but it rings in my hand.

It's the front desk announcing Jim's presence. I okay him to come up then hang up and stand by the door waiting. I swear I can hear his labored breathing coming down the hall from the elevator and seconds later there's a knock on my door.

Jim's on the phone as he practically pushes his daughter at me. The concierge sets her large bag down and Jim turns his back while yapping away so I tip the man and he leaves. Emily looks nervous and shy. We stand facing each other awkwardly, waiting for Jim to say or do something but he just pats his daughter on the head and starts walking back to the elevators. Poor kid, not even a good-bye from her dad or anything. I step aside to let her in then grab her luggage and follow.

She's the quiet type. I've met her a few times before, here and there at the office; content to take up as little space as possible or sit in the reception rooms and read a book. I know how she feels; my own parents never had time for me which left me to play alone for hours on end. I decide to make an effort to make her feel welcome. We're going to be room mates after all.

She walks straight forward and into the living room as I continue to follow. She's a cute kid. Long, dark brown hair with a slight wave in it, petite but athletic, a nice firm ass and long, shapely legs. What the hell? Where did that come from? I guess just the realization that she looks nothing like her dad. I try to picture a miniature Jim in female form and the image is grotesque.

~ Emily ~

Just kill me now! I can't believe my dad sometimes; he's such an ass. I feel like an intruder standing here in front of Mr. Welds while dad just ignores us both. At least say something! Oh, great now Mr. Welds is paying the concierge for us. That's right, Dad, just pretend you didn't notice the man waiting there.

I look over Mr. Welds while he's busy staring at my dad. He's always been good looking at the office, but I swear he's even hotter now in his jeans and casual shirt. The shirt is form fitting and I can make out the tide of muscle underneath that has always been hidden in his suit - damn that's hot. I can't remember how old he is but he definitely looks young. My dad pets me on the head like a damn dog and leaves. Could this get any worse?

Mr. Welds lets me in and grabs my bag. The apartment is top notch. It's not small, but it's not overly large either. It has an open floor plan with the living room directly in front. A leather couch and recliner are set in front of a large, wall mounted TV, but the coolest thing is the huge book shelves that are set on either side of the TV and are packed full of books. I'll definitely be checking those out later. Immediately to the right is a dining room, with a table for two, that opens into the kitchen. The kitchen and living room are separated by a half wall counter top bar. To my left is a large set of double doors that open out to a balcony. A short hall leads out of the living room where the bedrooms must be.

I feel Mr. Welds' eyes on me and turn around to see him smiling. Was he just checking me out? OK, kinda strange but I really don't mind it either. In fact, it's kinda hot. I smile back then point to the book shelves and ask if he's actually read them all or if they're just decoration. He says he's read every single one, some of them many times. I guess he knows I like to read because then he tells me I'm welcome to any of them as long as I put them back in the exact spot I found them. OK, so now is the time he will start telling me all the rules of his house. I wait expectantly, but instead he waves a hand and tells me, “So this is it. Bathroom is straight down the hall, washer and dryer to the right, my bedroom to the left.”

Interesting, he didn't mention where my bedroom was. Looks like I'm sleeping on the couch then? He sees me thinking and answers my question without me having to ask aloud.

“It's a one bedroom apartment... but the couch is really comfy. I've slept on it plenty of times and no complaints.”

Great, so not only am I intruding on him but now I have no privacy and no where to go hide and get out of the way; just freaking perfect. I can't believe my dad dumped me here with Mr. Welds while he goes off with his stupid, stuck-up girl friend on a cruise. Life sucks. I'm more than capable of taking care of myself for two weeks, but no, Dad wouldn't listen, as usual. So now I'm stuck here with his employee, super hot employee, who probably thinks I'm some little kid. At least he seems cool and not all serious like my dad.

“Wanna go see a movie?” he asks, snapping me out of my pout fest.

“Um, sure Mr. Welds, but isn't it kinda late for that?”

“Call me Clint. It's only 8, we can be in bed in time for tomorrow.”

“Cool. Yeah, let's go...Clint.”

I sound stupid, my voice all high pitched. And now I'm thinking of being in bed with him?! He said 'we can be in bed' not, 'we can be in bed together'. Sheesh, what's going on with me? OK, so the guys a dream boat, but seriously, he's not interested in me. Even if he was... but he's not. Now he's staring at me. Guess I got lost in dream land. I walk past him and back towards the apartment door so we can leave. I get a good smell of his cologne as I go by; it smells so good! He moves around me to open the door and gives me the chance to check out his ass. Is there anything wrong with this guy?! He's too perfect. Great, jet black hair, hot green eyes, ripped body, tall, naturally tanned, and a fine ass. He's probably got some weird sexual fetish; like he can only get off if he's surrounded by bunnies or something.

We end up getting tickets to the new Iron Man movie. I can't help but notice the way women look at him, do a double take, and flaunt themselves around him. I notice, but he doesn't seem to. I get a few dirty looks from women when he ignores them, but I don't care. Let them think what they want. They probably think we are fucking, little did they know. But now I can't stop thinking about that. I bet he is great in bed. But come to think of it, I've never once seen him with a woman. He doesn't have any pictures of a girlfriend on his desk at the office and I didn't see any signs of a woman's presence at his apartment. Go figure; the hottest man on earth was gay.

We find seats high in the back of the theater and he sits dead center of the row. I follow and sit next to him. Funny how sitting in the theater next to him makes me feel even physically closer to him than I have been all night. I put my drink in the cup holder to my left and he puts his to the right leaving the middle arm open. I imagine placing my hand there only to feel his come down over top of it and sharing an awkward giggle. Instead, I make sure to keep my hand in my lap. We both have our own small bags of popcorn, so no chance of accidental hand grabbing inside the popcorn bag either. I don't know why I feel suddenly depressed about that.

The movie was great. We sit and watch the end credits while the theater empties. Finally, we are the only two left before he stands to leave as well. I grab all my trash and stuff to hurriedly stuff inside the empty popcorn bag as he waits on me. I glance up to see his crotch eye level with me and look away before he notices. I stand, feeling myself blush and lead the way out. He starts talking about the movie right away. It seems like he enjoyed it more than I did; if that's even possible.

The car ride back to his place is fun. He asks me about school and my usual schedule, when I would need to be there in the morning, when I would get home, etc. It is super easy to talk to him and I start to ramble about my best friend and about the boy I like at school. He actually listens to it all too. I can't help but feel like we are on a date or something; those thoughts are distracting as I keep imagining how the night would end if this were a romance movie. We would get back to his place and he would tell me to forget the couch and share his bed with him. I'd hesitate, playing hard to get, but he would persist until I gave in. Then we would lay in bed with a light conversation until one of us accidentally brushed up against the other. After that initial contact we wouldn't be able to keep our hands off each other.

Of course, that's not what happens. We get into the elevator and it feels like the air is electrified. His cologne fills the small space as we stand side by side and wait to reach his floor. Gay or not, he made me excited. I want to press myself against him and kiss his perfect lips. I keep stealing sideways glances at him. He has become really quiet; probably thinking about work or whatever. I sigh and feel his eyes on me so I pretend to yawn. His eyes linger a while more until the elevator stops and the doors open to let us off.

Back inside the apartment he asks if I am hungry, but I tell him I am full of popcorn and soda. He says he was too then leaves me standing in the living room as he goes into his bedroom. Well, that was a shitty good-night. I rummage through my bag and pull out a pair of sleep shorts, a tank top, tooth brush, and tooth paste. Then I make my way quietly down the hall to the bathroom.

~ Clint ~

Emily's pretty cool, not the snobby kid I had pictured as Jim's offspring. The movie was a great idea too. Helped to break the ice between us, especially on the ride home when she opened up to me. She's a smart kid, hopefully she has good hygiene and manners as well. Guess we'll find that out soon enough.

I wonder what she thinks of me. I kept feeling her staring at me off and on during the movie. Made it a bit difficult to concentrate on the film. Probably just trying to decide if I'm a good guy or if I'm going to murder her in her sleep. And what was that in the elevator? I swear I felt sex waves pouring out of her. Well, maybe not. Maybe it's just me. She looked tired, not anywhere near in the mood for sex. What the hell am I even thinking? Of course she's not in that kind of mood. I seriously need some relief if I'm even thinking that in the first place. But still, I don't know what is going on but this hard on I have needs to go away. I feel bad for just ditching her in the living room like that, but it would be worse for her to see I'm excited, right?

I strip down to my boxer briefs, putting the dirty clothes in the hamper and my shoes on a shoe stand. I'm about to walk out of my bedroom to go to the bathroom and jerk off in the shower when I remember I'm not alone. Damn. This is going to be a pain. I grab a pair of loose fitting shorts and toss them on then look in the full length mirror before leaving. At least my boner isn't so visible now. I step into the hall. Damn again. She's in the bathroom already.

My hands practically feel like germs are marching all over them from visiting the theater. I hate not being able to clean myself when I get home. I start towards the kitchen where I can at least contain the germs with hot water and hand sanitizing soap. Passing the couch I see Emily's bag is laying flat on the floor and wide open to reveal her clothes and things inside. I can't help but look as I walk past. A pair of white thongs are on the very top of the pile and my cock twitches at the sight. Now I'm completely hard again. She needs to hurry in the bathroom. I wash my hands then, with no where else to go, I sit on the couch.

The sound of the shower coming on makes me curse again. This isn't going to work. I picture her in the shower all soapy and wet. Stop! That's sick, she's just a kid.

I grab the TV remote and turn it on to take my mind off things. The TV blares sounds of a woman moaning loudly, fake moaning of course, as a guy fucks her in the ass from behind. I hit the mute button. Well, at least Emily wasn't the first one to turn the TV on. Poor kid would have ran screaming out of here. Isn't there a way to block those channels with a password access or something? I'll have to find out.

The woman and man continue to fuck hard, her ass is red from him spanking her earlier. It's all fake but my cock still throbs. What the hell, I've got some time. I rub my hand over my rock hard cock through my shorts and briefs. It feels more than good but becoming uncomfortable as my dick strains against my brief's waistband. Guess I'll go handle myself in my bedroom tonight. I change the TV channel then turn it off. As I'm about to leave I spot Emily's thongs again and before I can consciously think about what I'm doing I've got them in my hand and I'm halfway to my room.

I feel like I'm possessed by someone or something else. I've never jacked off to a woman's panties nor ever had the desire to. But here I am laying on top of my bed, my shorts and briefs pulled down near my knees and her panties in hand. My cock twitches in excitement, pre-cum leaking down the head. My sexual beast controls me as I bring the panties up to my nose and inhale. I'm surprisingly disappointed that they only smell of laundry detergent. I wrap my hand around my shaft and roll the pad of my thumb over my cock head. It feels too good to stop and soon I'm pumping away while my eyes fixate on the white thongs.

Perverted images of Emily wearing them, only them, shove their way into my thoughts. I try to imagine a different woman, Sarah, my current favorite from the service company I use. I picture her large, natural tits bouncing back and forth as she rides me hard. Her tight pussy clamping and releasing around me as she moans quietly. I close my eyes and jerk off harder, trying to keep my groaning quiet. I'm close to coming when Emily's face suddenly replaces Sarah's. Her small, firm body now impaled on my cock. She whines as I fuck her hard and deep and I start to come hard. I groan loudly as I empty into my hand, unable to be quiet as it feels so intense.

A feeling of guilt wraps over me. I open my eyes and look at my come covered cock resting against my stomach, still twitching as small drops of come are squeezed out. I'm ashamed for picturing Emily that way, for taking her panties in the first place. What the hell is wrong with me today?! Disgusted with myself I toss her panties on the bed while I hobble to my closet and pull this morning's shower towel out of my hamper. I scrub myself vigorously, wiping off all my come from my dick, balls, stomach and hands. I angrily toss the soiled towel back into the hamper and yank my shorts and briefs up.

The shower turns off, making me panic. I spray a tiny bit of cologne over my chest to mask the scent of my come then grab Emily's panties from the bed and peek out of my bedroom door. I hear the tap turn on and the sound of her brushing her teeth so I quickly slip from my room and speed walk to the living room where I drop her panties back where I found them. My heart is racing in my chest. I go to the kitchen and scrub my hands with soap once more. Just as I finish I hear the bathroom door open and Emily comes into view just wearing a towel. Holy shit that's hot. My exhausted cock gives a little jump, but it's way too soon for me to get hard again. She gasps in surprise when she sees me and her face turns bright red.

~ Emily ~

I thought Mr. Welder had gone to bed, but I was totally wrong. As I leave the shower in only a short towel, to grab my hair brush out of my bag, I get the startle of my life when I see him standing, half naked, in the kitchen. Luckily, he looks just as surprised as I do. I feel my entire face turn red as we stare at each other. He is so hot I can't look away, his perfect abs lead down in a v-shape before disappearing into his shorts. His chest and stomach are smooth and free of hair. And he's got a tattoo in black ink over his right pec. I feel myself biting my bottom lip, he's noticed as well I think. He lifts one eye brow at me probably wondering why I'm just standing here like a loser. It's enough to get me moving. I blabber something about my brush and attack my bag blindly.

Shit! I left my panties right on top and the bag laid open. I wonder if he saw them? I bury them deep under my shirts and finally find my hair brush. As I stand back up I see he has moved from the kitchen and is standing just a few feet away. He's smiling the cutest half-smile as he watches me shove everything into my bag and zip it shut.

“Are you almost done in the bathroom?”

“Uh, yep. Sorry, I thought you were asleep or something."

“No problem. I'll go get your blankets and put them out here on the couch for you."

“Okay, cool. Thanks."

He walks past me, giving me another great smell of him, and my eyes dart to his crotch. I'm slightly disappointed to see he's not hard or even slightly hard after catching me in just this towel. Well, that proves it; he's gay. I know I'm not the hottest girl ever but I am pretty easy on the eyes. I've been told by tons of boys at school how hot I am, and there's girls jealous of me over it all. I've never had a problem getting a date when I wanted or needed one, and even have to end up rejecting boys. But, eventually they find out I'm saving myself for someone special and they get tired of waiting. I don't mind being a virgin at all, especially when it seems to be so rare at my school. It just means I have more brains than most, and I always take that as a compliment.

Well, if he's gay at least I don't have to worry about being raped in the middle of the night. Except I might not mind that from him. I shake my head and quickly walk past him in the tight hall. He brings down a large blanket and extra pillow and I lock myself into the bathroom. I stare at myself in the mirror, analyzing every part of my body. I'm not flawless, but there's nothing I can pick on. No extra fat, great teeth, good sized boobs, flat tummy, cute nose.

I brush out my hair then change into my sleep wear and take a deep breath before leaving the bathroom again. Clint comes out of his room at the sound of the door opening and he smiles that half-smile as we pass in the hallway. Then he enters the bathroom, closing the door behind him, and I continue to the couch. Soon, I hear him taking his own shower and I'm instantly imagining his naked, gorgeous body under the water. I can't help but picture myself in there with him. His big hands rubbing over me, my own hands busy with his hard cock.

I spread the blanket out then settle into the couch. The TV remote is on the small coffee table so I lean forward and grab it. I power it on to take my mind off of the naked man just down the hall. I hate trying to figure out other people's appliances and stuff. The remote has way too many buttons for me and the light in here is dim. I try to bring up the TV guide but instead push some other button and suddenly the screen changes to a woman laying on her back while a man's head is in between her thighs. My heart races as I try to change the channel or something. I watch the man spreading her pussy lips and his tongue flicking over her clit. Finally, I manage to power the TV off.

Smiling like an idiot I snuggle deeper into my blanket. I feel like a little kid who has just found out her dad keeps porno magazines under the bed mattress. I wonder if Clint was sitting right here on the couch while I showered and was watching porn. He did seem a little embarrassed or something when I came out of the bathroom. I sniff the air for what I don't know, but all I smell is the cleanliness of the blanket and leather.

Before long I start to fall asleep. Clint was right, this couch is comfy. I dream of him. We go to the movies together, hand in hand, he wraps his arms around me from behind as we stand in the ticket line. Women approach and some are naked but he never looks at them. Suddenly we're back at the apartment and in his bed. He's completely naked while I'm missing everything from the waist down. He is bent on the floor and I'm laying on my back with my legs spread wide as he eats me out. My fingers slide through his hair, kneading him, not wanting him to ever stop. A buzzing noise is starting to agitate me, but his tongue feels so good against me that I ignore it. The buzzing grows louder and I awake.

I'm disorientated as Clint's apartment comes into view but then I quickly remember where I'm at and why. The dream still floats in my head, I can feel how soaked my panties are, and I moan at the memory. Clint clears his throat and I jump.

“Better hurry, going to be late for school.” 

He's sitting at the small dining table, already dressed in the usual suit and tie, drinking coffee and reading on his iphone. I quickly get up and practically run straight for the bathroom to tame my hair, put some light make-up on, and brush my morning breath. I bet he still looks perfect after just waking up, but I know I look like a mess when I first get up. As I'm getting ready I can't get rid of the thoughts from my dream. There's a constant tingle from between my legs and my new panties are already damp. This is going to be a very long two weeks.

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